Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mother’s Day- Pt 1 SeXStoRY

This three part fictional story is inspired by a conversation I had with a friend, who told me of his longing desire for his mother. He told me that he was too shy to tell his mother of his feelings and despite her being open when it came to nudity, he’s never been naked in front of her. I’ve been awake for most of the night, yesterday, I saw the woman of my dreams naked again as she walked from the bathroom to the bedroom dragging her soft white bath towel behind her without even trying to cover her perfectly round bum cheeks or hide those lovely round breasts from which I fed as an infant, but so much wanting to feed on again as a man. Doesn’t she know what effect she has on me? I’ve been stroking my cock for most of the night, taking myself to the hedonistic abyss into which, upon the release of my thick creamy spunk as my orgasm hit me like an exploding bomb, I would gladly plunge. But not this time, the pleasure is too intense and I have other ideas, if only I could formulate a plan, which would satisfy my youthful, lustful, desires. I lay awake taking myself to and from the abyss, listening to the silence of the house at rest, broken only buy the slapping of my foreskin against my fist in a staccato rhythm as I keep my self in a state of ecstasy. I listened as my father went to work and closing the door behind him the house fell into silence again until my mother went down into the kitchen to make her morning cuppa. Within the dark, cosy, womb-like night, a plan was finally made and my heart raced and thumped in my chest until that predetermined moment arrived. I listened until footsteps on the stairs heralded my mother’s approach and my plan to be executed. Quickly I got out of bed and opened my bedroom door at the moment she was standing on the landing. This was the moment I had waited for most of my life. “Oooops, sorry mum” I mumbled feigning surprise and embarrassment. “I didn’t know you were there”. I moved my hand clumsily in an attempt to hide my cock that had waited all night for this moment, but my mother had already seen it, standing proud in defiance of the potential embarrassing situation I had put it in. “That’s okay” She said, her eyes fixed on my manhood, seemingly less embarrassed than I expected. The awkwardness that followed was awash in silence, but I was determined to hold this moment until one of us made the next move and neither of us seemed eager to make it. I’m sure my heart could be heard thumping away in my chest as I looked at the beautiful woman standing in front of me, her dressing gown partly open innocently showing a hint of breast and an area of flat stomach. My cock didn’t show any signs of softening, as it stood proud between my legs and my ardour increasing with every silent moment. “I’d forgotten that you weren’t my little boy any longer, but grown into a young man,” She said breaking the tension, “Quite a young man too…so big…so thick you are”. She said after a brief pause and with a look of intensity. “Do you like what you see”? I asked with a tremor in my voice taking a step closer and making my cock dance to a silent happy tune. Instead of receiving a sharp slap from her small soft hands, I was surprised when she reached out and touched my aching cock, which twitched as if controlled by some invisible thread. It felt wonderful as her index finger traced the length of it while she studied it intensely. “What are you thinking mum”? “I’m thinking how beautiful it looks and how much bigger it is than your father’s” She said in a soft voice, almost a whisper, a voice she used when I was a k** sitting on her lap, my head resting against her warm, soft, breasts as she comforted me after a nightmare. “I’m thinking that I’d like to taste it and feel you in my mouth”. “I’ve fancied you for years mum, you are so beautiful. I love to see you naked, your breasts…. “…But it’s also wrong”. She said now with fear in her voice. “I’m sorry if I’ve lead you on with my nakedness. I wasn’t thinking properly”. She looked at me with pleading in her eyes and a tear too. “But mum you are beautiful and such a turn on, you always make my cock stiff”. I was beginning to see my chance disappear. Could all this end in guilt? Do I confess that I wank about her endlessly and I’ve been awake all night planning this moment? Will this end in yet another spunk splattered stomach? TO BE CONTINUED © Morning Glory March 2013

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