Wednesday, March 27, 2013

50+ women are hot SeXStoRY

I have always had this fetish about older women. Im talking about 50+.  When I was 35 I worked for this large restaurant, where I met this older woman. She was our banker 54, 5'8" light brown hair, a curvy figure and rather large tits.  At first she was stand off-ish but in time she and I started hanging out at work and had taken several breaks together. I had always thought she was sexy and the more we got to know each other over the months the sexier she got. Pretty soon we started playfully flirt.  Then one day, things changed when I asked her about her husband. She kind of broke down and told me things were rough since he was unable to work because of a work injury. Then in a shy way, she tells me; It's been so long since they have been intimate.  Not really sure what to say. But my naughty side did; His loss because you are a sexy woman.  From that day, things changed. She started flirting more and me being me, I would push the flirting by making more comments about her figure. But we made sure it wasn't around co-workers.  One day the flirting turned more sexual. It all started when I had walked into her office. Her shirt was unbutton to the top of her bra revealing the deepest, longest cleavage, I couldn't stop starring and she seemed to not know it was so open. My cock was slowly getting hard. Plus everytime she leaned over to go over an expense report those big tits just hung low and displaying all its cleavage.   I had to leave.  Later that day I saw her again, her shirt was buttoned up. I was straighten up a stock room when she came up behind me and said; Did you like that earlier? I told her; god yes, was that just for me?  JoAnn; yes it was. I always notice you looking at my breast.  Then she stepping closer and whispered in my ear; I could tell you like cleavage because I could see your dick growing in your pants.  Then she leaned in even closer and I could feel her big tits push into my back and in a soft voice; I have the house to myself for the next 5 days, wanna come over? Then I feel her hand slide over my hips and dive into my pocket. She leaves a piece of paper in my pocket and sliding her hand out, she drags her fingernails slipping out of my pocket and says;  Those are directions to my place, come by at 8.     Then she walks away casually.    Damn it, there I stood  with a throbbing hard cock and I could even feel a wet spot from precum. I had to stay in the stockroom till I went soft.  Fast-forward to 8pm.  I'm pulling up to JoAnn place and soon was knocking on her door.  Damn, JoAnn opened the door and stood there looking yummy. My cock was stirring about. She was wearing a tight pair of jeans, showing alittle cameltoe, a tight tank and a loose fitting shirt over that but not buttoned up. Her bra was barely containing those huge tits.   My cock stiffen up when she pulls me in, closes the door and gives a hot sexy kiss. Then pulls away saying; Mmmmmm, that was yummy. Then turns and started  walking showing me in, I followed, watching her ass. I've never seen her out of "office clothes" and now I couldnt stop starring at her shapely ass.  At first we started out in the kitchen, drinking and talking about food but we were flirting with lots of touching and caressing.  Setting her drink down I pin her against the counter and kiss her. At first she would laugh in a shy way but her laughter soon changed to soft moans as our kissing turn to making out. She pushes me away telling me; Mmmmmm that so nice and whoa you have my bl**d pumping. But let's move this to the den.  Walking towards the den, JoAnn stops, turns, leaning up against me and says; Mmmm, I don't think I can wait any long.  She leans in and kissing me very passionately. Then pulls away saying; Follow me.  She leads me straight into her bedroom. Candles were already going, she adds some music and dims down the lights. I set my drink down and starts to take my shirt off when JoAnn says;  Slow down cowboy, let me help.  Kissing me softly, then down my neck and in a sexy voices says; Beside it has been several years since I've gotten any and I want to take my time.  Again we kiss, tongues dancing, I was cupping her ass as her hands were caressing up and down my body. Her hands slid up the back of my shirt, gripping at my back. When I started kissing and sucking her neck, she would drag her nails down my back.  She slips off my shirt and opens  my pants. Her hand slips in my underwear, taking a hold of my cock and moans; Oh my, it's much thicker than I had imagined. I take a hold of her huge tits for the first time and wow they felt so big.  I slid off her over shirt and before I could work on taking her tight tanktop off. She pulls away and says; I'm not as tight body like I use to be so I hope I don't disappoint you.  