Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Office Part 1 SeXStoRY

Monica looked up and saw Pete come out of his office and joke with Sandra before turning back and asking for coffee. Monica had high hopes for Sandra, as she seemed to have brought Pete out of his depression. Monica wanted Pete to find someone and Sandra was pretty enough with her hair pulled back in a severe style and light make up, but her clothing was just a disaster and no one could tell her body shape or size. Sandra stood up to Pete that was a good and her height helped as she knew he liked tall women. Monica still wanted him although he had set up her with John, she still wanted him to find love and would love to have another session with him to see what he had learned since there one and only fling. Pete had always called her “Aunt” M since the loss of his mother at 16 to a d***k driver his father had disappeared when he was a baby. With no other living relatives Monica had started looking after him even though she was only 26 and his neighbour. Monica had got him the job here and he had gone from an office junior to top Analyst in less than 8 turbulent years. All the women in the office wanted him, as at 6’ 2” plain to look at he worked out, and he was rich and had a reputation as a very good lover. Then three years ago his life fell apart for a second time when his fiancĂ©e left him without a word of warning and had cleaned his personal bank out of £150,000. Thinking back she remembered to that Friday she had tried to comfort him and had ended up being well and truly fucked by him for the one and only time. He was the last person to leave that Friday night and she had come into him and stood by his side and asked him if he had finished yet. Monica had been feeling horny all day, as she had finished her period two days before and it always made her horny. The next minute she knew his hand was up her skirt playing with ass and instead of smacking him she smiled at him and stepped back went to his office door and locked it and then came back to him. “Now what were you doing young man?” Without blushing he proceeded to put his hand straight up her skirt and this time pushed his hand against her pussy lips.”This and you were enjoying it, just like you are now.” Then before she knew what was happening he somehow had picked her up laid her across his desk and pushed her skirt up around her waist and was rubbing at her panties and then very slowly, pulling them to one side and gazing at her pussy. With Monica’s mind a flood of sexual desires she told him “Eat my pussy and do a good fucking job of it.” Pete just smiled and mumbled under his breath “I will bitch and your ass is mine as well.” Seeing her hairy bush, he breathed in her aroma and slowly started licking down from the top of her crack to her ass and back again. Monica was stunned when she felt his tongue on her asshole and shivered, as he was taking his time and not like most men just trying to stick his cock in her. He then kissed the insides of her thighs and licked them as well before slowly starting to lick her crack again. Monica could feel her juices starting to flow even though he had not gotten his tongue in her. Then she felt her labia lips being pulled back at he was staring at her very pink pussy that glistened in the light. Then he quickly flicked his tongue around her outer lips before returning to her open pink pussy. He slowly licked around her inner lips and up and down and then down to ass again. Monica had never had a man lick her like this as his tongue seemed to be everywhere and he was pushing his tongue deeper into her. Monica had undone her blouse and released her tits and was playing with them and sucking her own sensitive nipples. When she felt his first finger slip into her pussy and he pulled it out dripping with her juices and he licked it clean before inserting another and slowly fingering her pussy. After about every five strokes he pulled his finger out and licked it clean. Monica could not believe it was horny to watch and her juices flowed even more. Then with his tongue and fingers he really went to work on her dripping pussy, sucking at her lips and gently pulling them with his teeth, and finally he found her erect clit. If he knew what he was doing or not Monica never knew as he suddenly flicked it and licked it and her body just gave in for the torment and her body spasm as her orgasm struck after what she thought was five minutes licking, but when her mind refocused she could see he had been licking her for nearly 20 minutes. Slowly sitting up “Thank you that was the best my pussy has ever been licked” said Monica. “Get dressed so we can go home and fuck, as I want to fuck your titties, pussy and ass and I want to do that in my bed.” Monica was stunned at his f***efulness and what he had said but she also wanted him to fuck her, because if fucked as good as he licked then the evening was going to be very good indeed. Monica stood and pulled him close and kissed him