Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Your fantasy comes true SeXStoRY

I'm in my hotel and I'm both nervous and excited. The thought of our last meeting keeps running through my head. Recalling the scene as it played out: you two coming to my hotel and putting on a show. It was incredible. Just the thought of watching you two make love is enough to place me in the moment. I can feel the energy and excitement that we generated. As I'm lost in the memory I hear a knock at the door which snaps me out of it. I answer the door and greet you both. Your easy-going personalities are so welcoming and do so much to put me at ease. You wouldn't think that a guy lucky enough to be in my situation would be nervous....but I am. This means a lot to me and it's very flattering that you two have chosen me. I shake Your hubby's hand and then get a big hug from You. You, your body feels so good pressed against mine and it's hard to let go. I hold you tight for a few moments before letting you slide down. You don't really back away and we remain close to each other, with my hand around your waist and your arm around mine. We talk briefly for a few moments and have a few drinks in the living room of the two-room suite. You steps to the bedroom in search of the restroom so Your hubby & I continue chatting. It's still a little tense...not sure why because last time we met I watched you two in your most intimate moments. But still...I think it's natural in lieu of what may or may not happen tonight! Either way...any tension in the air is quickly lifted as You yells from the bedroom, "Get in here!!!" Both Your hubby and I walk in to find You laying on the bed. Your hubby crawls on the bed on his hands and knees and lays on You and begins kissing her. I sit on the chair next to the bed and watch this incredibly hot couple go at it. You both steal glances at me as Yours hands run up and down Your hubby's back. I hear those sounds....pleasure moans. Yours legs are now parted and although yourre both still fully clothed....yourre grinding on each other. I think to myself, "Wow...this is so hot! I get to watch them again!" I'm fully aroused and I see you two whispering something to each other. I cannot hear it but then Your hubby sits up on his hands....his crotch pressed up against Yours...and then he looks over at me. Your hubby asks, "Do you like what you see?" I reply with a slight grin and a very subtle, "Yes." You is on her back, underneath Your hubby, smiling and gyrating up against Your hubby. Your hubby then asks me, "Do you want to watch us fuck?" "Yes," my quick reply. "Then why don't you get her ready for me?" With that Your hubby steps back and walks over to me. He extends his hand, which I grab, and he pulls me up out of the chair. While still holding my hand (in a hand-shake manner) he puts his other hand on my shoulder, leans in, and whispers, "Go get her ready for me." We had talked about this being a possibility but I honestly didn't think it would happen. I was completely content with watching you two. I walk over to the foot of the bed, and just look down at You. What a sexy woman. Still fully clothed and she has me ready to burst!!! I place my hands on her feet and begin to massage them gently. Working my way up your calves, and over your legs....making sure to cover every bit of you with my hands. You moan softly and raise your arms up above your head...stretching out and looking over at Your hubby who is now fully naked and stroking his cock. I continue moving my hands up and over your hips, around the sides, and then back up to your bellybutton. I cannot get over how fit you are...with my thumbs touching at your bellybutton I can fit my hands almost all the way to the bed on either side of you. Incredible! I run my hands up your torso, to just underneath your gorgeous breasts, and then slide them down to your sides and up to your arms, and then above your breasts. Making sure to skip them.....for now. I'm now straddling you, my knees on either side of your waist, but making sure not to touch you with anything other than my hands. I slide my hands over your shoulders and down your arms....and all the way up. I then slide hands down the front of your chest...and slowly and gently cradle your breasts. You let out a moan as I hold them. I look over at Your hubby and he's smiling. Knowing how good it feels for me to hold you like that. I slide my hands down to your waist and grab the bottom of your sweater, which I begin inching up. Left side a little...then the right side...then left...then right. We both work in sync and before you know it your sweater is off and thrown to the side...leaving you in your jeans and bra. I slide my hands over your exposed shoulders, taking in your soft skin. Slide my hands around your breasts and over your flat tummy...I slide my ••••• fingers a little in the waist of your jeans ...together at the button, and then slide them apart to your sides. I can tell you like the sensation as you gyrate up into me and let out another moan. I then move my hands and undo the clasp on the front of your bra, exposing those precious mounds of flesh. I run my hands up from your waist, underneath your breasts, and cup them. Feeling the soft skin, squeezing ever so gently, taking in your flesh. I run my hands around the outside and place them flat on top of your breasts...just fixated on the way the rise up and down with your heavy breathing. I run one hand up your chest, around your neck, and to the back of your head where I slide them into your you chills. I can see the goosebumps on your arms and it makes me happy that I'm able to give you pleasure. I slide both hands down again to your breasts...cup them....and then lean in. I gently press my lips up against your right breast....just very slightly. Your nipple is hard, and crinkly...and soooooooo good. I purse my lips and gently kiss the nipple...then move over to the other one and do the same. You put your hand on the back of my head and pull me in...which f***es me to take your breast into my mouth. I gently swab my tongue across your sensitive nipple, sending chrills of pleasure through out you. There are few things better than building up the anticipation. As I'm gently nibbling on your breasts I look over at Your hubby who is stroking his cock. He says, "Take off her jeans." I slide my hands down and unbutton your jeans, work down the zipper, and in sync...we work together to get them off over your hips. You lift up and I slide them down. I pull away from your breasts long enough to reach behind me and grab the ankle of your jeans and pull them off. This leaves you with your bra on still by the straps, laying lazily behind you, and wearing thong bikini underwear. Very sexy, high cut, lacy thong. I slide my hand down, over your hips....taking in your flesh again. I cannot get over how soft and how good your skin feels. I slide the fingertips of my ••••• fingers at your waist and slide them all the way around to your sides...making your back arch. Then, I place my fingers at your hips, just underneath your underwear and trace a V, following the outline of your underwear...running my fingers