Friday, July 19, 2013

Episode 20 - Cyber Sex SeXStoRY

Sexual Awakenings The twins' earliest sexualised memories were of bath-time; Daddy would wash their long black hair and soap them all over in the warm soapy water of the bath. He would lift one of them out of the water; dry her hair and then wrap her up tightly in a warm soft white towel, while drying her s1ster. They were absolutely identical: beautiful dark eyes, hair and nipples from their Spanish mother, who unfortunately fell out of love with their dad Bob and left, leaving him to bring them up alone. He had developed a particular way of drying them: face, arms, shoulders, then down the back to the waist, a pause then feet, calves, up to the knees and thighs, leaving the cutest bottom until last. He would hold the towel firmly between their buttocks while drying their front – again down to waist level, then up to the crotch, both savouring the sensation of towel against soft pubic skin. Even when they were much older and able to dry their own hair, he would come into the bathroom to just stroke the towel between their legs – one large hand cupping buttocks and the other seeking out the little hard bud at the top of their slits. Bob used to sit cross-legged on the bathroom floor, or sometimes kneel as they grew taller, hugging them dry and applying baby talcum powder to their ripe bottoms, long after they had grown out of nappies into proper panties. They were utterly naked, so it never crossed their minds as odd that he should be naked too. When kneeling, his prick would often bump into a tummy or bottom; they loved it, asking what it was. "That's my erection" he replied, thinking honesty was the best policy. "Then why does your erection get so hard when it's bath time?" they giggled. Next bath-time they experimented with a new game – Dad lay on his back, one Ami would lay face down along his body, trapping the erection between her thighs. This made it even harder and longer. Not to be outdone her twin sort of squatted above her s1ster's buttocks rubbing the emerging prick head against her little slit. A few moments of wriggling to get comfortable, and his erection erupted, spewing hot sticky sperm over both girls. Bob apologised profusely, but they were much too young to care, and helped him to wash it all off. Nothing more was said that weekend, but on Monday afternoon, when he picked the girls up from kindergarten they were more than keen to skip tea and head straight for the bathroom. When they had explained to one of their friends, she demanded a full blow-by-blow account of the seduction and casually mentioned that she liked to sit on her daddy's face. The twins couldn't wait to be dried off, one perching on Dad's tummy; the other gently lowered her bottom onto his face. After a full 30 seconds of just nuzzling her wet slit, Bob slid in his tongue, then had to come up for air. "Wow you taste so sweet, just like tangerines and peaches" he managed before diving back for another mouthful. The next day exactly the same scenario, but this time Bob seemed less certain "You taste different today – more like olives. Yes that’s it – not so sweet". "Silly Daddy, it wasn't me yesterday. We take turns, didn't you realise?. So how do I taste?" "Well sort of sharp" replied Dad before slurping down her nectar. Being a man, Bob could never tell them apart from the subtle clues – the way they smiled or laughed, he never used their real names ‘Amy’ and ‘Amilie’. Everyone was happy - he had just called them both ‘Ami’ from birth. Now one of them was ‘Sweet-Ami’; but ‘Ami’ still clamoured for her own nickname. They tried our 'Sharp' but that didn't fit with her angelic expression, 'Spicy' just sounded too rude and 'Tart' gave entirely the wrong impression. So she just stuck with 'Ami', but not for long. Hayley A few days later the twins came back from play-school very excited: “Could Hayley come to play? She can stop the night. Her big s1ster – she’s got real breasts you know – wears a bra and everything. And she said that thing in your trousers is just called a 'Penis' – it only turns into an 'Erection' when you want to make babies. And you have to put it inside a lady’s body, and leave your seed in there, and it sort of grows into a baby. Anyway that’s what she said. Is it true daddy? Can she come round for tea, and then we can all have a bath together. Can she Daddy? Hayley is very pretty”. Bob had to agree, so next day there was his twins and little Hayley giggling together on the sofa; hands creeping up skirts and lots of kissing. They stopped when he entered the room. Then slowly Sweet-Ami lifted the back of Hayley’s skirt revealing a very cute round bare bottom. As his girls pulled apart her cheeks, revealing a tight pink butt-hole, the tent in his trousers gave them all the answer they needed. "Bath time I think" said Dad. "Ooooh yes can I have one too Mr Jones?" replied Hayley. "Give us 15 minutes, then you can come in" Ami suggested as they raced upstairs to the bathroom, shedding clothes along the corridor. Bob waited impatiently outside the bathroom door, listening to the sounds of soft young bodies being examined and soaped. He wasn't sure about exposing himself to Hayley, so kept on a pair of his best black boxer shorts, when he stepped in. The three girls were covered in soap suds, noisily rubbing their bodies together in the bath. Hayley snaked a soapy hand out of the bath and grabbed hold of his erection through the boxers. "Haha" Sweet laughed "They're all wet, now you'll have to take them off", yanking them down around her dad's feet. His two daught3rs joined Hayley in a slow sensuous jacking motion, rubbing their soapy hands up and down the length of his erection. Bob lay down on a warm towel, after lifting Hayley out of the bath and sitting her across his lap. She wriggled her soapy bottom around his penis until the tip pressed against the delicious puckered hole he had watched downstairs. With a little whimper she lowered her pre-school bottom onto his