Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My first MMF: why I keep on cruising SeXStoRY

I gotta tell you about my one and only there is this crusing spot along the Trans Canada highway not too far from where I live I pulled in to a truck pull off area, it was early evening about 7:30 or so, on a November evening When I stopped there was a car, parked ahead.., brake lights flashed on off in tell tale fashion I turned the interior lights on and off in my van and soon this guy came back to my vehicle to join me Because it is a rather busy and open highway I wasnt really too comfortable there but the little head, took control He soon was touching me I stroking him.. getting Hot I really wasnt too comfortable though.. this OH OH feeling that something was off but fuck he was Hot So I suggested we moove away from the Highway there is this ball park not too far, a mile or so, in November the lights are off, the park is dark, and pretty secluded he knew where it was and followed me As soom as we parked he was back, and now we were really at each other I sucking him, he sucking me... Mmmmmm fuck clean, hot... well kept... Hot, Horny..... we must have been at it for fucking ten minutes, I all over him and he all over me Remember that Oh Oh feeling....... All of a sudden he says to me.... do you mind if my wife joins us Fuck... she was in the car all along waiting for us.... christ I said not at all... go get her I opened the side door of my van she got in the back seat... I have split bucket seats in the front She was the hotest tightest tastiest little cunt I have ever tasted I raised her short skirt and was munching the cleanest tastiest cunt, while he was busy sucking me Man oh Man.... great tits, lovely pussy... only she was a little too pasive for my liking, but man He was right into it So there was my one and only MMF experience, but fuck, it is the stuff WET dreams are made of and just encourages me to keep on cruising

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