Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Cuck's Wife at a Swing Meet SeXStoRY

This following story is a true account of events that took place in March of 2004. My lovely wife, Sela, had only recently started playing with Cal, a male co-worker of mine, when he had to go away for a few weeks. Cal had really started her juices flowing after a long hiatus from swinging and her libido was really fired up. I was happy with the beginnings of our latest adventure in which Cal would fuck my hot-wife at our work while I either watched or waited in another office. A day or so after he left, Sela received a call from her new friend Carolyn. Carolyn was a hard core swinger who had just moved in with a guy who had played with Sela six months ago. As it turned out, this guy was also going away and Carolyn wanted Sela to accompany her to a March Meet hosted by a swing club in a neighbouring town. Sela had always wanted to attend a swing club meet to seek out new people for future adult adventures. I say "people" because she is bi and enjoys licking a soft pussy as much as a hard cock. I am self-conscious about my slightly smaller than average penis and a bit shy so I always put her off and we never go. Since she would have Carolyn to go with, I told her that I would watch the c***dren and she could go. "I'm just going to make some new contacts," she assured me a few days later as she packed her over night bag. I knew that she believed what she said but I also knew that if the mood right and the people were right that it wouldn't take too much to get her on her back (or her knees or bent over a pool table, or... well you get the idea). She and Carolyn were going to split on the cost of a motel room at the same place where the Meet was being held. "Just have a good time and if you meet a guy you like and the chemistry feels right just make sure you use a condom," I told her. "Well...I do have them in my purse but I'm just going to meet people for you and I to play with in the future. I don't like it when you're not involved." "But you like it when I wait downstairs while you play with Cal up in the boardroom," I smiled. "That's different because you're right below me and I know you can listen and play with your little penis," she quipped, knowing that I like the mild humiliation game. "When Cal rams that big thing of his in me you get to hear me moan." "As long as I get to hear all of the details when you get back, you just have fun," I replied. I gave her my cell phone and off she went. At one o'clock in the morning I figured it was safe to call but there was no answer. Worried, I tried a few more times but she didn't answer until nine o'clock the next morning. "Are you okay," I asked. "Oh, yes, I'm just great," she said. "Did you make any new contacts?" "Um...sort of," she replied. "I'll tell you when I get home. When Sela finally arrived home I pulled her into the bedroom and practically tore her clothes off. Her pussy was red and open and she smelled like sex. I pushed her to the bed and dove between her bruised thighs. "Tell me all about it," as I started to lick her puffy lips. "Okay, but you have to go slow and gentle because I'm very sore down there." "You met a nice guy then I take it?" As it turned out the two girls went to the city first to shop at an adult store before the big event. They each purchased sexy outfits and a toy. After a light meal they drove to the town and the motel. After getting their room and changing into their outfits, they went to the room of the March Meet organizer and his wife. He tongue kissed Carolyn and fingered her pussy. Sela was somewhat taken aback by his forwardness and when he leaned in for his kiss and feel, she pecked him on the cheek and moved away. After signing in, the girls moved to the main room. There were several couples already in attendance but she and Carolyn seemed to be the only single females. The event was BYOB and there were several wine bottles already on the tables so they found a table by the door, poured a drink from their bottle and then moved about the room. Sela mingles very easily and worked her way around the room introducing herself and meeting the other guests. At this type of function there is no sexual activity in the greet room so Sela was quite surprised to find Carolyn standing in the kitchen with a leg up on the counter and a guy's face buried in her pussy. She quickly exited the kitchen and went back to her table. Before long a couple came over, introduced themselves as Stan and Veronica and asked to join her. She agreed and they were soon talking and laughing like old friends. Another couple known to Stan and Veronica entered the room and stopped by to say hello. Earl and Lydia ended up joining them and after a few drinks everyone was becoming comfortable and the talk turned to sex. The two couples, all in their late 40's had played together in the past and questioned Shelley about her interests. She admitted to being attracted to both men and women and that her husband was very open-minded when it came to her sexual appetite. The other women thought that she was very fortunate to have such a trusting husband but both guys thought it was a bit strange for a guy to stay home while his wife is out at a swing meet. I should mention at this point that Sela is a pretty, 34-year-old blonde with blue eyes and a dazzling smile. She has very large natural breasts that were pushed up and out by her new black lacy bra and she wore a short, tasseled skirt with no panties. Her pussy is kept shaved and by this point