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<a href='http://xhamster.com/photos/view/305016-4573347.html'><img src="http://p2-1.xhamster.com/000/004/573/347_1000.jpg" border="0"></a> RECAP: I’m staying with my Mom’s Best friend while she’s away on vacation, and we’ve ended up in a strange sexual relationship which is in jeopardy of being exposed by her shrewish bitch of a daughter … Tina, my Arch-enemy of sorts. What in the HELL was happening to me? That question had roamed around in my head for hours after I had full intercourse with Etta … on the floor of my room no less. When we’d begun our “affair” less than twenty four hours ago, the rules were clear “ … No way, no how was I allowed to fuck her pussy. But I did it anyway. I had shoved my cock deep inside her unnaturally tight cunt and fucked the stuffing out of this large woman nearly getting her pregnant in the process. I’d lost my virginity to this woman almost twenty years my senior. It wasn’t through an act of love, but something born out of anger and spite. I had wanted to fuck Etta for two reasons. 1.) Because she told me I couldn’t have her mature vagina. 2.) Because she had left me at he mercy of her psychologically disturbed daughter who proceeded to abuse and antagonize me without mercy. I lay in bed for hours afterward watching as the sun slowly began to rise. It was probably about 0530 in the morning. I massaged my cock steadily accompanied by the thoughts, the memories of my complete domination over Etta. The look of surprise when my steel hard penis entered her inner walls forcing them aside with the unnatural girth with which I was blessed. I became more aroused with the memory of how her eyes widened as I began to fuck her faster and faster … as I thrilled when the head of my cock repeatedly smashed into the back of her soaking pussy. If she hadn’t stopped me, I would have cum deep inside her, filled her to capacity with my babies. I came in my bed sheets … even at the memory of how Etta had sank away from my room defeated and unable to express her anger due to the fact that Tina would have been alerted. I smiled to myself at the thought. “What in the HELL was happening to me?” … I passed out in my bed, partially covered in my cum soaked sheets. Hours later, I was snapped out of my sl**p by the faint sound of music probably a block away from Etta’s house. Somebody was playing some stupid ass rap song nearby as I shook the cobwebs out of my head and sat up. The song I believe was called “Jam on It” … The particular artist however escaped me. “Wikki, wikki, wikki, wikki”!!! … went the chorus of this weird little rap song. Sounded like some retarded Oompa Lumpas (Willy Wonka’s worker drones) were cutting a demo. I had trouble dragging myself out of bed. I probably would have passed out if it weren’t for a nagging sensation in my cock that was informing me that it needed to be relieved. I had to hold onto the wall for support as I half staggered down the hallway to he bathroom. Etta had really drained me and I probably needed another five hours of sl**p. My arm was as heavy as a lead weight as I pushed the bathroom door open. … The bathroom wasn’t empty. Tina was inside the bathroom facing the mirror over the sink. She was brushing her teeth and had her back to me. She apparently had just finished using the shower and was standing there wearing only a pair of extra small stark white panties that accentuated her teardrop shaped ass. Those small cotton panties cut her flaring muscular looking butt into three perfect sections. Funny how you can get so much detail in only a few moments. Tina was topless and I could make out a perfect set of large c-cups hanging in a sloping fashion from her chest. He nipples were even erect like little pencil erasers. Her long stringy jet black hair hung wetly about her narrow head. She was brushing her hair. “Hey.” Distracted obviously, I hadn’t noticed that Tina had turned slightly to regard me. Her face betrayed no emotion as she stood topless before me with her hands on her wide hips. Her face remained the same and I noticed that without her glasses on, Tina had slight yet pronounced bags under her small narrow eyes. She had a thin nose offset by full dark purplish looking lips. Really a strange looking creature. “What the fuck are you looking at?” She must have been insane. I was starring at a wildebeest with the body of a goddess. My eyes remained level with her chest. Tina casually reached over and yanked a towel down from the rack draping it over her breasts. “I had to use the bathroom.” I blurted out wondering why I hadn’t been leveled. Tina stepped out into he hallway as I instinctively flinched. She moved to the side and motioned towards the bathroom. I slowly moved by her and entered the room closing the door behind me. I nervously urinated and kept checking the door