Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Freshman Year of college SeXStoRY

My first week at university was confusing,frustrating and quite over whelming.I was so lost and very much alone so the student adviser assigned me a upper class man to help me and guide me through the next couple of weeks til I became accustomed to college life, I was told to meet "Sam" in front of the student union monday morning.I arrived dressed in some tight shorts that showed off my tanned legs and a tiny thin top that really highlighted my tiny 32A titties and rock hard pierced nipples,it also showed off my nice collection of sexy colorful tattoos that I had all over my petite body.I waited and looked at every guy that passed by and loved the way both the guys and girls devoured my body with their eyes,finally this really tall,athletic brunette walked up, and introduced herself as "Sam",she was dressed in some mid thigh shorts and a baggy school t-shirt, We chatted a bit and hit it off right away, and by lunch time we were like old friends. Since my class load was light, Sam invited me to her place to get the rest of the information I needed off her computer. Her place was a small off campus studio that was filled with her huge bed, a big flat screen tv and entertainment center filled with loads of dvd movie cases and a small desk with her computer and printer. While I printed out the papers I needed, Sam excused herself to take a quick shower to cool off after being out in the desert heat.I checked her computer history to see what Sam did while on the internet and was quite surprised to see mostly hardcore porn sites listed, and check out a few of them, most contained threesome,girl on girl and alot of anal and gangbangs. I felt my pussy tingle and gingerly rubbed my slick slit with one hand and tugged and twisted my rock hard nipples while I watched the lewd ass fucking on the computer. I was so engrossed in the hot fucking on screen and my own handy work that I never noticed Sam standing behind me starring in wide eyed disbelief at what I was doing......( more to cum...and cum and cumm..hehe)

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