Sunday, June 30, 2013

American DV part 1 SeXStoRY

It's possible the we roped him into it. When I asked Tom about fucking my girlfriend, he had that look of hesitation in his eye. It certainly wasn't because he didn't want to fuck her. No, in retrospect, it was just a fleeting second of disbelief, when his eyes shot down and away. When he looked back up he knew I wasn't k**ding. "So, is that a yes?" I asked. "Yes", he nervously replied "Alright, here's the thing. She really wants to be double penetrated, so no chickening out or anything, ok?" I look for an answer before I continue, and he nods in the affirmative. "And… ok don't sketch dude but we're going to give her double vaginal. You cool with that?" He says nothing, but I launch into my spiel before he even has a chance to think– "She really likes it rough, and honestly man, she's still having a hard time reaching orgasm. I know it sounds silly but me and Lauren were talking about this the other day while we were fucking, and we both think- SHE thinks that having two guys in her pussy at the same time would be the best way to push her over the edge and give her the big O. No bullshit, man. I'm on a mission to make her cum, and I need your help. "Alright" he quietly responds, his eyes beginning to glaze. His nervousness evaporated, he was already starting to think with his dick. The thing with Lauren was, she really had hit a wall when trying to have her first orgasm. She was all around a very special case, and a prequel or two is probably needed to tell you how we even arrived at this point together. Without digressing too far, I should mention that I was the only guy she'd ever slept with up until that point, and she still hadn't had an orgasm. We'd been sl**ping together for about a year, and had done it close to a hundred times. I'd eat her pussy for hours, keep my dick hard and fuck her like a champ for just as long… it didn't matter. I trained her ass- she really fell in love with that. Same with fisting. This girl would get close to cumming, but ultimately, it seemed to be a matter of needing a bit more stimulation. Amazingly, she was an extremely petite girl. Lauren was 5'2", Asian, and 105 lbs. soaking wet. She had a beautiful little pussy with a somewhat pronounced and darker labia that stood out against her milk white complexion. Her little hole seemed tiny, but she could relax and allow herself to accept my fist without any complaints. I had already given her double vaginal with myself and a dildo, and though we both enjoyed that, I knew that having a second real dick way key to making this work. The dildo we had at the time was hard silicone, which I now know first hand isn't the most "forgiving" when used for a two-in-one. This might be obvious for the females, but it goes for us guys, too! Hard silicone stabbing into the underside of your shaft is just barely tolerable (but having a second piece of meat down there feels beyond great). Even still, we both found this to feel good enough to pursue. She really liked the dual thrusts along with being "stretched", which she had come to love along with being fisted. After I had explained to her my intentions for wanting to fuck her pussy along side my best friend, she understood that it was really about her, about making her cum, and that we both of us men truly wanted her body THAT BAD. I think that was evident by the fact that Tom was a bit hesitant, but still readily agreed to fuck her pussy with me in this double vaginal fashion. In other words, he wanted to fuck her so bad, that he would completely compromise himself and rub dicks with another guy just to do so. This turned her on so badly, and she knew it would giver her a sense of empowerment over two men that no other form of sex would ever approach. We were her two personal stunt cocks, ready to take on any task her little pussy could lust for. Because me and Tom were best friends, and he was single, it was easy enough to convince Lauren to let us go raw. She was on the pill anyway, and loved when I came inside of her. Lauren had already been at my apartment for a while when Tom arrived. We didn't waste anytime. I immediately commanded Tom to get naked, along with Lauren. As they did, so did I. I told her to make out with him, and she went to him, and did. After a few kisses, he pulled her down on to my bed and began feeling her breasts, and then her pussy. I reached down and grabbed one of her legs, and instinctively Tom did the same. We gently spread her , until her young hairy pussy was exposed. we sat there looking at slightly gaping cunt, with a glistening trail of pussy slime stretched across her outer gash. In a few seconds, both of out hands made out way down there, rubbing her clit and stretching her lips open. How beautiful a sight! We moved down, and began licking her pussy. I went first, and then after a minute or so urged Tom to do so as well. Soon, we were both licking her pussy at the same time, with Tom working his tongue into her hole, while I laid into her clit up top. She looked to be in bliss, but I knew that her orgasm was still a ways off. We continued like this for a while before I grabbed her by the hips and told her to flip over. I then told Tom to lie down on his back and get his dick ready. He did so, and squeezed the base of his dick, making it stand up rock hard. Lauren straddled him, and spread lewdly to and looked back over her shoulder, giving me a "come fuck me" look while Tom slapped his dick along the length of her cunt, just before aiming it in. I stopped for a moment and watched him pump his large dick into her, slowly raising his hips until it disappeared into my beautiful girlfriend. I