knob to make sure I had locked it. I was hard for me to take a piss as my lately overworked cock was fully erect from staring at Tina. I had a full on rager. It looked like every vein in my dick was going to explode from lust. I wondered why Tina was so passive this morning. I opened the door after finishing my morning piss and found her leaning against the wall with the towel still dr**ed over her beautiful breasts. I noticed Tina had a perfect flat stomach with a oval navel. “Hey, why did you jump when I came towards you?” It was an honest question. “Well, considering our history …” I tried to be witty and slide a sliver of charm towards Tina. This was new territory for me and her. We were breaking new ground towards becoming civil. “Don’t you have any self respect at all? I-mean I “am” a woman for Christ’s sake.” Before I could answer that ball busting question, Tina had raised her fist as if to strike me and I found myself automatically flinching. By the time I looked up, Tina had taken a few steps away from me towards her room. “I can see that “Tina”. I called back, a half smile on my face. She slowly looked back at me while tightening her fists around the towel that was hanging in front of her naked breasts. Tina kicked me in the balls. As we get older, there are some things that never leave a man’s mind and the first time you are kicked in the balls is chief amongst them. The pain was so excruciating, that I immediately fell over on my face and began rolling around in the hallway. Through my tear glazed over eyes, I saw Tina walking down the hallway towards her room. “YOU LIKE THAT BUTTERCUP?!! .. STAY RIGHT THERE, I’LL BE BACK AS SOON AS I PUT A SHIRT ON !!” Her meaning was as clear as day. Tina was going to pummel the snot out of me. I considered crawling into my room and locking the door. But my Id was yelling at me, calling me a pussy and prodding me to at least try to fight this hellacious bitch. I briefly flashed back to the previous summer where I had been threatened by my dad that if I lost a street fight with a particular rival, I’d be beaten. I’d won that fight … narrowly, but still a victory non the less. I imagined my dad’s disgust and anger if he were present now and witness to this shameful display by his only son. He would more than likely join in and help Tina beat me down. I knew I had no choice. Using the wall as leverage, I pulled myself to my feet just as Tina returned storming down the hall. I raised my fists in a defensive stance, the only one I knew at the time. Tina half smiled and quickly grabbed one of my fists and used it like a bludgeon shoving it into my nose. She followed this up by giving me a karate style punch to the sternum (center of the chest.) that sent me to the floor on my ass. “OH !!! SO YOU’RE NOT SUCH A LIMP DICK AFTER ALL !!! … HUH?!!” She launched a kick which hit me in the shoulder and sent me back to the floor. Pain danced around my body in fiery jaunts as I struggled to get back to my feet. I was determined … Tina needed to be brought down a notch or two, but she was my physical superior whether I liked it or not. In those few moments my mind worked overtime to come up with a solution to this problem. I had no choice but to out think my nemesis. My mind raced back to the small tattered paperback I’d thumbed through while locked in my self imposed prison hours earlier. “Taming the Shrew” … Yeah, yeah I’d probably get one chance with this strategy but it was more than likely the only option available in these few seconds. Tina looked like she was going to throw another punch and I tensed up waiting for the blow… … she launched her fist in my direction and I actually ducked it and wrapped my arms around her waist as tight as I could. I tried to use my weight and pull her off balance, but Tina launched her knee into my stomach almost automatically. I curled into a fetal position on the floor as I heard Tina breathing heavily and chuckling. “That was great ..(panting) .. You little shit. You ACTUALLY thought you had a chance !!” I began to mouth something while I was lying on the floor looking up at Tina. She had put her little pink t-shirt back on from last night. She was still wearing only the small cotton panties of moments earlier. Tina stood triumphantly over me gloating at her handiwork. “What is it fag?” I heard her respond in that shrill c***d like voice that made me want to hurl. I continued to mouth something … something inaudible. “SPEAK UP !!” She nudged me with her foot. I made slight movements with the fingers on my left hand and otherwise didn’t move. I watched through half opened eyes as Tina leaned forward to find out what she thought I was saying. “Yeah, Come on bitch.” I could see Tina’s curiosity getting the best of her as she leaned forward damn near straddling my body. “Come on limp dick … spit it out.” Tina’s dog face