Saturday, June 15, 2013

what i did today with my bf and his buddies from w SeXStoRY

i got home from a date around 10 pm, i gave my date a blow job to rember me by, he came inmy mouth in no time like 5 min. becuse earler that evening after dinner we went to a park and made out i was wearing a skimpy short, skirt a blue skirt with white flowers i didntwear any panties, didnt have a bra on either just a white cotton top you could seemy nipples , i had my top only buttoned have way,wanted to be sexy for mike, i had on my blue 3 4 in pumps that laced up about to my calf area. my girl freind curled my hair which took overa hour becuse my hair is so long wore my red lips stick some eye linner and rush blush my eye lases are long and full becuse ofthe type of eye liner. red about2 in nails wore tommyboy perfume , we were at the park in a seculed area,he walked me to a picnicarea lots oftrees and grass , we put the blanket on the lower grass next to a tree. we had a few drinks then he got real close to me , he r**ed his arms around me and we began to kiss and caress each other i undid his shirt and caresed his hairy chest worked my way to his croach and began to unbottin his slacks and unzipped them reached in side felt a big fat cock saying hello there, he wore no underwear, i grabed the cock and strocked it, he reached in my blouse and messaged my small 34c cup breast my nipples wear errect and hard as a rock i unbottoned my blose and removed it placing it on top of my purse,he began to suck and neassage my boobs i removed his cock and lowered his pants to his ankeles i strocked the shaft i lowered my head to his crach, and licked its head i kissed it then took a big gulp of soada, i swooled most i let the rest stay in my mouth, i opened my mouth soada and saliva spilled all over his cock and balls i opened further and sucked him in all the way in a single gulp i had his long cock down my throat i was sucking he said holly shit hunny where did you learn that babie, i said here and there , i took it back in my mouth sucking humming upand down i gobbled him whole, i stoped and said , want to fuck me hunny, im ready , he looked down at my bald pussy i was dreanched my skirt was up arond my waiste , i said doggie style fuck my pussy then my ass , i already lubbed my tush earler just in case, he removed his paints walked behind me his long cock bouncing , he got behind me and stuck his cock in my pussy from behind i was face down on all fours ass in the air legs wide , he intered my pussy , you could hear the slosing sounds my cunt was soaking wet, he was ramming me grabed my ass checks and spread them wide i was rubbing his balls , i began to cum i was moaning fuck me yea as i came i told him fuck my ass please, he removed his cock from my pussy and spread me wide with my heelp i grabed my ass checks a spread them wide as i could he rammed that cock in my ass and it hurt a little not bad becuse im use to it and i prepareyed my self, he was fucking my tight ass doggie style i was moaning and crying out oh my its so big fuck me , my titts wear swaying back and forth i put my face in the blanket trying not to scream soload, hesaid im ready to cum i said not yet i told him relax ill make you cum real good in a bit ok he said ok we relaxed i was in his arms faceing the sky on my back , i held his dick in my hand slowly squessing it,. i said lets startin up i need to get home he said cool we were in the car i had my head in his lap sucking his tool justafterwe pulled up in the drivway he grabed my head as i boobed up and down you could hear sluping and sucking sounds as i went to town 5 min later he grabed my head trust upward he came in my mouth i felt it hit the back of my throat as i swooled as fast as i could , like i said ill make him blast off he wont for get me . his cum finally stoped as i savered the flavor salty the texture thick and creamy it was very thick it tasted great, my face had saliva all over my face looked like i took a shower as iliked the cum from my lips and chin , i kissed him good night he said ill call ya in a few days i said ok lover and he walked me to the front door like a gentle men oped it we hugged and kissed good night, i got some clean panties bra and a sexy dress i wanted to wear low cut short caintwear a bra i relised i said np, took a long bath dushed both areas , and shaved my legs underarms pubic area .i waitted for steven to call my bf, he called about midnight i was already ready , he came to the door said ready i said yes stevie i call him looked my room up , and we left he always opens the door for me, hes such a gentlemen, treats me like a lady and his queen i really love it becuse he makes me feel special , i spilhim as well,i ll do pretty much what ever he ask with in reason, he told me he invited some of his buddies, i told them how much you grave cum and love to give head. i said yea as long as they respect me treat me like a sexy lady well be fine rember babie i said im nobodys bitch. he said they know i kissed him he pulled me close so i was in his arms next to him. he