Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Daddy's Caddy SeXStoRY

From the moment my Daddy first took my young, naked body in his strong, masculine arms, I knew that he was not like other men. At least not like any of the men that I had gotten naked with! Daddy knew something was different about me when he began catching me, his 12 year old son, playing dress up with my Mommy's make up and wigs, outfits, jewelery, hose and heels! It was shortly after my 14th birthday when we became lovers. Every morning, I would wake up at 430 am so that I could jump in the shower, shave myself smooth, and put on something sexy for Daddy. Around 5 am, as quietly as he could, Daddy would tiptoe downstairs...and into my bedroom ;-) The biggest challenge was making Daddy squirt his hot, gooey cum without waking up Mommy! Soon, Daddy was taking me places to get naked: hotels, his office, his friends houses...taking me to parties, putting me in hose and heels, and turning me loose with his friends :-) I learned very quickly that Daddy liked to have f****y fun. My Daddy has 4 b*****rs (my uncles), all with sons (my cousins). As b*****rs, my Unkies and Daddy all bear a striking resemblance to each other. I had always fantasized about how fun it would be to be naked...on my knees...dressed like a whore...with all 5 of them...naked and erect...their stiff cocks in my face and in my left in my right hand. While I had been naked with all of my Unkies, I had never been naked with my Daddy and all of his b*****rs at the same time. Until...;-) One day Daddy and all of his b*****rs were getting together to go golfing. Since I had recently become my Daddy's little pantyhosed cumdumpster, I was often asked to join him when he went out. I had a travel bag that was full of make up, pantyhose, a couple of wigs, a couple of outfits, and a couple pair of heels and things like butt plugs, anal beads, whips, blindfolds and know, fun shit! Before we left, Daddy showed me the outfit he bought me: a super short, white pleated skirt, a tight, pastel pink top, a white pair of ruffled ankle socks, and white canvas shoes. I even had a bra and a pair of fake little pair of boobies that my Uncle Tom bought me! Daddy told Mommy that I was going to be "Daddy's caddy". As we drove off, I unzipped Daddy's pants and pulled out his rock hard cock. "Ooooh. What do we have here?" I asked playfully. "The first job of a caddy," he said, "is to please her Daddy," as he put his hand on the back of my head and pulled my face toward his stiff member as we drove off. I happily obliged ;-) We went to pick up my uncle Mike and when we arrived to his house, I raced to the bathroom to play dress up! I pulled on a pair of suntan pantyhose, put on my sexy caddy outfit, put on a wig and painted my face like a whore ;-) Uncle Mike thought I looked so cute that I rode with him in the back seat and played with his stiff cock while he played with my itty bitty titties on the way to the golf course! As we pulled into the parking lot, my other Uncles were standing out front. I gave Uncle Mike's balls a final, farewell licking and sucking and then put his cock away, they grabbed their clubs from the trunk and we went in. As we walked around the golf course, my Daddy introduced me as his daughter. I loved it when people told my Daddy what a beautiful young daughter he had and how proud he must be! As my Daddy and Uncles drank more beer, everyone got hornier and hornier. Soon, all of them were pinching and smacking my cute lil 14 year old butt ;-) I started getting horny from all of the attention I was getting and being the naughty little cumslut that I am, I started caressing the growing bulges in all of their pants! One of my Uncles, Unkie Tom, was looking at some trees and bushes on the side of the fairway. We went to check it out. It was secluded. It was out of the way. "Let's be naughty," I said as I grabbed his hand and we both ran in! It was absolutely perfect :-) I immediately dropped to my knees, undid his pants and began lovingly stroking his member. As I slid him into my mouth, we were quickly joined by Unkie Mike, and my Daddy ;-) Uncles Brent and Butch stood watch. My heart raced as I worked them with my little mouth and hands and when I thought about the fact that I was dressed like a woman and on my knees blowing my Daddy and Uncles on the side of a golf course...I felt like the sexiest slut on earth! After about 10 minutes, another group of golfers walked by...and we all froze! We could hear them talking about the stock market and other boring business stuff. You could hear everyone breath a sigh of relief as they went about their golf game, completely unaware of the debauchery going on in the bushes :-) My Daddy had me stand up, I bent over at the waist and continued to suck and stroke Uncles Tom and Mike, while Daddy got behind me, lifted up my skirt, pulled my butt cheeks apart, tore a hole in my pantyhose and began tenderly and passionately tonging my pink, hairless boypussy. My Daddy reached into my bag and pulled out some anal lube. Soon, Daddy's finger was sliding in and out of my soft, tight little asshole. And I went back to pleasuring the