Saturday, July 13, 2013

Tea Party SeXStoRY

I was 15 when I first landed in Jail, for the next hour I was bent over my bed and humped relentlessly.... Sometimes I think my uncle takes Monopoly for too seriously... That was me far too serious about everything, until I met Harry one night on Willesden Junction station..thats my first story read that here first My first real time of being used for his pleasure. We met a couple of times after that always alone and his control over me was growing so much that it was taking over my life, after meeting him at a pub in Chiswick and being told to go to a cubicle 3 when I did there was a huge big guy who unzipped me sucked me off till I came then he told me to fuck off.. I said to myself never again I was risking everything for this my marriage my job, i was making exscuse's to leave work to please this man, I just could not understand what I had become and in my mind it was over I had to end it so as we went home on the tube I told Harry it was over he listened and smiled, he then lent across and whispered in my ear... its over when I say so, you are a mine to do as I please and right now you are coming back to mine, and you are going to fuck me.. he sat back smiled, it was not threatening he just knew he had me, he was right I followed him home.. Three weeks later he called me at work .."hello Chris, be at mine for 4pm I m having a Tea Party with a couple of friends who would love to meet you... I was about to say no I cant but he had hung up, and like the wimp I am at 3.45 I was outside his house, as I knocked on the door I noticed the downstairs curtains was pulled closed, the curtain twitched then I heard the clicking off heels on his hardwood floor... the door opened come in said a voice I did not know hiding behind the door I shut the door behind me there was a guy all dressed up in heels stocking a skirt top and blonde wig and full make up "Im Dee, now come and meet the rest of the girls, I walked in to the front room there were 4 other girls in there, I was told there names but it was a bit of a blur. there was basically five tvs/ cds call them what you like all aged between 50-70 sitting all dressed sipping tea and eating cake,,,"sit down" said Dee I will pour you a cuppa," there was no where to sit apart from the edge of the sofa, I looked at the girls smiled nervously as I looked around the room Harry...wheres Harry I asked, she is upstairs getting ready, I sat quietly and just listened and smiled and nodded and then a voice shouted Chris come up for a minute, it was Harry, I never questioned it I got straight to my feet and was at the bottom of the stairs I looked up and there was Harry looking very convincing I never realised what great legs he had and in heels and stockings he looked wonderful. come and get changed I have left something for you to wear on my bed, it was a maids outfit with black seamed stockings a suspender belt and white panties.. as I changed Harry sat on the bed and explained that they meet once every 3 months, and that I should take it as a real privaliage that I was invited, as they rarely let newcomers join them,but he had convinced them I would be a fun asset to the group, just like me all the guys were married and knew I would be discreet,he was being very serious for a change.. Now as it was my first time I was there to serve the group in any way he or they required, I was told to relax enjoy myself and have fun and after he had introduced me properly to the girls, it would be just fine, he gave me that smile and I knew it would be just fine,I did try but I could not walk in heels so I walked down in stockinged feet back into the front room, this time I was introduced to them all one by one,first was Dee he stood and we kissed and he hugged me, the so did Rita, Lynn, Debbie, and Sandra. then Harry kissed me, on your knees Christine (not very original) I was moved over to Dee who stood for me and lifted her skirt, I was told by Harry to pull her panties down to her tops, and to fluff her, which I did first with my hand taking her huge member must have been 8" and thick, in your mouth slut I obeyed and licked the tip of his cock licking the full shaft before taking him into my mouth,I had been sucking for what seemed ages but was about 2 mins, move on I was told and I moved onto Rita the oldest guy I thought in his 60s but was later told he was 72, he was already hard and had been stroking himself while watching me with Dee, I went through the same routine panties down to his tops licked his balls he had huge balls and a small cock,as soon as his cock was in my mouth he shot his hot salty cum Harry held my head there and insisted I cleaned her dry, and swallowed it all.Next was Debbie and Sandra who were on the sofa together so they both stood and as I sucked one I would stroke and wank the other swapping between the two, I then felt a hand on my head as Lynn said my tun I f***ed this fat cock into my mouth, Lynn was/ is a big girl with about a 5" thick cock, she was enjoying using my mouth, I tasted a bit of pre cum and she pulled away not wanting to cum just yet, your good she said, Harry has trained you well Harry said now stand up, I still had the precum from Lynn in my mouth as Harry kissed me his tongue searching my mouth for more. I looked at Dee who was now kissing Rita, Harry's hand went up my skirt,he then went down on his knees and slid down my panties to my stocking tops, and started to stroke my cock, I felt another hand on my shoulder it was Debbie, she gently kissed my lips then her tongue slid into my mouth, as Harry took me in his mouth, this was heaven much better than being sucked off by a fat bloke in a gents loo,...I felt Debbie's hand stroking my bum, I heard the zip being pulled down the dress dropped onto Harry as he looked and and smiled I stepped out of the dress Harry went back to sucking my cock, and Debbie's hand parted my bum cheeks, I felt her wet tongue lick my hole I moaned with pleasure I turned my head to see her, she smiled and licked a little deeper, it felt good, as I looked behind I saw Rita on an armchair legs spread lubbing her ass, as Dee was putting on a condom, seconds later she was in Rita slowly at first, pushing in, I watched Rita's face the same pain and joy I had a few had in the same chair a few