Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spanked and examined F/F SeXStoRY

"You're late, Emily!" Lisa was waiting at the kitchen table as her younger cousin came through the door. "I'm so sorry Lisa!" Emily's face was apologetic, willing to please. Her denim shorts hugged her pert bottom just right, and her little breasts pushed against her tight yellow T-shirt. Emily had been staying at Lisa's over the summer before going back to college. Her older cousin Lisa had recently graduated as a doctor and had found the job very fulfilling and... stimulating. Emily was quiet and polite, but Lisa knew she was more outgoing than she let on. Over the past few days, she had smelled alcohol on Emily's breath, and had seen her smoking outside at nighttime. Lisa decided against confronting her, knowing that with a little patience, everything would come together. School would be starting again soon, so Lisa came up with a plan to satisfy her desire to see beneath her younger cousin's clothes, to explore and caress her most secret places. "I told you to be back at 5 o'clock for your college physical. You've been putting it off for weeks. I did you a huge favor by offering to examine you at home, rather than at my office. You left all the dishes out, you haven't lifted a finger to help around the house and "I'm really sorry Lisa, I'll do the dishes!" "I've just about had enough of you, Emily. You said you'd do the dishes for the past week! You put on one face around me, but as soon as I turn my back, you're out smoking and drinking. I've had it cleaning up after you and defending your behavior. I'm going to tell you mom what you've been up to, and you can go home. Find someone else to give you your physical exam." Lisa knew she had her exactly where she wanted. She hoped Emily would respond the way she wanted her to. "I'm so sorry, please don't tell my mom! I'll do anything!" Everything was going to plan. "If you want to stay and make up for what you've done, you have to do exactly as I say, is that clear." "Yes, Lisa." "Good. Now, I want you to do all the dishes, take a shower and wait upstairs." Emily put down her bag and went straight to the sink. Lisa watched her tight bottom and she leaned over the sink and started washing up. Little did Emily know what Lisa had in store. After the dishes, Emily went upstairs, showered and as she was putting on her pajamas, Lisa entered the room, her doctor's bag in hand, and sat down on the bed. "Okay, Emily, I've decided that it's about time you had a good spanking to help with your bad behavior, then I'll give you a thorough examination to make sure you're all healthy. Now I want you to get over my lap." Emily's eyes widened. "Really? Please Lisa, I really don't need a spanking!" "If you behave like a naughty little girl, I'm going to treat you like one. Now get over my lap for your spanking or I'll tell your mom what you've been up to lately." Lisa couldn't wait to pull down the younger girl's panties and explore what lay beneath, but she did well to compose herself. She could feel her clit tingling at the thought of spanking Emily's tight bottom that she'd been admiring for weeks. And now finally, she would soon be exploring the girl's most intimate areas. Emily resigned, walked towards the bed, and lay down over her cousin's lap, her bottom raised over Lisa's knees. She buried her head in her arms in humiliation. Emily casually brought her hand down on Emily's bottom. "I'm just going to give you a hand spanking today, but if your behavior gets any worse, there will be much more in store for this little hiney of yours. I don't want you crying out or squirming. This is the punishment you accepted. I'm going to warm you up over your pajamas, and then I'll have to take your panties down, because you've been a naughty girl and naughty girls get spanked on their bare bottoms, isn't that right?" She rubbed Emily's pert bottom as she spoke, admiring the firm cheeks at her disposal. Emily whimpered with embarrassment and clenched her cheeks as Lisa rubbed them. Lisa brought her other hand across the small of the girl's back, steadying her over her lap. "Relax your bottom, Emily," Lisa said, massaging her cousin's little bottom. She suddenly raised her hand and landed a sharp SMACK causing Emily to grunt before slowly resigning to the rhythm of Lisa's spanking. Lisa brought her hand down on Emily's pajama-clad ass firmly, cupping her hand to meet Emily's small pert bottom. Lisa could feel the girl's pelvis grind against her lap and the power she had was making her wet with desire. She stopped spanking and went back to massaging the tight ass at her disposal. She couldn't wait to take a closer look. "Emily, I'm going to pull down your pajamas now to bare your bottom, so lift up a little..." "Oh Lisa, do you have to spank me bare? Please don't pull down my panties!" "Now Emily, you're panties will have to come off for your examination anyway! It's nothing to be embarrassed about, I've seen plenty of bottoms before. Now lift up." Emily did as she was told and Lisa slowly pulled down the girl's panties, exposing the perfectly pink tight bottom of her dreams. "Let's get these right off so they're not in the way" She pulled her pajamas and panties all the way off and admired the her young cousin's bare