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The Breaking & Making of Marianne, Pt 2 SeXStoRY

Part 2 Interrogated Marianne was in a deep sl**p. The Master had fucked her well into the night. She had to admit he was very good, and despite her resolve not to enjoy it, soon found she was fucking him back. She didn't remember when her cunt had been so wet. He had been strong and f***eful, making her do things she had always refused for her husband, and she had climaxed several times. Afterwards he gave a slap on the ass, said "not bad!", and slipped out. Now she was dreaming she had been k**napped by a band of pirates who were holding her to ransom. The chief pirate was a handsome swashbuckling character, who had already had his wicked way with her. He had tied her to the mainmast and whipped her before fucking her, and although she was outraged, she rather hoped he might do it again. The dream was shattered as two masked men turned on all the lights, pulled the bed covers clean off, and tipped the naked Marianne out onto the floor. She awoke confused, frightened, not knowing where she was or what had happened. Before she could collect her thoughts, one intruder had picked her up like a sack of potatoes, slung her over his shoulder, and was walking out of the door. She screamed, she kicked her feet, she thumped his back, but it was like a mosquito biting a rhinoceros. Where was she? Why was she naked? It all came flooding back, and she was back with the horror of her situation. She had been abducted from her own street and dragged into a van, where she had been horribly groped. She had been taken to a very nice house in the country. She had been tied up, stripped, whipped on her ass and cunt, and had been f***ed into her first ever lesbian sex with Helen, whom she had always considered afriend. Worse still, she had had an orgasm during the experience. She was determined not to allow herself that weakness again. She was carried screaming through the house to the door to the dungeon, where she had been tormented the previous day. "No! she screamed. "Not there. Please not in there!" But they carried on regardless, down into the Master's torture chamber. It was in darkness, except for a red glow from near the centre, and she could smell hot coals. She could remember from yesterday the whips, canes, ropes, manacles and things the purpose of which she had no idea. She was disoriented, and in terror. And obviously this was the purpose of the violent awakening and dragging tothe dungeon. She was dropped onto a couch with no arms or back, and which had numerous metal rings set in to it. Various elements could be raised or lower, giving the torturer access to different parts of his victim's body. Silently, they used the rings to lash her down to the couch, arms above her head, legs wide apart. She could feel the heat from the brazier on her cunt and inner thighs. To her horror she realised it was between her legs, only few feet from her open cunt. What dreadful tortures did they plan to inflict on her? Out of the corner of her eye she could see them putting branding irons into the fire, and wasovercome with terror. How could she know they were just for show, for the time being at least, intended to bring terror to the victim. Shecould just make out in the glow a number of cameras on the ceiling. They were all trained on her naked body. She could also see rings set in the ceiling, and recalled how yesterday her legs had been hoisted over her head so the could whip her cunt. The men left. During the whole encounter they had uttered not a single word. She was alone, naked in the darkness apart from the glow from the brazier, which crackled threateningly from time to time. Her terror intensified. She was sure she would be murdered. She lay there in the silence, which seemed to accentuated by the occasional crackle and hiss from the coals, for what seemed an age. Her imagination ran riot. As she listened to the silence, she became aware of another sound. The sound of someone breathing. "Who's there" she cried in terror. No answer, but a dark shape lifted itself from an armchair, and moved close to the victim. "Good morning, Marianne" - said the Master, "I trust you slept well after your splendid performance in bed last night? Does your husband know how enthusiastically you fuck unknown men?" Marianne was so terrified she could hardly speak, but she managed a "yes thank you, sir. I've never been unfaithful before, sir" in a squeaky sort of voice. "Today you are going to be examined, both physically and mentally. We are going to see what you've got, and what you are capable of doing or having done to you. We will be creating a development plan for your body and for your mind. Whether you like it or not, you will not recognise yourself in six months." Another face appeared from the