Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Mother's Asshole. SeXStoRY

When I was younger I would sometimes sl**p in my mother bed with her. One particular night she came home d***k as a skunk and past out. I awoke to her lying butt naked in the bed. There was a scent of pussy and asshole that really turned me on. My pussy was raging hot and very wet. I begin to play with my clit and asshole. I tapped her only to find her unresponsive, so I put my hand on her ass and she didnt move. The more I rubbed her ass the more I wanted to have sex with her. So I lift her butt cheeks and smelled her asshole. It smell so good to me mixed with the smell of her cunt. So I begin to lick my mother d***ken asshole out of desperation. I put my wet little on her big adult ass and stuck my finger in her asshole and came on her butt cheeks. She never knew I came on her. Till today I consider that one of the best orgasms I've ever had!!! I still look at ass and think about my orgasm. I still want to fuck her ass!!

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