tasting her juices in his mouth and then touching his straining cock in his trousers. Rubbing his cock she knew she had to have it in her mouth, but Pete pulled away “At home I have condoms and there you can suck my cock as much as you like” he said smiling. Monica could not believe he did not want a blow job straight away, but she wanted him fucking her as well. Monica quickly pulled her skirt down and did her top up, looking at him ok let’s go. Monica drove home rapidly and parked outside her house he leaned across and turned his head towards him “Get on you sexiest lingerie and highest heel’s then come over to me I will be waiting for you.” Then he was gone towards his house. Monica could not believe what he had said but she was so horny she did not care. Letting herself into her house, she kicked off her shoes and run up stairs pulling her blouse off and undoing her skirt. Monica had already decided what she was going to wear he would blow his wad just looking at her. Pulling out her bottom draw she pulled out her red ½ cup bra, red silk suspender belt and red silk stockings topped with rubber. Then going to her wardrobe she pulled out her red platform stripper shoes with the 6” heels and 2” Platform, slipping them on she stood and pulled out her raincoat and slipped it over her clothes. Taking her time she went down the stairs and applied her deepest red lipstick, grabbing her hand back she walked across the road. Knocking on his door, she thought she felt the neighbours watching, but she did not give a fuck all she wanted was his cock. The door opened and she slipped inside and found him still dressed in his suit. Monica smiled and dropped her coat as soon as the door closed so he could see her. Pete smiled “Nice now upstairs quick.” Needing no urging Monica walked slowly up the stairs so Pete could see her ass, and she could see he was dropping his jacket and unbuttoning his shirt. At the top of the stairs she stopped and spread her legs so he could get an eyeful of her ass and pussy. Pete smiled and without needing to be asked started licking at her ass and pussy again whilst Monica held her ankles. Monica was dripping wet and his tongue quickly was inside her and two fingers plunged deep into her pussy and fingered her hard. Moaning Monica told him to treat her anyway he wanted as she wanted his cock and she was going to fuck his brains out. Peter pulled his face off her pussy and looked at her “Ok you fucking whore you are going to get the fucking of your life. Then pulling his fingers from her pussy he undid his trousers and pulled down his boxer shorts revealing his stiff 8” cock. Monica turned and dropped to her knees, cupping his balls in her hand. It was not the biggest cock she had ever had but it looked nice and thick and if fucked her as half as well he licked her pussy then this was going to be fun. Still on the top step, Pete watched as she opened her mouth and without hesitation pushed his cock into her mouth as far as it could go. He felt it slide into her throat and she kept sucking and flicking his shaft with her tongue. He had never had a woman deep throat him before and he moaned “Suck it slut”. Monica smiling sucked his pre cum with relish and slowly pulled back and flicked his end with her tongue, then sliding it along her teeth; slowly she licked down his shaft noting that he had shaved his pubic hair off. Coming to his balls she tea bagged him and slowly wanked his cock at the same time. Monica at the same time played with her pussy and clit and had almost brought herself to her second climax. Feeling a slight tension rise in his balls she stopped and smiled at him “How was that, Master?” “Very good now keeping sucking it or do you want me to fuck that tight little pussy of yours?” “Fuck me master as I want your cock in me and you to feel my cunt with your sperm.” Pushing her towards the bedroom Monica took his cock in one hand and lead him into the bedroom where she was confronted with a King size bed that had a plastic sheet over it. She noticed that the head board was railings and from the railings were cuffs and the same was true at the foot of the bed. Turning “Who is a kinky little fucker then?” Suddenly he had a hand full of her hair and his face was in hers, “You have not even seen the best of it yet, you cum hungry whore, when I finish with you, it will feel like you have been fucked by 2 men at once. You hair pussy is going to shaved clean and your ass, and then I am going to give you an enema so I can fuck that tight ass of yours.” Monica could not believe his foul mouth, but she was so turned on she joined in and encouraged him to fuck her senseless if he could, because she was going to drain his balls and then fuck him in his ass and make him her bitch. Pete pushed her back on to the bed and raised her hand and strapped on up then the other. Going to a bedside cabinet he pulled out a blind fold and put this on her hers and tightened it. Moving off the bed she heard him leave and water being poured