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Stephen Ellis has recently celebrated both his eighteenth birthday and high school graduation, but not much else is changing in his life. He will be attending community college in the fall and has no immediate plans to move out of his mother's house nor quit his comfortable job at a local convenience store. Also the same as ever unfortunately is daily torment from Craig Hooper. Craig is not so much a bully, but rather a terror. He is nineteen and was left back in his junior year, putting him in the same class as Stephen. Stephen suspects that Craig was left back yet again since he was missing from the graduation ceremony. Stephen is walking home after closing the store at around 1AM. He lives only a few blocks from the store and it is a pretty safe neighborhood, so he never worries about the late nights. None of the local delinquents tend to mess with him because his mother just so happens to be a deputy for the sheriffs department. The only person not impressed by this is Craig, who is smoking at a bus stop when he sees Stephen leave the store. Craig flicks his cigarette away and races across the street to confront him. "Hey, little buddy!" Craig hollers. "Um...yeah...hi," a nervous Stephen stammers. "Look at you with your fancy diploma and cushy job. I bet you think you're better than me now?" The menacing Craig stares down Stephen. "I'm just trying to go home. I don't want any trouble." Stephen tries to sidestep Craig. "I can't go in that store anymore because you ratted me out when I stole that magazine," gripes Craig. "Please, that was like two years ago. Get over it," pleads Stephen. Craig grimaces and puts poor defenseless Stephen in a headlock. "I'd knock your damn teeth out, but I actually owe you one you little bitch. Because you snitched, I got to meet your hot mom. I'd heard k**s at school talk about Deputy Milf before, but that was the first time I'd laid eyes on her myself. I jerked off to her five times that night," boasts Craig. "Let me go!" shouts Stephen as he tries to squirm free. "Maybe your mommy will save you?" Craig mocks. Though Stephen has no chance of escape, Craig surprisingly releases him. "Get the fuck out of my sight you little bitch, but say hello to your mom for me!" Craig returns to the bus stop and a humiliated Stephen scurries home. *** As usual, Stephen is going to pretend the incident never happened, but it is hard to hide things from an officer of the law. Elizabeth Ellis, a thirty nine year old deputy with a slender body and long blond hair comes downstairs for breakfast at around 9AM. She wears a pink night shirt that comes down past her waist and no further, showing off her long desirable legs. At the right angle, one could even sneak a peek at her white cotton panties embroidered with little red hearts. Elizabeth has been divorced from Stephen's father for seven years now. Stephen's father pays alimony, but does not visit much. He lives in a different city, leaving Elizabeth and Stephen to look out for each other. They have truly bonded in past few years and are the very best of friends. Elizabeth makes herself coffee while Stephen has cereal at the kitchen table. This is when Elizabeth's detective skills come in handy. "Why is the back of your neck all red?" she queries. "Must have slept funny I guess," he answers. Trying to play it cool. "I don't think so. Looks like you've been doing some roughhousing. What happened last night?" She raises an eyebrow and crosses her arms. "Nothing," he responds unconvincingly. "Stephen, I'm your mother. Tell me the truth." She waits patiently for an explanation. It is emasculating for him to be questioned by a woman in her underwear. "It was Craig," he sighs. "That bastard! I've warned him! I'm hauling his ass in today!" she shouts. "No, please don't. You'll only make things worse," he begs of her. She takes moment to calm and compose herself. "Well, I know what the sheriff will say. It's just boys being boys. I'm sick of this bullshit. I should take the law into my own hands," she laments. "It's alright, mom. I'm used to this." He vainly attempts to comfort her. "That's the problem. You shouldn't have to be accustomed to being bullied at your age. I know how you feel, but I'm going to speak with Craig today no matter what," she replies with great frustration. "Mom..." he wines. But she leaves the kitchen and heads back upstairs before he can make his case. Ten minutes later, she comes back down in her uniform. Her hair is now in a ponytail and her slacks proudly display her nice round backside. Stephen watches as she puts on a pair of mirrored glasses before exiting the house. Stephen understands why the