was inches away from mine. I kissed her. Full on the lips, not a light peck or a big slobbering one, the other end of the spectrum … it was just an honest to goodness kiss. I closed my eyes tightly after doing it because I fully expected to be destroyed after pulling that dumb ass stunt. I heard Tina cough and gag excessively. I peered over to find her wiping her forearm across her mouth. She then turned her attention towards me again with acute rage reading across her features. She grabbed a hand full of my shirt with both of her hands. I countered by grabbing a full handful of her shirt as well. I kissed her again. She gasped loudly and began screaming as she shoved her knee into my groin. I laughed through my pain. As I went to the carpet once again. I don’t know why but I just started laughing loudly as I found myself under Tina’s heels. “I’M GONNA KILL YOU FUCKER!!” Tina had lost it and my laughter was the trigger. She pounced on top of me and punched me in the side a few times before locking her arms around my neck. I began to choke as her muscular arms tightened around my neck. My struggle to breath became quite audible as images of my mom attending my funeral ran through my head. One of my arms was pinned behind my back as Tina lay on top of me grumbling some incomprehensible curses. I moved the only thing available to me … my fingers. The tips of my fingers found the crotch of her panties. I could make out the slit of her womanhood and began to run my fingers along the length of her vagina. She didn’t realize it right away, but soon I could feel heat emanating from the area. Tina screamed like a harpy and tightened her grip even more on me. I dug more of my fingers into her pussy and I’ll be damned if she wasn’t getting wet. I rotated my movements kneading her womanhood vigorously. I was beginning to lose consciousness. ..but I kept up my kneading of her fast soaking panties until my fingers finally found their way inside until I was rubbing the fuck out of her bare lips. My vision was beginning to blur. A single finger breached Tina’s pussy and I struggled to work it in deeper as I heard a weird shrill cry come from my nemesis. She released me and I almost vomited as life giving air rushed into my lungs. I looked over to find Tina laying on the carpet breathing heavily. She had one hand between her legs and I really didn’t know what to do next. She was slightly squirming on the floor with this strange conflicted expression on her face. What was going through her mind? “Who gives a fuck?” My Id answered back as I rolled over on my side facing her and reached between her legs. She didn’t offer any resistance as I moved her hand aside and slipped three fingers inside her. She turned her face away from me … in shame I guess. I worked her inner walls without mercy for about five minutes before I felt Tina seize up around my digits like a vise grip. She clasped her legs around my arm as she came with barely even a sound. Only then did Tina look over at me, her face twisted in anguish. I didn’t know what to say … the tension in the air was palpable. Where did I go with this weird shit next ? Should I slide her panties off and pound her right there on he carpet? I thought about shoving my cock in her mouth, but remembered her smashing my testicles into oblivion and decided against it. I simply got up from the floor and walked to the bathroom leaving Tina on the floor panting. I washed my hands thoroughly and marveled at how the pungent smell of Tina’s pussy seemingly permeated the entire house. It was a strange sweet yet surprisingly sour smell that assailed he nostrils and the senses. I looked at my face. Tina had done a number on me puffy lip and all. Tina found her way to the bathroom door leaning in watching me. She simply stared at me. “What?!!” I heard myself yell. “Why- did you do that?” Tina asked. It was a simple question. I dried my hands and looked her straight in the eye. “Because I know what bitches need.” She honestly looked shocked at my response. I was a little shocked at my response. Tina responded by slapping the shit out of me. The impact of her hand was so powerful that it actually rocked my head to one side. “MOTHERFUCKER !!!” She yelled as she stormed off to her room. I smiled to myself as I walked into the kitchen and rifled through the fridge. There was a note on the fridge door … It was from Etta. “Gone to work. I’m going out for drinks … Will be home late.” My heart sank a bit because I knew deep down that she was still angry about what happened last night and was probably avoiding me. I didn’t care. That this didn’t bother me one bit was beginning to disturb me less and less. I was glowing with my apparent victory over Tina moments earlier and reveling in the fact that I had found an equalizer. I turned to find Tina standing in the kitchen glaring at me. She