Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Veronica's=Perfect SeXStoRY

Dam I mean this bitch is pretty much flawless.She's 5,8", 132 lbs., long dark burgundy brown hair, aww inspiring almond eye's, milky golden sunshine like skin. . . .An earth shattering 34DDD cup Breasts.She's Irish/Native/& African American.An oh yeah she is an elite FBI agent.Well it turns out, I caught her, an she realized she had to prove herself real to me, an not just another rogue operative. It was a thursday 2:14pm, we met up to speak about up coming events at our local Gove.Volenteer building. After finishing our shift helping, I seen her on the phone speaking of different high covert missions.we both washed our hands."I know who you are an who..." I said before she cut me off "John I know more about you, then you know about our secret ops." Before I could speak she approached me pushing me gently to the office wall/kissing me suddenly "John dont act like you dont want it." I quickly grabbed her tossing her to that very wall, our yearning lips kiss tongues carressing slowly over an over. In the back of my mind knowing she works for the Fucking Feds;"Fuck it,,, Bitch you dont know how long I've wanted this..Fuck that , YOU!!!"I then grabbed the back of her head swiftly raveling her thick healthy locks in my hand.She started biting my bottom lip Whispering soft "'nigga dont think Im a square because of the Bureau" Wearing a light neet fitting red summer dress, I lifted up her dress gripping that tight firm succulent ass. Then lick-biting her neck. she reached stroking downwards on my dick, I pull it out-balls on super swagg saggy swanging mode.I maneuver in standing 69, pulling aside white cotton red-Heart tiny poke-a-dot panties, then attacking slurps of her juicy drenched pulsating pussy.Shaved clean I lick an use my tongue ass a toy jagging an glurp sopping in an out of her gurshing pussy...Switch licking from her ass to pussy, pussy to ass then while rim tongue gaping into her dim pink Asswhole, "Dam Look at this fat black donky dick, an saggy ass balls, Nigga you dont know!.!.!.!" hanging in my clutch upside down she went HAM-DAMN-NUTTY- SUCK super women on my dick. Taking Furious deepthroat power sucks-purposely gagging an Glurping death strokes wreckless, wild, and wet smacking the back of her throat."Suck that big dick, you sexy big titty bitch'you".Stopping for a moment to lock the door an check for people watching. By the window shades closed I took my dick rock solid painfully hard taking Veronica from the back sliding into that warm moist waiting nani.One hand on her shoulder, the other fingering her ass. puncturing that pussy.Plowing, to the sounds skin pouncing back an forth. "Take this dick you perfect wet bitch". Time passing by maybe more then an hour, pausing the doggystyle an continued to eat her orgasmic ass, lapping licking her backside over an over untill her pussy starts squirtting all over my face an lips. . . .To Be Continued.

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