neighborhood punks bestowed her with the moniker of "Deputy Milf," though his primary concern is now her impending showdown with Craig. It is Stephen's day off, so he spends most of it playing video games and watching TV in his bedroom. He hears the powerful engine of his mother's police issue SUV pull up to the house around 3PM. He peers out his window and sees his mother e****ting Craig towards the front door. "What the hell?" he thinks to himself. "Hun, could come down here for a minute?" he hears his mother call. Stephen goes down to the living room and finds his mother and Craig waiting. She has a stern no nonsense expression on her face and Craig looks to be intimidated for the first time ever. "Mr. Hooper, do you have something that you would like to say?" she inquires as if this was an official police interrogation. "Yeah...Stephen, I'd like to apologize for my actions last night. Been upset with school troubles and being without a job. Money is tight in my house. My mom is out of work and my dad is never around. I suppose I'm a little jealous of you and I lost my temper. It's no excuse, but I hope you can forgive me and we can be friends," Craig stutters. "No problem. Don't worry. Water under the bridge." Stephen is floored. "I knew you boys could get along. Best of all, Craig wants to show is appreciation by helping with some chores around the house," she exclaims. "First, he'll move those old boxes in the basement that were too heavy for you." Elizabeth beams. "No, they weren't too heavy. I was just tired from work and school. I was going to move them later today," Stephen defensively claims. "Well, now you don't have to worry about it," says Elizabeth. "Craig will be happy to take care of it for you." "Absolutely," agrees Craig. "I'm going to change out of my uniform. Don't want to work up a sweat. Craig, I'll meet you in the basement in five minutes." Elizabeth heads to the stairs. "Sure thing, Lizzy," Craig says a little too casually. "Excuse me, but that's Ms. Ellis to you... or Deputy Ellis if you'd prefer." Elizabeth jogs up the stairs and Craig not so subtly gawks at her backside. "What are you looking at?" asks Stephen. "God, I can't wait to fuck that ass." Craig bites his lip. Stephen is dumfounded by Craig's brazenness. "Relax, I'm just k**ding around. We're buddies now. Friends joke about each others moms all the time. Don't take it too seriously." Craig is slick enough to play it off as a joke. Stephen spends the next few hours on his laptop, chatting with various friends online. He omits that his mother is down in the basement with Craig Hooper of all people. He hears the two of them talking in the kitchen now, so he breaks from the internet and heads down to investigate. He decides to stay in the living room and pretends to flip through a magazine. He sees Craig at the kitchen table as his mother brings him a glass of lemonade. She is wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt. "Goodness, you are so strong. You must work out quite a bit?" she asks. "Yeah, I'm at the gym all the time. The only real escape from my house," he responds glumly. "I hope things work out for you," she says comfortingly. "Thank you, Ms. Ellis. I'm so sorry if I've caused your wonderful f****y any trouble." Craig proceeds to down the entire glass of lemonade. "If my son forgives you, then so do I," she assures him. "I'd still like to drop by tomorrow and wash your car if you want. It would be my pleasure. I still feel I owe you guys," he kindly offers. "Thank you. That would be very much appreciated," she answers happily. "Stephen always has an excuse to not wash the car." Stephen does not like the sound of that. He will be working all day tomorrow, but his mom has the morning off. She and Craig might be alone together depending on whether he is going to wash her police ranger or the old f****y station wagon. "I should go now. Don't want to overstay my welcome," Craig teases. Craig stands and Elizabeth gives him a hug. This is not so out of the ordinary as she always hugs Stephen's friends, but Craig also receives a peck on the cheek for some reason. "Maybe it was out of pity?" Stephen hopes. Stephen tries to race back upstairs before Craig catches him, but Craig sees him and smugly winks at him as he exits the house. *** Stephen mans the convenience store register at around 12PM the next day. This was his favorite time of day. The morning rush was over and there were few costumers to hassle him. He receives a call on his cell phone at this time from his best friend and neighbor from across the street, Casey Fowler. "What's up?" Stephen lamely shouts into the phone. "Dude, do you know what went down this morning?" asks Casey. "No, what's