Saturday, October 27, 2012


Daddy and I have been lovers since the day that my mother, the bitch, walked out on us and never looked back. That was my sophomore year in college, the summer I turned 20. I was there to ease Daddy's pain and he has rewarded me with the loving touch only a Daddy can give his little girl. I know that some of you may be thinking that this is wrong, but how can something that feels so right be wrong? It is not wrong in our eyes and it works for us. After we became lovers, Daddy moved us out of the community that I had grown up in. We moved to a small rural village and are living together as man and wife. None of our neighbors know the difference. They just know that Daddy is one lucky son of a bitch to have such a young spry bride that loves to fuck her husband. It's nice to live as man and wife in a community that doesn't know that he is my Daddy. In our bedroom, in the privacy of our own home, I can call him Daddy but when we are out in public, I must call him by lover's names or his first name of Michael. I could recant the first time that Daddy entered my bed and touched me like a lover but that has been done so many times and we are so past that. No, today, I would like to tell you of our spring break trip to a cabin in the woods that Daddy found specifically for some alone time with his little girl. Because Daddy was taking me away from work and school, I was to be submissive for the entire trip. Anything that Daddy wanted to do to his little girl, he was going to do and I was to give him no lip about it. I was his for the taking and there was no stopping him once he was on this mission. It was about a three and a half hour drive to the cabin in the woods. We left Monday morning and would not be back in town until Thursday evening. That entire time I was able to address him as Daddy and he addressed me as his baby girl, little slut, fucking whore and any other name that he wanted to call me. It was our time and he was going to make the most of it before we had to head back to reality. We talked and laughed and listened to music on the way to the cabin. Every once in a while, Daddy would reach over from driving and fondle my left tit. Daddy loved my 36DD titties. He played with them every chance he got. For the first Valentine's Day that we had after mom left, Daddy took me and got my nipples pierced. That was one of the hottest gifts that he ever got me and we have had so much fun with those pierced nipples. So, he would reach over and grab my pierced nipples and pinch and twist them because he knew that would turn me on. He was so right. By the time we got to our destination, my pussy was so wet that I wanted to fuck right then and there. It was a beautiful day when we got to the cabin, it was like 78 degrees yet when we left home it had been 56 degrees. Unfortunately, the fan did not work in the cabin and the air conditioner was still closed up from the long hard winter that we had this year. Daddy had to turn around and go back into town to purchase a fan as he was one to need the white noise to sl**p peacefully. Plus, we had to have some air circulation in this cabin that we were spending three nights at. While Daddy was gone, I set the stage to what was going to be one hot kinky week away from civilization. I had purchased a new outfit for Daddy, one that he has commented on many times when we were looking at fetish wear online together. It was a blue plaid skirt, with a sheer white tie between the tits sort of blouse. I put my hair up in pigtails with blue pigtail holders. I added to the outfit some white fishnet crotchless panty hose, some baby doll socks and black loafers along with a blue thong to match the plaid skirt. Blue is my Daddy's favorite color, so I always try to go with something blue for him. I felt sexy and my thong was already wet from the anticipation of the coming events. My pussy was soaked and couldn't wait for some attention from my Daddy. When Daddy got back from the store, he walked in the cabin and I was standing there in my outfit with my right leg crossed over my left ankle with one hand on my hip and the other leaning on the footboard of the wooden bed that was one of the features of the cabin. He loved my outfit. He looked at me and said, "Damn, baby girl, you look hot! When did you get that outfit for Daddy?" "Oh Daddy, I got this a couple weeks ago when we were starting to plan for the trip. I couldn't wait to show you. It was so hard to keep a secret from you, Daddy. "My sweet baby girl, you are always thinking of how to please Daddy and you do such a good job at it. Thank you sweetheart, I love it! Let me get this fan set up and I will show you how much I love that little skirt and blouse." "By the way, I got you something while I was at K-mart." Daddy said. "Oh wow Daddy that is awesome. What did you get me?" He had purchased me a pink leather journal to record this week's adventures. I thought that was a completely hot idea and because my Daddy knows that I love to write erotica, he wanted me to recant the vacation and possibly submit it to Literotica, which is how I am telling you this story. I tried to capture each and every sexual encounter as shortly after it finished as possible, so that I could keep the details sorted out in my head. It was hot and kept me wet all week. When Daddy wasn't touching me, I was writing about how he had just touched me and getting wet all over again. It was a vicious circle that I did not mind having to deal with. IT WAS HOT! So, once Daddy got some air circulating in the cabin, we sat out on the back deck and relaxed for a little while. That was our favorite spot to sit. Let me tell you about this little cabin in the woods. It is the cutest damn thing. When you walk up to it, the door is in the center with a window on each side with window boxes filled with silk flowers. So, no matter what time of year you visit these little cabins, there are always flowers. When you walk in to the log cabin, there is a small kitchenette to your right, a seating area for two with a gas fire place and a TV with a DVD player on the left. The four poster oak log bed is the central point of the room and the bed is absolutely beautiful. There is a CD player playing relaxing music and there is a gift basket on the bed with two plush robes, a bottle of sparkling wine with two wine glasses filled with Hershey's kisses. The bathroom is off to the left and there is a back door that leads to the deck. Once out on the deck, there is a two person hot tub to the left, completely private with ivy covered lattice work. There is a chiminea in which to burn a fire, firewood, a table and two chairs and a gas grill with utensils. The back deck faces the woods and there is complete privacy on that back deck. We had planned on being in the cabin for the next 36 hours and play out our fantasies that we have been journaling about for the past month. With planning on staying in the cabin, there was no need for clothes so Daddy got naked and put on his plush robe while we sat out on the deck talking and deciding what to do first. Let me say that my Daddy loves to take pictures of our sexual encounters and look back at them when I am not available to fuck. He loves looking at our homemade porn. Well, for my birthday last year, he got me a real nice 35mm digital camera that takes pretty good videos. So, he took some pictures of me in my little school girl outfit. He made me bend over and touch my ankles so that he could get a shot of that blue thong going up the crack of my ass. You could see that my thong was wet and discolored from my pussy juice seeping onto it. "Is Daddy's little girl wet? Thinking about how Daddy is going to get you off this evening?" I turned around and looked at him over my shoulder and said, "Daddy, I have been wet since we left our house." I stood up and turned around and lifted my skirt so that Daddy could get a picture from the front. It was a pretty blue thong that Daddy licked his lips when he saw my pussy lips outlined in the satin thong. He absolutely loved that outfit and I am glad that I spent the money that I did for this trip. So, after we had a couple of beers and were well on our way to a very relaxing buzz, Daddy led me back into the cabin. He pulled out another surprise that I had no idea about and showed me something that he had made just for this week. Let me explain that I love to be restrained, spanked, bound and gagged. I love to submit to my Daddy and I love for him to make me do things. When Daddy spanks my ass and turns it red, my cunt starts flowing with juice that Daddy loves to feel. He will spank me just to see how wet he can get me before I have to get off. I love being completely submissive to my Daddy. He is a wonderful dominator. He made me put a sex blanket on the four poster bed, in the middle, and crawl up on the center. He turned around and got into our "tool" bag of sex toys and got out the necessary items that he needed for this session. As he was getting things out and getting set up, he told me to take off my panties and spread my legs. I lie back on the bed and spread my legs for Daddy and he got out a spreader bar that he had made himself. We had been looking at them online and he told me he could make it for a lot cheaper. He put on my leather ankle cuffs and hooked them to the end of the 34" bar and my legs were not going to be together for some time. I was completely immobile as far as my legs were concerned. Then he put rope through the links at the end of the bar and up and around the head board of the wooden log bed. Once he got the rope situated, he pulled my legs up high and spread wide. It was a hot scene and my pussy was spread open for any use he could come up with. My ass was also accessible for any spanking that might have to occur. Daddy kept track of the things that I had done to irritate him on the way down to the cabin. One of the things that happened that Daddy was not keen on was the references to his age a couple times down the road. He even told me once, at lunch, that I was going to get a whoopin' for that comment. Once he got me strung up and unable to move, he grabbed our pink riding crop and began whoopin' my ass. "Now what was that reference to my age on the way down here? I will teach you a lesson. You are not to make references to my age, young lady. I am your father and you will respect me!" With every other word came a slap of that leather across my ass cheeks. He caught my clit a couple of times to, for good measure. Daddy loves spanking my clit. My pussy was dripping juices down the crack of my ass with every strike he made on my ass. "I'm sorry Daddy, please don't spank me anymore." "I will spank you until I feel you don't need spanked anymore. You have been a bad little girl and you must be punished for your actions." "Oh Daddy, please...stop!" Daddy reached between my pussy lips and dragged his fingers through my slit. "You don't want me to stop. See how wet your pussy is from my spanking? You love being spanked, don't you my little whore?" "Oh Daddy, yes, I love when you whip my ass. The more you make it sting, the wetter my cunt gets. Please Daddy, don't stop!" He picked up our newest addition of the spanking devices that we acquired. It is a crop with ball chain strips, about 8, at the end of it. Daddy got my nipples a couple times pretty good with that. Daddy liked it because it got into my nooks and crannies quite well. He got those ball chains twirling and smacking on my rock hard little clit. I almost came right then and there. I was so close that all Daddy had to do was reach up and rub on my clit for a couple of minutes and I came with a gushing amount of juices flowing from my cunt. I was cumming like a whore and rising up my hips