shadows. Mistress Helen had been there all the time, watching, listening, lusting, scheming. "Mistress Helen will assist me in my work on you. She is particularly skilled at devising new torments, invariably of a sexual nature, and she has the hots for. Isn't that right, Mistress Helen?" "Indeed it is Master. I fancied Marianne as soon as I saw her five years ago, and lusted after her ever since. Now I can get into her knickers when I like, but of course she won't be wearing knickers ever again." She gave Marianne’s cunt a sharp slap, then slid a finger in. "Can I have just two minutes play?" she asked. She didn't wait for the nod, but climbed astride Marianne, sitting on her pelvis. Reaching forward, she slapped both of Marianne's tits hard several times, then pinched her nipples, pulling her tits high. As Marianne squealed in pain Helen dropped forward and clamped her mouth to Marianne's, forcing her tongue inside. Then turning round, slapped her again between her legs, hard, as she slid her own knickerless cunt into Marianne's face. Marianne arched her back with the pain, and then Helen's tongue was working its way into her cunt, before working its way forward to her clitoris, which she bit quite sharply, producing more back arching from Marianne. Satisfied, she climbed off, slipping two fingers in as she did so. "That'll do for starters", she said, and she smirked. This was going to be /good/! Marianne, on the other hand, was thinking "What's going on? I'm not a lesbian. Why did I enjoy her touch so much? Why did I like her slapping my breasts and vagina? What will she do next?" The Master spoke: "You are probably wondering why you have been brought here? My trade is subjugating women, training them in the sexual arts, making them more amenable and attractive to my clients. Sometimes I work on commission, other times I work on my account, selling the product on privately. My charges are quite high, so you might want to consider which category you are in? Who do you know who could afford my fees and expenses?" Marianne's stomach churned. Was she a slave to be bought and sold? Who would her owner be? Would he be good to her? Oh, it might even be a she! Would she see her husband again? Tears of self pity and despair flooded over her. "However, that is all in the future. For now, we have to set up your training and improvement schedule, and that is the purpose of today'ssession. Between Helen, me and you, we shall winkle out of you your background, your sexual partners, practices, likes and dislikes. We shall examine your body, how can it be made more sexually attractive, and what to do about it. We shall end up with a programme of training that will give you experiences you've never dared think about before, a body you never knew you wanted, tattoos and brandings to show who you belong to and who can use you, and a burning desire for pain before and during sex. That will be fun, won't it?" and he grinned maliciously. "You are probably thinking you can hide stuff away in the corners of your mind so we won't find it. You will be wrong. Can you feel the heat from that brazier? Warming the hole of your body? It can get even closer." Marianne groaned, and strained against her bonds, but said nothing. "You should be aware the cameras in the ceiling are recording this for posterity, and possibly also for sale. We'll start with a good look at your physical attributes. Helen, can you do the honours, please". “It will be my pleasure”, said Helen, and she examined Marianne as if she was a prize cow in the county show. Starting at the top, she said: "Long fine auburn hair - suitable for attaching ropes and harnesses; complexion - fair, excellent smooth skin tones, big blue eyes; face - petite, and very sexy Ears, unpierced; Lips - good and full, great for blow jobs, and I can attest, great for kissing; teeth - all hers, neat and white; tongue - long enough to please most women; neck - long and slender; arms - thin, no real strength there; fingers - medium length, good for hand jobs; breasts - small/medium size, firm, good for whipping, a few dark hairs around the nipples; Nipples - small and unimpressive. Room for improvement here waist - very slender. The curve round to her hips is really erotic hips - trim, but wide in comparison to her waist, an extremely sexy combination pubic region - very hairy, a treasure trail leads from her navel; clitoris - unpronounced, but large enough to take a reasonably sized clamp; vagina - tight, and not too long. Need to be careful with long insertions. Will find large penises a trial. Self lubricates quickly. labia - small, but large enough to take reasonably sized clamps; legs - long and slim, very shapely Tattoos and brandings - none. A clean canvas to work on." "OK, let's see her ass." They undid the bonds on her ankles, lifted them over her