erection, easily capturing the head inside her body. The next two inches took a little more effort, but with plenty of soap applied by Sweet and Ami to their dad's shaft, it slid in. Hayley was panting now, hauling her body up and down, impaling herself further onto the biggest prick she had ever seen in her short eventful life. "My Dad's not this big" she moaned "Oh shit, I think this must be an organism". The twins stood horrified as their dad bucked his hips and drove the entire penis into their friend's little backside; making a deep gurgling noise. "Sorry babe I got a bit carried away; hope I didn't hurt you. You did say you were experienced? No, never? Oh well there's always a first time, and you have the most delicious, tight bottom I've ever, err fucked". Hayley sort of slumped to the floor, sliding a finger into her sticky bottom to relieve the numbness. Sweet-Ami decided to check out Hayley's cuntal flavour and licked her to a second climax. After a full round of goodnight kisses, the girls were safely snuggled up in their own beds; eyes closed and looking angelic in long pink sl**p tee-shirts. Hayley had forgotten to bring any pyjamas, so Bob lent her a pair of his ex-wife’s see-through panties he kept hidden for his own use. She looked good enough to eat again in the soft light spilling from the open door. But he resisted, just stroking her long blonde hair. He kissed her gently (on the lips), apologised again for abusing her bottom, and slipped her into the sl**ping bag on soft floor cushions next to Ami’s bed. “Good night Mr Jones” she murmured “Thank you for being my first” as she dropped off dreaming of what her own Dad might have in his trousers, and wondering how she might seduce him. Next morning his daught3rs had obviously pushed their beds together, and Hayley abandoned the sl**ping bag and panties. The three naked girls were tightly packed together on the impromptu double bed; all legs and arms entwined, kissing and rubbing and generally trying to make each other cum. Bob sat enthralled on the edge of the bed, occasionally stroking a bare back or leg or bottom as they passed his hands. “OK, let’s show him” Hayley commanded. The three girls lay on their sides, arranged in a tight triangle, one leg raised towards the ceiling like synchronised swimmers. Heads firmly locked between the next girl’s thighs they proceeded to eat each other out. Hayley was the first to come up for breath; her pretty nose shiny with cuntal juices: “I know – we should call her ‘Tangy-Ami’, before plunging her tongue back between her best friend’s hot petals. Bob feeling a bit ignored, apologised again to the writhing mass of young female flesh: "Hope I didn't hurt you Hayley". Tangy-Ami looked up: "She is still a bit sore. Perhaps you can kiss it better". Bob needed no prompting. He gently kissed down from Hayley's shoulders, all down her spine and onto her bottom cheeks. Sweet-Ami reluctantly removed her head from Hayley's crotch, encouraging her dad "Go for it Dad, eat out the little bitch. Make her scream. I think she really likes you". Bob kissed all over her buttocks, slowly focussing in on her butt-hole. Hayley moaned as his tongue touched her soreness, squirming around on the bed onto her back, knees bent, bottom raised. Tangy-Ami slipped a pillow under her lower back to lift her entire crotch up into her dad's face. Bob nibbled the taut skin around the top of her thighs, between arse and cunt, brushing his mouth across Hayley's tightly closed pussy lips. He sucked up the light coating of pussy juice from her outer lips, before pushing his tongue into her slit; she tasted delicious. His tongue briefly ran over her hymen, protecting her inner sex, and slid upwards exploring her silky inner lips. Her little clit popped out of its pocket and he devoured it – grazing it between his teeth. She screamed in ecstasy, blubbering that nobody had ever made her so happy. The juice poured out and Bob drank it all down. Meanwhile Sweet and Tangy had spotted the enormous erection sprouting from his pyjama trousers and both held on, trying to stop it entering their young friend's sopping wet pussy. As Bob rose up, they managed to press down on it, angling it away from Hayley's cunt towards her arse. Hayley screamed again as the head pushed past her ring into the depths of her bottom, before the girls managed to pull it out. Sweet-Ami lowered her head and taking a deep breath swallowed the sperm erupting from his hard cock. Tangy-Ami comforted the shaking Hayley, holding her tightly, arms wrapped around her thighs. Hayley's House Bob drove Hayley home; a taller version of her opened the door and she rushed into her big s1ster's arms, hugging and stroking. Her well-tanned big s1ster was wearing tight black ski pants and a thin strappy top. Bob could only make out the odd word between Hayley and her s1ster:"twice.... poor thing did it hurt?... massive.. thick as my arm... all soapy in the bath....the twins licked it all off... no you can't get pregnant like that..." As her s1ster leant forward to cuddle Hayley, Bob's gaze moved upwards from her rounded camel-toe to feast his eyes on her cleavage. Her breasts couldn't have been larger than 32B, but topped with large brown areole, that were crinkling up as he watched. Bob: "Wait a minute I don't even know your name". Hayley's s1ster: "You can call me Hot-lips, Mr Jones" she said easing down the front of the black ski pants to reveal a perfectly trimmed blonde pubic bush, and the top of her slit poking through. "And yes, Mr Jones, before you ask I am legal, well almost". Bob: "You can call me Bob". Hot-lips: "I expect I'll call you lots of things with that monster cock inside me. But you'd better come inside, I'm not going to fuck you on the doorstep, it upsets the neighbours". Bob grabbed the twins from the car and sat them down in front of a video with Hayley. Before he had found and started a suitable DVD, they had Hayley's skirt off and Tangy-Ami was noisily eating her out. "Play nicely girls" he