out, then heard coming back. Monica could hear something being shaken and then felt a warm cloth applied to her pussy, so stretching her legs apart, she felt him wash her pussy and ass and then he applied the shaving foam and very careful shaved her pussy and ass. Then he left and she heard a camera click as he took pictures of her, Monica was horrified and told him to stop, but Peter kept on taking them and then loosened the blind fold and showed her pictures of her clean shaven pussy and ass. He had made a very good job, and not a cut was visible and her pussy was glistening. He then deleted the pictures for her piece of mind. Placing the blind fold back, he moved around and started licking her freshly shaved pussy and Monica could feel another orgasm building. “For god sake just fuck with that cock of yours stop teasing me I want your cum.” Smiling Pete moved between her legs and held his cock in his hand and moved it along her pussy lips covering his cock with her juices. Monica moaned at the feeling “Fuck me please fuck me!” Doing again and again it was driving Monica insane with the pleasure then, with his other hand he pulled her lips apart and smacked the top of her pussy with his cock, which made her scream with pleasure and then without any warning he plunged balls deep into her and Monica wrapped her legs around him holding him in her as her orgasm swept her body. The power of the orgasm seemed to pull his cock deeper into her and not being able to hold on Pete shot his load deep into her. Monica was almost breathless with the pleasure he had given her. What had Jacqueline been thinking leaving a lover like this? Pete tried to pull out but Monica held him in her draining his cock of his seed, “Now release me.” Pete smiled and undid her bindings and Monica could feel the bl**d flow to her arms again, still holding him tight in her she told him to get on his back and then she released him and squatted over his stomach and pulled her pussy lips back and he watched as his seed dripped from her on to his stomach. Then Monica inserted her three fingers, and pushed them deep into her and masturbated over him and pulled out her sticky fingers and licked them clean, she did this until her pussy was empty of his seed and then moved back and licked their combined juices from his stomach. “Now that was very good, but now it’s mine turn.” Taking both arm’s she tied him to the bed and squatted over his face and made him eat her pussy like he had at the office until she came again on his face. Sitting on his chest, “You have been a very bad boy as you have ignored my tits and they need attention as well.” So leaning over him she dangled her 36C breasts in his face and made him lick her nipples, and areole until he started slowly pulling them with his teeth, then she smacked his face “No that hurts, and now you pay, I told you, you were my bitch and now I am going to make you pay for teasing me. Do you have any dildo’s, vibrator’s or such?” “Bottom draw in the bedside cabinet, that’s where she kept them.” Monica got off him and pulled out the draw. “Umm quite a good selection, now what’s this?” As she pulled out a strap on dildo and had a very wicked idea. “She used to like to be DP’d so I would use that on her pussy or ass.” “Where is the lube?” “Top draw, why?” “Oh you will find out bitch.” Pulling out the lube she spotted a gag and pulled it out and told him to open his mouth. Putting the gag on him, and tightening it she smiled and pulled on the strap on dildo and adjusted it to her waist, so it was snug. It then struck Pete what she was going to do as she lubed up the dildo and pushed his legs back and liberally smeared his ass, with the lube. Then she put the blind fold on him so he could not see. Without trying to get him ready she pushed the dildo head into his ass and the pain was immense, he felt his ass was on fire, but Monica held his cock as well and had started to wank him back to recovery. After a while the pain had started to subside and Monica increased her pace fucking his ass. “Ok I am going to release your arms and you will roll over on your chest and stick your ass in the air, nod your head if you understand.” Pete nodded. Releasing his arm’s he did as he was told and Monica slipped the dildo into his ass again and proceeded to fuck his ass as hard as she could. After 15 minutes Monica pulled out and smiled at him “Now who’s the bitch?” Pete’s ass was on fire from the fucking it had received but his cock was back to full attention and he was determined to show her who the bitch was. Sitting up was painful, but he took off the gag and blindfold and then grabbed her hair and pulled her towards him. Now it’s you turn, moving off the bed he pulled her with him and she could do nothing but go with him. What did he have in mind now for her? To be continued . Pulling Monica by her hair he lead her to the bathroom “Sit there bitch; now it’s my turn.” Turning he pulled down the shower and took the head off and turned on the