Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Mirror part 4 SeXStoRY

The Mirror .Part 4 I wasn’t going to go but you know how it is, A soon as the truck arrived, I slipped across to her room and she was awake waiting. Her kiss was long and her tongue felt wonderful in my mouth. Her hands went straight to my cock. I was hard and it was pulsating as she slowly stroked me. I slipped my finger into her cunt. It was tight but hot and wet. She moaned softly and got down on her knees to suck me. The minute my cock went into her mouth she looked up at me and half smiled. We both knew it wouldn’t be long before I shot my load but this time she would be ready. Stroking me while she sucked my cock was sending me over the edge too quickly. I grabbed hold of her hand and she stopped stroking. It took a few second for the wave of cum to subside enough for her to continue sucking. The sensation was too overwhelming to resist any longer. I couldn’t hold back, I had to cum. She sensed it this time and looked up, she was ready. My cum filled her mouth and she swallowed and continued to suck me. A stifled cry was all I could let go as my body shuddered with the intensity of the climax. My cock exploded into her mouth and she moaned as she sucked. Her gentle squeezing on my balls made the sensation all the more erotic as she drained every last ounce of cum from my pulsating cock. Cum was running down the side of her mouth as she licked it off with her long wet tongue. Leading me over to the bed, she slipped off her PJ pants and got up on her hands and knees. Her cunt and arse were just at a perfect height. I was still hard. I wanted to cum again. I started to push my cock into her hot wet cunt but she reached around and stopped me. Using her saliva as a lubricant, she directed my cock into her arse and pushed back against me. I felt the tip of my cock going into her. It was very tight but a beautiful feeling. Uttering a low primal grunt, she pushed back harder until I was completely inside her. I began to stroke, slowly at first and then faster and faster as the sensation took hold. I was going to cum again I could feel it. Her arse was now relaxed and my cock glided in and out with ease. Fucking here like this was so erotic I was beyond thinking of anything else except the sensation of my cock pounding up her beautiful brown arse. If her arse is this good , how will her cunt feel? I couldn’t concentrate on that for more than a few seconds. I was too far gone now to care. Tell me when she whispered. Tell me when I want to feel your balls when you cum. She reached back and gently held my balls. My explosion was even more wonderful than the first time. I felt my hot cum squirt into her arse and drove my cock in as deep as I could get it and my body went completely rigid as I reached the climax of a lifetime. Never had I dreampt that sex could be so wonderful. Mika was masturbating as she pushed back against me, her climax was only a few seconds behind mine and she collapsed face down on the bed, shuddering in ecstasy as the wave of pleasure over took her. The world seemed to stop turning, for several minutes we both lay there exhausted. Suddenly we heard a door downstairs open. I leapt up and was out the window, across the truck and back in my room in seconds. In the mirror Mika blew me a kiss, pulled down the blind and vanished from sight. I hear my mother starting to set the breakfast table. I don’t think I can eat I am too excited. I cant wait until tomorrow morning. But I know I have to.

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