I slip my hands under the hem of her shirt sliding my hands up cupping her big tits. She pulls off her tank top taking a step back she opens her pants and wiggles her hips as she slips out of her pants. Sitting back on the bed, she sits in the middle and tells me; Let me see that cock of yours.  I slide my pants and underwear down and off. I grip my cock and slowly stroke it, looking for JoAnn's reacting. She just stares biting her lower lip. Slipping her bra straps off her shoulder she releases those big tits. Omg when her bra slipped off, her tits were huge and I couldn't keep my eyes off of them.  Getting up on her knees she sit up at the edge of the bed. She moans out and says; Mmmmm, I know you are pleased with my big titties, your dick got harder when I released then. We start kissing passionately, tongues dancing together, I grab a hand full of her hair pulling her head back, kissing and nibbling on her exposed neck.  I cup one of her huge tits and took one of her nipples in my mouth and started sucking. Then I went to the other back and forth I kept sucking till she is moaning and her nipples were rock hard.  She takes a hold of my cock and slowly starts stroking my cock. She is breathing heavy and saying; Damn you have a thick cock and HARD. And what is this? As her fingers lightly trace around the cockring wrapped around my cock and balls.  My balls were so swollen and my cock was rock hard.  She started teasing my swollen balls with her finger nails Then half moaning she says; I haven't held a dick in such a long time. Mmmmm and your is so thick and much bigger than my husband's. Kissing again she guides me onto the bed and on my back. Getting between my legs she leans over dragging those heavy tits across my body.  She kisses my chest and she seemed nervous. In a shy tone says; Its been so long since I've gone down on a man and your dick is making me nervous, I know I wont be able to take very much of it.  I starts to sit up on the bedboard as she slowly starts kisses her way down my body, again dragging those heavy tits across my body.  I look down and see her ass up high still wearing her thong. Her huge tits hanging low. My cock is throbbing, her huge tits felt so good and heavy on my legs.  She is stroking my cock and slowly kissing up and down the shaft. First just kissing the head, then her lips slowly start slipping down my cock. Taking as much as she could she slowly slide her lips up and down again. As she starts picking up a rhythm, I can hear and feel her moaning around my cock.  I'm not sure why she was so nervous she quickly was working over half my cock in her mouth and was giving me one hell of a blow job.  Her moaning got louder as she got more aggressive with sucking my cock. Cupping her huge tits, drags them up my legs, she wraps her tits around my cock. She starts rocking her body and her huge tits were sliding up and down my cock.  JoAnn was moaning, telling me; I haven't sucked a cock in so long and yours is such a treat. Its so thick and I love how that cock ring makes your cock so hard.  Releasing her tits, her mouth engulfs my cock. Moaning as her mouth slides up and down my cock with her hand gripped tight stroking my cock in rhythm with her mouth.  Again she wraps her huge tits around my cock. Tit fucking my cock.   Over and over she goes from sucking and tittie fucking my cock.  I can feel cum building up and getting ready to explode. I couldn't take it much more and moan out;  I'm gonna cum!  JoAnn slides her mouth off my cock, still gripping my cock. She leans over my cock and rest my cock between her tits. Using her upper arms she squeezes her tits around my cock and her hand as she stroke my cock. Half stroking my cock and tittie fucking me.  I grab a hold of her shoulder, holding my breath a huge load of cum gushes out landing on her tits. I groan out as a second load of cum coats her tits, hand and my cock.  JoAnn is moaning;  Shot that cum, oh yeah cum baby cum.  Twitching every time my cock disappear between her cleavage. After I stop cumming she just strokes my cock and says; Oh my god! That was just like a porn.  Mmmmm, you have lit a fire under me. Collapsing down on me we engage in a passionate kiss, open mouth french kissing, sucking and kissing each others neck.  JoAnn starts nibbling on my ear and say; Will you go down on me?   Without even saying a word, I guide her onto her back. Getting up on my knees between her legs, I sit up and run my hands all over her body. She is using her arms to pool her huge tits on her chest.  I lean down and first kiss her again. Then i slowly kiss down to her neck, lightly biting and sucking her neck.  I kiss lower and start sucking her nipples.  JoAnn started softly moan; Harder, harder, suck them harder. I did as I was told till she softly moaned; Just like that, just like that, oooh my, that feels so good.  I slipped a hand down between her legs and cup her pussy. She gasp out followed by a moan.  I can see her biting her lip as I slide her thong off and slip two fingers in her pussy.  