with orgasm. It was a beautiful sight. I know because Daddy was videotaping this sexual encounter and we were able to watch it later. He set the spanking devices aside and leaned into my wide open pussy and began licking my hard little clit. He ran his tongue around my clit and back down through my cunt and back up again. My legs were spread so wide open that Daddy didn't even have to spread my lips open to get to my clit. It was an awesome feeling. Daddy's tongue licked and lapped at my clit while my body started convulsing into another, more intense, orgasm. I squirted all over Daddy's goatee and I would be able to taste that later. He always gets me going so hard that I squirt. He is amazing like that and like no other lover I have ever had. Daddy knows where my buttons are and how to push them just right to bring on the most intense orgasms. After that orgasm, Daddy picked up the riding crop and spanked my ass some more. My ass was red from his beatings and it was stinging like hell. Of course, with that sting, my pussy started flowing even more. He spanked me and asked me how many boys in the neighborhood I was fucking and he told me not to lie to him. You see my Daddy works third shift so we don't get to fuck until the weekends. A slut's gotta have some sort of release throughout the week and my Daddy knows me that well. When I told him five, he spanked me even harder and called me a fucking whore. My cunt was flowing directly into my asshole at this very minute. Once Daddy was done spanking me for the five boys that I had been fucking, he grabbed two of his favorite vibrators and attacked my snatch again. He had a g-spot vibrator inside my cunt vibrating on my magical spot. Then the other slim line vibrator, he had rubbing on my clit. He fucked me and rubbed my clit until I was a fountain of ejaculate. It must have flowed for a good thirty seconds and all over the blanket that we had put down. Daddy loved my legs spread wide open and so did I. The last orgasm was so intense that my legs were shaking and my whole body was having aftershocks. Daddy released my legs and pulled me into a very romantic kiss. "Oh sweetheart, you make Daddy feel so good. I love you baby doll! And I am so thankful for our relationship. You are such a fucking slut and Daddy is so lucky to have you. Let's go build a fire on the deck and rest up for what's to come." I took off my little girl outfit and threw on my plush robe and we went out on the deck. It was a beautiful night out, just starting to cool down some. Daddy built a fire in the chiminea and had a very romantic setting started. We lit the candle on the table and had some incense burning and we decided to get into the hot tub. Like I said before, there was no need for clothes for the first day and a half of this trip. Once we got the lid off of the hot tub, Daddy disrobed and got in. We had all of the privacy in the world and there was no need for suits in this hot tub. I disrobed and got in and sat across from Daddy. The jets felt so good on my sore aching muscles and I found if I rose up just a little bit the jets would wash over my clit, cunt and asshole. It felt so good having the 102 degree water rushing over my most intimate parts. Daddy was watching me with a sly grin on his face. "What are you doing little girl? Are you letting those jets get into Daddy's places? Does it feel good to my little slut? Why don't you come over here and give me a kiss." I went over to him and got on my knees in front of him and we locked lips in a mind blowing sensual kiss. My Daddy kisses better than any man in this country and I would bet my life on that. As soon as Daddy kisses me and enters his tongue into my mouth, my pussy starts flowing like a whore. He kissed me while he fondled my floating 36DD tits and squeezed my nipples, which also make my cunt start flowing. When Daddy reached between my legs as I spread them wide open, he began rubbing my clit and inserting his first two fingers inside my slick cunt. "Oh, Daddy's baby girl is so wet. Can you cum for Daddy?" "Daddy, I will always cum for you. You know how to make me cum so well, c'mon Daddy, make your little whore cum!" He began thrusting his two fingers in and out of my dripping wet cunt. "Oh sweetheart, you are so fucking tight. Your cunt is amazing. It can take a fucking, a fingering and a licking and still be as tight as the first time I fucked you and took your virginity as mine." "Oh Daddy, I am going to cum and cum hard. Daddy, fuck me with those fingers. You know I love your fingers inside my cunt. Oh god, Daddy, I am cumming." I squirted all over Daddy's fingers as he continued to pound my cunt with those magical fingers of his. "Do you want to ride Daddy's cock, little girl?" These are the words that I live for. When those words come out of my Daddy's mouth, my cunt starts twitching and aching for his hard cock. My Daddy has an eight inch cock that knows how to do things to women that can only be seen in movies. My Daddy's cock has seen the insides of a whole lot of pussies throughout his lifetime. In fact, Daddy calls himself a whore all the time. He loves pussy. "I would love to ride your cock Daddy. I love having your hard cock inside of me." I planted my feet on either side of his hips and squatted over his cock. His hard cock entered my cunt like it belonged there and I grabbed onto the side of the hot tub and began bouncing on Daddy's hard cock. Daddy reached up and began squeezing my tits and pinching my nipples as his hard cock pounded my tight hot cunt. "Baby girl, Daddy loves having his cock inside your tight little cunt. Daddy loves fucking his baby girl like a paid whore. You are Daddy's little whore this week and you are mine for the taking. That's it my little slut, ride your Daddy's cock like a wanton little whore. My cock feels so good inside your tight little fuck hole. Oh god, baby, Daddy's gonna fill your cunt with his load of hot cum any second now. Oh shit baby, yeah, fuck your Daddy like a whore!" When Daddy talks dirty to me, my cunt responds with spasms. Every time he calls me a dirty name, my cunt gets hotter, wetter and tighter. I was riding Daddy's cock like a pro when I felt the first spurt of his cum enter my insides. My cunt muscles clamped down tight onto Daddy's cock and felt every twinge of his load entering my fuck canal. My body spasmed throughout the orgasm as Daddy continued to pinch and twist my nipples. It was hot as fuck and the pain made the orgasm that much more intense. As soon as Daddy was done, I slipped off of his flaccid cock and floated on the surface of the hot tub. Daddy reached up and began fingering my cunt like he knew I had another orgasm inside me. He thrust three fingers inside my cum-filled cunt and began pounding it where his cock had left off. He wiggled and wiggled his fingers against my magical spot and had me screaming out to no one in the woods. He had my body spasming and buckling under his thrusts and I couldn't hold back any longer. I let out a guttural scream and came all over Daddy's fingers. "That's my little whore; I'll bet you even have one more inside that tight little cunt of yours. Why don't you back up against the jets and make yourself cum once more. Daddy wants to watch you masturbate with the hot tub jets. Go on my little slut, don't be shy. Make yourself cum for Daddy, once more." I relaxed back into my seat and raised my hips up so that the jet was pointed straight at my clit. Daddy watched intently as I began rubbing that jet across my clit, back and forth, up and down. It felt so good to have that powerful jet stream across my sensitive clit. It didn't take any time at all to get me back on the orgasmic peak. When my body started convulsing, Daddy took me over the edge with his words. "Cum for Daddy, you fucking whore, Daddy wants to see you cum again. Oh you are such a hot little slut. Anything you can use to make you cum, you do. That's it baby girl, make yourself cum with that jet on your clit. You're going to cum soon, aren't you? Do it right sweetheart!" Oh Daddy, I am cumming. It feels so fucking good. I love cumming in front of you Daddy. I love being a slut right before your very eyes. The water feels so good!" I came hard right there and then. The jets were so powerful on my sensitive clit that I couldn't hold back any longer. I came like a fucking whore and screamed out to the privacy of our woods. No one was going to hear me scream out my Daddy's name so I screamed hard. It was so fucking hot that I actually had two simultaneous orgasms. They were intense and I was wiped out. We sat there in the tub and relaxed in the afterglow of the sexual acts that had just taken place. After a couple of minutes, we both got out of the tub and covered it back up. When we lay down on our pillows in that big four poster bed, we were asl**p in minutes and slept very peacefully all night long. The following morning we had planned to stay in all day and be naked and Daddy was going to make me his sex slave. I was to do anything and everything for him that was told of me. Daddy wanted porn on the TV all day long and I was not to let it run out without changing the DVD for the next show. It was a kinky kind of day planned. We woke up to gray skies and rain and realized that this would be the perfect day to stay in the cabin all day long and not put clothes on for any reason. We had coffee on the back deck as we watched the rain soak the wooded area in the back of our cabin. We talked and laughed and giggled and had a good time waking up as Daddy/Little Girl lovers. After a wonderful breakfast that Daddy prepared, I took a shower and got cleaned up for the day. Daddy's little sex slave needed some time to get ready for the day. I needed to look and act the part of my Daddy's little fuck toy. So, after my shower and shaving my pussy smooth, I got into my slave get up. My ankle cuffs were on top of my baby doll socks with ruffles. My wrist cuffs were on tight and my black leather collar was on my neck. I put my hair in pigtails so that Daddy would have handles to pull my head onto his cock when necessary. Daddy had purchased this chain for my nipple rings and I attached that to my nipples. It was just heavy enough to make me aware that it was there but not too much to be too painful. It was hot as fuck, actually. I also put my hot pink, my favorite color, thong on and made sure that it went directly into my crack. I had run all of the hot water out of the small tank and Daddy would have to wait for a little while before he took a shower. I walked out of the bathroom and over to my Daddy who was enjoying watching a bitch get double penetrated on the porn that was playing. It was hot as fuck but Daddy diverted his eyes away from the screen to look up at me and see my slave outfit. I sat down next to him on the couch for two and placed my leg up across his and spread my legs open for easy access. When Daddy reached between my legs and began playing with my pussy, I said, "Daddy, what are you doing?" He looked at me and said, "It doesn't matter what I am doing, you are mine for today for whatever I want to do to you. Do you understand me my little fuck toy? I will play with your pussy anytime I want today and if you refuse me, you will be punished." I spread my legs wider and looked him in the eye. "Yes, Daddy, I am sorry for questioning you. I will be a good little slave now and let you do as you please." Daddy slid my thong aside and rubbed my hard little clit and noticed that I was nice and wet once again. He rubbed a little orgasm out of me in no time and then picked up the chain that was attached to my nipples. The harder he shook that chain, the more my nipples bounced and the harder he rubbed my clit. I had a strong gushing orgasm