Friday, January 13, 2012

My frist time wearing sexy lingerie. Part 2 SeXStoRY

I could not wait to get home from school the next day after wearing my moms sexy panties the night before. No one was home so i could have fun. As soon as i got into my room i took off all my clothes and went into my moms bed room to see what I could put on. With my mom working at Macy's in the lingerie department she had bought some sexy lingerie there. I was looking thru her sexy panties and than I found a pink baby doll. I rember see the girls wearing sexy lingerie like this in the pictures that my uncle had so I put it on. As I put the baby doll top it made me feel so sexy and my cock got hard as a rock. I than put the panties on and man was i in heaven. I went over to the mirror and checked my self out. I loved what I saw and started thinking about the girls in my uncles pictures. My cock felt so good in the pink panties and the baby doll top was making my nipples hard. I started posing in front of the mirror like the nasty sluts in the pictures. I found a black garter belt and black some nylons. Adding these to my sexy outfit made me look even more sexy in the mirror. I rember seeing the girls wearing hi heels. So I went and found a pair of black 3" hi heels. They were a little hard to walk in at frist but they made the sexy out fit I was wearing. I did some more modeling in front of my mirror than I went to my uncles dark room to look at his nasty pictures again and jack off. I got out the picture books with the pictures of girls with cocks in them. As i was looking at pictures I keep thinking that I could be one of these nasty girls in them. I whated to pose like them in front of the camera and also suck cockslimemthem and getting fucked like them. I found some pictures of guy jacking off on these girls faces too. They would looked so sexy with cocks in their face and hot cum being shoot all over their faces. Did they look hot with cum all over their face dripping down their face. I was about to cum my self so I thought that I would love to see how I looked a felt with hot cum all over my face. I got down on the floor and put my legs up on the desk so that my cock was pointing at my face. All I could think about how nasty those girls looked with cum all over their face. As I jacked off I watched my cock start to shoot it cum out of it. I felt the frist shoot of hot cum hit my face than another and another. The cum keep coming out like it has never did before. Shooting all over my face covering it like the girls in the pictures. Man was I feeling good shooting my hot cum all overy face. I stopped cumming and I was feeling so nasty laying there on the floor all dressed up in the sexy lingerie with my cum all over my face. I got up and went back into my moms room to see what i looked like in the mirror. Did I look hot like that and I got hard again looking at myself like that. I jacked off again into pink panties making them all wet with my hot cum. Well it was getting late and my uncle would be home soon so I went into the bath room and got all cleaned up. I just made it in time before my uncle got home. I told my uncle that I had home work and went to my room wearing my moms pink panties under my panties.

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