Breathing heavy and moaning as I slowly slide two fingers in and out of her pussy. Damn her pussy was dripping wet.  I started sliding down her body till my mouth was just over her pussy.  She had long thick lips, surrounded by a thick pair of labia. .    I dip my tongue, splitting her lips with my tongue, as I dance my tongue around her opening. I slip my fingers out and into my mouth tasting her pussy. I bury my face as I f***e as much of my tongue in her pussy.  Slowly I tongue fuck JoAnn.  She is pinching and pulling at her nipples. Holding her breath then letting it out with a loud moan. I sit up and push two fingers deep in JoAnn. I would slowly slide them out before pushing then in deep and quickly.  I lower my mouth again and start licking around her opening as my fingers slip in and out.   JoAnn grabs a hold of my head and telling me; Right there, right there Holding still she holds her breath. Suddenly she groans out, releasing her orgasm. I pump my fingers quicker taking her thru her orgasm.  Her breathing slows as I slip my fingers out. I lay flat between her legs, kissing the inside of her legs.  JoAnn is twitching as I kiss closer and closer to her pussy.  Softly moaning, she says; Mmmmm round 2?   I tell her; As many rounds as needed.  Holding my mouth just over the top of her pussy, I lean down taking her pussy in my mouth, I softly starts sucking the hood. Suddenly I could feel her clit swelling. Then it pops out from it hood and I draw it in and out of my mouth.  I suck her clit faster and faster, JoAnn is holding her breath, releasing it with a deep moan.  I quickly pull back releasing her clit from my mouth.  JoAnn is panting saying; Oh my god, oh my god.  Again I cover my mouth over her clit and suck it into my mouth but this I lightly dance my tongue all over her clit.  Slow at first then fast all over clit.  I slip my arms under her legs and hold her hips down as my tongue bares down on her clit.  JoAnn is twitching and grasping for air. My tongue is dancing all over her fully swollen clit. Sucking it in and out of my mouth, nibbling on it, holding it with my teeth as my tongue dances all over her clit.  JoAnn fingers are running thru my hair as she is moaning and groaning.  Her breathing quicken. I dance my tongue aggressively across her clit.  Forcing my face deeper in her pussy JoAnn starts moaning; Here I cum, here I cum. OMG  Holding her breath, I flick my tongue quickly across her clit, when she groans out and starts twitch as she starts cumming. Her body twitching I keep flicking my tongue. Pushing her hips up, she let's out a loud moan and starts cumming.  Bucking she grinds her pussy into my face.  I keep flicking my tongue across her clit, JoAnn is moaning louder and louder; Oh My God, oh damn, I'm gonna cum again I bare down on her clit, flicking it, sucking it and nibbling it. She reaches down and spreads her lips wide open and I draw her clit into my mouth and quickly starts sucking it as if I was sucking her nipple.  JoAnn f***es her hips up letting out a deep groan. Dropping her hips back down, I flick my tongue across her clit. Her body is shaking uncontrollably, as I lighten up and tease her clit softer.  JoAnn body starts relaxing as I now just kiss the inside of her legs.  I slide up and lay next to her and we start kiss.  Between kiss JoAnn tells me; That was the best oral she has ever gotten.    I slip over on top of her as she wraps her legs around me. Sliding an hand between our body she takes a hold of my cock and guides my cock into the opening of her pussy.  I take over, I lean up on my hands as I push my hips forward and my cock easily slips into her wet pussy. Her pussy was so wet and felt so good.   JoAnn is holding my ass, pushing down  as I thrust forward. I'm pump quicker and quicker. I'm fuck her with a hard deep thrust, pushing my cock deeper and deeper.  I feel her heels dig into the small of my back. I'm holding my torso up pumping my hips as hard as I can. JoAnn dragging her nails down my back, moaning;  Oh my god, oh my god. Fuck me, fuck me deep. Make me cum.  I trying to hold back but JoAnn is turning me on beyond belief.  JoAnn is moaning; Almost there, almost there, oh my god baby I'm gonna cum hard.  Her body tighten ups, she is gasping for air, groaning. Holding her breath, I push my cock deep and pump my hips fucking her deep. When she moan; Yes, yes, yes thats it.  Moaning loud I pump a few more time as I hear moan; I'm cumming, I'm cumming, oh god I'm cumming!  Forcing my cock deep as I release a flood of cum, filling up her pussy.  JoAnn is shaking and twitching as she comes down from her orgasm.  A couple more pumps and I have to hold still from to much sensation at the head of my cock.  JoAnn pulls me close and we make out for a bit before she ask me; Are you gonna stay the night, right? I not only stayed the night but the next four nights. 

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