Monday, March 25, 2013


Race lay naked on the bed in his room,as always,when he had time alone he was massaging himself,running his hands up and down his body.He loved the feel of his smooth skin and as always his hand soon found it's way to his dick,which by then was rock hard from his arousal of feeling his flat belly as well as the round cheeks of his ass. He had been living with his grandparents for a year now,his dad had ran away when he found his mom was pregnant in order to keep from being tied down with all the extra responsibilities. His mom had ran away from home when she found she was pregnant and had been staying with an aunt. She had been two years older than Race was now when she had him,and he was now twleve. It had been hard to think of his grandparents as such,because they were both young themselves,they too had married at a young age. People who did not know assumed that he was there son,this in turn amused his grandmother but she insisted he call her by her first name,Holly, when they were at home. Race became worried by the things that went through his mind each time he looked at her,he would even find himself undressing her with his eyes as she moved around the kitchen,especially when she wore only shorts and a halter. This came about by a secret he kept to himself,he had noticed a sense of arousal inside him from the time he was four or five and although he did not know what it was,he knew he liked that feeling a lot. He was eleven when the white silky cream first squirted from the pee slit of his dick,a fact that scared him somewhat at first but intrigued him as well. One day at school he got up the nerve to ask an older boy about it and was stuned at first by the way the boy laughed loudly. Then he explained what it was and told him he had just became a young man. From that day on Race loved it when his dick shot cream high in the air and landed on his chest. It was during one of these times that he became curious and tasted it,to his amazement he found he like the taste,He never wasted it after that day,eating every drop that shot from his dick. There was always some of Hollys friends staying over on week ends or some of his cousins on holidays and they used stayed in the rooms on each side of his,thats when he came up with the idea of the peep hole. His first sight of a naked girl almost made him pass out as he pumped his dick to a climax.He had seen both his aunts naked and three of his cousins and he loved the slit between there legs as well as the cheeks of there ass.He found he had a deep desire to kiss them in those spots especialy the cheeks of there ass. He knew not why but did not dewll on it either,he just knew he would like it. Then the day he saw his aunt Leslie's husband Ben naked,his heart almost stopped,never had he seen a dick so huge before,but then he had seen very few other than his own anyway. He watched wide eyed as Ben lay on her naked body as she guded his dick between her legs and it disappeared inside her slowly as he began to raise and lower his ass.His dick appearing and disappearing over and over as they kissed and en sucked her tities. What concerned Race the most though was his arousal at looking at the cheeks of Bens ass,they excited him even more than the girls ass'es had,this confused him,he had little or no knowledge of boys and men having sex with one another. This all changed one day at school when Race came up on a stall in the restroom which had a hole in the wall.Of course he was compeled to look through it and his eyes rested upon one of the older boy's with his pants down around his ankles as he stroked his six inch dick. Although Race was shaking all over he could not take his eyes off the boys hand,even when he knew the boy had seen him looking through the hole. He almost fell backwards when the boy stood up and pushed his dick through the hole and whispered,"Suck it k**." At first Race could only set and stare at it,then as he heard the boy become more insistant he leaned forward and kissed the wet pee slit and tasted the pre cum.Thats all it took as he placed his mouth over the head,then with a moan took as much of the shaft in his mouth as he could. "Oh hell yeah."The boy moaned as Race began sucking it like he did icy pops,in no time the boy groaned and Race's mouth filled with the smooth silky cream he loved so well.He never hesitated swallowing evry drop. The boy pulled his dick free of Race's mouth and whispered."Thanks k**,that was great." Then he was gone. After that day,Race would day dream about sucking Bens huge dick as he jacked off time and time again. A day of reconing came when one day Holly had went to town,Race had taken to going in her room and