and squirted all over Daddy's fingers, again! "Now, my little slut, Daddy is going to get in the shower and I want you to be prepared to be restrained when I get done. I want you to sit and watch this pornography and get yourself ready for some heavy duty fucking." While Daddy was showering, I got all of the blinds open for some natural light within the cabin. In case Daddy wanted to film anything today, we wanted all of the light we could get. Once I got everything set up for Daddy, I laid down on the couch and put my leg up on the back of the couch and grabbed a vibrator and began rubbing my clit up and down real soft so I wouldn't cum before Daddy came back into the room. I watched two girls and a guy on the video that was playing and I loved the scenes where the two ladies were 69'ing each other. I love to eat pussy and it makes me hot to watch others doing that very act. My cunt was soaked by the time Daddy came out of the shower. He stood there all clean and smelling good and took some pictures of me masturbating with that little vibrator. I slid the thong out of the way and inserted that vibrator into my hot little cunt. It was fucking awesome! Daddy began talking me through another orgasm. "That's it baby girl, make yourself cum. I want to see you cum baby and I want it to be hard and nasty. Cum for Daddy, my little slut!" When I came, Daddy took a picture of my face that has ecstasy and lust written all over it. I came hard enough to make me nice and wet for Daddy's plans. Daddy sat down next to me after my orgasm subsided and kissed me like a lover. My cunt started stirring and I wanted Daddy's fingers inside me. He must have read my mind because he reached down under my pink satin thong and began rubbing my clit. "Oh my baby girl is so wet and hot! Let's see if Daddy can help his little girl out with this leaking problem." He got me going pretty good with the clit rubbing and as soon as my little orgasm started, he shoved his two fingers into my slick wet spasming cunt and began fingering my hole again. I loved having his fingers inside me. I was hoping to get more in the future than just those two. We will see. Daddy gave me a good cum that time and my cunt was so ready for fucking. Daddy had other plans though. We got up and headed over to the bed. Daddy lies down and spreads his legs for his little girl. I got between his legs and knelt and Daddy took a picture of my chains and my thong and pigtails. I was his little slave girl for the day and he got me right before sucking on his big cock. His cock was hard as a rock and sticking straight up for his little girl. I lay down between his legs and took his big cock into my hand. I began stroking it lovingly and with a purpose. Then I took my tongue and ran it all along the edge of his head. He moaned and grabbed my pigtails. He pulled me down onto his cock and I opened up my throat for the head to slide past my larynx. Daddy loves when the head of his cock touches the back of my throat. I sucked his cock for a good 15 minutes but I didn't want him to cum yet. I crawled up beside my Daddy and he leaned over me to give me some kisses. He kissed me deep and hard and with a purpose. He made my cunt flow with anticipation. My ass was sticking up in the air and he began spanking my ass with his bare hand. Anything that I had done over the last 24 hours, I was getting a spanking for. He spanked me hard and made my ass sting. The more he made my ass sting, the wetter my cunt was getting. After about 30 swats, he rolled me over and spread my legs and shoved his fingers inside my cunt and began thrusting. My cunt was so wet from that spanking that Daddy had no trouble getting three fingers inside my fucking cunt. It was HOT! Daddy fingered my cunt and rubbed my clit until I was just at the edge of orgasmic bliss and he took me over the edge in no time. Then Daddy got up out of the bed as I was lying there in the aftershock of intense orgasmic pleasure. He walked over to the wall and got the spreader bar down. He attached my ankles to it and strung the rope through the bar and through the bedposts and got my legs high up in the air. My legs were spread wide and my pussy was so wet that you could see it on the camera. Daddy started videotaping as soon as he got my legs in the air and my cunt was wide open for the taking. Daddy came over and sat on the end of the bed and grabbed the riding crop and began spanking me nice and hard. It stung when that leather hit my ass. Daddy knows just how to hit with it to make it sting. He spanked my clit a couple of times and then he leaned up and spanked on my nipples for a few strikes. My nipples were hard and sticking up straight. My clit was hard and sticking up also. My cunt was wet for the taking and my Daddy took care of me well. He used a vibrator on my clit and continued spanking my ass periodically. He would slip the small vibrator into my well lubricated cunt and then go back to my clit and rub around it. All the while, talking dirty to me, this turns me on to no end. "Does Daddy's little slut like being spanked? Do you like the way your legs are spread open wide for me? I love to have your legs spread open for me, baby doll. You are such a little slut, who just loves to cum, aren't you? You are Daddy's little whore to do with what I please today. Daddy is going to make you cum like a little whore! Now relax and let Daddy do his thing." Daddy got me off using a g-spot vibrator that also tickles my clit. I could hear my juices flowing rapidly as my orgasm hit completely. My hips bucked up in the air and Daddy was able to strike my ass with his bare hand, mid-orgasm. It was completely hot that I could not put my legs together and stop him from making me feel too good. Once that orgasm subsided, Daddy grabbed one of my favorite toys and had a field day with it. We have one of those ten inch cocks with a suction cup base. I have used it on occasion when Daddy was not around to take care of my aching cunt. It is huge and fills my cunt beyond belief. I love taking that cock into my cunt and Daddy, apparently, wanted to see it again and catch it on film. He took that huge dildo and twisted it inside my well lubricated cunt. It was completely hot! "Oh Daddy, fill me up! Fuck me with that huge cock, Daddy! See if you can get it all inside of me! I am your fucking whore, so please fuck me!" Daddy got it inside me and began thrusting it in and out, slowly at first. Once he got the entire ten inches coated with my flowing juices, he began to thrust a little faster and a little harder. "Oh, that's my baby slut, being able to take that whole ten inches inside your tight little cunt. You are fucking amazing to be able to take that inside you. C'mon baby doll, I want you to cum for Daddy. I want you to cum like the little slut that I know you are." With every thrust inside me, I could feel the head of that cock hitting the back of my cunt. It was so deep and my cunt was so full that I started reacting to it in a hard way. My hips started rising up to meet every one of Daddy's thrusts. I began moaning out because it felt so good. Once Daddy saw my hips reacting to his thrusts, he began shoving it in harder and faster. My cunt was soaked and that ten inches started sliding in and out of me like it belonged there. Daddy grabbed on with both hands and fucked me harder and faster until I couldn't stand it anymore. You could see the juices flowing up from my cunt when the orgasm hit. I rose up in those ropes until my ass was completely off of the bed and screamed to the rhythm of his fucking. It was in-fucking-credible! My entire pussy was soaked with my ejaculate and when Daddy finally took that huge dildo out of my cunt, it was dripping with my juices. That was so fucking hot! Then Daddy grabbed the bottle of lube and began to spread it all over my pussy. I couldn't figure out what he was doing because it seemed that I had enough juice lying around to take care of just about anything. Once he got my pussy all coated with lube, he began thrusting, slowly, his fingers inside my tight wet cunt. And I mean all of his fingers. My Daddy's hands are not extremely huge, but his fingers are thick and when he enters my cunt with them, I can feel the muscles forming around his fingers. He does it the right way and slowly enters and twists and takes his fingers inside my cunt and begins to wiggle those fingers. Then he twists a little more and in enters his thumb. Now, his entire fist is inside my cunt and he is thrusting at a slow steady pace. Then he removes his thumb and rubs that thumb along my hard little clit. So, picture this, my legs are high up in the air as well as spread wide apart. My Daddy is sitting on the bed and has his four fingers inside my cunt wiggling them against my magical cum spot. All the while, his thumb is rubbing up and down on my clit. Then as he is thrusting and wiggling inside of me, he begins to spank my nipples with the riding crop. That will send me out of this world every time. It starts slow, but strong. My muscles clench together until Daddy's fingers can hardly move. He is stronger than I am so he continues to wiggle them and hit my g-spot with every thrust. He is rubbing my clit with his thumb still and when he strikes my clamped nipples with that leather strap, it will send me over the edge into an orgasmic high that can only be described as fucking amazing. As soon as Daddy starts to feel my muscles clench, he begins talking to me like a whore and that completes the feeling! "That's it my little slut, cum hard for Daddy. I want to see that cunt become a fountain of cum. C'mon you little whore; I want you to squeeze the fuck out of my fingers. Daddy loves feeling his baby girl's cunt spasm around his fingers. That's it baby girl, cum harder!" With that Daddy starts thrusting harder and my cunt starts spewing liquid all over the place. I can't stop cumming; Daddy is thrusting all the way through my orgasm. He never stops. My cunt is so fucking wet now, my pussy is covered with my ejaculate and Daddy takes his fingers out of my cunt for about 10 seconds. "Do it again Daddy! Do it again! I want to cum harder, Daddy!" He sticks his fingers inside my cunt again and begins rubbing that clit while he is pounding on my g-spot. It doesn't take me long and my cunt is spewing cum all over the place. Daddy rides me through that orgasm and when he removes his fingers from my cunt, he shakes off the excess ejaculate that is now all over his fingers. "I think my little whore has one more big orgasm inside of her. Let's do it again!" There was nothing that I could do about that with my legs high in the air and spread widely apart. Daddy knew it too as I saw the look on his face when he said it. He put his cum covered fingers up onto my clit and rubbed my clit like mad. My clit was so sensitive at that moment that I rose my hips up and thrust into his rubbing and came again, harder and with more cum than the last two combined. He continued rubbing until I couldn't scream anymore in ecstasy. You could see the juices flying on the video when Daddy was rubbing my clit hard and fast. It was hot as fuck to see all of that cum flying from my cunt. Daddy sure knows how to touch his little girl to get the maximum effect. He is the hottest Daddy I could ever want. After he shook his hand free of the excess ejaculate, he smiled and said, "Damn, baby, that was like a fountain. I have never seen you cum so much at one time. That was incredible. Let's get you down from there for a little while and let you relax your cum strained muscles. Oh my little whore, that bar is going to get lots of use from us. I love the fact that you can't scoot away from me in the middle of an orgasm and that your legs are wide open and that gives me