pink ass. She rested her hand on the warm flesh and couldn't resist taking a risk and using the advantage of the power she had over her: "Emily, I need you to spread your legs nice and wide and push your bottom out a little bit for me, that will help your cheeks take the spanking." Lisa's hand circled Emily's warm bottom as her gaze was set squarely between the girl's legs. As her legs parted and her bottom lifted, Lisa's desire came into view. Emily's shaved pink labia was beautifully presented and her tight asshole was begging to be touched. Lisa smiled at the sight, knowing that very soon, she would get to play with both tight little holes. The spanking continued to Lisa's delight and Emily's dismay. She was sobbing quietly as Lisa's hand slapped her bottom. She started to flinch and squirm, grinding her hips on Lisa's lap. Lisa stopped spanking to give the little bottom a break and rubbed her hand over Emily's upturned ass, feeling the heat from her cheeks. Lisa gave her a few more smacks before massaging her cheeks again, this time taking a closer look between the girl's legs. To her delight, Emily's vulva was swollen and there was a hint of moisture. Lisa was going to have fun examining that. She decided to keep quiet for now, knowing the girl enjoyed being submissive and exposed, whether Emily knew it herself or not. Lisa knew exactly how to deal with naughty girls like this. She just had to warm that pussy up a little more. "Okay Emily, I think that's enough spanking for now. Let's get on with your examination. I'm just going to get my equipment out, so you can put your pajamas back on and sit on the bed for me." Lisa couldnt wait for the moment when Emily would pull her panties down and submit to Lisa manipulating her young pink pussy. She wanted to take a closer look at the girl's firm breasts. She bent down to get her doctor's bag and discreetly ran her hand to her clit, giving herself a little release. She turned and watched as Emily bend over to retrieve her panties and pajamas, giving Lisa another good view of her pink bottom and pussy. Emily sat down on the bed, nervous but stoic, unaware that she had displayed her arousal to her cousin, distracted by her stinging bottom. Lisa got out her stethoscope. "Right, let's get started shall we? Just lift up your shirt for me, I need to listen to your lungs." Emily lifted up her shirt, revealing her perky breasts. Lisa sensuously glided the stethoscope around her body, while gently placing a hand on the girl's back reassuringly. "Good girl, now while you've got your shirt up, I'm just going to make sure your breasts are developing okay." Lisa expertly handled Emily's breasts, massaging them, rubbing her thumb over her nipples until they hardened and leaned in closer. She heard the tell-tale signs in Emily's breathing that she was getting more aroused. "That's fine Emily, you can pull your shirt down for now." Lisa had done this before and knew exactly how to get her girls perfectly aroused during her examination. "I need to take your temperature now, and because you've been a naughty girl today, I'm going to take your temperature in your bottom, so pull down your panties again and lay down on the bed." Emily couldn't believe what she was hearing. "Lisa, come on! No way!" "This is a fine line, young lady! You're in enough trouble as it is! If you don't want to cooperate, I'm either going to have to give you another spanking or call your mom. Now what will it be?" Shocked and out of options, Emily got on her knees and pulled down her pajamas and panties to her knees. She couldn't believe her cousin was about to push a thermometer in her bottom! "I'm going to lubricate you with my finger. This might feel a little uncomfortable at first because I can see you're quite tight back here, but if you just relax you'll soon get used to it." Lisa put on a glove on one hand and rubbed Emily's bottom with the other, gently relaxing her pink cheeks. While the girl's head was buried, Lisa allowed herself another quick touch and slipped her hand inside her panties and she admired her young cousin's tight asshole and ever-moistening pussy. She quickly composed herself and opened a jar of lubricant. She spread Emily's cheeks, fully exposing her crinked asshole. As her finger made contact, Emily bucked, and Lisa gently held her down with a hand on her back as she circled her finger around the girl's anus, tentatively pushing in. "Shhh, just relax Emily, this isn't going to hurt if you relax your bottom-hole." As Emily started to relax, Lisa pushed her finger gently into her anus, deeper and deeper, feeling the inside as Emily moaned and pushed her pelvis into the bed. "Just relax," Lisa said as she rubbed Emily's back. She knew girls didn't like a finger up their bottoms at first, but after a few moments of caressing their back passage, they soon warmed up to the idea. Lisa kept a close eye on Emily's swelling pussy as her finger explored her young patient. Emily's breathing got slower as Lisa expertly manipulated her anus and rubbed her cheeks. "Good girl, that's good, just relax. Just a little more, then you'll be ready for the thermometer" She continued fingering Emily's bottom-hole, watching the girl's pussy react to the stimulation...

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