water. When he was sure it was warm and not burning or freezing, he pushed her forward so her ass was sticking out over the bath. Then she felt the water runoff her ass and pussy and was trying to think what he was going to do, when she felt the water pressure get stronger on her ass. Monica tried to move but Pete had moved into a position that his body had her trapped and she could only see the floor as he started to wash her ass hole and then slowly insert it in her ass. The water pressure soon built in her ass and Monica begged for release, but Pete just pulled out the head and a flow of water and shit flowed from her ass. Pete did this until the water flowed clear and then released her as he turned the water off. Turning Monica smacked him across the face “You fucking cunt what do you think I am some slut you can use and abuse at your whim.” Then launching another blow at his face; Peter had been caught off guard by the first blow but saw the second coming and held her wrist and twisted up behind her back. Ware of her shoes he leaned in “I told you I was going to enema you and fuck your ass, as I owe you big time for what you just did to me.” Monica begged for him to stop, but he was not listening. Pete f***ed her to bend over the bath and spread her legs and then, guiding his cock, he pushed at her starfish asshole. Feeling his cock at the entrance Monica made the mistake a tightening her ass cheeks, so when his cock finally pushed in the pain was intense. Monica had never had been butt fucked before and she tried to resist, but the pain in her arm was immense and she knew she should let just fuck her ass. His cock seemed to fill her ass so much, and the pain had started to subside and was slowly being replaced by pleasure. “Please let go of my arm, please.” Pete released her arm and she held on to the wall as he continued to fuck her ass hard. Monica moved a hand back and played with her pussy, to increase the pleasure she was feeling. Then without a word Pete slipped his arms under her legs and held her in the air with his cock in her ass. Monica could not believe his strength and that she could feel an orgasm building again. Looking back at him she kissed him and urged him to fuck harder and split her ass. Pete grinned knowing she would love what was going to happen next. Pulling her up his cock slipped out of her ass, with a sigh and told turned her around “Suck my cock” without hesitation Monica bend over and put the whole length of his cock in her mouth. Whilst Pete leaned over her and slipped two finger into her ass and began fingering her ass. They stayed this way for a few minutes. “Let’s go back to the bedroom now” said Monica. Holding his cock she lead him back to the bed and knelt on the bed doggy style “Fuck my ass again, fill it with your spunk.” Pete had gone to the bottom draw and pulled out a dildo and handed it to her and without thinking she slipped it into her dripping pussy and fucked herself mercilessly under his gaze. Pete smiled and then saw the strap on. Picking it up he adjusted the size and put it on and Monica looked and understood “Yes fuck both of my holes now.” Without needing a second invite Pete knelt behind her and slipped his cock into her sweet tight pussy and pushed the dildo into her ass. Monica screamed into the pillow as her cunt and ass were filled, the pleasure was intense and her orgasm already building came crashing into her. However this time Pete was not ready and continued fucking her mercilessly as her body spasmed from the assault it was suffering. Pete continued for almost ten minutes fucking both her holes and then his orgasm arrived as Monica was swept along in the pure pleasure. Exhausted Pete fell beside her as his cum dripped from her pussy. Monica looked at him, and bit his chest but should could see his eyes were closed and he did not respond. Monica had never been treated like this before and her pussy and ass felt strange, it was possible the best sex ever. Monica rolled off the bed leaving him sl**ping as she grabbed her coat and left him. Going home she wanted to stay, but her boyfriend was due home tomorrow and she knew he would want sex, but how could he compare with what they done to each other, it was shear a****l lust and she had never felt so fucking horny when he had filled her with his cock and the strap on. Letting herself out she rushed home and went up stairs to her bedroom and pulled out her vibrrator’s and filled he ass and pussy with them and fucked herself mercilessly until another huge orgasm swept over her and her juices seemed to squirt from her pussy, licking both vibrator’s clean, she laid back in the bed and slept. This has had gone through Monica’s mind in a matter of second’s and her pussy was soaking at the very thought of it again, and as he was as good as he his word they had never had another session , but sometimes she wished she had tried for more as it was definitely the best sex she had ever had.

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