called back over his shoulder as he tried to find Hot-lips. There was only one other door downstairs, with a sign "Knock and Cum In" which turned out to be her dad's study. Inside was a delicious smell of sex and a low buzzing sound coming from the high-back leather chair. Hayley's s1ster spun the chair round to face Bob. Utterly naked - her high breasts, topped with large brown crinkly nipples looked fabulous. But it was the red end of a large blue vibrator sprouting from her cunt that held Bob's gaze longest. There was already a thin stream of juice dribbling onto the seat, pooling between her open thighs. "Come on Big Boy, we've only got ten minutes before Mum and Dad get back from shopping" and pulling out the toy "I need a proper fuck, so get those trousers off, Mr Jones". Bob didn't need asking twice: he swept Hot-lips up into his arms, spun her round and laid her face up on the desk. With her feet placed on his shoulders, he powered into her pussy, right up to the bollocks. Her pussy felt so tight; she was panting: "Quick in the top drawer, put that spiky cock ring on, and I suppose you'd better wear a condom, I'm not ready for a baby yet". Bob opened the desk drawer, amazed at the selection of colourful butt plugs, dildos and vibrators, and was back in her cunt in seconds – the cock ring rubbing hard against her clit on each thrust. Trying to last longer in her deliciously tight pussy, Bob viewed the glossy 10x8" photos on the corner of the desk. Even though the girl was face down and beautifully lit, it was clearly the creature he had his cock in. Her deep tanned buttocks looked as if they quivered slightly as an anonymous hand twisted a lubricated butt plug into her. The strong lighting down the length of the glass plug perfectly illuminated her pink insides, showing her puckered butt-hole off deliciously. Other photos showed her face up, blasting her sweet pussy with the same blue rabbit vibrator now lying on the floor, still covered in her shiny pussy juice. Bob speeded up, impaling her hard, holding onto her thighs; and then let his gaze slide up her hot body, over her perfectly flat stomach to her breasts. Hot-lips had clipped two large silver nipple clamps onto her pert breasts, hanging onto the silver chain between her teeth. Each time Bob hit the top of her womb, she pulled up, stretching her nipples to breaking point. "Did I say" she panted "I've got a job modelling sex toys. Its great fun, they let me keep the best ones. Come on, faster, I need another orgasm. Aaaargh, that's perfect. Oh yesss, I'm cumming." Bob and the ch1ldren were all dressed, but looking a bit flushed when the parents returned. Hot-lips hadn't found her top, so stood behind him topless, swaying her breasts into his back; everyone could hear the nipple clamps jangling. Mum: "I'm glad you found those, babe, I think they'll make another excellent photo-set for the web site". "Oh yes Mum" Hot-lips purred "and I'd like to wrap the chain around this lovely man while I suck him off". "Won't your dad mind?" asked Bob. But it was obvious from the way he touched up Hayley and the twins that he preferred much younger girls. "Tell you what" he answered "why don't we invite Bob to join the daught3r-swapping club, then he can help you two ladies with the porn and I can get to know these two delectable ch1ldren better".... Aunty May comes to stay Several years later Bob had to go away for a few days, so asked his older s1ster May to look after the twins. She seemed really old to Sweet and Tangy, and she always bought them various moisturising creams as birthday presents, insisting that it would keep their skin young and beautifully soft. Her girl friend the headmistress Sue came for tea, holding hands with Aunt. At bed-time Ami and Ami crept downstairs in the very short tight tee-shirts they wore as bed clothes – the slightly rough fabric making their just budding boobettes push their hard dark nipples up and outwards. The hem moulding itself around their developing hips to only just cover the lower edge of bottoms, especially when they bent slightly forward to kiss Auntie good-night. Auntie and Sue sat on the sofa spun around looking a bit guilty as the twins entered room. There was an unmistakable aroma of warm pussy. Sue looked gorgeous in just a black lacy bra and panty set; Auntie's cardigan was open down the front, her heavy bare breasts just showing and her skirt pushed up. Sue grabbed the remote control to pause the lesbian porn video playing on the TV, hoping the girls hadn't seen too much. "Is that what lesbian's really do?" asked Sweet sweetly as the two on-screen naked busty blondes, probably not much older than the twins, were frozen cunt-to-cunt joined by an enormous purple double-ended dildo. "It's OK" added Tangy "Dad lets us watch his favourite porn" encouraging Sue to resume the video. Auntie looked more concerned until her lover, the Headmistress, slipped a hand inside the cardigan and thumbed one large nipple, while biting her neck. Auntie relaxed a little, pressed Play on the remote control and lay back enjoying the sounds of orgasm from the girls on the TV. Sue had been telling Auntie about a day at school last term and resumed the story as Ami and Ami snuggled up together on the other sofa; fingers searching out each other's hot wet pussies. "A pretty young girl was brought into my office just before lunch about six months ago; her teacher was concerned that something white and sticky was oozing from under her skirt onto the chair and she was disturbing the other ch1ldren. I asked her to remove her blouse and school skirt. I was amazed that rather than vest and panties, she was wearing a shiny dark blue one-piece swimsuit. She was a bit chubby; her breasts were just beginning to bud, little bumps behind her small pink nipples really. From the front all looked normal – just her nipples poking out – it was quite chilly in the office. But when she slowly turned around and pushed out her bottom, the problem was very clear. The fabric