going on?" Stephen hesitantly responds. "Craig Hooper was washing your station wagon a couple hours ago. Your mom came out to help him. She wore cut off denim shorts and a green bikini top," Casey explains in excruciating detail. Stephen knew the sexy ensemble that Casey was describing very well. "They were pretty playful with each other. Spraying each other with the hose and stuff like that. Like they were flirting," Casey continued to say. "No, they were not flirting. My mom feels bad for him because he's a white trash loser from a broken home and he's just trying to buddy up to her, so he doesn't get arrested by her. He's always in trouble. He's looking for sympathy." Stephen is really ticked off now. "Okay, don't shoot the messenger." Casey eases off. Stephen goes on to have a rough day. He keeps screwing up when making change for costumers because he cannot stop thinking of his mom in a bikini being hosed off by his bully. *** Again, Stephen closes at around 1AM. He gets home and finds his mother is still on her shift. He tries not to think about what a dangerous job she has, but one cannot help worrying sometimes. He hears his mother get in just after 2AM and immediately she hops in the shower. This is bad timing because he is suffering from allergies and is not breathing comfortably. He will never get to sl**p like this, but his allergy medicine is in the bathroom. His mother takes the longest showers. She is methodical when it comes to washing her hair. He goes into the hallway and hears the shower running full blast. He figures he can sneak in and out. He turns the doorknob slowly and opens the bathroom door while trying to remain as quiet as possible. The bathroom is pretty steamy, but he can see his medicine by the sink. Suddenly, he hears soft moans over the running water. He cannot help but peek around the door. His mother his visible in the shower, behind the sliding glass door. She is facing the wall with one hand on the tile and the other between her legs. She is slightly bent over, giving her son a great view of her privates from behind as she pleasures herself. "Oh my god...She's masturbating...Who is she thinking about?...I pray it's not Craig," are some of the many thoughts that race through his mind. She sighs blissfully as she brings herself to climax. It is a beautiful sight to her son to behold. He closes the door gently to avoid detection and tiptoes back to his room. He forgets his medicine, but is instead focusing on his throbbing erection. He contemplates masturbating as well to mental images of his mother in the shower, but he restrains himself and tries to get some sl**p. Stephen would eventually learn that his mother had taken Craig job hunting that day after they washed the station wagon. Her department had some special program to find employment for juvenile delinquents to keep them out of trouble. Of course, Craig was nineteen and no juvenile, so she called in some favors to make a special exception for him. She chauffer him around town in her police ranger. This all but confirmed for Stephen that Craig was the inspiration for his mother's escapades in the shower. *** Two days later, both Stephen and his mother have the evening off, which is something rare. She cooks them a nice meal and they watch TV together in the living room afterwards. Stephen goes up to his room to check his email at around 8PM while his mother stays downstairs to tidy up. The doorbell rings and she wipes her hands off before answering. She opens the front door and is pleased to find Craig with his hands behind his back. "Hi... Sorry, but the carwash is closed," she k**s as she welcomes him inside and she wonders what he is hiding. "What do I owe the honor?" "Well, I wanted to drop by and give you something. It's not much, but I wanted to show my gratitude to you for helping me straighten myself out. Your kindness the past few days has meant the world to me," he says bashfully. He hands her a silver picture frame with a bow on it. "It's all I could afford," he explains. "You shouldn't have done that," she gushes. "I don't need a present. Return it and get your money back." "No, it would mean a lot to me if you kept it," he claims. "Okay, but this is the only gift I'll accept from you. Don't you think you can spoil me." She pulls him in for a hug and gives him another kiss on the cheek. "Are you hungry? I can warm you up some leftovers?" "That would be so great. I'm starving," he answers enthusiastically. "Okay, it will only take a few minutes." She leads him to the kitchen. "Can I go and say hi to Stephen first?" he asks. "Sure, he's up in his room. Second door on the left," she says. Craig swaggers up the stairs with purpose. Soon