full access to that sweet little pussy of yours." He let my legs down and put the bar away until later. My Daddy then lay down with me and cuddled with his little girl. I felt so loved at that moment that it was unbelievable. This has been an incredible adventure so far. Can't wait to see what else Daddy has planned for this rainy weather that we are going to have the rest of the week. I went out and sat on the back deck for a little while, naked. It was raining but it was fairly warm outside. I enjoyed the freedom of not having to get dressed to lounge on the deck. If there were any hunters in the woods, I was giving them a nice little show by sitting out there. As I was sitting there swooning over the orgasms that Daddy just put me through, I was getting horny again just recounting what he had already done to me. He was inside watching the porn that we had brought. I made sure to have a new one in the DVD player so that I would not be punished. I couldn't stand it anymore thinking about the hot afternoon that we have had. My cunt was soaked and needing some attention. I walked into the cabin and over to Daddy as he sat on the couch watching three women on screen touching each other and licking each other. When I sat down next to him, he reached up and pinched my nipple and said, "Hi baby girl, what's up with you?" "Daddy, I am horny again. Can you please do something about it?" He looked at me like I was crazy and said, "Maybe, after you suck Daddy's cock." I walked over to the bed and grabbed the body pillow and brought it over to Daddy. I knelt down on the pillow and took Daddy's cock into my hand. I loved getting on my knees for my Daddy. His cock was flaccid but he was ready to be hard. I stroked his cock while I looked up into his eyes. Then I leaned over and licked the head of his cock and underneath it and then took it all the way into my mouth. I loved the way it felt when Daddy's cock grew hard in my mouth. It wasn't long before he was snapping photographs of his hard cock sliding in and out of my mouth. I would circle the head of his cock with my tongue before taking it all in my mouth again. Daddy loved when the head of his cock hit the back of my throat and when I swallow with my throat muscles, he moans. He laid his head back on the couch and reveled in the feeling of his hard cock in his daughter's mouth. He grabbed my pigtails and began fucking my face like a whore. After about ten minutes, Daddy says, "Hey, why don't we go over to the bed and you can suck my cock over there?" I immediately got up off of my knees and followed Daddy over to the bed. He spread his legs wide for me to lie down between them. This was the best position to get Daddy's hard cock into my throat. He took a few more pictures of me taking his hard cock. I was able to massage his balls while sucking his wonderful fuck tool. Daddy grabbed my pigtails again and brought my face down on his cock until I gagged. I loved gagging on Daddy's cock. It made my cunt start dripping while he was doing that. He pulled me up to his chest and lay me down next to him. Daddy kissed me long and hard and began slapping my ass cheeks nice and hard. After he made my ass cheeks nice and red, he rolled me over and spread my legs apart. When he slapped my wet pussy, I couldn't help but scream out. With that scream, he smacked my pussy even harder. My cunt was dripping down my ass crack with every slap of my clit. Soon, Daddy began dipping his fingers into my wetness and spreading it all over my hard little clit. The rhythm was amazing and he had me on the top of the orgasmic plane very shortly. Once he got my entire pussy wet with my juices, he shoved three fingers into my tight little cunt. He began thrusting his fingers in and out of my sopping wet cunt. As soon as he hit my g-spot, I came like a whore, screaming his name out. "Oh god, Daddy, make me cum hard. That feels so fucking good. I love the way you finger my cunt. That's it Daddy fuck your little girl. Fuck me hard, Daddy, fuck me hard!" He leaned over and took my left nipple into his mouth and bit down nice and hard and made me squeal again. That was enough to take me over the edge. I came and squirted all over Daddy's fingers. I could hear my juices slapping against my pussy with every thrust of his fingers. He continued to bite down on my nipple with a rhythm that matched his thrusts. It was hot and I was cumming again, very shortly. I was not down from that orgasm yet before he started slapping my pussy nice and fast and taking me over that edge, once again. Daddy had never spanked my pussy to orgasm before and I really enjoyed that. It was intense with the biting of the nipple and the wetness of his fingers. My pussy was coated well with my juices and every slap gave me shivers all the way up my spine. It was an intense orgasm that had me drained by the time he allowed me to come down from that high. He took his hand from my pussy and let go of my sensitive nipple and pulled me to his side. We lie there cuddling and actually fell asl**p for a couple of hours. My body had cum hard and long today and needed a recharge. Once we woke up, Daddy made us dinner while I watched the porn that was filling the screen. I loved to watch people fucking on camera. It turned me on from the first scene that I ever saw. Reading and watching erotica is one of my favorite hobbies. I have always enjoyed this kind of stimulation. Daddy seemed to enjoy it also. He made us steaks and baked potatoes, salad, fresh asparagus and green peppers and onions. He joined that with a wonderful red wine and more pornography. After we finished our second bottle of wine, Daddy started a fire in the chiminea and we got into the hot tub again. We would be crazy not to take every advantage of having this hot tub at our disposal. Of course, with the privacy that we had on that deck, we went into the water completely naked. It wasn't long before Daddy had me in his arms again and kissing me like a lover. I loved Daddy's kisses. His lips have always been so soft and tender and immediately make my pussy start getting wet. He reached up and grabbed my floating tits and pinched my nipples. "Daddy's little whore is horny again, aren't you?" "Daddy, every time you kiss me I get horny. I love the feel of your tongue inside my mouth. It always makes me tingle, Daddy." "That's good baby doll. Daddy only wants to make his little whore feel good. Let's see if you are wet enough to finger sweetheart." Daddy put his fingers deep inside my dripping wet cunt and began finger fucking me in the water. Now, you might think that fucking in the water is always easy. There is fluid all around you, right? Well, let me tell you that if the girl is not wet enough, it will actually turn into a dry fuck. Daddy tells me that I never seem to have that problem. I am always wet enough for him to enter me in the water. His fingers felt so good inside me, once again. I loved fucking my Daddy! All the while he was fingering my cunt; I was stroking his hard cock. He was hard as a rock again and I needed to feel his hard cock inside of me. "Oh baby, I think you should sit on Daddy's cock and fuck me like a good little girl should fuck her Daddy. What do you say to that?" I think Daddy can read minds. "Oh Daddy, I need to feel your cock inside of me again. Please let me ride you Daddy!" He stretched out and I climbed on top of him in a reverse cowgirl style and he immediately reached around me and grabbed onto my tits and began twisting my nipples. His cock entered inside me and filled me up as I was extremely tight at the moment. You see, I seem to have some pretty strong PC muscles. It seems that the harder I cum, no matter how full I am, my cunt is extremely tight afterward. It seems to get tighter with the more he fills me up. I cannot explain it but Daddy loves my tight little cunt. I loved the feeling of his hard cock fucking my cunt like a whore. "Oh baby girl, you are so fucking tight. Daddy is going to have a hard time hanging on. You feel so good wrapped around my hard cock. Daddy loves fucking his little slut. You have made Daddy one happy son of a bitch. That's it baby girl, ride my cock. Make Daddy fill you up with his seed. Your tight little cunt is so fucking hot and wet. C'mon whore, fuck your Daddy good and hard! Grind those hips you fucking slut! I want your cunt muscles to squeeze the fuck out of my cock. I want to feel your juices coat my cock and surround me with pressure. I want to cum inside my little girl!" I began grinding my hips on that hard cock and he reached down with his left hand and began rubbing my hard little clit while his cock was thrusting in and out of my cunt. He continued to squeeze and manipulate my tits and the added stimulation brought me to orgasm even more quickly than normal. When I started to ride Daddy a little harder, the water level in the hot tub began to diminish. I was riding Daddy so hard that waves were sloshing up over the sides of the hot tub. "That's it baby girl. Daddy is going to cum in that hot cunt of yours. Ride me my little fuck slut. Oh god it feels good! I love fucking you my sweet little whore." Those words were music to my ears and stimulation to my cunt. I came and clenched my Daddy's cock so hard that he started to orgasm with me. I could feel his cock spurting his seed into my cunt. Every time my cunt convulsed around his cock, it would jump and squirt more seed deep into me. Daddy continued to rub my hard clit throughout this very intense orgasm and before I knew it, I was going full f***e into another orgasm. It felt so good and Daddy was not going to let me finish anytime soon. He began whispering into my ear as he attacked my clit with a vengeance. "Daddy's little slut loves to be filled with Daddy's cum, don't you?" "Oh yes, Daddy, I love to feel you cum inside me!" "That's what Daddy likes to hear. You are such a fucking whore to let Daddy cum inside you anytime he wants. You have been a perfect little fuck slave today and I am so glad we came out here to the woods to fuck and be fucked. Daddy loves his little slut. You feel so good on my softening cock! Do you have another one inside you?" "I don't think so Daddy, you have worn me out today." "Oh, I don't think so young lady. I think you have another real big cum inside of you and it is begging to come out. I can tell by the way your muscles are clenching onto Daddy's cock that you need to cum again, and cum hard!" With that, he began friggin' my clit as hard and as fast as he could in the water. It felt so fucking awesome and amazingly enough, Daddy became hard again. I began riding his cock again as he frigged my clit and pinched my nipples. The dirty words just kept coming out of his mouth. "You are such a fucking little whore. You are insatiable! Your cunt is so fucking hot and my cock fills you up so tightly. The only thing missing is a pussy for you to be eating while you are riding your Daddy's cock. I'll bet you have some pussy in mind to be eating while I am fucking my baby girl, don't you? And I am sure that you are thinking about my big hard cock sliding in your tight little asshole tomorrow, aren't you? I am going to fuck your tight little ass as hard as you are fucking my cock right now, tomorrow! Daddy is going to cum inside your ass! Oh, that's it my little tramp, cum for Daddy! Your cunt is squeezing the fuck out of Daddy's cock!" With those words and all of the stimulation that Daddy was giving me, I came and screamed out his name loud enough for it to echo in the woods. He clamped his hand over my mouth and shushed in my ear. "Shut up you stupid bitch, you want someone to hear that I am fucking my baby girl in the hot tub of a rented cabin?" Surprisingly enough, his hand over my mouth made me cum like a