had bunched up between her cheeks as she squirmed around in class, turning into a sticky thong. Sperm was clearly bubbling out of her pretty arse and running down her thighs. She admitted to a swimsuit fetish worn to hold in as much sperm as possible. Yes, her parents knew all about it, but no it wasn't her dad's; it belonged to her twin b*****r. She fucked him every morning after breakfast, wearing her swimsuit, and then pulled on blouse and skirt before leaving for school. Her parents were keen to avoid an early pregnancy, but her twin hated condoms, so he used her bottom. She loved it; moaning loudly and clamping her ankles around him to hold as much spunk in as possible. So I pulled off the swimsuit and stood her in the janitors sink in the corner of the office, soaping the sperm off her bottom and legs. As she squeezed out each handful, she rubbed it into her nipples hoping to make them grow. "Did she feel nice?" asked Sweet cheekily "Did she get juiced up with your thumb up her cunt?" "How on earth did you.... Oh I see, you guessed, correctly. Yes I couldn't help massaging her pussy internally. So I told her that wearing a swimsuit in school is not acceptable, and that if she insists in keeping a bottom-full of her br0ther's sperm, we have another way. I dried her off and gave her the junior mk4 masturbator to look at. A moment later she had the 'A' probe correctly installed in her arse and was just about to slip the 'C' probe between her lips". "So when did you check she wasn't a virgin?" asked Aunty. "She mumbled something about losing it in a bicycling accident, or perhaps it was when she borrowed her big s1ster's vibrator, she wasn't sure; but the Cuntal probe slipped in without a murmur. I told her we'd try the junior size model first and if she got on with that for a day or so, then we could attempt the teen size. I handed her a mirror so she could inspect her bottom and see the silver chain emerging from one hole and disappearing up the other. She had never realised how close the two were, and rubbed the soft skin between. Now remember you must keep the chain below body temperature – that's how it makes electricity to run the motors, so no nylon underwear, definitely no swimsuits. Just light cotton panties; here you can borrow this pink pair from the lost clothing cupboard. So as soon as your br0ther has pulled out, slip the 'A' probe in and it should stop any leakages. Here put this control bracelet on; you could give the other one to him. You can then both experiment to get the best amount of vibration between your legs". She toddled off, a bit shakily, grasping her sticky swimsuit in a carrier bag, and the mk4 velvet pouch in the other, avidly reading the short instruction manual. "I watched her down the corridor on the school CCTV, and then she disappeared into the girls' toilets, with her br0ther very close behind. The camera is broken in there, but from the sound they had a fantastic time refilling her bottom and playing with the vibrator controls". "So what happened to her?" Sweet lazily asked, sliding her hand up Aunties skirt. "Well she appeared in my office again today, to bring back the junior mk4. She looked lovely – quite a bit taller, she's lost all the puppy fat, and has grown a gorgeous pair of breasts. She proudly pulled her blouse out of the skirt waistband, slowly undid the buttons from the bottom up, finally revealing a well-filled B-cup bra made of a see-through white fabric. She rubbed at her puffy pink nipples, making them look delicious. Just using one hand she unzipped her skirt and dropped it to the floor, while holding my gaze and licking her lips. The sheer white panties were fabulous – softly covering her short blonde pubes, with just a hint of moisture leaking into the crotch. "Do you want a lick?" she asked, pulling the crotch aside and holding her lips apart. Well, what could I do? Obviously had to eat her out – wow what a delightful flavour – slightly sweet, but really sticky. And there was the blue chain of a mk5 masturbator, her dad had bought as a birthday present. Within a few moments she was grabbing the back of my head, f0rcing my nose between her lips. I could feel the cuntal vibrations clearly through her clitoris; she was getting really wet now, and her legs were beginning to shake. She mumbled that she now had a proper boyfriend who loved licking her, and that she had stopped sl33ping with her twin br0ther most nights. I know I shouldn't, but she came noisily as soon as I slid a finger up her bottom, making contact with the 'A' probe buzzing away inside her. Babysitting After the daught3r-swapping club introduced the twins to loads of local families, they realised they could make some pocket money, and perhaps fuck a few more dads, with a babysitting service. So Bob dropped off Sweet-Ami at Lucy’s house – her parents are off for a sex party, and Tangy-Ami to babysit Timmy, then went home to set up the 3-way skype video-conference so he could watch his beautiful daught3rs performing. They were both equipped with a laptop and a carrier bag full of dildos, and this is the story of their evenings. Cyber-sex at Lucy’s house Lucy was already in bed when her Ami arrived, her mum and dad show Ami upstairs wiggling hips; “sorry about him, can’t keep his eyes off a cute bum” Ami: “Oh that’s OK my dad's been loving my bottom for years” After they have gone Ami on the couch, jeans around her ankles, cupping a small breast in each hand under her tee-shirt. Legs wide apart dark triangle clearly visible through the damp patch on her white panties, Lucy's dad pops back pretending to have forgotten something. Watches his Ami rubbing her breasts and other Ami masturbating on the laptop. Lucy's dad: "Oh my god, there's two of you, you little beauties, twins .. what could be more erotic". Tangy-Ami spots him standing behind the sofa, stroking his erection against Ami's cheek. "Behind you" she mouths over the Skype connection. Sweet-Ami: "Oh that's nice, I suppose you want me to lick