head and secured them again, her ankles near her ears. Helen said: "Ass - full, round, and very good looking, almost built to be spanked and whipped. Excellent stuff. Anus - looks good, no damage". A finger was inserted, then two. Marianne squirmed with discomfort and embarrassment, and blushed bright red. "You'd better get over the embarrassment - there'll be lots more of this to come. Just learn to enjoy it, is my advice." "Now for some photos. We'll start with this position. There's still a good red line on her cunt where you whipped her yesterday, and stripes across her ass where I whipped her. She looks good in them, a good contrast with her fair skin." Close-up photos were taken of her ass hole and cunt. Then all her bonds were released, and she was stood up. Photos of her face and body were taken in a variety of positions, so they could refer to them during the training schedule, rather like a builder refers to blueprints. "There will be a number of formal photo shoots during your training. These will be for sale to various websites and publications. There may also be some shots for private commissions, clients who've seen you on the Internet and want some "special" shots done. Of course, you're nowhere near being ready for these yet. A lot more training will be required." Marianne’s mind was reeling. Special shots? private commissions? websites? She couldn't get her mind round it at all, so decided she wouldn't bother trying. There were more immediate issues to worry about. "So let's start with your name, please." Marianne kept her lips tightly closed. "You may as well tell us - we already know!" Marianne recognised the truth of that, and said "Marianne Martin". "And you are how old?" "35" "What is your profession?" "I'm a school teacher." "Have you ever had an affair with one of the c***dren?" "Certainly NOT" "Has any of the c***dren, boy or girl, ever had a crush on you" "Not as far as I know." How long have you been married?" "13 years." "Do you love your husband?" "Yes, more than anything else. When will I see him again?" That question was ignored. "Were you a virgin when you got married?” Here Marianne decided enough was enough, the questions were getting too personal. "I refuse to answer that question." "Splendid. I like a girl with spirit, it makes it so much more fun. Helen dear, introduce Marianne to the joys of a Megger". Helen brought out a small box with a meter on one face, with a wind up handle on one end. Two heavy wires plugged in to two terminals, on the other end of which were crocodile clips. Leaning over Marianne, sheclamped the croc clips on to each nipple, and began to turn the handle slowly. Marianne felt a tingling sensation on her nipples. Helen said “this a Megger. Electricians use it for testing insulation. We use it for testing sluts. The faster you turn the handle the higher the voltage, like this." And she wound the handle furiously. 250 volts was applied to Marianne’s nipples. The pain was excruciating, and she arched her back, her face contorted. Helen stopped turning, and Marianne began to relax. The Master asked again "Were you a virgin when you got married?" Marianne started to answer, but took too long, and Helen gave another twirl of the handle. Marianne gabbled out "No, I wasn't a virgin". "How old were you when you lost your virginity?" Another turn of the handle prompted the answer "20" "And who was the lucky man who fucked you first" "Dave, now my husband". "How does he prefer to fuck you". The questions were becoming more personal, and Marianne was again reluctant to answer. "OK Helen, next stage please." Helen unclipped a croc clip from Marianne's nipple, andclipped to a smooth brass dildo, which she then greased, and slid into Marianne's cunt. "If you think 250 volts across your nipples was bad try this", and gave the handle fast wind. Marianne hit the roof, or she would have if she hadn't been tied to the couch. "There are two more stages to go before we move to the 500 volt Megger - cunt/clitoris, then cunt/ass. That gets pretty serious, so I would start answering quickly, if you know what's good for you. We will getthe answers, so you may as well do it the painless way. In fact, we'll show you the next stage anyway." Helen moved the clip from Marianne'sother nipple to her clitoris, and gave the handle a short sharp turn. Marianne lost control of her bladder, and wet herself. "We rather expected that. Now we will leave the electrodes where they are, and ask some more questions. Now you know what happens if you don't answer quickly. And don't even think of lying - we will be checking these answers. If you are found to have lied we will go straight to stage 4." Marianne, ashamed of her wetting herself and scared of another dose of the same, agreed. "We will leave the electrodes connected, just in case they're