feeling her nylon panties,he loved the feel of them gainst his body,espcially wrapped around his dick. He was engrossed with jacking off with the panites when he heard his grand mother come in and start up the stairs.It was to late to get to his room so he quickly hid in her closet just as she came in the room.Had she seen hi?Gosh,he hoped not. He watched as she placed her packages on the bed and began removing her clothes,she was soon standing in her panties and bra. His eyes were wide open at the sight and he almost gasped as she remove the bra and threw it on the bed,then slipped out of her panties as awell. Race gulped for air as his eyes drank in the round firmness of her ass,the smoothness of her thighs and as she turned he choked off a whimper at the sight of the valley between her legs,it was smooth as baby's skin,not a hair in sight. She walked around the room naked putting things away,now and then rubbing herself between her legs.Once they were all put away,she lay back on the bed facing the closet where Race hid,her hand went between her legs once again rubbing gently and he could see the pink flesh between the swollen lips of her pussy. Race had a plain view of all her treasures as his hand moved to his dick and began stroking. Then he pulled his head back,his grandmother was smiling towards him as she stood,still rubbing and walked to the closet sliding the door open. Race moaned as she looked down at him smiling. "I'm sorry Holly,don't be mad at me please."He begged. "I'm not mad at you dear boy,come here."And she took hold of his hands pulling him up and to the side of the bed. "Are you the one who had been staining my panties Race?"She asked,still smiling. "Yes,"Race answered,in a low whisper as he looked down at the floor. Holly lefted his chin with her fingers and smiled into his eyes as she kissed him. "You like Holly's body do you?" "Oh gosh yes,I love it."Race gushed before he knew it. "Well you can touch it if you wish,go ahead,it's ok." Race began exploring her smooth skin with his hands sliding them over her flat belly then up to her tities where he felt of her nipples,gosh,they must be a quarter of an inch long. Holly took hold of his hands and squeeze them over her firm breasts."You can kiss them if you like."She said. Race lost no time in getting one in his mouth,the image of nursing his mom came to mind,something he had never thought of before now. His grandma pushed him gently back on the bed,then picked up his legs and turned him long ways.Race wondered what she was up to when she crawled up on top of his chest as she placed one knee on each side of him before she edged closer placing her pussy inches from his face. "Kiss me down there honey."She said,still smiling sweetly down at him. Race done as she said,the aroma of her sex filling his nostrils and he felt his dick become even harder,if that were possible. "Huummm,slip your tongue inside me sweetie." Race licked her swollen slit then dipped his tongue inside her love hole.She began rocking back and forth fucking his tongue. A bump had formed at the top of her slit and he wondered if she had been injured at one time or another. "Lick the knob boy,tease it with you tongue."She said. Race done so and was surprise by the joy it must have brought her,the way she moved,the way she squeezed her tities and lay her head back moaning softly. Race loved this new found flavor,going after it with a passion he did not know he possesed.His grandmas belly began to jerk in rolling spasms.Although he was unaware of the fact he had just brough her to multiple orgasms he greedely sucked up her free flowing juices. Holly had gripped him by the hair of the head smashing his mouth against her raging pussy with a wrestlers f***e. Even though Race was dizzy with passion,he had enough sense left to fear being smothered and finally turned his head away gasping for air as Holly lay over him panting. As Race sucked up the sweet air in his lungs,his grandma eased her body down,hugged him to her and rolled over with him on top of her,reach down and guided his dick between her legs till it slipped inside her with ease,her joy juice acting as a lube. She showered his face and mouth with wet sloppy kiss'es as he felt his dick throbbing inside her and was soon spewing gobs of sweet boy cream. Once he had come,she shoved him from her,jumped up and dashed from the room.She had just discovered the boy was able to come and had done so inside her. Two months later she was to discover she had been to late,she was with c***d,her grandsons c***d. His first taste of raw sex was to be like a first hit of d**gs to a d**g addict,he was hooked and hooked solidly. He began spying on the others