stepped forward, and grabbed her ass with both hands, spreading it open and getting an even better view of Tom's insertion into her puss. It was right there, her aching hole asking for my dick to fill it to the brim. There was so much saliva and pussy juice mixed together, that we really didn't need lube at this point. I slowly eased my dick (which was rock hard) into the space right above Tom's dick. It was tight at first, so I went very slow. Tom had stopped moving while I put it in, and was about half way out. Once I eased the head in, I began to slowly pump. Now Tom was doing the same, both of us only fucking about halfway in and out. I could tell Lauren's pussy was still getting used to the extra girth. "How you doing baby?" I asked. "Good" she responded. "Keep fucking me". "How does it feel honey?" I inquired. "It hurts a little, but keep on fucking". She said. Tom looked up at me, with a tentative look, almost as if he thought to stop upon hearing that it was hurting her, but he wasn't familiar with her fascination for pain like I was. I looked back at him, and said "keep on fucking from the bottom b*o, but only halfway like we're doing". His dick didn't miss a beat. Her pussy was getting ever wetter, and it was only a matter of time until she would be taking it all from both of us. That doesn't even begin to describe what it felt like for me and Tom… Both of our cocks were rocks hard, and we could feel the soft, fleshy, uneven pressure of each other's shaft with every stroke, along with the "tight openness" of my girlfriend's talented vagina. Because we were only going halfway into her pussy, we were essentially rubbing glans on glans the whole time. Damn, did it take a lot of control to not cum immediately! Just the feeling of another soft, mushy dick-head squeezed and rubbing against your own cock-head inside of a hot, willing pussy… That would make most mortal men cum in less than a minute. Me and Tom are both experienced cocksmen, as it were, so rather than blow our loads right there, it only served to make us 100% erect. I could feel her vagina relax a bit more, and started to thrust deeper. "Oooohh, baby, give it to me deep. Both of you", Lauren began to moan. I took that as my cue, and began to go even deeper. Now, her gash was truly relaxed and open, taking on two hard 7" dicks in their fullest state. We were both literally balls deep in her, with our large scrotums hanging out together at the opening of her womanhood. We just stayed like that for a minute, pushed in to the hilt before we began to fuck again. We started slow and long, but Lauren had something else in mind. "Fuck it all the way in and out. You too Tom, fuck me fast. Grind my pussy and fuck hard against my clit." Tom started to fuck faster, and I just kept up with my own long, slow strokes. There was certainly something unique going on in her pussy now– one guy going hard and fast, while the other is going deep and slow. Two totally different fuck tempos in her pussy at the same time… and the sensation was mutual all around. I could feel her silky walls slowly grip every centimeter of the top of my dick, while the bottom was burning with fuck-pleasure as Tom thrust against me at light speed. I could see this was driving Lauren over the top, with my slow and deep reaching up inside her, while Toms fast-fuck banged away at her clit from inside and outside. As I fucked her from behind, I bent forward and spoke softly into her ear, "See baby, we love your pussy so much that we can't even wait our turn. I like when you take two, and I don't mind sharing you" I started going harder into her pussy, and soon we were both giving our all into her double-stuffed pussy, but now at a more even rate. Her little hole stayed naturally drenched the whole time, so I have no doubt she was enjoying every minute just as she said she did. As I looked down into her widened vagina, I found myself so excited by seeing her lips puff out and stretch around two shafts. We were so erect and we were opening her so wide, that to you could almost see deep into her pussy if you stared at the sides of our entry point. The underside of my dick was on fire with friction and ecstasy, and I knew Tom's dick felt the same. One look at Lauren would tell anyone that she was very close to orgasm. "Oooohhh god… That feels so good. I have two boys in my pussy and it feels so good. Two boys that want to fuck my pussy so good!" I was really loving it, hearing my normally shy little girlfriend talk so openly about having two dicks in her. Once we got a rhythm going, it was apparent that this was the sex I had been missing all along. It felt so right, and so natural to have my best friend in her along with me… fucking right along with me, all for my girlfriends special pleasure. I could see the lust and primal sexuality take her over. I wondered how many of our ancestors had sex like this, and how many women through history had discovered the secret of accepting two dicks into their vagina? I can only imagine how loved, fertile, and secure a woman could feel when connected to two men in the most intimate of ways. "Oh fuck, oh fuck, fuck me hard baby." Her breathing changed to short, shallow breaths. Baby…. baby.. I'm coming." Lauren screamed, her body shuddering. She was now fucking back hard onto our thick double-shaft, and almost taking our dicks off in the process. She let out one last, long cry, before collapsing on Tom like a dead body. Almost motionless, except for still jiggling her ass against our dicks and moaning a low, soft, noise. She had just had the first orgasm of her 22 year old life.

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