needed. No, we'll set up stage 4 now. Helen, the brass butt plug please." Helen went to the cupboard, and found the brass butt plug. About 3/4 of an inch in diameter, and 4 inches long, and shaped to prevent it being expelled. Helen greased the plug and pushed it into Marianne's ass. She had never had anything in her ass before, and it came as a shock. But in it went and there it stayed, ready to be used to punish Marianne for any misdemeanour. Marianne had learnt her lesson. She would comply completely. The questions came fast and furious. Yes, boyfriends had played with her tits, and got their fingers into her cunt. No, she had never jerked a boy off. No, she had never had a lesbian relationship, although when she was 13 a girl at her school had groped her tits and cunt after a gym lesson. No, no one had ever fucked her ass, although her husband had always wanted to, and in fact once did get his cock in there accidentally as they were fucking normally. The only cock she had ever sucked had been her husband's, but she had refused to do so for many years. Her husband did like getting his tongue into her cunt, but she had refused to allow him to do this for many years. Yes she had once shaved her cunt, but it itched so much she refused to do it again, despite her husband's wishes. Yes she had been tied to the bed to be fucked a few times, but didn't like the loss of control and hadn't allowed it for years. Had she ever been fucked in public? Once onholiday in Cyprus, whilst being fucked in the hotel bedroom, she had rushed out onto the balcony, leaned over the railings, and demanded her husband fuck her from behind. Yes, that had been really erotic, and she didn't know what caused her to do it. What was her husband's favourite sex position? She supposed on their sides from behind, because that's what they always did. What other positions had they tried? Hardly any recently, although her husband had wanted to try quite a few Marianne wouldn’t let him. What was Marianne's favourite position? On their sides from behind. Had she ever been unfaithful? No, not ever, although her husband often fantasised about watching her being fucked by another man, and talked about it when they fucked. That turned her on but there was never a suggestion that it be put into practice. Had she ever sunbathed naked? No, only topless. Had she ever been photographed nude? Yes her husband had taken some from time to time, Had any been published? On Flickr for instance? She didn't know but hoped not. The questions went on, and she answered them all. She was going to avoid Megger stage 4 at all costs. Finally, the Master said "well that's about it. Thankyou for being frank with us. I must say you and your husband have a pretty boring sex life. No wonder he spends so much time at sea! He probably visits brothels when he's ashore, to get some variety. Who knows, he may visit a brothel in Shanghai next year and find his wife as the star attraction? Well we have the information we need. If we need any more you won't be far away - you'll be hanging around somewhere on the premises", and he laughed at his own joke. "It looks like being a nice day, so after breakfast and a shower you can spend the day in the garden. Of course, you will be naked and tied up, but it will be good for you to get some fresh air. In fact, a we'll use a spreader bar to make sure the fresh air gets to the right places." Helen added "and I will have more access to your tits and cunt. I rather enjoyed slapping your tits about, and from the feel of your pussy, you did too." The Master pressed a bell push, and in a few moments Jane, the maid, arrived. "Ah, Jane. Please lead Marianne to the kitchen for some lunch. She's had a long night and a heavy morning. Then at 1.30 lead her out to the lawn for her next session. Lead! I forgot the lead!" He attached a dog lead to a nipple clamp, and clipped it on to Marianne's clitoris, then cuffed her wrists together behind her back. "If she gives you any trouble, just pull hard on the lead" he said. Jane led the completely naked Marianne away, Marianne keeping well up with Jane to avoid putting any strain on the lead. Helen and the Master conferred. What did they think of their new trainee? Helen said "she's got a lot of potential. She's devastatingly good looking in a naive sort of way. She has a gorgeous body, and I fancy her something rotten! She claims to be straight, but her cunt got very wet for me - and she tastes so nice and fresh! I think a lot of older lesbians and bi women will go for her young and fresh look. Well I certainly do!" "Well she certainly fucked me well last night. She claims I was the first man other than her husband to have fucked her, but once she got going she really got carried away. Yes, we've got gold mine here. Just need to get rid of her inhibitions, and get her addicted to