diligently,not only the girls but the men and boys as well. The day he saw his grandpa and his uncle Ben in one anothers arms naked kissing,he knew he had to taste a mans cum again in fact he sensed a unending craving for the tasty cream. The two men lay on the bed end to end and took one anothers dicks in there mouths bobbing they're heads back and forth. Race was beyond hinmself as he watched every move,his uncle Ben was the first to grit his teeth and grab his grandpas head as his dick erupted in his mouth.As his grandpa sucked up Bens cream he hunched forward unloading his own dick in Bens mouth.Race watched in awe as the two men sucked up the others cream. Once finished,they begam licking one anothers ass,each working to get they're tongues in the other one's ass hole,this sent Race over the edge as he shot his cream in his hand,then slurped it up.Gee,he wondered what that would be like,his grandpas tongue his ass. One thing was for sure,he wanted to be fucked by both men as well as suck they're dicks. Later he was previlged to see his grandma having sex with his aunt Leslie,it was really cool to watch two women getting it on. After a lot of sucking and kissing his grandma took out a long rubber tube like thing with a dick head on each end. Each one started one end up there pussy and the two walked together before they started to hunch back and forth.Race knew he had to get hold of that thing and see how much he could take up his ass,now that would sure be cool. Race was to learn a lot about sex between his own species in the days to come and was to learn from boys at school that these acts were refered to as gay sex.That being so he knew without a doubt thats what he was,gay.But then he was to hear about bi-sexual sex,was he bi-sexual then or gay or both? He shook it off and accepted both. One afternoon as he peeked into his grandpas bedroom he saw him asl**p on the bed in his boxers.He could see the head of his big dick sticking out from one leg of his shorts.This excited him no end and he was soon sneaking into the bedroom for a closer look. Gently he eased the leg of the shorts up and gazed at the long soft piece of lovely meat hiding there.Gosh,even soft it must be eight inches long and a good inch and a half across. As his eyes locked on his new found idol the thing began to slowly grow to it's full length,the big knob swelling like a ballon. Something took hold of the back of his head and he felt his grandpas hand pressing his head downward. "Go ahead boy,kiss it if you want." Race was stunned by neing caught but lost no time in licking the clear cream oozing from the pee slit. His grandpa removed his shorts and lay naked as Race took his sweet meat in his mouth and began to make love to it. His grandpa encouraged him with pressure from his hand,so much to the big knob nudged against the top og hid throat causing him to gag. His grandpa moved him between his legs and pulled his knees up as he fed hinm his dick. "Time you was learning deep throat boy,thats what men like." Holding the back of Race's head he f***ed it down causing his dick to stretch the boys throat open and slid inside.His eyes began to water and bulge as he began to panic,then the dick was removed and he gaspe for air. Again the dick was f***ed down his throat and gain was removed,ths went on till Race was assured were her choke his grnadpa would give him a chance to breath so he was more relaxed and was soon able to control his breating. His grandpa held his head in both hands as he bobbed it up and down on his cock,never allowing the knob to leave Race's throat till he was about to come,then he removed it just before it spewed it's huge wad of cream in his mouth. Afterwards his grandpa held him close and kissed himseveral times as he stroked the boys dick. "Your one hot little fuck Race boy,your grandma tells me your pretty good with the ladies as well,He smiled. "Grandma told you she caught me hiding in her closet?" "She did that boy,not to worry,she loved you for it,quite proud you found her to be so sexy." "She sure is,I'll bet aunt Leslie is to isn't she." His grandpa luaghed as he squeezed him tight and said,"That she is boy,that she is." "Grandpa,do you think uncle Ben would ever let me suck his dick some time?" "What makes you think he might Race?" "I don't know,I just thought he might like it.Has he got one as big as yours?" Of course he already knew the answer to that question,but thought it would be best to keep his peep holes a secret for now. "Well,yes,your uncle Ben has one of considerable size." "I sure would like to kiss it,do you think he might do it to me,you know,like grandma let me do it to her?" "You mean in your butt?" Race smiled