Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Landlady's New Pet-Part Eight SeXStoRY

The two smiling woman assisted me in leaving the car, increasing my feeling of femininity; Elaine took particular pleasure in this, as a host of guests had arrived, some of whom were well acquainted with Elaine who was keen to show off her new pet. She made a deliberate point in using both hands to ensure my leash was at choking point; thus emphasising her dominance over me. A huge woman, whose feminine shape was dressed in a full length one piece dress, which accentuated her bountiful arse and breasts, came over to Elaine; a leash led my eye down to her pet dressed as a dog, on all fours with canine mask and butt plug which doubled as a tail. “What a pretty maid Elaine; I can see already you’ll not be passing this one over to Anita yet, I do hope he enjoys his first show.” The woman looked at me with a look of utter contempt as she turned and pulled sharply on the leash to let her dog know who was in command and we all walked toward the large entrance. En route I saw many more maids, many so much more effeminate than me; I thought they had simply had more practice, Elaine and Hortense smiled at each other as I ogled them, I would soon learn that it was more than practice which added to their sweet effeminacy. I saw men dressed in pink as baby girls and many others dressed abstractly, but all were dressed to be exposed to maximum humiliation for the titillation of their dominant mistresses. We followed the flow to a large hall with raised central stage. There we were greeted by Anita, who was sat facing the guests with another woman next to her, middle aged and sexy, her plump thighs crossed. The woman smiled contentedly as she looked down at her naked male who knelt, leashed and hooded, between the two women. I could see he wore no cage, though he was butt plugged, as his semi-erect cock was very prominent; his pubic hair had been shaven off. He looked down at the floor and trembled as Anita and his mistress stroked his back and arse with their canes, as guests arrived, to ensure he remained the focus of all attention. Anita was dressed in black leather; thigh length leather boots, leather slacks and tight black leather waistcoat; her breasts bulging over in a black satin blouse, the sleeves of which were puffed out at the upper arms and tied tight at the forearms, her hands were clad in tight black gloves. She had the look of an executioner, and this was not unintentional. She looked me in the eyes and smiled wickedly as she commented on my appearance. “Well well well! Can this be the same person who begged for relief last night? You’ll witness true submission tonight!” She sneered as she looked down at the naked male; his cock flexed visibly at her words, it stiffened all the more as she leaned down and lifted his balls clear and then smiled up at me again. “Take a good long look at these, and think of your own balls too. Call Cindy over, we’ll show him the two extremes, and how beautifully a male can progress.” Anita beckoned to a friend in the front row, again a mature woman of about 55 who came over accompanied by a very slender and attractive girl. The figure had soft hairless arms and legs, a sweet face with well-developed breasts; nipples pert and excited protruding through the fabric of her pink blouse. She was made to say hello, and curtsied effeminately, her voice soft and girly. She seemed extra excited to be confronted with a maid who was quite obviously a male in woman’s attire. Anita had her turn and lift her dress as she faced away. My cock pulsed at her shapely round bottom and soft white thighs. Anita smirked at my apparent approval. “Now turn and show him your pussy Cindy.” Cindy giggled as she turned and then lifted her dress to reveal a tiny flaccid penis. The women all laughed as they witnessed my shock. Anita lifted the tiny penis with her cane; no scrotum was evident, this was no lady-boy, Cindy was all but a woman except for the one tiny detail. Anita withdrew the cane and looked down to the cowering male who was centre stage. “Tonight someone else will begin their journey to womanhood. Men are so much better behaved the instant they have been neutered, and progress daily as hormone treatments are given. We always allow them to retain their cocks, so that they may enjoy the waning of their masculinity and be reminded that their purpose is to serve true women. Cindy here has learned to get enjoyment through servicing her mistress and is very popular at events such as this. She has learned to be obedient to all women, and has forgotten what it was like to be masculine.” There was a hush when it was apparent that all guests had arrived. Suddenly there was a round of applause as a very elegant and shapely woman in a white latex nurse’s uniform, strutted smiling across from the back of the stage; she carried a tray on which were several hyperdermic syringes, scalpels and medical needles and thread. This was placed on a stand next to an array of padded benches. Wheeled mirrors were arranged so that proceedings could be seen by all from many angles. The naked wretch was led on all fours up a flight of steps to the stage and on to the benches; his cock and balls swinging as he progressed, accompanied by a slow hand clap from the crowd of watching eager women. Their pets arranged before them on their knees; I had a grandstand view, and Elaine sat behind me, holding my head to ensure I did not look away. The whimpering male was asked by his smiling mistress if he knew why he was there and if he wanted to proceed. With a broken voice, he confirmed that he recognised he was a slave to his balls and wanted to give them up for his mistress, and for womanhood. This was greeted by cheers and a round of applause by the eager audience; some women comforted themselves with softly buzzing vibrators as they watched the spectacle unfold, others with previously treated pets like Cindy, enjoyed their pets services whilst they watched; the event having no impact on their slaves. Having agreed to continue, the male was laid out on a padded bench; his legs splayed up and apart in stirrups, his cock stiff and erect with excitement on having his wrists and ankles secured, then large belts were strapped round torso and thighs to prevent him bucking in ecstasy; there was no going back now. His mistress took her position behind the bench and smiled lovingly down at her pet as she grasped his erect cock. Anita now walked slowly up the steps to further cheers and applause from the watching women. She looked at the male without smiling. “You have chosen to give up your manhood for your mistress and all women; you will be allowed the enjoyment of one final orgasm by the hand of your mistress, you will be injected so you feel no pain; the anaesthetic will be administered immediately and will take effect whilst you are being milked. When you have given up your cream for the final time, I shall have the pleasure of removing your balls.” A great cheer went up as Anita stood dominantly over the male and the smiling nurse gently lifted his ball-sack; his cock stiffened in his mistress’s grasp as the nurse lifted the first syringe for all to see, squirting a little of the contents in the air, mimicking the ejaculation which would shortly follow. She smiled all the more as she eased the needle into his sack, making him yelp, much to the delight of the audience. His mistress smiled and began to slowly stroke his eager erection; he now knew his balls were doomed and he was on his way to womanhood, he did not feel the second needle. As his mistress stroked longer and firmer, the nurse applied four more syringes; the women cheered and taunted as Anita lifted a vicious looking scalpel and showed it to him; this ensured he would come very shortly. He began to pant and moan with pleasure as Anita deftly made preliminary cuts to his numb sack, he tried to hold back but could not escape the smile of his dominant mistress, the elegant nurse, and the leather clad dominatrix who would have his balls. Anita laughed and gave the encouragement that was needed. “Give me your cream now! I am going to have your balls this instant!” She showed him the scalpel once more and smiled wickedly as she squeezed and pulled his balls up. His mistress stroked his rigid cock relentlessly, squeezing his bell-end as she smiled. He erupted in wave after wave of pure ecstasy as he shot generous loops of hot cream in the air; the women jeered and clapped as they waited for the crescendo, many moaning as slave and dildo did their jobs. Anita sneered down as she applied the scalpel swiftly and expertly on the male having shot his last. The women screamed and cheered as she lifted his severed balls and displayed the wicked trophy to the women. The male whimpered a little as his mistress comforted him, whilst the nurse sutured his empty scrotum. His journey had begun and he would be as docile as a lamb for his mistress now. I was in shock as Elaine put her hand down to my panties; they were sodden with the pre-cum I had leaked. “I think we may allow you to take this off tonight, we are going to have a little role-play with your balls.”…

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