Monday, July 8, 2013

Cum cuisine excerpt SeXStoRY

Planning to expand the story out more for future publication My husband is a picky eater. Well, I take that back, he is a finicky, superstituous, overtly paranoid and down right trippy eater. The steak has to have the right amount of seasonings in it or he won't eat a bite. Eggs have to be fried until they look, feel, and taste like rubber. Sweets can't be too sweet, but loads of chocolate on a sweet is ok. The fish can ONLY be wild caught, not farm raised (which had me hunting all over the beaches for a local fish market). And his coffee? Freshly roasted and brewed each morning with 10 packs of sugar, NO cream or milk. As far as vegetables go, 100% fresh from a local or organic farmer, rinsed off and steamed perfectly tender, then stewed. In the beginning, I had a difficult time catering to his unique tastes. I honestly did not think that men cared how the food was prepared as long as it was edible and feed their growing appetite. Boy, was I wrong. I was f***ed to start over and prep the food just right to his liking- and cooked to his obsurdedly high standards. It was a laborous task, yet deep down inside, I enjoyed a challenging client- which my husband was. There is one taste he never complains about- and that is the one inbetween my legs. Every night- even sometimes during my period- my husband loves to crawl down in between my legs and lick his lips inside of my pussy. He normally starts close to the asshole and prods his thick tongue inside of my blush red pussy walls. Then he strokes across each side of the labia before climbing up to the mountainous, snowy clit. Instead of lathering his tongue and spitting on it, he encloses the clit inside of his cheeks and sucks hard on it. And by sucking hard on it, I elaborate to say, it is stronger than when I suck the tip of his fat, thick cock. It is almost a painful, heated suck in which I'm clawing at the sheets, moving my hips up and down (to shake him off) and screaming loudly for him to stop. But he stubbornly never listens and I endure a long, pressed orgasm which almost feels like I'm taking a piss. After my pussy juices come flowing out, he licks and swirls and suckles until every last drop has been swallowed and my pussy is rough, dry, and aching. "So tasty," He moans as he comes up for air, "I could eat this for days." I come from the South, the country in particular and raised on the notion of "waste not, want not". I grew up loving to eat anything and everything put in front of me as a way of 'making do' and wasting food was NOT an option in our household. "Think of all the starving c***dren and be glad you got something to eat!" My grandmother scolded each time I pushed away my half-eaten plate. I am sure she is rolling in her grave at the sight of my throwing away perfectly good steak and vegetables because of a my husband's eating preferences. While my preparation for the food had significantly improved, my husband still was quite demanding when it came to seasonings and spices. This evening, I was cooking smothered pork chops with gravy with a side of mashed potatoes and seasoned vegetables. While I was waiting for the carrots, asparagus, and beans to steam, my mind wondered to a recent video I watched online earlier. It was a set of girls that were sucking six to eight gentlemen at a 'backyard barbeque' that turned into a gangbang-like orgy. After having their holes rammed by the monster cocks, they were both kneeling on the ground with their mouths wide open and eyes shut, waiting for stream after stream of cum to pour into their moist, wet mouths. While it was simply another orgy video, it started out fairly normal- the guys were grilling hot dogs and burgers and opening cans of beer. The transition from backyard barbeque to all-out fucking mystified me- did they really leave the meat on the grill or was it all fake? I coughed as I inhaled a whiff of steam in my face. "Fuck!" I swore. I grabbed the hand mittens and quickly removed the pot holding the vegetables off of the burner. 'Please, don't let them be overdone.' I quietly prayed while checking on the pork chops. For the most part, they were done, a bit on the tender side but still well done. The mashed potatoes were already made and sitting in a microwave to be heated up. All that was really left was the gravy- the part I dreaded the most. My husband complained that my gravies were either too salty, not salty enough, not hearty (thick) enough, or lacking a special 'kick' to it. I tried all kinds of seasonings from chile peppers to cumin to garlic to corinander, yet he still complained. I was ready to yell "you go make your own damn gravy!". But my mind wandered back to the video again. While I normally didn't mind cum shots, this one left me disappointed. It would have been interesting if they had used the hot dogs (or hot dog buns) to put the cum in and make the girls eat it- kind of like the glass of cum in a bukkake session. It would be dirty, nasty, and raunchy all at one time and perhaps cater to the secret foodies in the porn world. Cum with food. Yum. Cum IN food. Even yummier. Cum cuisine! I laughed at loud and the revelation hit me- Why not try putting some of my own pussy juices in the food? I looked at the clock- 6:45pm. I still had about 20-25 minutes before he arrived home from work, grumpy and hungry. I turned off the pork chops and left them to the side before exiting the kitchen and into my bedroom. Opening the closet, I reached for the little black box in the very back and opened it, revealing my small, yet precious stash of sex toys. I picked the small egg vibrator and a 6 inch life-like dildo to help me with my mission. As I sat down on the bed, it hit me- I need something to collect the pussy juices with and something to put it in. Putting down my toys, I raced to the kitchen and grabbed a small coffee stirrer, a blunt knife and a plastic bowl. Returning to the bed, I put the utensils to the side and picked up my toys. I opened my legs and rubbed the inside of my thighs with the dildo. In a time crunch, I turned the egg onto high and placed it directly on my clit, causing me to jolt and gasp. I rolled the egg vibrator in and around the clit a few times before sliding the head of the dildo inside of my pussy. With the right hand controlling the dildo, I pumped it inside of my walls to maintain a steady friction with my walls. I twirled the egg a top of my clit faster, and eventually synced it with my dildo. I moaned and sighed as the pleasure tensed up quickly and I felt my first orgasm coming. I took the dildo out and came with just the egg humming along my pussy. Slightly woozy, I put the egg to the side and grabbed the bowl and the coffee stirrer. As wide open as possible, I began to spoon out my cum with the stirrer and scr**e it alongside the bowl. A mixture of opaque white and translucent clear liquid landed in the bowl. Once I felt I could get no more from the stirrer, I placed the blunt end of the knife along the outside of my pussy and scr**ed what I could into the bowl. I closed my legs and put the egg and dildo back into its small box. Re-entering the kitchen, I grabbed a pan and poured some of the meat drippings inside of it. I added flour, salt, a clove of garlic, and a teaspoon of seasoning mix (that he picked out) into the pan. Right as the mixture began to brown, I poured my pussy juice (about 2 teaspoons) into the sauce pan to blend in with the spices. Then I added flour and less water than usual to create a light brown and very thick gravy. Giving the gravy a taste, my nose picked up my pungent post-orgasm scent. As I began plating the dish (thank goodness the vegetables didn't over cook!), my husband stumbled through the door, extremely exhausted and tired from work. As he took off his shoes and sat down at the dining room table, I placed his plate in front of him along with a cup of iced tea. After taking a gulp of tea, he picked up his fork and knife and cut into the pork chops, coating it with plenty of the gravy. He stuck the piece in his mouth and chewed it for what seemed like an eternity. "This is fantastic, sweetie!" He responded. "I'm not sure what you put in this gravy but mm- so perfect." Instead of rushing through dinner, he took his time eating, savoring every bite of the pork chop with gravy. He even mixed the mashed potatoes inside of the gravy (which he rarely did) and dipped a few vegetables in the gravy bowl. "Straight delicious." He purred. "You've got to make this again." I breathed a sigh of relief. I finally delivered the perfect gravy for him. But it was just the start of Cum Cuisine.

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