tramp. I could feel myself squirting even with the water surrounding us. I moaned into the palm of his hand while the other one began pinching my nipples even harder. That took the orgasm to a higher level and my cunt muscles clinched and Daddy filled me up to over flowing with his sperm. It was hot as fuck!!! The jets' timer turned off just at the trail end of that orgasm. Daddy leaned over and turned the timer back on as I slid off of his softening cock. I was trying to catch my breath from the intense orgasm that just racked through my body. My cunt was leaking out Daddy's sperm and my muscles flinched a little when I felt the heat coming from my body. The aftershocks that racked my body were almost as intense as the first couple of orgasms that he gave me in the hot tub. I sat there and watched Daddy sit back and relax against the jets. I did the same. I was relaxed and coming down from the orgasmic high that Daddy put me on. I sat there with my eyes closed until I could feel Daddy's eyes on me. I opened one eye and looked at him and smiled. "Did Daddy wear his little girl out?" "Oh Daddy, I just need a breather. That was fucking intense!" "I know baby doll. It was doubly intense for me. How many times do you see Daddy's cock revive so quickly?" "Daddy, I have never seen that happen since we became lovers. Not that close together, anyhow." He kneeled in front of me and gave me a nice passionate kiss on the lips. Then he turned me around so that my back was against his chest and lifted my legs up out of the water and over the edge of the hot tub. Then he turned all of the bottom jets off except the one that was aimed at my pussy. The pressure was unbelievable and I could feel the jets streaming deep into my cunt. It felt awesome to feel Daddy's sperm being pushed out of me with water pressure. Then Daddy aimed my hips down a little bit and the jet of water was landing on my clit. Out of habit and necessity, I began moving my hips so that the stream of water was rubbing my clit up and down. Daddy began fondling my tits and pinching my nipples. He whispered into my ear, "Daddy wants you to cum again little girl. Daddy wants his little slut to wear herself out so that she will sl**p soundly tonight. Daddy wants you to masturbate with those jets while I squeeze your wonderfully sexy pierced nipples. That's it girl! It feels good, doesn't it? You want to cum again, don't you? C'mon you fucking whore. Cum like the little slut that you are!" That's all it took this time. My body started convulsing in Daddy's arms and I began rocking back and forth over that jet. I would sometimes lift up my ass for the stream to shoot me anally. I love the feeling of my anus being violated. That took me over the edge into the best kind of black out in the world. I came so hard that I collapsed into my Daddy's arms. I was only out for a few seconds but it was long enough to let Daddy know he had done me in. "C'mon baby girl, let's get you into bed." We got out of the tub and dried off really good and sat in front of the fire for a little while. When my head started nodding off, Daddy picked me up, took me inside and put me into bed. I think I was asl**p before my head hit the pillow. I don't remember another thing until the next morning. I woke up in my Daddy's arms with him grasping onto my left tit. He loved holding my tits while we slept and today was no exception. We looked outside and saw that it was raining, again, with gray skies all around. We had made plans to go shooting and hiking today but that was not going to be feasible with the weather the way that it was. "Well, baby girl, it seems that we won't be able to leave the cabin today. I think maybe we should just stay in and make the best of it here in our little cabin away from the world. What do you say? Do you want to stay in with Daddy and see what we can get into today?" "Oh Daddy, you know that I will always welcome time with you. Yes, I think we should stay inside and see what we can accomplish here today. I am all for being naked with you all day today, again. We don't get to do this much and I would definitely like to be fucked again today. Daddy you are the most amazing lover a little girl could ask for. Let's get some coffee and plan out our day." I got up and made the coffee and turned the TV on and put another pornographic movie into the DVD player. Daddy liked the choice that I made and watched with great interest. We had leftover steak and eggs for breakfast while we watched a swinger movie with all kinds of orgy sex going on. It was hot and made me wet watching the group sex on the screen. We had not had any partners since we became lovers and it has always intrigued me to have more than one person in the bed at a time. I wanted to try it but didn't know how Daddy felt about it. Over breakfast, we talked about the happenings of yesterday and all the fun that we had. "Daddy loves to make his little girl feel good and I think that we may have accomplished that pretty well yesterday. I have some surprises for you today and am actually glad it is raining and miserable outside. We can try the things that we didn't have a chance to yesterday." He looked up at the screen and there was a girl going down on another girl while a guy was fucking that girl from behind. It was hot and made me wet. I squirmed a little on my seat on the couch and Daddy looked at me and said, "Does that turn you on baby girl?" "Oh yes, Daddy, I would love to be that girl in the middle being fucked by you while I am eating another girl's pussy. Is that something that you would entertain Daddy?" "Oh sweetheart, I would fuck you whether you were eating another girl's pussy or sucking on another guy's cock. We should try and find someone to fill either of those spots, when we get back home. I am sure that we could find someone to let you suck on them, whether it is male or female. And I would love to engage other people in our sexual adventures, sweetie. I didn't know that sort of thing turned you on." "Daddy, I love sex! I don't care who it is with or how many are there. I just want you to be at the center of it all and welcome another person into our bedroom. It would be hot to have a little playmate that we could share. Maybe I will work on that when we get back home. I have a few ideas of friends that might join us and they already think you are the hottest Dad around. I don't think it will be hard to find a third person to join us." "My little slut is so horny. I love the fact that you are thinking about another person to join us in our adventures. Can you give me names? Or did you want to keep it a secret?" "Oh Daddy, I think I should keep it a secret until I find out for sure who might be interested in joining us as lovers." "That is perfectly fine with me. Whoever it is, I am sure we will enjoy ourselves. Maybe we can set up something for a couple of weekends from now, the next weekend I have off from work?" "I will do that as soon as we get home Daddy. I have the perfect first choice, but I will wait until I get confirmation from her. I don't want to ruin the surprise, Daddy." We continued to watch the video while finishing up breakfast. My cunt was soaked after watching all of the anal fucking that was going on between people on the screen. I was hoping that Daddy found it hot as well and maybe would try something with me later that involved anal activity. After breakfast, I did the dishes while Daddy took a shower. I made the bed and got some supplies that I needed out of our toy bag. Daddy came out all refreshed and ready to fuck. His cock was hard when he came out of the bathroom. My eyebrows rose up and I smiled at him. "Daddy couldn't help thinking about having another person in our bed with us. I have thought about it since we talked and this is the result. I think that you should take a quick shower and let's get down to some serious fucking. You have Daddy all worked up and I need some release. Daddy needs his cock inside his little girl and soon!" "I will be quick Daddy. See you in a few." I went into the bathroom and took my shower and even cleaned out my anal cavity just in case he wanted to do some playing there. I put on my ankle and wrist cuffs and attached my pierced nipple chain to my nipple rings and also put on the nipple clamps with the chain attached to them. Then I lubed up my ass and did a little ass play by myself in order to get my special gift from Daddy a few months ago, inside me. My ass was nice and clean and lubed up and ready for anything. I got my huge pink anal plug all lubed up and began pushing it into my tight little asshole. I loved having my ass full. It was hot to me. It made me feel like a nasty little slut and it turned Daddy on to see my ass full also. I had to clinch my ass muscles to keep that anal plug inside me and that made me hot just clinching onto that plug. I walked back out into the TV area to see that Daddy's cock was still hard, as he was stroking it while watching the fucking on screen. He loved the chains connecting my nipples. "Oh baby doll, you look hot as hell. Those chains are magnificent. Why don't you kneel down in front of Daddy and suck on his hard cock. I have been watching this fucking all the while you were in the shower. I need you to suck my cock, baby girl." I pulled a pillow from the bed and placed it between Daddy's legs. As I knelt down, I did not let Daddy see the anal plug in my ass. He had no idea yet. I took his cock into my hand and began stroking it as he had been doing. Daddy grabbed the camera and started filming me as I touched my tongue to the head of his cock. I swirled my tongue around his head and slowly licked down the underside of his cock, along the main vein. Daddy moaned as I took his entire length down my throat. His cock was as hard as it could be and I loved the feeling of his head entering my throat. Daddy grabbed the back of my head and f***ed me onto his cock. That action started the juices flowing inside my cunt, once again. I loved being f***ed to do something sexual with my Daddy. When he takes control of me, my insides just melt and all I want to do is make him happy. He fucked my face and filmed every minute of my cock sucking. When I grabbed onto his balls and started massaging them while deep throating his cock, he leaned his head back and moaned. I would find out later that he showed that very action on the film that he was recording. Daddy looked so sexy leaning back with his hand on the back of my head. "Oh baby girl, my cock feels so good in your throat. I love the way that you suck Daddy's cock. It is amazing the feeling that your tongue can give me down the entire length of my cock. You're going to suck Daddy off, aren't you baby girl?" I mumbled a positive response with his cock in my mouth and began sucking his cock with all my might. I wanted Daddy to cum in his little girl's mouth. I wanted to taste his cum on my tongue. I began sucking a little bit harder and stroking his cock along with my thrusts onto his cock. I had his balls in one hand and his cock in the other with my mouth sliding up and down on his hard cock. I had to taste his sperm this morning. When Daddy realized that we had reached the point of no return, he just aimed the camera and leaned back and enjoyed the blow job that his little girl was giving him. When I felt his cock start straining and growing with my every thrust, I picked up my pace and really went to town on his hard cock. I could feel the straining on his balls in my hand and I knew he was going to erupt inside my mouth any second now. The first good spurt of cum landed on my tongue and I swirled it all around the head of his cock and rubbed it all over my lips and cheeks. The second load that squirted into my mouth was a little less