it. It's pretty large. Come here; I think it will fit" Ami sucks him down her throat. Lucy's dad: “Fuck you later sweet-cheeks” as he leaves. Ami: “Phone me” and blows a kiss aimed at his crotch. Seducing Bob. Sweet-Ami: “Dad you can open your birthday present now; it’s from both of us” Dad: “Wow it’s a Fleshlight, and it’s modelled on Lupe Fuentes; my all-time favourite porn star. She looked just like you pair before her boob-job. Amazingly large cunt for a little girl.” Tangy-Ami: “We ordered it from the states, sorry had to use your credit card, remember we’re not quite 18 yet. Show us how it works daddy. There’s a video on their web site shows you where to put the lubricant, and then assemble it and push your prick in. Tell us how good she feels.” Later Lucy woke up; hearing moaning sounds from downstairs, assumed it was her dad watching the late-night porn channel. She was surprised to see just the babysitter stretched out on the sofa, both hands in her panties, talking to the image of an identical girl and a man on her laptop. Lucy sl**pily, “bad dream, you must be the babysitter, can I curl up with you”. Babysitter: “Yes of course love, you smell nice", licking Lucy's neck. “Hello baby, sorry if I woke you… I’m Ami and so is that little tramp” pointing at the laptop “and that gorgeous hunk is our dad, he’s called Bob, but I guess you could call him Uncle”. Bob: “Oh yes I like the idea of Uncle; now little Lucy, you can pretend to be a remote-controlled dildo and help me fuck my beautiful daught3r over the internet, what do you think of that?” Lucy: “Uncle, you naughty man, you’re getting me all moist between the legs, just like when my dad licks my bottom”. Bob instructs her to look in the carrier bag and put on Ami’s bright blue training bra. Ami: “it should be about the right size with some more padding, my tits were only 32AA then; dad liked to hold onto the back strap when he was .. uh . kneeling behind me” Lucy: “Uncle kneeling behind you?.. oh you mean fucking in doggie position. My dad says I'm quite grown up for my age, you know, you don’t have to hide stuff”. Uncle: “OK, so pull on those matching transparent blue panties, they show off your bum perfectly. Now walk up and down, try out those ‘new’ breasts – rub them in Ami’s face.” Lucy puts on a Bluetooth headset with microphone and turns down the laptop speakers so only she can hear the instructions from Uncle Bob and Tangy-Ami. Sweet-Ami turns very passive, spreading her legs wider. Lucy repeats each instruction as she performs it: “OK so I’ve got to push the end of this purple dildo into your bottom; does that feel nice? Oh you are very wet; it’s slipped in ever so easy”. “Your dad wants me to rub your nipples hard while you stroke my cunt”. The phone rings, Lucy grabs it from the table. Lucy on phone: “Oh daddy, please make her stop; she keeps licking my bottom and that makes my pussy all creamy, then she licks the juice out. Oh she’s doing it again. Daddy she keeps making me cum, I can’t help it, it makes my tummy go all wobbly and the juice runs out of my pussy into her mouth. She says I’ve got the best arse-hole for licking,…. Oh fuck she’s done it again, Oh daddy I’m cumming again”. Lucy’s dad: “Could you put Ami back on the phone, I need to speak to her”. Lucy: “OK, bye for now, love you”. Ami: “Sorry, mumble, mumble, just need to wipe your daught3r’s goo off my lips, don’t want to make the phone all sticky. Ah that’s better, how can I help you Dave?” Lucy’s dad: “Yeah I like that, keep calling me Dave, you little tramp. What are you wearing? Who is that moaning I can hear, it sounds like an orgy?” Ami: “Wearing? Oh let's see, um – nothing – not a stitch, no bra, no panties, nothing at all, starkers. Lucy has still got her pink tee-shirt on, the one with a kitten on the front. Oh hang on she's just lifting the hem to show nothing underneath – just smooth, bare flesh. Bare bottom, lovely thighs, completely smooth mound, oh can just see her slit opening up – the little petals all glistening. The moaning - oh that’s just the porn video we were watching when you rang. It’s only a fairly soft lesbian gang-bang, nothing unsuitable to try out with your daught3r. Anyway Dave how’s your party going, what time are you due back?” Dave: “I think we’re going to be stuck here all night, it’s snowing hard, and the car is playing up again. Will you be alright babysitting Lucy until breakfast; we’ll pay of course, and you can sl**p in our bed if you want”. Ami: “Sure no problem, I’ll put Lucy back on so I can give her your goodnight kiss. Hang on – Lucy I've told you before put lubricant on that anal plug before you stick it up my .... argh. OK it's in now you little minx. Hello Dave you still there, I can just hear heavy breathing, are you alright? Bye now; love you”. Lucy: “Oh daddy, she’s licking my bottom again, and that feels like a finger sliding in. Oh fuck I just came again, gotta go, love you daddy”. Dave: "Hang on, put that phone on hands-free so I can talk to both you little sluts. Right, now remember Lucy is still technically a virgin, so stay out of her cunt, that's for me to take her cherry". Ami: "OK we'll be careful, just tongues and a small finger. Lucy insisted I checked her hymen; it's fine. Love from both of us. Think about our lovely young bodies writhing on your sofa. Bye". Tangy-Ami When dad dropped Tangy-Ami off at her babysitting house, the husband and wife just sat her down on the sofa, said that little Timmy was fast asl**p upstairs, and they would be back before 11 o’clock. Husband stood very close to Ami, smelling her natural perfume, and wife looked a bit dubiously at Ami’s very short skirt and nearly-open blouse, revealing a crisp white bra. “Come on, we’ve got to go” she spotted the laptop while dragging husband out to the car “the wi-fi login details are on the table, mind you don’t visit any naughty sites. Be good, see you later”. After setting up the laptop, Ami connected into her dad’s video-conference, stripped off and watched her twin