cocks in my face. Uncle Tom, Uncle Mike and Daddy played rock, paper, scissors. Unkie Mike won. He got behind me and pushed the swollen tip of his cock against my ready and eager teenage ass. "Do it Uncle Mike. Stick your big cock up your naughty little caddy's ass," I said like a slut. My Daddy came around and put his cock back in my face. About 5 minutes went by when Uncle Tom pulled his cock from my mouth and said my favorite words: "I'm gonna cum" ;-) The moment I wrapped my lips around his cock, I felt a hot splash hit the back of my mouth! Uncle Tom pulled up his pants as Unkie Mike pulled his cock from my ass and laid down in the grass and dirt. I lowered myself onto his cock as Unkie Brent joined my Daddy in fucking my face :-) As I bounced playfully and energetically up and down on Unkie Mike's throbbing pole, gently caressing his hairy balls, I greedily worked Daddy and Uncle Brent with my warm, soft mouth. Soon, Unkie Mike threw his head back, arched his back, grabbed my hips, and pushed himself as deep inside of my tight little ass as he could go :-) I felt wave after wonderful wave of hot semen splash deep within me. He pulled his cock from my freshly seeded ass, I got on my hands and knees and as I arched my back and stuck my ass high up in the air, I felt cum drip all the way down the crack of my ass, and trickle down the inside of legs :-) My Daddy got behind me, Unkie Brent got in front of my face, and Unkie Mike went to notify Uncle Butch that it was his turn. Another group of golfers came by...but I didn't care. I don't know if anyone cared! My Daddy worked my boypussy the way only a Daddy can as I continued to suck on Uncles Brent and Butch. Uncle Brent began grabbing my face and fucking my mouth hard, his big hairy balls slapping against my chin as my Daddy's big hairy balls were slapping against my ass as he fucked me from behind. Uncle Brent dickslapped me in the face with his engorged member right before he began cumming. Sadly, the first squirt missed my mouth and landed on my chest :-( Luckily I put him in my mouth before I lost any more of his yummylicious cum ;-) As Unkie Brent pulled up his pants, Daddy began thrusting and convulsing as he slid in and out of my teeny asshole...and I knew what that meant ;-) Soon, my ass was overflowing with not only one hot, gooey load, but two. :-) We'd been going for almost 30 minutes and I was getting a little bit tired and told Unkie Butch that I wanted to lay down. We got on our sides, I lifted up my leg, he slid his meaty mushroom head into the warm softness of my ass and we spooned. Uncles Tom and Mike came back for some more fun and while Uncle Butch worked my teenage hole. Uncle Tom shoved his cock down my throat, while Uncle Mike sucked my cock and balls. Uncle Brent and my Daddy were watching out for other golfers. Uncle Butch began caressing the nylon of my pantyhose as his cock slid in and out of my soft cheeks. As our bodies rocked back and forth, and Uncle Butch's big, stiff cock fucked my already cum-filled ass, his big, strong hands on my smooth, skinny legs, my mouth and face being fucked by Uncle Tom and my boyclitty being licked and sucked by Uncle Mike, the pleasure became unbearable and I arched my back as I began to climax, cum squirting all over my stomach. All Uncle Butch said as he fucked his nephew's young, tender ass was,"". He pulled out and I immediately jumped on his dick, still in a daze after just having came, and I feverishly began licking and sucking my own ass from his manhood. As his baby batter began to fill my mouth, I began swallowing greedily ;-) As Uncle Butch was cumming in my mouth, my hand had brought Uncle Mike close to his second orgasm ;-) As the last drops of Uncle Butch shot into my mouth, Uncle Mike told me to open my mouth, grabbed the back of my head, and fucked my mouth as he began to cum. As I milked Uncle Mike with my mouth, I stroked Uncle Tom with my hand. I had Uncle Tom close to cumming so I didn't swallow Uncle Mike's load, just presented Uncle Tom with my waiting, cum-filled teenage mouth. Uncle Tom threw his head back and added his hot load to the load already in my mouth. Then, I opened my mouth so that everyone could see the 2 hot loads of sperm. Then, I closed my mouth, swallowed, showed them my empty mouth and everyone celebrated! Well, as quietly as they could so as not to alert any other golfers, that is ;-) As I fixed my makeup and hair, I remember thinking about who was Daddy and Uncles...or me!. When I got back to the fairway, we continued golfing and no one was none the wiser! We went back to Uncle Mike's and I got out of my caddy outfit, removed my makeup and went back to being a boy. When we got home, Daddy told Mommy that I was a natural and that he wanted to make me his official caddy and take me on all of his golfing trips. The next time I caddied for Daddy, we were in a hotel, I was in hose and heels, handcuffed and blindfolded, most of my Uncles brought their sons...and EVERYBODY brought friends ;-) Hope ya liked my story. If any of you naughty pervs got yer rocks off while you read this, lemme know yo ;-)

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