but just as hot. I cleaned every drop of cum off of his cock within the next few minutes. There was cum all over my lips and cheeks and I loved the feeling of Daddy's cum moisturizing my face. Once I got every drop of cum there was off of his cock, I leaned down and licked his balls clean. I leaned up and wiped my face of the excess cum and licked it off of my fingers. "Oh my god, that is so hot baby girl. Daddy loves to watch you swallow his cum. You are such a hot little girl. I think we need to get over to the bed and let's see if we can get you off a few times. What do you say?" I got up and kissed Daddy and headed over to the bed. Daddy had already set out the sex blanket to protect the bed from my fountain of cum. He got down the spreader bar and attached it to my ankle cuffs and once again my legs were spread wide apart. I loved this new toy of ours and was extremely wet thinking about what he was going to do this time. When he raised my legs off of the bed and high into the air, my cunt started flowing. That is about the time that he noticed the bright pink anal plug stuck in my ass. Well, well, well, what do we have here? Does my little whore need her tight ass played with today? That is hot as fuck baby doll and I love the fact that you hid it from me until now. That turns Daddy on to no end. You are such a fine little slut. Let's see what we can do to make my little tramp feel good. Daddy loves that you have initiated some anal play. Daddy loves to be inside his little girl's ass." He slowly took the anal plug from my ass and noticed that my muscles had to relax to let the anal plug out of my ass. Once he did that, he shoved two fingers into my well lubed ass and began thrusting inside me. It felt so good. He then picked up the leather riding crop and began slapping my ass with it as he fingered my ass. The sting that the riding crop caused was making my cunt drip with juices. He laid the crop down and picked up his favorite g-spot vibrator and inserted that inside my cunt while he was still finger fucking my ass. I was turned on like no other and began moaning out in ecstasy. "Oh Daddy, fuck your little whore's ass. I love the way you finger my asshole, Daddy. Fuck my cunt too Daddy. Fuck me hard. I want to cum for you, Daddy. You always make your little girl feel so good!" He picked up the pace of the vibrator inside my cunt with the pace that he was fucking my ass. It became so intense that when I started to cum, I screamed out at the top of my lungs. Daddy did not let up. I was not going anywhere so he made me cum as hard as he could, knowing that I couldn't back away or close my legs up on him. When my body started convulsing in orgasm, he began his dirty talk to take me the rest of the way over the orgasmic edge. "That's it my little whore! I want you to cum for Daddy and I want you to cum hard! Oh my, my little slut, you are cumming so hard. Oh my god, your juices are flowing uncontrollably. Cum like the little tramp that you are!" My body spasmed and my juices flowed and I screamed and came like a little whore. My cunt became a fountain of ejaculate and I couldn't stop. Daddy kept fucking my ass and fucking my cunt and stimulating my clit until I couldn't stand it anymore. My juices were squirting out and landing on Daddy's arms and all over the vibrator. On the video, we would see later, you could see the juices erupting out of my cunt and just streaming like a fountain all over the place. It was hot as fuck. Once my orgasm seemed to last about five minutes, it was probably closer to a minute and half, it finally seemed to subside a little bit. As I was coming down from this orgasmic plateau, Daddy turned up the vibrator and added another finger to my tight ass. In about thirty seconds flat, he had me squirming and groaning in orgasm again. It was hot and intense and even stronger than the first one. It was amazing and he had a look on his face as he was watching me cum that I love to see. He looks me in the eye and watches every emotion as my body becomes tense and racked with orgasmic delights. "I knew you had another one inside there. C'mon baby girl, cum for Daddy. Cum like the little whore that you are. I love to make you cum like a slut and you are so fucking hot squirting all over the place while Daddy fucks your ass and your cunt. You are so fucking hot baby doll. I love the way you let me fuck you with whatever and whenever. You are my dream come true!" He let that orgasm subside and slowly took his fingers out of my tight ass. He turned off the vibrator and withdrew it from my cunt. I was completely coming down now. Once I caught my breath, Daddy picked up the chains that were connected to my nipples and shook them nice and hard. My nipples had been clamped for about a half an hour at this time and they were extremely sensitive. That shaking action took my body up the orgasmic plane again and as I was moaning out, Daddy shoved three fingers inside my soaking wet cunt. He began fucking me as he was shaking my nipples and the added stimulation drove me over the edge. It was hot and wet and unbelievable. Daddy is so good at making me cum to the fullest of my ability. "Baby doll, you are so fucking hot and wet. I love being inside your cunt and making you cum. Your muscles squeeze my fingers and clamp down so tight. I love that feeling. I love making you cum like a little wanton slut!" In the middle of that very intense orgasm, Daddy slid off one nipple clamp and then the other. When the bl**d came rushing back into my nipples, I came again. That was an intense rush. It was like every nerve ending I had ended at my nipples. It was outrageous and I felt like a nasty little girl, cumming so hard for her Daddy. After that orgasm faded, Daddy did something that was phenomenal. I was lying there with my legs up and spread wide in the air with all of my holes open for the taking. The way that Daddy took them was what made it so hot. As I lay there catching my breath, Daddy got up and got a few play things to make his next move. I could not see as my legs were blocking my view of our plethora of toys. Daddy got back on the bed with me and smiled at me. "Daddy is going to make his little girl feel like a nasty little slut. Daddy is going to fill you so full that you are going to beg me to stop. I am going to make you cum like a paid whore!" One of the things that we got for this trip was a lube shooter. Daddy filled one of those shooters up with our favorite lubricant and then inserted that lube shooter into my ass. I could feel the warm lubricant sliding inside my asshole and filling me up. I watched him fill up my ass and then fill another shooter and insert it into my dripping wet cunt. He was getting me ready for something big but I didn't know what. I felt the lubricant warming up my insides and let my mind wander for a moment. That was when Daddy inserted that huge ten inch cock inside my cunt. He slid it slowly inside me until I could feel the balls of that dildo hit my ass. It was all the way inside me and my cunt was stretched around it. Daddy stroked it a couple of times in and out of my tight little cunt and watched my expressions with interest. "That's it baby girl, take that fucking cock deep inside your tight wet cunt. Daddy loves filling his little girl with cock, no matter if it's real or fake. Daddy loves seeing his little girl's cunt so full. Now, let's see what we can get into your ass to fill you up like a true whore." Daddy knelt between my legs and held that big dildo inside my cunt for a minute. He lined his raging hard cock up to my puckered little asshole and placed the head at my opening. I made my muscles relax so that he could enter my waiting asshole. He pushed slowly to get the head inside my hole and then without warning, he shoved himself all the way into my anal cavity. He stayed there for a minute to let my muscles relax around his girth and once he felt my muscles get accustomed to his cock being inside me, he began thrusting his cock in and out of my tight asshole. He followed suit with the dildo that was inside my cunt. I felt so dirty and nasty to be so full of cock. I loved that feeling. "Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me like a whore! I love your cock in my ass! I love to be this full of cock with you Daddy. Fuck me hard!" He started slamming his cock deeper and deeper into my ass while he was slamming that dildo deeper and deeper into my cunt. It was hot as fuck and I was feeling like a true whore. "Oh baby doll, my cock feels so good in your tight little ass. I love fucking my baby girl's asshole. Daddy loves making his little girl feel nasty and used. You are my little fuck toy and I am going to fill your ass with my cum. You are such a hot little whore!" His hips were pounding his cock into my ass and making me quiver in anticipation of the strong orgasm that this fucking was going to give me. Anal sex is so fucking hot to me. I can't understand why most girls don't like it. I love being fucked in the ass and Daddy did it the best. He always made sure to have enough lube and to take it slow until he felt me relax and mold my muscles around his hard cock. That combined with the huge dildo inside my cunt and I was in fucking heaven. Daddy felt my muscles twinge in pre-orgasm anticipation and took it up a notch with his pounding of both cocks inside my holes. "Oh baby girl, you are so fucking tight with that cock in your cunt. Daddy is going to fill your ass with his hot cum in no time flat. You feel so good on Daddy's cock. I love the feel of your ass grabbing onto me and milking my sperm. Daddy's gonna make his little slut cum nice and hard. I can feel it coming baby girl, cum for Daddy! Cum like a whore!" My body started convulsing with these words and that started racking my body with orgasm. My cunt tightened up around that fake cock while my ass tightened around Daddy's real cock. It was an amazing feeling as my cunt started to fountain up with ejaculate. I was squirting so much that my cum was landing on my belly and tits. Daddy started grunting like a caveman as he began to fill my tight ass with his hot seed. I could feel my ass clenching onto his cock and milking every last drop of his cum from him. I loved the feeling of this intense orgasm rocking my body to new heights. I loved an anal orgasm and I couldn't help but scream out. "Oh Daddy, I feel your cum in my ass. Fuck me Daddy; fuck me like a fucking whore. Fuck me harder Daddy, I want you to fill me up with your hot cum. He strained and planted his cock deep inside me as my muscles drained his cock of sperm. He continued to fuck me hard with that dildo and rode out the orgasm a little longer with the added stimulation. I came some more and it all landed on my tits. I reached up and rubbed my own cum into my cleavage and all over my nipples. I pinched my nipples and took myself another level up in the orgasm department. It was hot and my cunt would not stop flowing. The more my cunt produced ejaculate, the harder Daddy fucked me with that fake cock. It was intense and extremely satisfying. My body was convulsing and every muscle in my body tensed up and shook. Finally, Daddy stopped thrusting that cock into my cunt and my body started to come down from that orgasmic high. It was amazing. The bl**d was rushing to my nipples that I was still squeezing and Daddy's cock let go of his last bit of semen. I felt it dribbling out around his cock and down the crack of my ass. My tits and belly were covered with my own cum and when Daddy withdrew that huge dildo from my cunt, it was dripping with my juices. He threw it aside and slowly withdrew his softening cock from my tight asshole. Daddy quickly let my legs down as they had been hanging up there for about an hour