in the evening she had flashed it to both men at the table. Both of the other women were bi, so at this point all four were becoming very interested in my wife. Carolyn was still in the kitchen when Sela and the others moved outside for a smoke. Sela doesn't usually drink so she was buzzing from the wine and the sex talk. Since it was a cool dark evening they all moved into Earl and Lydia's room after their smoke break. "I don't know how it happened," Sela told me. "I was standing outside chatting and when I finished my cigarette I was whisked into the room and the next thing I know I had Lydia's pussy on my face and someone had their tongue between my legs!" The tongue belonged to Veronica and it was soon replaced by Earl's fat cock. As soon as Sela brought Lydia to orgasm with her tongue, Lydia was pulled off and Stan climbed on the bed beside Sela's head and fed his long hard cock into my brides waiting mouth. I pulled my mouth from her pussy and said, "They were wearing condoms, right?" "Well, um, ah, no. But I told them not to cum in my pussy or in my mouth." "And?" "They pulled out when they came," she said. I knew I wasn't getting the whole story because once she saw that I was uncomfortable about the lack of condoms she held back some of the details so I wouldn't be upset. If she had looked at my raging erection she would have had no doubts. I went back to attending to her clit and with some careful prodding I got the rest of the story. The orgy lasted for more than four hours. Her cell phone did ring at one o'clock but since Stan was feeding his large man-cock to her, she couldn't answer it. When it rang again the guys had switched places and she popped Earl's hard cock out of her mouth long enough to say that it must be her husband calling. They all laughed and Lydia said, "Well he should have come to watch if he really wanted to know what was going on," as she tossed it into a closet. At about that time the motel door opened and Carolyn, the swing meet organizer and two more couples came into the room. Carolyn played with the other newcomers for a bit but mostly they watched my wife get used like a fuck doll. Stan was the first to erupt, coating her stomach with white, hot jism. As he promised, he had pulled out as he came. Earl pulled out of her mouth and sprayed cum on her face and tits. Sela was beside herself with lust and being the cumslut she is she hated to see good cum go to waste. She scooped his cum off her face and breast and licked it off of her fingers. Then, leaning over, she grabbed his large manhood and proceeded to clean the cum from it. Stan's cum had run down her belly and she rubbed it into her pussy with two fingers. Loving a creamy pussy, Veronica dove in and ate Sela to orgasm. The guys were hard again soon after and began ravaging her again. After seeing her reaction to their cum the first time, they both knew what they had to do. They were going to fill her up. Earl climbed between my wife's legs and eased his thick stick into her slippery folds. Stan plopped his half-hard cock onto her lips. She readily opened her mouth and began licking and sucking to make him hard. Earl took a breast in each hand and really began ramming his man cock into her. Stan grabbed Sela's hair and fed his cock into her willing mouth. At about the time that I was sitting on the sofa at home with my dick in my hand watching a porno and wondering if my wife had met anyone interesting, Earl and Stan's balls were tensing in their sacs. With a grunt, Earl filled my bride's pussy with his second load of the evening. Moments later, Stan could not take my wife's talented tongue any longer and moaned loudly as he pumped his semen into her mouth. She swallowed it all and as Stan moved to a chair to catch his breath, Sela dipped her fingers into her pussy, scooped out Earl's cum and licked it from her fingers! "Did you play with the other people in the room," I asked. "No, they just watched. The meet organizer wanted a turn with me, but I said no." "So that was it?" I asked as I lapped at her now soaking cavern. "No," she hesitated. "Stan's wife sucked Earl and Earl's wife sucked Stan. When they were hard again they came back to the bed." "Did they cum again?" "Yes." Two guys in their late forties that I have not met to this day fucked my princess silly and they each came in her or on her THREE times. I have a feeling that I haven't heard all of the details concerning the other people in the room yet but maybe someday. It had been several hours since two strangers filled my wife's pussy with their cum so other that a hot wetness, there was no evidence remaining. I knew I shouldn't be licking her juicy pussy but as a creampie addict I just couldn't help myself. After she exploded in orgasm, I moved up and began to insert my granite hard erection into her flaming hole. "I'm too sore for a man's cock but your little dick should be okay," she smiled as I eased into her sloppy warmth. "I have always loved sloppy seconds but this is a first time I've been the third cock in your cunt in the space of a few hours." "Mmmm, after being used by strangers and getting all stretched out by those big meaty cocks, your tongue and your little penis feel sooo soothing," she cooed. This mind fuck was too much for me and I exploded, pumping spurt after spurt into her. My cum overflowed and soaked the sheet. I had not cum the night before and that was certainly obvious now. "Wow, what a load," she said. "Maybe we should do this again sometime."

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