along the inside of your legs...till they meet at the bottom. I can see that yourre soaked, and it's incredibly intoxicating. You spread your legs even further...and I hook your underwear with my thumbs at your hips and begin to work them off of you. The same rhythm we used for your side...then the other...then the other...until they're off completely. As I lift them up & over your ankles I look lay there with your legs spread, knees lifted up off the bed...and your hands down at your gorgeous pussy. It's completely shaven. Smooth. Sexy. Sensitive. Inviting. Intoxicating. I place my hands on your knees and slide them down the outside of your legs. All the way down to your hips, and then underneath where I cup your firm, round ass cheeks. I slide my hands on each cheek, up the back of your legs, and back to your knees where I push them sideways till they're almost flat on the bed. Then I begin to slide my hands down the inside of your legs, down, farther, till my hands replace yours on your beautiful pussy. Your skin is so soft. Yourre wet. I slide my ••••• fingers down the center crease, and then back up and around your clit....being very careful not to touch it....yet. I place a finger on either side of your clit, and rub around to the top, and then back around each side, down to your entrance. For so long I've wondered what you taste like....and now I'm going to find out!!!!! I pull one finger away, and bring it to my mouth, and taste you. Incredible. I look over at Your hubby who is stroking even faster now....his cock coated in his pre-cum. Enjoying watching his You be pleasured. I ask Your hubby and with a coy smile ask, "What next?" Your hubby, in between deep breaths, says, "Ask You." I look at You and without saying a word she puts one hand at her crotch, and then with the other hand she signals with her ••••• finger the "come here" sign. Her ••••• finger curling in a motion that tells me where she wants me. I lay down before You...and slide up, and up, until my face is just inches from your beautiful pussy. I can see the wetness and can also see that your lips are naturally parting at the top. I lean in and softly press my lips against the crease on one side...the crease where your legs meet. When I do this I can feel your leg tense up and jump a little...making me smile. I slide my tongue down the inside of your right thigh...and slide it all the way up to your hip bone....then all the way down..making sure to avoid your pussy. I move over to the other side...and start at up at your hip bone...and lick a trail all the way down the inside of your thigh. Yourre bucking up at me, trying to move your pussy to your ready for me to get there already!!! As you lift up a little, I slide my hands down underneath you and cup your firm, round ass cheek again with both hands. Then I lean in...closer and where you can feel me breathing on you. I purse my lips and lean in, gently pressing them against you. You can feel my lips press against you and you instinctively begin to buck up at me. I pull back, teasing you, and begin to pepper your pussy with very soft kisses. Just pressing my lips against you, in random order...all around. All the while I'm squeezing your ass with my hands. Your feet are flat on the bed and yourre using the leverage to push your pussy into my face....wanting so badly for me to finally get in there. I smile and pull back...dodging you...and quickly (but softly) continiuing to pepper your pussy with soft pecks. I then place my mouth near your clit.....and part my lips...and place one on either side of your clit....closing my mouth around it...and let out a soft, deep moan...which sends chills all throughout your body. Your hands instantly go to the back of my head and pull me you grind your clit up against my mouth. I let you do this...squeezing your ass...loving the sensation of your hands behind my head...pulling me into your world...your hips bucking up and down....and me trying to keep my mouth on your clit. I then slide my tongue out...which makes you moan even louder. I swab circles around your clit, making sure to completely coat it with my tongue. I can feel soft, so sensitive, so good. I pull back a little and slide my tongue down your slit..down...farther down till my tongue is at your entrance. Here I stick my tongue into you...trying my hardest to get it to go in as far as possible. Yourre pushing your hips up...they're completely off the bed as you push up into me....your hands by your sides...gripping the sheets. I continue licking, and slide back up...where I use my ••••• fingers to pull your pussy lips apart.....I spread you...opening you up for me. I then start at the bottom, at your entrance, and lick a trail all the way up to your clit...where I begin flicking back and forth with my tongue. Not hard...softly....and very slowly. Sliding back and forth...then in circles...then wrapping my lips completely around it and letting out a deep moan letting you know just how good you taste. I glance up and see tears streaming down the sides of your cheeks. The intense pleasure is overwhelming and I hear your gasps and moans begin to get higher and higher. I slide my hands up, over your tummy...and find your breasts which are incredibly hard. The skin so soft...but they're firm. Your nipples hard...and they respond to my gentle pinches. I continue to lick your clit...with both your hands behind my head as you grind in to me. You continue to gyrate, coating my entire face with your pussy. I hear your moans and screams get louder and louder. I slide one hand away from your breasts and move it down to your pussy...where I slide one finger in. I feel you tense and pause for a moment...then continue to gyrate while holding my face in place. I slide another finger in and then curl them both up towards me...searching for your spot. I can tell immediately that this is it...because your buck up even harder and yourre panting and gasps are even louder. I continue to lick your clit, hold your breast, and with my left hand I mimmic small circles in side you, rubbing your g-spot. It doesn't take long before deep, toe curling wave after wave of pleasure begins to consume you. It starts deep in you, and then just grows...and grows...all your nerve endings are alive and responding....your heart rate through the roof, your breathing wave after incredible wave of pleasure continues to roll through out your body. Your breathing slows a little and you push my head away...the pleasure so intense that it almost hurts...but not really. I pull back knowing that it's very, very sensitive down there right now. I rest my head on your thigh...watching your pussy and looking up at your breasts...and your gorgeous face....taking in the sight of a very satisfied woman. I allow you to rest...but every few seconds I lean in and gently press my lips against you. Not enough for it to be too sensitive...but enough to keep the embers burning. I do this for a while...until your breathing subsides. I got so caught up in the moment that I forgot Your hubby was watching.......wondering what happens next? Any thoughts???

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