and my legs needed a little relief. Daddy lay down with me and snuggled up to me as my breathing was returning back to normal. He whispered into my ear, "Daddy loves fucking his little girl's tight ass. You made Daddy very proud today to be able to take two cocks at once. You are truly my little fuck toy, baby girl, and Daddy is going to make sure that you can fuck like a whore. When we do invite someone into our bedroom, I want to make sure that they are going to be taken care of, no matter which sex they are. Yeah, I think we are ready to invite someone to join in with us. I have a few ideas myself. You work on who you want to invite and I will work on who I want to invite. We will definitely have a good summer experimenting with some different things. How's that sound to my little whore?" "Oh Daddy, it sounds so fucking hot, I can't stand it. It is making me wet just thinking about it. I will start working on my friend as soon as we get home." With that, I fell asl**p. I was exhausted by the intense orgasms that Daddy f***ed out of me and we lie there sl**ping for a couple of hours. When I awoke, my legs were spread open wide and Daddy was playing with my hard little clit. I was still wet and well lubricated and he was making my clit grow harder by the second. I moaned and turned toward him and he leaned down and kissed me. "Welcome back to the land of the living sweetheart. Daddy must have worn his little girl out. You have been asl**p for two hours. I think that your cunt wants you to wake up now, though. You sure are awful wet and your little clit is as hard as a rock. What was my baby girl dreaming of for the last two hours?" "Daddy, you made me cum so hard that I was wiped out. The entire time that I was asl**p, I was dreaming of my friend and me fucking you and eating each other. It was a very hot dream and I hope that I can make it come true." "Well, it sure did make you nice and wet and your pussy is so fucking hot, baby girl. I love rubbing your clit and fingering your cunt. Let's see if Daddy can make his little girl feel better." He slid two fingers inside my cunt as he planted a nice passionate kiss on my lips. When his tongue entered my mouth, I sucked on it like I was hungry newborn sucking on her mother's nipple. His tongue made me feel so good in so many places. He kissed me down my neck and over to my nipple and took one nipple into his mouth and began chewing on it. Little by little, he bit down a little harder. They were still so sensitive and my cunt was flowing with the fingers inside me and his teeth biting down on my nipple. I was ascending into a pretty good orgasm when Daddy inserted another finger inside my cunt and began wiggling them all against my most prized spot. He knew how to build me up just right and at a steady rate. He bit down on my nipple real hard and real quick and I squirmed in ecstasy. I lifted my leg in the air and pointed my foot at the ceiling opening myself up nice and wide for Daddy. With the additional access, he added his fourth finger inside my cunt and lined up his cock to my still lubed asshole. Not only did my ass still hold onto that lubricant from earlier, but also Daddy's load of cum was still inside me. Daddy's cock was as hard as it had been earlier and when he lined up the head of his cock with my opening, I pushed back onto it until I could fit no more inside me. He was buried in my ass and had four fingers inside my cunt. Daddy started whispering into my ear. "Daddy loves having his cock inside your tight, little ass. My cock feels so good hitting the back of your asshole. Your cunt is still so fucking tight and I love fucking your cunt with my fingers while my cock is in your ass. Daddy loves fucking his little whore. You love having Daddy fuck you don't you baby? You love being fucked like a whore by your Daddy. Well, your Daddy loves fucking you like a whore. I love filling you up with my cum, sweetie. It is the best feeling in the world for a Daddy to cum inside his little girl. It is the most taboo yet fulfilling feeling that a Daddy can experience. I am so glad we became lovers, sweetheart. I love fucking you and fingering you and sucking on your nipples. You are an amazing little fuck and I am going to fuck you as long as you will allow me to defile your body in this manner. You are Daddy's Nasty Little Girl!" Those words took me over the edge. His thrusts became more urgent as he spoke those words into his little girl's ear. I was so hot and wet and his fingers started slamming inside me. Hitting my g-spot with every thrust was taking me closer to the edge of orgasmic bliss. Daddy made sure to increase the intensity of his thrusts into my asshole following his thrusts with his fingers. It was an amazing feeling and I truly felt like a nasty little girl as he reached around me and pinched my nipples sending me into the orbit of a very intense orgasm. My hips were thrusting back against Daddy's cock and his fingers. My pussy started flowing like a fountain once again. The juices were flying and hitting Daddy's balls as he started to fill my ass with his cum once again. I felt the heat and orgasmed even harder, squirting right into his hand that was fucking my cunt. I screamed out in ecstasy and he fucked harder taking me even higher. It was an amazing cum and it did not stop for several minutes. As soon as I started to come down from this sexual high, he would change something up and make it even more intense. His fingers wiggled against my g-spot and really started to tickle my spot. It was an incredible feeling and just when I thought I was all dried up; my cunt started erupting with ejaculate. It was like a fountain of cum coming from my cunt. The harder I came and my body convulsed, the harder he fucked me. It was like a vicious circle of orgasmic delight. I milked every drop of his cum out of his cock and on the last wave of convulsions that my body went through I squeezed his cock all the way out of my ass. It was disappointing but hot that I could do that to him with my muscles as he made me cum that hard. Finally, he withdrew his cum soaked fingers from my cunt. He shook off the excess fluid from his fingers and leaned in to give me a very passionate, loving kiss. After his lips parted from mine, he looked into my eyes and stared at me for a few seconds. All I could see was love in his eyes and the happiness that shone through the windows to his soul. "I love you baby girl, more than a Daddy should love his daughter. I love you so much that all I want to do is make you feel good. I am so glad we came out here to spend some time together, just you and me. I am glad we had this Daddy/Little Girl time together. It is nice living as your husband, but I love the times that it can be Daddy and his little girl again. I want to thank you, baby doll, for allowing me to love you in a way that so many think is taboo." "Oh Daddy, it is you that has made me know what true love is. For you to bring me into your bed after the bitch left us both high and dry, was a dream come true. I had dreamed of the moment that you would come to me and make me your lover, Daddy. I masturbated and hoped you would catch me with my door cracked open. I wanted you to hear me cry out your name Daddy. I wanted you to know that I wanted you." "Baby girl, I did see all of those things and heard you crying out my name in orgasm. I just couldn't act on it until your mother left us. I couldn't cheat on your mother even though she was a cold frigid bitch. I had made a vow and I wasn't going to break it. She is the one that ended up breaking that vow and when she left, I thought what the hell? It seems my baby girl wants me so I might as well see if we can make it work. Every time you left your door open a crack, I would stand there in the dark hallway and watch you get naked and spread your legs wide open so that I could see your wetness. I watched you for two weeks solid, every night, before I actually came to your bed. I jacked off in the hallway every night and every day you went to your bedroom to masturbate. I came loads watching you and listening to you talk like you were me. It made me so fucking hard that I had to stroke my cock outside your door. You made me crazy with lust until I finally caved in and came into your bedroom four years ago. It has been the most spectacular four years of my life having you as my lover, Ronnie. You are an amazing little girl and I would like to tell you here and now that I would love to father c***dren with you very soon, baby girl. I want to become a father again and impregnate you with the seed that made you. I want to become a grandpa and daddy again, at the same time. What do you think sweetie?" My jaw hit the floor, figuratively speaking, and I looked up into my Daddy's eyes. I had found a brand new love that I didn't know that I had for my Daddy. I wanted to have c***dren so bad but had never broached the subject with Daddy. I wasn't sure how he would feel about it. I knew that would be the ultimate of taboos but it really turned me on to think of him filling me with his seed to make a baby. I smiled and grabbed the back of his head and pulled him into a passionate, loving kiss full of tongue and emotion. "Daddy, you have made me the happiest girl in the world with that question. I want to make babies with you. I want you to father my c***dren just like you fathered me. That is the hottest thing that you could do to me. The most taboo of all to impregnate your own daughter and father your grandc***dren. Can I go off my birth control this month?" "Yeah, baby girl, after this cycle, we will start trying. You have made me the happiest man in the world. To be able to have a c***d with the girl that I love, even if you are my own flesh and bl**d, will make me the most complete man in the world. Thank you sweetheart, I love you." He pulled me into a kiss that showed his love better than any words could use. This was the best trip in the world. I am so glad we came to this cabin and were able to get to this point. How exciting is it that I am going to have my father's baby. We kissed and necked for a while in the afterglow of our new found goal. "I think that we should go to dinner and celebrate. Let's go get a steak and have some wine. Then when we come back we will build a fire and get into the hot tub one more time before we have to leave tomorrow. How's that sound to my little girl?" "I think that sounds awesome Daddy. Let's go and eat." "Just one thing sweetheart, I want you to wear that little plaid skirt that you wore for me the other day. I want you to look like my little girl when we go out tonight. Can you do that for Daddy? I want to be the proudest dad in the room with my daughter who is my lover. And I want you to go to dinner with that butt plug in your ass holding in my two loads of cum in your tight little ass." "That sounds absolutely hot Daddy. I will go get ready." I went into the bathroom and got myself together. I inserted that anal plug into my ass and clenched my muscles around it and held it in place. I got on my fishnet stockings and my little girl socks with the ruffles. I put on my Mary Jane's and put my hair in pigtails that hung down to my shoulders. When I looked in the mirror, I saw myself looking back when I was 15 years old and had that huge crush on my Daddy. He would wait for three more years before he would join me in my bed and turn me into his lover. I looked hot enough to go out with my Daddy now. I walked out of the bedroom and saw Daddy sitting on the couch watching more porn looking very sexy. He was dressed in a nice tight pair of jeans and a black button up shirt. With the touch of grey at his temples, he looked very sexy and I, all of a sudden, couldn't wait to get back home and ride