pain before sex, and we've made a start on that. This afternoon we'll have her spread-eagled outside, and blindfolded. OK, time for lunch. Dry sherry?" In the kitchen, Marianne realised how hungry she was. She had been tossed out of bed at some unearthly hour, then aggressively interviewed. Now she was ravenous, and when Jane presented a plate of food, and released her arms, she wolfed it down. Eventually Jane said "right. Time for your next appointment. We are /not /going to be late this time. Let's go!" and she stood, attached the lead to Marianne's clit and started pulling. Marianne stood up hastily and followed, before serious damage was done to her body. Jane reclipped her hands behind her back, then lead the naked Marianne out onto the lawn, which basked in the afternoon sun. The Master and Helen were waiting. There were already stakes in the ground. "Lay on the grass in the middle of the stakes" she was ordered, and she did so. It was difficult getting down with her hands tied behind her, but she managed it. There Helen rolled her onto her stomach and unclipped her wrists. They tied her face down and spread-eagled. She could feel the grass cool beneath her. Then they wrote "FUCK ME" on her back in red felt tip pen, and "WHIP MY ASS" on her ass cheeks. She felt something being pushed into her cunt. What was it? It wasn't a cock. Sensing her question, Helen said "we are inviting anyone passing to whip your ass and fuck you. This will be mainly estate workers, but there may be some visitors. The whip to be used on you is now protruding from your cunt. And as you are probably interested, it's a light cat o' nine tails. Here, let me give you a taster." Helen pulled the whip handle out of Marianne, not neglecting the chance to dip her fingers into the honey pot, finding that it was again warm and moist. She ran the cat's tails down Marianne's back, over her ass and teased her cunt. She was pleased to see Marianne's wriggle her ass, trying to open up for the strands. Then quickly she swung the cat, bring it down between Marianne's legs. Not too hard - her intention was to tantalise not torment. Marianne wriggled even more, and uttered a little squeal. "Well, we'll be off now, then" said Helen. "We'll come back from time to time to make sure you're being "looked after"! Who knows who or what might come sniffing around?" Marianne laid her blindfolded face on the grass, listening for any new arrival that may mean a whipping or an uninvited invasion of her cunt. The sun beat down. It had been a long and tiring day, and within 15 minutes she was asl**p. She awoke suddenly. Someone was licking her pussy, and they were very good. She began to feel enormously turned on, fluid flooded out of her. That was when she realised the tongue was long, and rough, and the licker was making snuffling noises. It must be a dog! She had to admit the sensation of it licking her cunt was fantastic, but she knew the dog would then try to r**e her. She was tied down, how could she defend herself? She began to squeal, and wriggle to escape, but this only excited the creature more. She felt its paws on her shoulders, and could feel its cock stabbing at her, trying to find the entrance. Panic! She screamed, although laying spread-eagled on her stomach the scream was pretty pathetic. Ten yards away Helen and The Master watched silently with interest and amusement. They wanted Marianne to think she was alone and unobserved, that any passer by could and would whip her and fuck her without any oversight - that was planned for the future. Cameras on tripods had been filming Marianne from the start. A nod from The Master, and Helen quietly moved forward, and pulled the dog away from Marianne. Marianne was relieved that the threat of canine r**e had been lifted - but for how long. She remained in fear and trepidation that it would return to finish the job. And part of her was disappointed. Terrified though she was, there was a frisson of excitement in the incident. She began to imagine the dog had succeeded, and imagined it pounding into her, the knot growing inside her keeping its cock inside as rivers of spunk poured forth - and she went into an orgasm, an event recorded for posterity. The Master smiled - it was all going beautifully. Marianne's passion subsided. She began to doze off again in the hot sun. Without warning, her ass and cunt felt like they were on fire. She screamed again. A new voice with a thick local accent said "no use screamin' lady. There b'aint nobody 'ere to rescue you. It ses 'ere to whip you and fuck you, and I reckon that's what I'll do." The whip sang again, this time kissing the small of her back. She knew her husband found that part of her very erotic, especially the way it curved round to her hips, and to her ass. Again - her ass this time. Then the backs of her thighs, then