there is an ominous knock at the door to Stephen's room. He answers and Craig f***es his way inside. "Craig? What are you doing here?" Stephen asks warily. Craig grabs Stephen by his hair and pins him against the closet door. "Tonight's the night, little bitch. Your mother's gonna be my whore," declares Craig. "No...," whimpers Stephen. "Don't worry cause I'm not gonna fuck her yet. I actually like her, so I'll be romantic and let her suck my cock." Craig lets Stephen go and smacks him in the face, but not hard enough to leave a mark. Craig hurries down the stairs and feigns distress. Elizabeth sees this and gets hooked by the facade. "What's the matter?" she asks with genuine concern. "Ms. Ellis, I think I should go. Stephen says he hates me and he doesn't want me around him or you. Told me to back to the gutter where I belong," he sulks. Craig quickly departs the house and she marches to the staircase. "Get out here young man!" she screams. "Huh?" Stephen appears at the top of the stairs. He seems confused as to why he is the one it trouble and his face is still a little sore from the slap. "I never thought you could be so cruel! Craig wants to reform his ways! I've never been so disappointed in you! Stay in your room for the rest of the night unless you need the bathroom or your allergy medicine!" she shouts before walking off in a huff. "But I didn't do anything!" he pleads. *** Stephen obeys his mother and stays up in his room playing video games until just past midnight, when the doorbell rings once again. A visitor this late cannot be a good thing. "What fresh hell is this?" he wonders. Elizabeth is reading a book in the living room. She also wears ear plugs because a storm has begun and the sound of rain battering the house was distracting. She still hears the doorbell and gets up to answer. She opens the door and again finds Craig. He stands alone in the pouring rain and looks to have been weeping. "Craig? What's wrong? What are you doing here so late?" She pulls him inside and he drips everywhere. "You're soaking wet you poor thing." "My mom kicked me out," he alleges. "Why?" she questions. "I caught her going through my wallet. She wanted money for cigarettes. I told I didn't have any money because I bought you the picture frame. She called me a rotten son and kicked me out. I didn't want to intrude on you, but I have nowhere else to go." He is really good at laying on the melodrama. "You can spend the night here," she promises. "In the basement?" He starts to move towards the basement door. "No, our basement is far too drafty at night. Especially with this weather. You can sl**p here on the couch. It's very comfy." She fluffs up a pillow for him. "Thank you, Ms. Ellis," he coos. "We'll have to get you out of those wet clothes. You can borrow some stuff from Stephen. He won't mind." Elizabeth seems to have excited herself by suggesting Craig disrobe. Craig coughs and sniffles, bringing her back to reality. "Maybe you've caught a cold? We have some soothing vapor rub. I put some on Stephen's chest when he isn't feeling well. Which is just about all the time," she joshes at her son's expense. "My mom never did anything like that for me," he laments. "Tonight, you get to have a loving mother," she vows to him. Ten minutes later, Stephen comes downstairs and looks pretty anxious. He carries a t-shirt and sweatpants for Craig to wear. The couch has been made up with sheets and pillows. Craig sits in nothing but his grey boxer shorts. "Here." Stephen tosses Craig the clothes. "Don't get your panties in a bunch. These sl**ping arrangements are only temporary. After tonight, I intend to sl**p in your mommy's bed... Then again, we won't be getting much sl**p," brags Craig. "Asshole," Stephen mutters under his breath before retreating upstairs. Stephen passes his mother's room and sees the door is open a crack. He is still deeply affected by the night he saw her masturbating in the shower. He glances into her room and spies her in front of her vanity mirror in nothing but sexy black lace panties. She looks to be admiring the reflection of her own breasts. She then slips on a short light blue nightgown that makes her looks very elegant. This is far more formal than how she usually dresses for bed. Stephen continues to his room as he is becoming overwhelmed. Elizabeth goes down to the living room a few minutes later. She has covered herself with a white robe and she carries a jar of the soothing vapor rub. Craig lounges on the couch in Stephen's clothes. His own clothes are folded up on a chair. She sees that his grey boxers are on the chair too, so she knows that there is not much material between her and his member. "How are you