had pulled a pair of form fitting blue shorts on over her panties. She also had my copy of HEAVY METAL grasped tightly between her fingers. It was pretty clear what she was about to do. I knew that if I betrayed any emotion, I would instantly be back to square one in his battle of wits. Tina ripped the large magazine into two separate pieces and tossed them into my face. “Are you finished acting out?” I said in as monotone as voice as I could muster. I opened the fridge and pulled a gallon of orange juice from it’s interior. I poured us both glasses as I noticed Tina standing motionless in the center of the room and pulled a chair out for her at the kitchen table. She sat down without a word as I handed her the orange juice. She began to drink from the glass as I watched her. I emptied my glass never taking my eyes of Tina. I was pretty sure she didn’t know what the fuck was going on. She had lost control and she was slowly realizing it. “Uh, just because I let you-uh, do “things” to me … I mean- just don’t get any ideas. “ She didn’t sound too sure of herself. She looked away as she made her useless statement. This added more fuel to the fire so to speak. I took the glass away from her and placed both of ours in the sink. I had to keep this weird “thing” going on but I was unsure of where to go with it next. “It’s just-that.. uh, well.” She was fumbling through her words which were measured. I could tell as it was a particular specialty of mine in years prior. It also informed me in a non-verbal way that perhaps she wanted me to do more. “Come on.” “W-whut?” Tina sounded confused and her annoying saccharine tone faltered. “ Show me your room bitch.” I suddenly commanded. She just looked up at me her mouth agape. I tugged at her chair and she stood up without a sound. I motioned towards the kitchen exit and she began to silently leave. I walked behind her admiring the view. He blue shorts Tina was wearing had began to ride up into her crack and her smooth muscular cheeks provide an inviting view. I began to rub her shapely ass. She stopped in her tracks the minute my hand touched her. She looked at me with a lost expression on her ugly face. “Don’t look at me.” She obeyed and turned her head in the other direction but didn’t move. I squeezed and kneaded her bubbly cheeks like a wild man. I dug my fingers into the bottom of her shorts, under her panties. I cupped a whole cheek in my hand. My fingers brushed against her moist vagina and her brown eye simultaneously. I pressed Tina against the wall and began to feel her up even more. Now I groped both of her cheeks under her shorts and she didn’t do a thing to stop me. Her ass felt so good in my hands. It was definitely different, worlds different than her mother’s monster sized back porch. Where Etta had a pliant, jiggling juicy ass, her daughter Tina was so muscular and hear shaped. Her waist looked so small in comparison to her wide arching hips. I began to bump my clothed cock against her ass. I ground my rock hard dick against her cheeks as I slipped a few fingers into Tina’s cunt. She moaned and arched her back towards me wedging my business end in the crack of her ass. I finger fucked her slimy hole while I ground my dick against her ass with increased vigor. The hallway was becoming heated and Tina’s pungent odor began to engulf the house. Her juices ran freely down my fingers. I stopped abruptly. “Pull those fucking shorts off and don’t look at me bitch.” I commanded again. Tina smoothly slipped out of her shorts and underwear quietly and placed her palms on the wall. I released my throbbing cock and it sprung out lightly touching her beautiful butt. Tina’s moans had become more audible as I lubed my dick with her juices. I pressed her ass cheeks snuggly around my dick and fucked her cheeks for a few minutes. “You got a good fucking ass, you know that bitch?” “Uh, yeah I know … What are you gonna do ?” “Shut up.” I stuck four fingers into Tina’s cunt and she immediately climaxed falling to the floor. I stood over her watching as she worked both hands on her pussy and moaned loudly. “Turn over and lay on your stomach.” She rolled over on her stomach and I mounted her. I pushed her cheeks snuggly around my cock and ground her ugly ass to the floor. I began to feel the fire rising in my thighs. I finally came after ten heated minutes, shooting a thick stream of cum all over her dark chocolate cheeks and groaning loudly. Tina attempted to look back at me but I grabbed her neck. “I said don’t look at me … We’re not done yet Tina.” I continued rubbing my semi-hard dick all over her cum coated sticky ass. I shot a second stream of cum all over her fat ass adding to my mess a short time later. “How does somebody like you end up with a fucking ass this pretty?!!” “What?!!” “You heard me … You don’t deserve an ass this pretty bitch.” I