playing with Lucy. Mouth feeling a bit dry after her first orgasm, she walks into the kitchen in search of a drink, and finds a brown cocker-spaniel puppy waking up in his basket. “Hello you” Ami purrs “ah here’s the fridge, and yes there’s Orange Juice” taking a great swig. A little dribbles onto her bare thigh and instantly dog jumps up and licks it off. “Oh this is a fun game doggy”. Ami takes the juice and dog back to the sofa and pours a little puddle in her navel, and then just under her nipples. Dog goes wild licking it all off, wagging his tail, and rubbing something long and hard against Ami’s leg. “Oh you naughty puppy, you’ve got a hard-on and it’s all pink and shiny, do you know how to use it?” Ami flips over onto her hands and knees, squeezing juice into her bum crack, which dribbles down between her pussy lips and down her thighs. Puppy goes mental trying to get his tongue first into her bottom, then slathers all off her clit, making Ami climax again, then down her thighs making her shake in anticipation. Puppy isn’t quite sure how to fuck Ami, but knows to put his front paws on her shoulders, bringing the end of his 1-year old penis to what he hopes is the entrance to her womb. A quick shove and he’s in, revelling in the gorgeous new sensations of firm skin against soft, wet pussy walls. Dad watching over the video-conference “Go little doggy, make her cream, give the bitch your puppies, fill her up” Sweet-Ami at Lucy’s house: “Dad you’re disgusting, how can you encourage sex with an u******e dog? He’s only seven in people years, far too young to be fucking our Ami. I want him as well”. Tangy-Ami: “Oh shit, his cum is dribbling down my leg onto the sofa. Oh it’s OK he’s licked it all off. Wow he sure knows how to pleasure a girl. Could you see everything OK?” In Bed Sweet-Ami: “I’m whacked; all this masturbation takes it out of a girl. I’m off to bed with Lucy; I’ll leave the skype connection on audio just in case you want to listen in on me cumming again. Nighty night”. Lucy wakes up in the early hours, surprised to still be wearing her long sl**p tee-shirt, stretches and reaches over to Ami lying naked beside her. Lucy cups the nearest breast, and clamps onto the hard nipple. Lucy rolled over on top of Ami to kiss her better and felt the hard end of the rabbit dildo between her thighs. "What's this? Have you been a naughty girl using my mum's rabbit? Is this the switch, hey it's not working". Ami: "I think the batteries must have gone flat; but you can try pushing it in and out; see if that works". Lucy slid down the bed, pulling off the sheets, grabbed hold of the vibrator handle and eased it out of Ami's cunt. "Wow it's so long and wide; can I lick it?" curious gurgling sounds "Wow you taste so sweet; can I push it back now?” Ami’s dad talking to Lucy in her earpiece: “Go baby, ram the dildo up the bitch, really rap3 her with it. I want to hear screams”. Lucy: “Oh uncle you are rude. How far can I push it in? It’s so big; it’s stretching her pussy lips wide apart. Oh I can see more liquid bubbling around the sides. Is she cumming? I’ll just carry on shoving it up, and then pull it out a bit then straight back in. Ami’s closed her eyes and is panting hard, do you think she likes it? Can I really make her climax? Oh god she’s moaning now and pulling my head towards her breasts; I think she needs me to chew her nipples. Hang on, can’t really talk and lick at the same time.” Sweet-Ami: “Wow you little beauty that was the best climax ever from a flat rabbit. Roll over, now it’s your turn. It’s Ok, I know you’re still a virgin; I’ll be very gentle in your arse.” Mostly for dad’s benefit “OK so I’m licking my fingers, now you hold your cheeks apart, and I’ll just slip this little finger into your puckered hole.” Lucy whimpering “Are you sure it will fit, your finger feels so tight, I’m only six.” Sweet-Ami: “Ok babe, I wasn’t seriously going to fuck you with it. Come here give me a cuddle and let’s get back to sl**p.” Sexting Later Lucy is trying out sexting on her new mobile phone: "HI DAD, CAN WE HAVE A DOG. PLEASE. PRETTY PLEASE" Dad: "ITS 4 O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING, WHY DO YOU SUDDENLY WANT A DOG?" Lucy: "I JUST HAD TO WATCH ROVER LICKING OUT THE OTHER AMI. SHE SQUEEZED ORANGE JUICE INTO HER B*TT*M WITH THE STRAW, THEN THE PUPPY PUSHED HIS TONGUE ALL THE WAY IN. DO YOU SUPPOSE SHE LIKED IT?" Dad: "HAD TO WATCH?" Lucy: "YEH ON THE VIDEO-CONFERENCE, WHILE I WAS DILDOING MY AMI. THEN THE DOG'S P*NIS GOT ALL HUGE AND SHINY AND HE F*CKED HER, REALLY RIGHT IN". Dad getting rather aroused: "WHAT ARE YOU WEARING BABY?" Lucy: "NOTHING OF COURSE, I'M IN YOUR BED WITH MY SWEET-AMI. Dad: “DOES SHE REALLY TASTE SWEET, BABE?” Lucy: “AMAZING, LIKE HONEY, YOU JUST HAVE TO STICK A FINGER UP HER BUM AND SHE GIVES YOU A MOUTHFUL OF HER GOO. CAN I HAVE THE TANGY ONE NEXT TIME?” Dad: “OF COURSE, ANYTHING FOR YOU BABY. NOW CAN YOU REACH BETWEEN YOUR LEGS WITHOUT AMI WAKING UP?” Lucy: “OH YOU WANT ME TO STROKE MY P*SSY DONT YOU". Dad: "YES BABY, TWO FINGERS. JUST RUB YOUR CLIT FOR ME". Lucy: "LIKE THIS? I’LL SEND YOU A PICTURE. DADDY WHAT’S A HARD-ON? HAVE YOU GOT ONE NOW? CAN I HAVE A PUPPY TO LICK MY C*NT?" Dad: "YOU GET OFF TO sl**p NOW; YOUR MOTHER HAS JUST WOKEN UP AND NEEDS A GOOD FUCKING. BYE LOVE". Shopping Tangy-Ami: “Hey dad can you still talk while fucking your birthday present. Do you remember that shop-girl in the junior underwear department? She caught you stroking the inside of bras and thought you must be a pervert.” Sweet-Ami: “You said you wanted us fitted for a training bra, and we were hiding so she couldn’t see us, and she nearly called security, oh what a laugh”. Tangy-Ami: “I think she was trying to chat you up in the changing room after measuring our tits at 32AA. You made us walk around in the tiny white bra, and that amazing see-through blue one." Dad: "and I sent you off to check out the thongs and that little tramp sales girl stuck her hand down my trousers, and I had it