months earlier, she saw me watching and smiled and mouthed the words your next.. Sandra was busy taking pictures of us all, Harry stood and he kissed me gently on the lips he sat down on the edge of the sofa, and pulled my head down to suck him, I felt my ass getting fingered and the cold lube being rubbed in, I was relieved it was not Dee not sure I wanted that pounding my hole just yet, no it was Debbie,she slid two fingers into my ass, gently at first " oh how tight is your hole Christine, not a chance for you Dee, you will rip the poor girl apart, Dee was now fucking away furiously at Rita's ass while Lynn's cock was in Rita's mouth, I knew it was coming I felt the tip of Debbie's cock enter my hole, she struggled at first I spread my cheeks for her, Harry pulled my head down further as his cock went deep into my mouth as Debbie slid the full length into my ass, it hurt it was completely overwhelming to have two cocks in me, Harry was near I could tell and with Debbie going in and out faster and then Harry shouting at her to fuck me hard, Harry shot in my mouth I gagged and went to move away but too late, he held me there as he emptied it all in my mouth , he lifted my head sat on the sofa leaned forward and started to kiss me,tasting his own cum as his tongue explored my mouth, as Debbie pounded my ass harder, I felt a twitch and oh yes she came in me,she was wearing a condom, but to be honest I never knew, but I was relieved when I saw it on her. I rolled to the floor as I lay there on my back I saw Dee's cock over my face I sat up and sucked on it greedily taking it from a soft limp cock to its full length in seconds, Harry had kneeled on the sofa and was bent over waiting for Dee to enter him, get me some lube I jumped up and ran to the coffee table, picked up the lube, "grab a condom" while you there said Rita, I passed the lube to Dee and went over to Rita handed her the condom, she sucked on my cock till it was fully erect slid the condom on, "now fuck me" I thought about gently sliding my cock in there but as she had not long had Dee in there and was well lubbed, my cock slid in easy , Sandra joined us she kissed me while I fucked at Rita.s hole I had Rita's legs over my shoulders as I slid in and out of her hole it felt wonderful, I heard a scream and turned to see Harry oh his knees being taken hard from behind by Dee as Lynn fucked his mouth, Dee was nearly completely in Harry and I knew it was hurting him,it had to, I did not see Sandra move away from Rita and stand behind me I felt her hands on my back pushing me down onto Rita,poor Rita was squashed in the armchair, as Sandra's cock was f***ed deep and hard into my hole, she really pounded me, as I was still in Rita she got it as well, Rita's cock exploded on my stomach I could feel it all hot wet she kissed me, and whispered oh im so glad you came today,as she said that I shot into her, my cock was hot and now wanting to be sucked I was hoping Sandra was near, I felt her pull out but she had not cum ,she walked beside us and slid the condom off and put her cock in my mouth as soon as she felt my warm mouth she emptied into me , she screamed with a joy which made me think, my Master will be pleased with me.. I swear that thought went through my head I turned to look at Harry who was now fucking Debbie while Dee wanked furiously trying to get hard again for Debbie to suck, then I felt it Lynn's fat cock at my hole, I was still lying on Rita, who kissed me,she whispered now hold you breath till she is in, I took her advice, it did nt help oh god that felt so good his belly whacking my ass as he fucked my asshole. It seemed he was fucking me for ever, as he screamed in ecstasy he pulled out quickly as he shot cum all over my back, I never knew this but he rode me bareback, my tight as had now been fucked bareback,then I had three tongues all licking my back it was a wonderful feeling hot wet tongues, I sat on the floor as everyone sat on the sofa or chairs and we just smiled there was a seven very happy guys in that room, we chatted Harry come over to me, so how was your first tea party he asked... fucking amazing I replied ,I thought it was over.. after about 10 minutes Harry put on a DVD off there last meeting for them to watch it was a mixture of video clips and pictures, it was the 6 of them having fun, but not as intense as todays meet, I like to think I added that my Master knew I would not let him down.. Harry asked is everyone ready and capable all of them said yes, I had no idea what was about to happen, Harry laid a towel on the coffee table, lay on there now... I did as I was told , I was told I had been accepted into there group and this was my initiation I was now one of them, one by one they sucked my cock then came to me to take there cocks in my mouth, not really blow jobs more tasters, then I was made to kneel on the table and one by one they fucked me Rita first she was not really hard. nor was Debbie but they all had to enter me one by one, and all bareback, no condoms, after all six of them had entered me ,for about a minute each, I was laid on my back for them to wank over me all of them standing around me, I had spunk on my face in my hair and all over my body, all had cum except Harry,who then stood over me, lifted my stockinged legs put my ass up and he entered me he fucked hard and fast he came quite quickly, his sperm deep in my ass, it was quite violent and abrupt I was being used, I knew that they all knew that,in fact at one time they had all been here in this position,and I loved every minute of it.. It was two days later when Harry called fancy a coffee he asked I'm in The Wimpy in Wembley only minutes from where I worked, so I met him, he told me that I was now part of there group of seven , the guys liked me. more importantly they trusted me ,oh and by the way the condoms were there for your benefit as they stuck to a vow off only having unprotected sex with each other, and now that I was part off there group the same thing would be expected off me, he was the Master off us all he controlled us,he was the only one who knew our real names, how to contact us,and he arranged all the meets I knew we were all his,, his subs his to play with, and I knew I was one more off his toys

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