his hard cock. My pussy started dripping, again. I walked over to Daddy and sat down on his lap and gave him a big kiss. "You look absolutely cute as a button, sweetheart. I will be very proud to take you to dinner dressed up like that. I feel your pussy getting wet again, are you getting horny?" "Oh Daddy, I just can't wait to get back here and fuck your brains out. Let's go so we can get back here and get naked again. Please Daddy, the longer you wait to leave, the longer we will have before we can get back here and fuck like rabbits again. The butt plug in my ass is turning me on like a little whore, Daddy. Watch me walk and you will know that I have something shoved up my asshole." I got up and walked across the room with his gaze staring at my ass as it shook. Daddy motioned me to come back to him and when I walked back across the room, he grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me over his lap, lifted my skirt and gave me a spanking that would make my cheeks burn for the rest of the night. I tried to pull away from him and he grabbed me by the pigtails and shoved me back down on his lap. When he started to smack my ass again, he had a lot more feeling in it and made my ass sting. My cunt was dripping down onto my Daddy's lap. I was soaked by the time he let me up. I had tears in my eyes as he really made my ass sting. "Now, I know that you will behave when we are at dinner. If you cause me any grief while we are at dinner, I will give you three times the spanking when we get home. Do you understand me young lady?" "Yes sir, I understand completely. I will be a good little girl, Daddy. I promise." He let me up and we left for dinner. We were in a very small town and the only steakhouse in town was a high end restaurant in an old house. It was a very romantic place and when we walked in, every eye turned our direction. My ass was still stinging and my pussy was still dripping. I could feel my face flush as everyone turned their attention our way. I saw a couple of people whispering and gawking at the obvious difference in our age. Daddy loved it. He knew every man in the place was thinking he was a lucky son of a bitch and every woman was thinking that he was disgusting having such a young girl as his partner. It was a wonderful dinner and they had stuck us in the corner of the room away from just about everyone's line of sight. Daddy took full advantage of that. He would reach under the table and spread my legs apart and rub my hard little clit right there at the dinner table. The tablecloths were long and covered the table to the ground. Every time the waiter would come to fill up our glasses of wine, Daddy would stick his fingers inside my cunt and rub slowly, my inner lips. It was hot as fuck and there was nothing I could do but sit there and endure it. I was soaking wet and knew there would be a wet spot on the chair when I got up. My pussy was flowing pretty freely onto Daddy's fingers going in and out of my tight little cunt. He would look at me across the table with that sinister Daddy knows all look and wiggle his fingers inside of me. I was so close to cumming it wasn't even funny. I gave him the questioningly look like, are you going to make me cum at this dinner table in front of all of these people? He gave me the exact look that I thought I might get the "I'll make you cum anytime and anywhere that I want to make you cum" look. With that he sped up his fingers going in and out of my cunt and had me gushing all over the chair and biting my tongue so that I would not cry out. The waiter returned mid-orgasm and my Daddy just gave him the get the fuck out of here look while he had me erupting in his hand. It was hot and degrading and so exhibitionistic that I got even hotter. He made me cum hard and I had to be as quiet as a church mouse. I think that one lady looked over at me when I hit my height of orgasm and she had a very envious look on her face. I think she wanted to be in my shoes, literally. We finished our meal and Daddy paid the bill. Daddy pulled my chair out so that I could get up. When I arose, I looked back at the cloth seat that I was just sitting in. It was soaked and I smiled. When we walked out, we had a different group of people with some of the same expressions on their faces but with some that had an admired look and a wanting look as we made our way out of the posh restaurant. I felt much better since Daddy had let me cum in public. We got into the car after the valet brought it around for us. Daddy opened my door and I slid inside as he closed the door. He tipped the valet a $20 bill and got into the car. He leaned over immediately and kissed me with passion and lust. He grabbed onto my tit and squeezed while the valet could see. I think Daddy was getting off mauling me in public. We have never done anything like this before and it turned me on to no end. He finished kissing me and put his seat belt on and threw the car into drive. We sped out of the parking lot as he was putting his fingers up my cunt once again. "Oh baby girl, Daddy just can't get enough of you tonight. I just want to make you cum as much as possible. I really enjoyed finger fucking my little girl at the restaurant with all of those snobby stuck up people. It was hot as fuck to get you off while the waiter was filling our wine glasses. And did you see the look on his face when he figured out what was going on the one time I shooed him away? That was priceless!" "Oh Daddy, the whole evening has been hot as fuck! Thank you for such an exciting dinner. And your fingers feel so good in my cunt Daddy. You know I love when you fuck me with your fingers. Daddy, make me cum like a little whore!" I laid my seat back and spread my legs and put my right ankle up onto the dashboard. I was spread wide for Daddy once again and he took full advantage of his position. "I loved knowing that you had that huge butt plug in your ass the whole time that we were sitting there. It is turning me on now. Can you see how hard my cock is for you baby? I want to fuck my little girl when we get back to the cabin. I want to fuck you like you are a little whore. It really turned me on to make you cum at dinner like that. My cock was so hard that I could have fucked your right then and there. You just wait until I get your little ass home." He took his fingers out of my hot cunt and started rubbing my clit. His fingers were hot from being inside of me and the added heat took his rubbing up a notch. He had me cumming two turns before we got back to the cabin. My cunt was gushing all over the seat and down my ass crack around the butt plug. He backed into the parking space outside the cabin and came around and opened my door. He picked me up out of the seat and carried me to the door. He set me down long enough to unlock the cabin door and pull me in and closed and locked the door back. He turned to me and pushed be back onto the bed. He quickly stripped himself of his clothes and I saw his cock as hard as it has been this whole trip. I could swear that the head of his cock was purple. Daddy ripped off my blouse and started squeezing my tits. He pulled my legs up and spread them wide as he pulled my ass close to the edge of the bed. He aimed the head of his cock at my cunt and shoved forward until his entire eight inches were inside me. The butt plug was nice and snug and I, once again, felt full. Daddy fucked me long and hard. I loved the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of my tight little cunt. I loved when Daddy fucked me and when he fucked me like this, his power shone through his thrusts. He got so hot and pounded my cunt like I was being paid. "Daddy loves fucking his little girl like she is nothing but a slut. Daddy can't wait to plant his seed inside your womb to grow and flourish as my c***d and grandc***d. I want to fuck you every chance that I get in the next six months. I need to make a baby in my baby girl. I need to plant my seed inside your egg and make our c***d. You are such a hot little fuck. I love feeling my cock squeezed by your cunt muscles. That's it my little whore, cum around Daddy's cock." He reached down and started rubbing my clit. I was so close to orgasm, as it was. Daddy's cock felt good fucking my cunt alongside that large anal plug in my ass. Then he reached up with his free hand and began pinching my nipples. I was on cloud nine in the orgasmic department. It wasn't going to take much more of this and I was going to be sent over the edge. He rubbed and fucked and pinched and sent me over the edge into orgasmic oblivion. "Oh Daddy, fuck your little girl! Fuck me hard! I want to cum all over your cock Daddy. Oh god, that is awesome!" I came in buckets as he thrust inside of my tight hot cunt. I lifted my hips up and met his every thrust and coated his cock and balls with my juices. Daddy was filling my cunt with his hot cum in no time. I loved the feeling of his cock releasing his seed into my awaiting cunt. I loved being full of my Daddy's cock. My cunt erupted around him and all the while he kept thrusting and spurting inside me. He finally slowed his thrusts down and slowly withdrew from my cunt, his dripping cock. He fell down on the bed next to me. We lay there catching our breath while our juices mingled together in my cunt. He leaned over me when we caught our breath and kissed me gently on the lips. It was very loving and made me feel very special. "Why don't we get a fire started and get into the hot tub, baby girl. I think we both need a little down time and just relax our aching oversexed muscles. What do you say?" "Daddy, that is the second best idea that you have had all day. Let's do it." I got up off the bed and stripped my clothes off while Daddy went out and began fiddling with the fire. He had the fire blazing by the time I came out onto the deck. We pulled off the hot tub cover and climbed into the 102 degree water and let the jets massage our muscles that we had used all week in our sexual adventures. I scooted over and laid my head on Daddy's shoulder and watched the full moon rise in the sky. "Oh baby doll, you have made me so freaking happy. I had wanted to talk to you about that for so long. I want to have a f****y with the girl that I love. I can't wait to hear the pitter patter of little feet gracing our house, thank you sweetheart." "Thank you Daddy, you made me very happy too. I can't wait to have a baby with you. It will be incredible Daddy." We just sat there and enjoyed the jets and relaxed our overworked muscles. I was basking in the happiness that surrounded me. I felt like the happiest girl in the world. We were going to take our relationship to the next level. We were going to become a f****y. After getting out of the hot tub, I sat on Daddy's lap and watched the fire. We were wiped out sexually but our happiness was fueling our energy levels. We just sat there cuddling for about a half an hour. He was rubbing my back up and down very lightly while humming. When I finally realized the tune he was humming, the smile on my face grew toward huge. He was humming "Rock-a-bye-baby". "Baby girl, let's get to bed and cuddle and fall asl**p in each other's arms. I just want to hold you and lie next to you." We went into the cabin and lie down in bed. He held me for the longest time before finally saying good night. "Goodnight sweetheart and I hope you have sweet dreams. I love you baby doll." "I love you too Daddy. You are the best Daddy a girl could ask for." That is the way we fell asl**p. We slept until 7:00 a.m. the next morning. We got up and packed after having some coffee and got back on the road to go back to our home. We couldn't wait to get back and start making our f****y.

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