slapped her ass getting my own spunk all over my palm. “Fuck you.” she mumbled and squirmed under my grasp. “FUCK ME?!!” I spanked her round ass several more times as she flailed about on her stomach. I had a tight grip on her neck as I rubbed my cock all over her ass. My cock slipped between her legs and pressed up against her pussy lips. Tina instantly stopped moving. I remained still with the head of my cock brushing against her puffed out lips. The head of my dick was becoming saturated with her juices. “ Can you feel my dick up against your pussy bitch?” “Yeah.” “You like that dick don’t you Tina?” She didn’t respond and began squirming under my grasp. “Fuck you motherfucker !! FUCK YOU !!” Her squirming made my cock even harder and my renewed girth began to breach the entrance to her pussy. “LET ME GO LIMP DICK!!- IM GONNA FUCK YOU-OOOHHH!!” The full length of my cock had slid into her soaked cunt. It was a very tight fit around my dick. I rested my full weight on top of Tina pinning her to the carpet. I didn’t move … I remained perfectly still with my length resting against her walls. I could feel her tensing up as her pussy contracted slightly around my cock in varying degrees. Tina began to breath heavily and she moved her hips from side to side as if prodding me to action. I pulled my cock out of her steaming hole and stood up. She rolled on her side and looked at me puzzled. “I thought I told you to show me your room.” She quickly got up and led me further down the hallway to her room. I have to admit it was fun watching that juicy ass move down the hallway. Tina’s bedroom was a pink nightmare as most of her furniture had pink trim and he curtains were hot pink. A number of posters and record covers adorned the walls. Ina even had a canopy bed trimmed in pink. She had pushed the door open for me and remained silent rubbing her pussy while I looked around her room. I had a seat on her bed and waved her over. “Take that shirt off and show me your tits.” She immediately slid the shirt over her head and tossed it to the floor. She stood fully nude in front of me and I noticed that she had a bald pussy. I reached down and slid my index finger along her slit. Tina shuddered at my touch. Her perfect breasts were too inviting and I took one of the fat nipples into my mouth and sucked really hard on it. Tina actually cradled my head in a loving manner. Her tits tasted salty and her nipples were hard as could be. I rubbed her pussy mercilessly as she swayed back and forth from my effort. “Listen very carefully bitch … I want you to get on this bed and spread your legs as wide as you can for me. “ I got up and she silently crawled onto the bed and reclined on her back fully obeying me. I crawled into the bed on top of her and rubbed the head of my cock against her pussy until she began to squirm with anticipation. “STOP FUCKING MOVING !!!” She immediately ceased her movements although I could see the lips of her vagina quivering uncontrollably. I shoved my dick deep inside of her and began fucking Tina with all my might. The room was inundated with the sounds of our pelvis’s slapping together in unison as Tina at first began to moan then scream loudly. I could feel the head of my dick hitting the back of her hole as she creamed all over my cock. “FFUUUUUCCCCKKK !!!” She screamed as I pummeled her birth canal mercilessly. “Shit you got some good ass pussy you ugly bitch !!!” I whispered into her ear while I pushed her legs higher into the air. Tina clawed at her tacky sheets and her face was contorted in a manner similar to a woman giving birth. OOHH SHIT !!! I FUCKING HATE YOU -OOOHHHH!!!!” I abused her little pussy even harder raising her juicy ass into he air with each thrust. I was beginning to feel that familiar fire in my loins as they tightened up. “OOOHHHH GOD !! - YOU’RE GONNA BREAK MY PUSSY !!!” The fire was running up the length of my cock as I pushed her legs up further until I was squatting in front of her. “FUUUUCKKK!!! TAKE THIS NUT YOU UGLY MOTHERFUCKER !! … DAMN BITCH !!!” I pulled my dick out of her pussy and rubbed it along her vaginal lips. “SHIIIITTT !!!!” I came screaming all over Tina’s pussy, stomach, tits and her face. I kept her elevated while I jerked more cum onto her homely visage. … then all was quiet in Tina’s room. I lay spent across Tina’s bed completely helpless. She could have killed me right then and there and I wouldn’t have been able to stop her. I wouldn’t have cared. I looked in Tina’s direction. She was sitting at the head of her bed with her back to the headboard. She was crouched in a fetal position with her arms folded across her knees. Her face was still partially glazed over with my cum. … there were tears in her eyes. My week long vacation was going to be FUCKING AWESOME !! TO BE CONTINUED…

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