between her legs - several of those. Despite herself, she found herself lifting her ass towards the whip, trying to spread the cheeks of her ass so it could get at her asshole. "What is the matter with me?" she thought. "I'm being turned on by a whipping. That's perverted!" The whipping stopped, and there was a short period of silence. Then she felt a fully clothed man settle himself on her back, a large cock protruding through his flies. She could feel the zip, rough against her thighs, as he plunged into her. Big hands pushed between her chest and the grass, grabbing her tits and holding them hard. Thumbs and forefingers found, pinched, pulled and twisted her nipples. Why did that sharp pain turn her on so? The r**e was short, sharp and brutal. There was no pretence of love, no attempt to bring her to orgasm, just a short sharp fuck. He came with a grunt, pushing his cock as far in to her as he could as ropes of cum flooded inside her, squeezing her tits even harder in his passion. Then he was gone, giving her ass a slap, and a curt "thanks girl", leaving Marianne all juiced up but frustrated. More silence, accentuated by distant sounds of the countryside – cows, birds in the trees, rustle of leaves in light air. In the distance, sounds of vehicles on a road, an airplane high overhead. Warm sun on herback, a lovely day, she thought. A lovely day to be spent pegged to the grass to be whipped and fucked. She pressed her crutch into the lawn in frustration. "Hey, look what I've found!" An excited male voice. "Cor! Look at that ass, I want some of that! What's she doing there, doyou reckon?" "It says "whip my ass" and "fuck me". She's probably being punished for stealing or something. By the look of her ass, someone has already been here." Marianne blushed. No she bl**dy hadn't been stealing! "Well we'd better do as it says. I'm going first." Without waiting for agreement from his companion, he grabbed the whip, measured his aim, and brought it down on Marianne's ass. It stung like fury. And another, and another, and another. She felt the familiar tingling in her groin, found herself lifting her ass to the whip's kiss, willing the strands to strike her most tender spot. The attacker must have noticed her movements, and understood what was happening, because he shifted his aim to her cunt, but also moderated the strength of the blows. After all, he didn't want her cunt pounded to pulp - he wanted to fuck it. He didn't spend too long with the whip, his erection took charge and he dropped his trousers, and thrust straight in. "By God, she's wet" he exclaimed. "Don't waste time talking - there's a queue here!" said his oppo. Marianne groaned when he came before she was ready, but the second man didn't bother with the whip, he went straight for the main course, and Marianne came quickly. This triggered the unseen assailant's orgasm. With their ardour spent, both men suddenly felt embarrassed and vulnerable. Was any one watching? Who was this woman? Had they just committed a r**e? Time to move on quickly, and they left the scene, leaving a sexually satisfied Marianne. None of the participants knew that they were being watched and filmed from a distance. Time passed. Marianne began to doze off again, cum dribbled out of her cunt. She woke with a start - someone had just used the whip on her pussy. For a moment should couldn't remember where she was - but a second stroke woke her completely, and she screamed. "sl**ping on the job are we? Looking at all that cum oozing out of your slutty body you've been well fucked. Did you enjoy that? No need to answer, I can feel how wet you are." Helen's fingers dipped inside her, ran over her ass, one slipped into her ass hole, lubricated by her cunt juices. "Game over. I've brought you a cup of tea." She released Marianne from her bonds, and helped her sit up. The tea was welcome, and she drank it quickly. There's nothing quite like tea to lift a person's spirits after they've been whipped and fucked. Marianne noticed The Master sitting on a garden seat, looking at her critically. She could see he was making notes in a small book, and wondered what he was writing, but had she known she would have died of shock and horror.He wrote: "Marianne Martin - Plans for her Education" 1. All hair below neck to be shaved. 2. Small nipples - they will need enlarging 3. no piercings - yet 4. no tattoos or brandings - yet 5. virgin asshole - but not for long 6. No real lesbian experience - yet 7 Needs cock sucking experience 8. No big black cock -yet 9. Not been prostituted - yet 10. Not been fucked by dogs -yet. 11. Not been exhibited - yet" "Another test passed with flying colours - you really are a natural slut, Marianne. Helen, take our guest back to her room to dress for dinner." To be continued

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