Thursday, February 28, 2013

Girl Next Door Part 3 SeXStoRY

My next few meet ups with Andrea were quite brief and quickly over we had sex a couple of times in the car that was quite limiting and we had an brief encounter at the bottom of my garden at the side of the garage which consisted of a good fingering by myself and Andrea giving me a blowjob, very risky as both f****y houses were close and full, but we knew there would be a chance at some point. The chance came about when Andrea’s parents were out for the day and evening at a close friend’s wedding, Andrea wasn’t going and at the same time my wife was visiting her mother who had recently had an operation and was stopping over, I had to work that shift so was unable to go with her. This was the chance for some fun me and Andrea had been waiting for, the weekend came and our families both went out on their various escapades leaving the houses empty. As soon as my wife had left and I was sure she wouldn’t return I rang next door Andrea answered and we made arrangement for me to hop over the wall at the rear of her house and to the property back door. Somewhat excitedly heart racing slightly just as the light began to dim I made my move. Andrea was waiting in the kitchen before I had chance she opened the rear door and I made my way in, to be greeted by the sexiest looking teenager complete with glass of white wine, Andrea was dressed simply in a sarong wrapped around her slim lithe body and obviously naked underneath. She greeted me with a kiss and passed me the wine, then making our way to the lounge, this the place 2 months earlier I had taken advantage of her and took her virginity. We chatted over a glass of wine all very grown up of her she told me of her forthcoming move to the university and how she was nervous but looking forward to it, all the time I could feel myself wanting to make my move and take her my eyes ogling her gorgeous figure and sweet looks, I put my glass on the coffee table and looked at Andrea, nothing said she sidled over to me d****d her arms around me and kissed me, gently on the lips before more vigorously her tongue twisting around mine, at the same time her sarong had slipped from around her shoulders revealing her pert perfect breasts, nipples already hard in anticipation, I began to move my hands along her beautiful almost porcelain skin, over her breasts along her spine, on her buttocks to me this was a beautiful dream. Her fingers ran through my hair as we kissed, then her hands went up my t shirt along my spine she was naked and now she wanted me naked as well, first my t shirt then the rest leaving me naked in front of her , my proud cock stood to attention, she knelt grabbing my cock moving her hand along and back on my shaft, I looked up to the ceiling and let out a sigh as I felt her tongue lightly touch the tip, then circled around the head, then all the way down the shaft and back again, this she did several times the feeling was sensational, she must have thinking of the technique because this was sensational, erotic, a man’s delight. Pulling me down onto the carpet we started to kiss again, this time it was Andrea taking control, I laid back as she kissed the side of my neck then my chest then sucked my nipples whilst one hand still rubbing away at my cock which was like an iron rod swelling like never before, further down she went, I’m laid on my back on the carpet as Andrea moved her mouth over my cock then into her fully down working me beautifully , this made me groan with pleasure my hand moved to her head holding her down as my penis went fully in to the back of the throat, she then moved across me, slowly lowering her now wet young pussy onto my face instinctively I began to eat her, nibbling her clit and tongue exploring her as Andrea continued to work the magic of oral sex on me. After a while and obviously both enjoying she turned her body now face to face to me she lowered herself onto my shaft and began to ride it, her face now a little flushed and her eyes rolling with pleasure, as a newly deflowered girl her expertise was surprisingly good, she was a better ride than any of my previous but few women had been, I felt as she shuddered to a mini climax, but carried on, now she rolled off and beckoned me to fuck her , now my time to work her, I lifted her legs onto my shoulders then entered her fully, fully lubricated all the way in my balls slapping against her I started to fuck her as hard as I could, not for the first time she began to moan louder ever thrust emitting a note of pleasure, this excited me more, pining her further over trying to get every inch of throbbing cock in her. Quite f***efully and roughly I pulled her over shoving her half onto the sofa holding her hair tightly I began to hammer at her doggy style this making her moan and shriek louder, a few slaps to her bottom reddened her buttocks but now I was in charge I was the man she was my bitch! Quite why I did it I didn’t know but I inserted a finger into her anus, andrea didn’t stop me in out my finger went , this was not only new to her but me also this was the first time a girl had let me do this and I was excited, would I take her anally? I inserted two fingers into this little tight hole, this made andrea tense up but still no stopping me, still im fucking her and still shes making the right noises of pleasure, time to lose both of our anal viginities, I withdrew from her pussy and offered my cock up to her tight butthole, against it now with the tip of my cock against her I began to push into her, now the tone of her shrieks began to change, it was tight a lot tighter than her pussy but I still carried on pushing, squirming andrea was unsure I could feel her tension but I carried on. With a final lunge I felt her ass lipsn tight around my cock head now shes hurting and I’m the source of the pain, further in as much as she could take then I began to fuck her , it felt good for me, never before had I got this far with a woman, but I could feel the sperm in me reaching boiling point, after withdrawing I began to wank my self, Andrea turned around and waited for my offload, loudly my cock exploded my cum onto her face in her hair into he rmouth never before had I produced such an amount not even when I was a teenager, holding her head she licked the tip tasting my stroking my balls trying to milk every thing before the hardness began to drop off, we laid together on the floor holding each other laughing, before again out passions became too much and again we made love that was the finest 3hrs of lovemaking I had ever had , we showered together before I made my way back this was the last time I had sex with andrea before she started her first year at university but Christmas would soon be here and this time she would surprise me……….. My final part to follow.

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