Friday, July 19, 2013

CumSlut Wife SeXStoRY

I pushed my cunt up against the glory hole trying to get as much of the strangers cock into my pussy as possible. He was thrusting hard shaking the wall, one last thrust and I could feel his hot cum flowing into me filling my womb and causing my own orgasim. The cock was pulled from my full cunt and disappeared into the hole in the wall. I pulled my shorts up, quickly fixed my hair, put on my sun glassesand hat and bolted for the back door and out to my car. I had only a few minutes to get home before my k**s would arrive home from school. As I drove home I thought about how much I love fucking at the glory hole. My k**s and husband have no clue to my secret. This just made my cunt tingle. You may wonder how a normal suburban housewife got into doing gloryholes? It all started for me in high school on a dare. It was my final year of high school and me and my two best friends were driving around evening with nothing to do. We passed by this adult bookstore and decided to go in and see what it was like. We were checking it out and made our way to one of the booths and paid our money and went in. A movie started to play and we were having a good time making fun of it and all when all of a sudden a hard cock came thru this hole in the wall. We were not sure what to do, one of my friends dared the other friend to suck it. She knelt down and started to give this guy a blow job. The fact that we could not see him and he could not see us made this all the more of a turn on for me. After sucking this cock for a minute or two we dared her to fuck the guy which figured she would not do. But she dropped her shorts and pushed her cunt up to the hole and the cock found its way into her young cunt. We both watched as she fucked a stranger cock, this made the both of us super horny. She looked back at us and told us that he was cumming inside her. When the cock was pulled from her she turned to show us her cunt, it was full of jizz. My other friend looked into the hole to see if another cock might show up and it did. This one seemed smaller than the first but she dropped her shorts and backed up to the hole and bent over giving the stranger a doggy style fuck. It only took a minute and they were done. With out even looking I just dropped my shorts and backed up to the wall for a doggy style fuck also. I only had my cunt against the wall for a few seconds when a hard cock was pushed into me. The cock slid easily into my wet cunt and the man started to thrust long and deep. I was so turned on by the whole thing. He made it about two minutes then I felt him explode inside me. I could feel every shot of cum flow into me. After his balls were drained he pulled out of me and from that moment on I was hooked. Well, all three of us were hooked. We all enjoyed not having to please anybody and never seeing our fuck buddies. No drama! We started to go once a month, we even got to know the guys that worked there. After all It was good for their business to have good looking girls giving gloryhole fucks. After high school the three of us went to different colleges but I just found an adult bookstore with glory holes near my college and continued to get my cock. When ever my two friends and I got together back home we would end up at our original spot for a fun time. After college we all ended up getting married and going our seperate ways but I still would stop by a local bookstore that had glory holes every now and then to get some strange. My current bookstore I have been visiting for more than five years. I have fucked the owner and several of the workers, thats how I get to run out the back door so that I can avoid getting hasseled by customers. I will fuck several cocks at every visit and will even swallow a couple of loads. I dont know what it is about fucking a stranger but I love it!!

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