down her throat in seconds. She sucked like a vacuum cleaner. She was so embarrassed when you caught her, and ripped her top off that he slipped out and covered her chin." Sweet-Ami: "So we got all the undies at staff discount, and you got her phone number." Juicy Cunt Competition Sweet-Ami: “Daddy have our cunts always tasted so good? When did you first try them?” Dad: “I guess you don’t remember, no of course you were just babies. Your mum and I entered you in a beautiful baby competition, and there was a ‘special’ judging class just for girls. You two and about 6 other little baby girls, all naked on a bed. You kicked your little legs in the air and gurgled, playing with each other even then. The lady judge stroked your bottoms and slipped a finger into each tiny slit. You loved it, all smiles and wide eyes. Each time she licked the goo off her finger and wrote down a score. Each dad and some mums did the same – slip in a finger, stroke around the little clit button to make juice and then into their mouth, write down a comment. Your mum was delighted when you came joint first and snogged the judge for ages.” Tangy-Ami: “and you’ve been licking our cunts ever since”. Sweet-Ami" "I wonder if that's where you introduced us to flavoured sex-lubricant – just a little dab of peach or strawberry flavour up the bottom and our natural pussy juices flow out. Did you and mum use it to win that competition..." Dad: “Nearly forgot, I’ve got some photos here – look aren’t you both so cute – all soft and shiny and so fuckable. This old bloke must have been someone’s granddad – he’s trying to hide his erection between that baby’s cheeks. [Authors note: many thanks to AlanHS for this perverted idea]. Small-Ads Sweet-Ami: "you remember those funny little adverts in the back of dad's porno magazines? Well we should write some. What do you both think of this one: Lost one green dildo, about 9" long, gives great climaxes. Last seen in some red-heads cunt. Reward for its return". Tangy-Ami: "pretty good. How about this: "Teenage bi-sexual into inc3st and tribadism, seeks similar for a fucking good weekend". Dad: "hey I've got one: Wanted one sexy teenage daught3r; fed up fucking your dad? Bring him over so we can both watch you lezzing up my daught3r". Sweet-Ami: "Identical super-sexy twins, 32B breasts, wish to meet twin teenage boys to double-date and double-penetrate". Panties Galore Tangy: “Hey check this out, an idea for making money: we create a brand called ‘Savour the Flavour’ – our panties personally used for you. Choose from a pair worn all day at school – a light staining from regular fingering during dull lessons; thongs all sweaty from jogging around the park for an hour, or our dad’s favourite pair when he fucked our bottoms watching a porno in the evening”. Sweet: “Wow – all panties straight off our bums and sealed into a zip-lok bag to preserve all the flavour and aroma; mailed to you in a plain brown envelope. The white cotton panties have the best taste of moist cuntal secretions; the black thongs show the best white stains, and the shiny blue bikini style holds the most spunk”. Dad: “Including a signed Certificate of Authenticity and a photograph of my daught3r soiling your selected panties; choose from under the desk in school, up-skirt in the park or laying on the sofa having her cunt licked out”. Tangy: “We’re going to need loads more underwear if this takes off, can we go back to that big store where that nice lady measured our tits for training bras. Dad did you know we sneaked back, when you thought we were checking out the thongs. We saw you face-fucking that nice lady – you had your cock all the way down her throat, holding the back of her head; she seemed to be gagging for air”. Dad: “Well she came onto me, that changing room was very small; while you two were cavorting around topless, she must have ‘accidentally’ bumped into my erection, and it kind of went from there. When you got back and I had to lick your bottoms through your shorts to show I still adored you, she asked if we always make love, and wasn’t it inc3st”. Sweet: “Really she wanted to know how to seduce her young son, so I invited them over for tea on Saturday, and now we get a really great bulk discount on the undies”. Tangy quietly to the lady: "Set up a new gmail account and drop us a note when you want to chat – AmiandAmi. I think we can stop your lad staying a virgin". Chatting The next afternoon an email arrived from billysmum concerned that her boy was too timid around girls and judging by the cache of magazines under his bed clearly in need of some motherly loving. AmiandAmi: So how can we help – you want Billy to love you. OK, first thing wax your legs and get rid of any pubic hair – young boys assume everyone looks as smooth as their porn photos. Then you need him used to seeing you naked about the house; leave the bathroom door open, make sure there’s a mirror so he can watch you in the shower. Billysmum: Wait a minute, why is a 30 year old mum taking sex advice from two randy teenage girls? AmiandAmi: Because we’ve both fucked our dad every day for the last 3 years? He has me Monday, Wednesday and Friday’ and I sl**p with him on Tuesdays, Thursday and Saturday. Billysmum: ho ho, so you give him a Day of Rest on Sunday? AmiandAmi: No silly he has to satisfy both of us – our choice of love-making; she’s in an anal phase right now, and I can’t get enough cock down my throat. So where were we? Invite him into the bathroom to dry your back or something – make sure your breasts are covered in soap – he won’t be able to resist rubbing them. Go easy don’t rush, take your time, the best seductions are slow. Tell us tomorrow how you got on. Next day Billysmum logs on straight after breakfast: Oh wow it worked a treat; I caught him just outside the bathroom, watching me washing. He was a bit hesitant to touch my soapy tits, but soon had a nipple in each hand, twisting them hard. As I got out of the bath he pressed an erection into my arse, but got