said btw your sure looking very hot tonight low cut short dress , you smell and look like amillon bucks .i said your so sweet.ikissed his check. we arived at his house . we had a few drinks i went in the bathroom to lube my ass a little justincase, i brushed my teeth put some more perfume on white diamonds i even put it onmy pussy lol. i was sitting on the toilet rubbing my clit and raming a couple fingers in there ,i was already wet i thought id better wipe my self before i goout there other wise my pussy juices will be running down my legs , i do get pretty dang wet at times always have i never smell bad thou im very clean, i went back to the coach sat next tohim, he was rubbing my breast. i was rubbing his hard cock, he pussed me on my back and spread my legs i pulled my dress up around my tummy, he began to suck on my clit and rub my d wet pussy. i was moaning my legs up around my cheast wide apart. he licked me untill i had a orgasem .i wipedmy self , he then said im going to fuck you before they get here there not exspected untill arond 2 am it was still earley, he removed his paints and boxers placed them on the chair he stradled my chest and placed his cock in mymouth i sucked he grabed my head and face fucked my mouth, i sucked and sucked he removed his cock and went between my legs i spread them wide as i could and he mounted my i put my feet on his ass checks as A as he inserted his cock in my pussy it went wosh i was exstremly soaked he rammed it all the way in as i begin to moan and cry im a sreamer , he was really fucking me hard and fast, he then said het on the coffee table i put some pillows on top and got on all fours my face in the pillow my legs wide as possable rear end in the air , he got behind me and spread my ass checks inserted a dildo i had it was lubed up with ky he ramed it inmy ass i began to moan a little, he worked all round in a cirluar motion, he removed the vib handed it to me he then spread my checks wide apart and moanted me his cock went in all the way i was sucking on the vib then rammed it in my pussy, he was pumping me really hard and fast, his hands on each check he said im cumming he went off in my ass i was pretty tired needed a breather , so we had a few drinks as i relaxed in his arms , later about an hour the guys showed up, i for got there names ,they were joks , one was black the othertwo were white,im not prejudice,i made them some long island iced teas , aftera few drinks, we moved to the out side patio it was secluded nonosey neibors ,we went to the pool area and drank some more, steve said lets go swiming, i said ok sounds good i removed my gress reaveling my small 34c-36- 24 118 lb frame imonly 5 ft 6. any i removed my pumps and dove in, they all followed i swam around dove under swamp upto the guys and checked out there pacages and butts not bad one guy was massave im mean like at least 12in if not longer but it was skinny theother guy he was fat and small the black guy he had a 12in 4 in wide cock i swoolowed omg, his head was fat as heck shaped like a mushroom.i surfaced and went to steve can i have them. he laffed, he said everyone its ok to have sex with my gf , she loves cock and shes a real cock sucker, she likes anal sex and doggie style her pussys tight usally wet , she has issues i guess, i said know i dont my pussy has always been juicy , i was sitting on the latter in the pool as steve aproaced me he egan to kiss and fondle my breat i scooted to the upper step and spread my legs wide i began to finger my pussy , i saw they all had hardons . i said sit on the eage of the pool you guys , the did as i asked i went up to them it was in the shallow side i got up between them,and grabed there cocks i i stroked each one then said lets go to the patio we did i watched there asses sway back and forth and there cocks bounce , they all had sexy bodys. they went to the coach out there i went on omy kness began to suck eack one off the black guy was kind of diffacult i managed he came like a fountain i swooled it all then the next guy i did the same i felt some one behind me so i stuck my ass upin the air as i had a mouth full of cock the guy ramed my pussy from behind i was maoning all that has i felt the guy cum down my throat after him i did my bf the guy behind me came on my ass checks and back, steve got behind be ramed my ass i came agian they guys all fucked me in all of my holes i swooled so much cum my jaws were numb my tummy fullofseamen , we told them good night we took a swhower went to bed i woke up early in the morning he woke up me sucking his cook, i made him cum agian afterthat i made him breakfast and sent him off to his job, i took a long bath cleaned up the house did his laundry ironed his paints made the bed had dinner ready the house was spot less, when he got home from work i was in a silk robe naked underneath he saw my naked ness and fucked me crasy onmy back in the bed thats what a good gfdoes for her man keeps his house and pipes clean smiles untillnext time huggss.

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