Thursday, July 4, 2013

My 2nd experience! SeXStoRY

Well, my second experience wasn’t what I had in mind. I hadn’t heard from Sean in a while. We didn’t exchange mobiles or anything, just used to email or msn. He had contacted me after our first meet saying he hadn’t enjoyed me shooting in his mouth. As I had my hands on the back of his head when I unloaded he said it had made him gag – I was probably just caught up in the moment. So was thinking we might not meet up ever again. I had my Messenger running one morning, while I was online a “Hi there” popped up. This was from ‘Merlin’ a contact I had chatted with some time ago but never met. We began to chat, I had xhamster on in the background & was getting hornier. I never seen Merlin so asked if he wanted to cam, I was pleased when he said yes. As I was in my dressing gown it was easy for me to display my already hard cock, his was nice too, thicker than mine standing out against his smooth white stomach. It was great to see a real cock & to think we were both in the same town stroking our cocks lol. He then asked if he could come round, he wanted more …bl**dy hell, so did I! His car was out of action so he told me where I could pick him up. There he was sitting on the wall as I pulled up. Our short journey back to my house was pretty quiet; I guess we were both a little nervous. Once indoors I led him up to our bedroom, standing there in front of each other I asked if was into kissing. Once he nodded I moved straight in, locking our lips together. Our tongues soon started exploring each other, whilst my arms grabbed at his arse. I soon had them under his t-shirt moving them over his firm stomach & up his chest and with that whipped his t-shirt over his head. I moved from his lips to kissing his nipples, I was only going to go down I was soon kneeling in front of him grabbing at his belt. His jeans soon were on the floor & I was staring at a nice bulge & couldn’t wait to see his cock in the flesh & immediately whipped his boxers off. There was his lovely thick cock sticking out from a mass of pubic hair. I was soon licking his tip then taking it further down, it tasted good & I could hear him moan now. Both my hands were on his arse as I enthusiastically suck down hard on his cock …this was fun. I was being a little selfish I realised and so stood up. I let Merlin undress me, and very soon he was kneeling before me sucking on my own rock hard cock – you just can’t beat a blowjob! My hands were now on the back of his head pulling him in, fucking his face. We had to stop I was nearly there. We threw ourselves on the bed and wrapped ourselves together hands & tongues going everywhere. It was then I asked him if he would fuck me …it was to be my 1st time! I knelt on the end of the bed, my face on the mattress & legs apart, I felt a little vulnerable. Merlin unwrapped a condom, then I felt the cold smear of lube being rubbed on my smooth arsehole…this was it. His cock came up to me pressing into me, I held firm, then in it went, what a feeling! He was slow a first but it wasn’t long before he was up to his balls …I was taking my first cock & it felt great! He was moving faster now giving me a good fuck, but I wanted to see. Over I turned, then Merlin grabbed my legs under my knees and pushed them back so they we on my chest. Leaning down onto me his cock was now being driven into me again, wow this felt great! After 5mins of constant fuckng I couldn’t take anymore ….i got him off the bed onto the floor, kneeling in front of me. Grabbing his head I pulled him down onto my cock making him take it. You guessed it, it wasn’t long before I blew my load in his mouth I kept his head down to my balls making him not miss a drop! Then I leant back & let go. Looking down at him, his mouth opened slightly and my warm cum trickled out the side of his mouth down his chin onto his chest – what a turn on! I couldn’t not reward him so swapping round I was soon sucking furiously on his lovely thick cock after a while he pushed my forehead back letting his hard-on spring from my mouth, he then wrap a hand round it & started wanking. In no time at all his moaning stopped, a loud gasp preceded spurts of hot spunk over my shoulders & chest, he had a lot to give!! After showering together we agreed to stay in touch – you can see Merlin here: We hope to meet again soon

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