scared and ran off. It’s working, I made my son hard! AmiandAmi: OK the next step. Leave some of your underwear; make sure it’s clean, where he’ll find it. Perhaps panties in the bathroom, or a bra in his bedroom; teenage boys just adore breasts. Then next morning help him masturbate. Wrap his cock in your biggest silky knickers and jack him off; let him fill them with spunk. No words, just action; show him you understand his needs. After that the rest is easy. Two days later: Billysmum: Amazing I’ve never seen so much sperm, it went everywhere; so we had a shower together, and he went down on me without even being asked. He needs a bit more instruction in the labial arts, but so enthusiastic, he’s brilliant. When he got home from school we went straight to bed; fucked for hours – so much stamina. Doggie position is our favourite, I was afraid he’d get turned off by my big bum, but he loves it. I think anal is next. It’s awesome, I can’t keep my hand out of his trousers; you’ve done it – we’re in love. AmiandAmi: Love you, keep in touch, enjoy your s0n. The following day Billysmum emailed: Last night Billy caught me on the sofa watching a lesbian porn video. I didn’t hear him come into the room above the buzzing of my blue vibrator and the young girl on the screen screaming through an orgasm. He just squatted down between my legs and took control of the vibrator; pulled it right out, sucked my juices off the end and shoved it back up my cunt on full speed. I came and came when he chewed my breasts and again when I sucked him off. We watched the rest of the porno together – the last scene was a beautiful young black girl fucking a much older woman with a strap-on dildo. Her skin glistened – sweat dripping down between her breasts as she strove to give the milf a serious climax. Billy confided that there was a girl just like her in his class that he fancied and they had been discussing fam1ly-sex. The schoolgirl eventually admitted that she had the hots for her aunt – her mother’s twin s1ster, and lusted to get inside her red bikini. Billy brought her home from school to see if I would teach her how to seduce her aunt. Billy rang just before they arrived, so I had time to put on some naughty underwear and splash some subtle perfume around. Two minutes after they got in everyone was naked and snogging and I was getting rather wet. She wasn’t on the pill yet, so she insisted Billy pull out while she licked me out. It was amazing watching my little boy pleasuring this gorgeous creature between my thighs; he only lost his virginity 3 days ago thanks to you. Next day she did have sex with her aunt and now regularly spends the night here sl**ping with Billy and me. A week later Billysmum logged on to find separate messages from Tangy-Ami and Sweet-Ami asking her to join a chat session. Billysmum: so where are you both, I thought you were inseparable. Tangy-Ami: we’re not joined at the hip you know, we do have independent lives, I’m at home and I think Sweet is at the library; anyway where are you? Billysmum: I’m in bed trying to type quietly so I don’t wake up Billy and Jasmine – that’s his new girl-friend, oh I shouldn’t call her that – too much commitment, his fuck-buddy. I bought a huge new king-sized bed for the 3 of us – it’s ever so comfy. When the men delivered it they struggled it up the stairs all the time looking up Jasmine’s skirt; she was giving directions from the landing. We all flopped down on it and just cuddled, clothed you know; but the men thought it really kinky – me and two teenage c***dren. Jasmine led them downstairs and gave them a School Sports Pack as a thank you. Sweet-Ami: Sports Pack? Billysmum: Oh of course, I haven’t told you about them yet. Jasmine runs in a 4 x 400m relay team at school, they practice most evenings and get very hot. Well, I supply them with thongs, from the shop, all different colours. At the end of each race the 4 girls whip off the panties and pop them in those excellent sealable bags you recommended to keep all the hot sweaty juices fresh. Billy takes photos of the team front and back – nothing too rude – well sometimes a stray finger, and we sell them as a set, called a Sports Pack. Tangy-Ami: how’s demand, can you make enough? Billysmum: Well, we sold out the first batch in a day, to dads, uncles, even big br0thers; the photos are very discrete – you can’t see any faces, all taken below the waist, so none of the girls are recognised. Here I’ll send you some. Sweet-Ami in the library: Oh wow, I love that green thong on the black girl, I guess that’s your Jasmine, she is very hot – what a gorgeous arse. I’ll just drool over her for a moment – might not be able to type one-handed, lucky these jeans are a loose fit. Oh bugger, the librarian is giving me funny looks – might need to stop rubbing my clit for a while. Tangy-Ami: Perhaps she fancies you – I guess it’s not often she has girls masturbating on the library computers. Oh, meant to ask- is Jasmine on the pill yet, is Billy giving her one? Billysmum: Oh yes, Billy is ecstatic – he can’t get enough of her – two or three times a night, I just push his cute bottom up and down as he fucks her. Oops, Jasmine just woke up – I was stroking her breasts, I can’t resist it when she’s asl**p – she makes my insides go all wobbly. She’s only young, but so experienced, she knows how to make an old woman all sexy. Oh now she’s kissing me, and pushing two fingers into my cunt, she’s got my g-spot, I think I’m about to cum. She is so beautiful; her pussy lips are almost purple in colour – they look fabulous surrounding Billy’s pinky. Gotta go now, can’t type any more – she wants me to chew her tits again, mustn’t make too much noise, don’t want to wake Billy. Oh now Billy wants me to suck him too – what a lovely shiny prick. Love you both, bye now. Sweet-Ami: Oh bugger I just came, and now the keyboard is getting all sticky from my fingers; guess it’s time to go, I love this cyber-sexing – bye.

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