Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Holiday Fun SeXStoRY

Summer of 2011 and it was a f****y vacation. I was away abroad with my parents and my s****r. We had a two bedroom apartment with my parents taking one room and my s****r and I taking the other. There were two seperate single beds but they were easy to move together. It was a scorching day and my s****r and I went to the beach. She was in a ridiculously tiny shocking pink bikini set. She was barely covered up and was getting alot of attention down at the beach, especially when teh water hit it and made it go practically see through. It really didnt leave much to the imagination. On the way home I made a joke about her bikini going see through and she said its nothing I hadnt seen before anyway. I joked at the time and asked if there was a chance of seeing any of it again. To my surprise she suggested with our parents out shopping the apartment would be free. She told me she was really horny and could really do with some loving. I agreed and both of us must have walked back to the apartment as fast as we could without making it obvious. We made it to the apartment and opened the door, closing it again and locking it again. We knew when our parents would be home so we had plenty of time. Before heading to the bedroom, Rachel popped into the bathroom as she said something about having sand in places I wouldnt want it. She came out still wearing the bikini and walked into the bedroom. I was already fairly hard just from the thought of what was about to happen. Her arms went around my head and she pulled me down to her lips. As we kissed I slowly untied the back of her bikini top, I wasnt wasting any time. Her bikini top fell away and her breasts rubbed up against my body, her nipples were pretty hard and i loved the feeling of them rubbing up and down against my body. We made our way down onto the bed where the reall fun was going to begin. She was on her back with me on top. I rubbed up and down her legs with my hands as I sucked on her nipples. It was at this stage that she stopped me for a moment and said she didnt want the foreplay. She said i was hard, she was wet so lets just fuck. I couldnt believe my luck and it was about to get better. I was reaching for the condoms but she said she was on the pill and just for a change we could take a little risk. I quickly got ready and her into position. I didnt even take off her bikini bottoms and just pulled them to one side and plunged my cock into her. It felt really good without the condom and I knew we wouldnt do this all the time so id better savour it. I started out slowly pushing in as deep as I could and slowly pulling out before plunging right back in. Her legs wrapped around me as we slowly had sex. After a few minutes the pace had picked up and we were really fucking hard with our bodies making that great slapping sound as they connected together. She was really starting to moan loudly. Eventually she lost the bikini bottoms as we switched into doggy. I loved the position and could get really deep and really hard. She was really almost screaming at this point as I pounded away as hard as I could. The f***e of the thrusts eventually had her on her stomach with her legs open enough for me to really keep pounding away. I was getting really close to cumming and let her know, just incase she wanted to back out of me finishing inside her. She said she wanted me to keep going but I was actually the one doubting whether it should happen. Rachel however flipped me over onto my back and got on top and said now shes in control and she will decide where the cum goes. I was happy with that and let her ride me as she wanted which was pretty hard. It wasnt too long before she had an amazingly loud, screaming orgasm. It wasnt too much longer before I came hard into her. She made sure I was pretty deep on the first explosion and slowly pulled out as I kept cumming. As she got off my cock I saw some cum dribble out and she joked that it was alot of cum. Before we had a chance to do anything else we heard a knocking at the door. My s****r put a towel around her and opened it and it was my parents back. She said it was safe to me and I came out. My father joked around saying if we had been up to no good. Our faces gave that away anyway. One thing he did notice though was some cum dribbling down her thigh. He almost flipped over it but She explained shes on the pill and its a one off. He seemed to buy that explanation and let us off but explained in future we need to be careful. I knew we would be careful but boy was that a great afternoon.

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