Sunday, July 21, 2013

Your Wife May Be A Nude BEach Tease! And You LOVE SeXStoRY

[image] [/image] If you one of those husbands that has convinced your wife to go to the nude beach you must understand one thing. Over the course of a sunny day at the nude beach hundreds, maybe, thousands of men may pass by at some point and glance over at your wife! Most men will simply pass by where every you are while you sit in you beach chair or your beach towel and politely look over and smile or say hi. They might as well say hello, im looking at your wife's naked body, especially her pussy! They wear dark sunglasses for a reason! Some men pass by slowly and take a good long look. Usually they will stare at your wifes pussy. Especially if it is shaved bald or with a little hair above her smooth shaved lips. They will take their time looking at her tits too. Her nipples are important because if she is cold or if the wind is blowing they are going to be hard and this is going to attract the attention of a voyeurs eyes! Also dont forget if she is standing up or bends over or sits with her legs slightly open trying to get sun she is going to get attention. Lots of attention from guys who may notice her bending over to reach in a bag or for suntan oil to rub on her naked body or for shells on the beach. They will see her asshole which is something that even your neighbors would never see yet these total strangers who dont even know your first name get to see your wife in so many ways that only you may have. After realizing how much attention she gets you may even encourage her to sit provocatively or rub lotion on her tits or let you massage her ass while on a crowded beach while several onlookers take note! You may also notice some of the guys start to park near you or have conversations with each other nearby in view of your wifes body so they can stare as much as they want. Some guys may even sit close by and jerk their cocks off while visibly staring at your wifes cunt while she reads a magazine or talks on the phone. She may even notice how many cocks she is getting hard and act like she is dusting sand off of her shaved pussy just to get them to look in that area as they stroke their cocks and she touches her pussy innocently! If your taking your wife to the nude beach you might say to yourself, sure, its not about sex or nudity its about freedom. And that is very true, but you are k**ding yourself if you dont think your wife is getting eye fucked and mentally gang banged by any and all guys that take their time to drool over her pussy as she exposes herself in public!

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