feeling?" She pulls up a chair and sits next to him. "A little worn out," he shrugs. "You poor baby. Take that shirt off and relax. I'll take care of you." She opens the jar and puts some vapor rub on her hands. Craig sits up and peels off his t-shirt to expose his rippling muscles. Elizabeth is flustered by this and forgets what she is doing momentarily. He grins and she naps out of her daze. Elizabeth rubs her hands together as he leans back. She takes a deep breath and begins gently caressing his torso. Wow, I feel better already," he says joyfully. "You're big and strong. You'll bounce back quick enough," she affectionately responds. "You're too kind to me, Ms. Ellis. If only I had a mother like you." He stares up at her with puppy dog eyes. "Please, call me Elizabeth and I'm sure you can at least thank your mother for your good looks. I bet all the girls in town are crazy for you," she jests. "They are, but I'm only attracted to mature women," he says with total sincerity. Her fingers run across his chiseled abdomen. "No girlfriend?" she asks. "There's a special place in my heart for one woman, but I'm not good enough for her." He reaches towards her and feels the material of her robe. "Silk?" "Yes, same as my nightgown." She takes her robe off to reveal her short nightgown and give him a great view of her toned thighs. "Getting hot in here." She takes his hand and whispers "Never say that you're not good enough. Under your rugged machismo, I can tell that you have a good soul. You're sweet and funny. Not to mention so very handsome. I'd be proud to call you my son. Goodnight" She leans in and kisses him on his forehead and he takes the opportunity to start kissing her neck. She tries to fight her arousal to no avail. "No...please...stop...we mustn't..."she purrs euphorically. Craig is not deterred. He pulls her gown up and starts massaging her wet vagina through her lace panties. "Baby...that feels so good...but we have to stop," she pleads. The straps of her nightgown slip off her shoulders, allowing him to cup one of her perky breasts. He massages it, getting her nipple nice and hard, then he laps his tongue over her nipple before taking it into his mouth and suckling. Meanwhile, his fingers are starting to explore beneath her panties. "Oh my god...what are you doing to me you bad boy?" Her hand slides into his sweatpants and grips his meaty ten inch member. "I've never held a cock that was so thick and long. My loser husband wasn't half this size," she wildly proclaims. "Let mommy take care of you." They french kiss passionately while she strokes his massive erection. Meanwhile, Stephen steps out of his bedroom and looks pretty panicked because he hears soft moans from the living room. He creeps down the stairs as cautiously as he can. To his horror, he discovers his bully on his back with his mother kneeling beside the couch. Her nightgown is completely off now and has been tossed onto the floor. She licks precum off the tip of his dick, then laps her tongue up and down his shaft. She takes seven inches in her mouth and begins administering an epic blowjob just as Craig had predicted. Her head bobs as she gags on his sizeable member. "Yeah...suck it...suck it like a loving mother should!" grunts Craig as he pulls her panties down and slips two fingers into her sopping wet vagina. "Your pussy is so wet. Been dreaming of a big thick cock like this all your life?" Elizabeth concurs pleasurably by sliding her mouth down even further his long shaft. Craig sees Stephen on the stairs and arrogantly flips him the middle finger with his left hand while his right hand continues to invade Elizabeth's vagina. Elizabeth is too engulfed in ecstasy to realize that her son is watching. A heartbroken Stephen goes back upstairs and does not see Craig ejaculate into his mother's mouth. "Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" Craig bellows, so Stephen can hear him upstairs. "Mmm..." She swallows it all and savors the flavor. "Thank you for letting mommy suck your giant cock. How's my baby feeling now?" "I want to hear you nice and loud," Craig relishes as he lifts her closer, spreads her legs, and resumes fingering her to complete his conquest. "Yes...make me cum...bad boy...make me cum..." she begs of him. "'re so strong...I'm cumming," She then lets out a shriek as she orgasms and collapses on top of him. Up in his room, Stephen can restrain himself no longer and begins jacking himself off. He hates himself for wishing that he stuck around to watch his mother orgasm. He also knew that he would probably have more opportunities to play voyeur to his mother and bully for better or worse.

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