at his grandpa as he answered,"Yeah,like that." "You ever done that with anyone boy?" "Uh-huh,but I think I would like it." "Would you like for me to do it to you now?" "Gosh yes,would you?" His grandpa took him by the hand and pulled him to his feet,"Come with me,lets clean you out a bit first." In the bathroom he took out a small plastic boddle with a long white tip of it,Race was to lear later it was what women cleaned used to wash out their pussies. His grandpa filled it with warm water then stuck the nozzle up his ass ans squeezed then had him set on the stood and dtrain like he did when he took a dump.He done this three times then washed it and put it away. "Now not all men will wash it oot like this,some like to feel their dicks squashing around in the waste inside your ass,but for now we will do it this way." He then took Race back to the bed where i=he had him get on his knees squirted the KY up his ass and began working his fingers in and out of his hole till he could get three inside with ease. "Ok now Race,I'll not lie to you, there is going to be some pain the first couple od times but that will all pass as your ass hole gets used to stretching.Once I start I'll not stop,you might as well get used to that,most guys can't stop once they get there cocks up you ass." With that said,he lubed his dick then held Race's legs up high till his ass left the bed high.H placed the boys fett over his shoulders and put the head of his dick to his hole and pushed,stretching it open. Race gritted his teeth,it hurt some but not bad,the the cock became more demanding and started up his chute.He found himself trying to slide up the bed to get away from the entruder but the dick floowed him every inch. His head was against the head board as his grnadpa hooked one arm under his right leg turning him slightly as he gripped the left leg holding it down as Race threw hia head back gritting hie teeth,gripping his grandpas head tight,trying desperatly to push him away. But the older man was much stronger then him and was pumping his cock in and out of the boys virgin hole with rapid study strokes. The nore Race faught him,the more excited his grandpa became,the deeper he rammed his big cock into the depth of his boy pussy. Race was half way up the head board and his grandpa never missed a stroke as he cupped the back of his head bending it down and frenched kissed his full puffy lips,his tongue swabbing out his grandsons mouth,sucking the saliva from it. Race was gasping for breath as he gave in to the mans desires and needs,eccepting the cock that was ravaging his love hole. His grnadpa was right,the pain was beging to subside now as his grandpa had his body half way up in the air,still hunching his cock deep into the boy's treasure. Race was afarid he was going to suck his tongue right out of his mouth as he heard his grandpa whisper,"Spit Race,spit in my mouth baby." Race worked up saliva and di as he was told,spitting a big wad in his grnadpas mouth and felt the big man shudder as he swallowed it. "Good gawd Race,you one hot piece of ass boy,I could fuck you all evening you sweet little bitch." It excited Race to hear his grandpa talk to him in such a manor,he loved it. "Gonna come honey,aw shit boy!Aw shit! His grandpa has his body sqeezed so tightly agianst his own that Race was having a hard time breath,the his body began to jerk in spasms as he shot his wad of man cream deep inside the boys enerds. Both man and boy lay gasping after the man had come,his cock still buried up Race's ass. Once his grandpa has his breath back he went down on Race's cock sucking him to a instant climax,swalling up the boys cream. His grandpa kept Race's dick in his mouth as it began to go limps,he released it long enough to say,"Pee in my mouth boy." Race was stunned by the request but soon managed to empty his bladder in his grnadpas mouth.It was an act he to would soon find he enjoyed and would be drinking a lot of piss in his later years. The two showered together and the man could not keep his hands off of the boy,kissing him,hugging him and foundling the cheeks of his ass. "Damn boy I have always had love for you,but damn if I don't think I'm trully in love with you now." Those words made Race's heart flip,he too had found an undying love for this man,and not just the love for a grandpa but the love for a lover. Before they dressed and went down starirs he asked Race if he still wanted to have sex with his uncle. Race quickly said he did and his grnadpa smiled,kissed him and assuered him he would set things up. "I'm sure your uncle is going to love you every bit as much as I do."He said, smiling.

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