Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Weekend of fun with girlfriend's friend..... SeXStoRY

This happened 2 weekends ago when my girlfriend got sent to a week training seminar over east, and due to the flight she had to leave on Friday night and spend the weekend in Melbourne before the seminar. As I found out she is going to be away for the weekend and the week I instantly thought of Zoe (GF's friend that I had a quickie with on NYE). Zoe and I had a few catch up for BJ since NYE in the gym sauna and once in the car while I was dropping her off. I have been waiting to fuck her little tight cunt again since NYE but just never had the chance. Now that I have the whole weekend free I am not about to let it go to waste. I met Zoe in the gym on Thursday and let her know of the good news and told her that I have booked a hotel room for the weekend and she is welcome to join me. In hearing the news she had the bigger smile on her face and whisper to me that all she is going to bring is her lace g-string and nothing else, because she is not planning to leave the room for the whole weekend. I got an instant hard-on and told her that I can't wait for the weekend to arrive. On Friday I checked into the hotel after I finish work and texted Zoe the room details so she can pick up the key and let herself into the room while I drop my GF off to the airport. After I drop the GF off I race back to the hotel and when I open the door and walked into the room I saw Zoe on the bed with nothing but her lace g-string on watching some movie. When she saw me she got up and rush toward me and gave me a very deep and passional kiss, as we kiss my hand was roaming her tight tone body and her was undressing me. As my hand start roaming around her inner thigh and crotch area I felt Zoe's g-string and it was soaking wet already. I push the g-string off and started to finger fuck her very wet but still very tight pussy. Zoe started moaning as I finger fuck her and it got louder as she racing toward her first of many orgasms for the weekend. After she cum she got down to her knee and started to gave me one of her best blow job. She lick the length of my cock before taking the whole cock into her warm mouth, while deep throat me her tongue was working hard on the head of my cock. After a few minutes of this I started fucking her mouth making her gag a little, a few minutes of fucking her mouth I stop her and lead her to the bed. I lay down and told her that is time to fuck, she smile and got on top of me and slowly lower her pussy onto my awaiting cock. As my cock slowly penetrating her her wet pussy she started to moan again and as I fully entered her she started rocking her body back & forward fucking me like a good cowgirl riding a horse. as she fuck me my hand was busy groping and teasing her b cup tits making her moan louder, I ask her to lean forward so I can suck on her tits. She lean forward and I suck and lightly bite her very erect nipples she let out a scream and her pussy tighten around cock as she cum for the second time. She collapsed onto my chest while I still fucking her now very wet pussy, she look up at me and said "I want you to fuck me doggy now and want to feel your hot cum inside my cunt",with that I pull her off me and got her to turn around. I got behind her and position my cock at the entrance of her pussy teasing her by running it up and down the slit of her pussy. She turn around begging me to fuck her and tried to back herself into me, I asked again what she want me to do and she told me that "I want you to fuck my cunt hard and cum in me! Please fuck me NOW!!!". With that I push my cock into her pussy hard in one motion and she let out a moan "Ohhhhohhh..... yesssss... fuck me hard baby". I fucked her hard from the get go, pounding into her wet pussy and every time our thighs come in contact it make the wet slapping noise from all her pussy juice. As I was fucking her and in between her moaning she turn around and said "I am going to drain you dry this weekend and I want you to fuck pussy, mouth and ass hard this weekend...". A few more minutes of hard fucking she scream that she is cumming again and asked me not to stop fucking her, with one last push I shoot my first load into her wet cunt and she exploded with another orgasms as I finish cumming inside her. I collapsed on top of her while my cock still inside her while she clam down from her latest high, after she came to it she slight herself off my cock and down to my now semi limp cock and started to gave me another blow job. I tried to stop her as I am still sensitive from cumming but she kept going, I just gave up and let her do her thing. With her amazing blow job my cock was hard again within minutes and stop for a second and told me "Just lay back and cum for me baby, I want to taste your cum",she then went back giving me one of the best blow job I had. After 10 minutes of oral pleasure from Zoe I shoot my cum into her awaiting mouth and she swallow every single drop of it. After she finish and clean my cock with her mouth, we lay on bed and had some serious passional deep kissing session for good half an hour. After we broke from our kiss we put on the hotel robe and I ordered some room service for dinner, and while waiting for our food Zoe told me that she just want to stay in all weekend and want me to fuck her as many time as possible. I told her I will fuck her all weekend and that her cunt and ass will be sore by the end of the weekend... to be continue...

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