Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Best Friend: the last party (Part 1) SeXStoRY

Blake and I have always been close, ever since the 2nd grade when we meet and became friends over crayons. All throughout Grade School and Middle School we remained close and inseparable. In High School our likes changed a little but we were still the best of friends. He was like a b*****r to me and i loved him dearly. Nothing could ever come between us, not even girls. until... It was the middle of summer and Blake and i were at a party. it was the very last time any of us would see any of our class mate. Blake was with his girlfriend Amber, she was a very sweet and beautiful girl. They were very much in love and were even considering getting married after they finished college. Amber's best friend Cecile was there too, she had had a crush on me for years. i didn't date much in school and so Cecile would always try to get with me but i always pushed her away. That night at around 1:15 in the morning i was in one of the rooms in the house. i was just lying on the bed thinking about the future and how this weekend Blake would leave to college. just as i remembered the first time he said to me "hi im Blake, can i use your Green crayon" Blake walked in the room. "There you are I’ve been looking for you" said Blake. Blake reeked of alcohol which meant Amber had left the party. Blake didn't drink in front of Amber. Blake walked in wearing his navy blue jeans and his blue and yellow Letterman jacket. "Well i'm right here" i said to him. Blake then sat right next to me and said "you Wes, you are my best friend in the whole wide world you know that?" he sounded very d***k when he talked it was almost funny. I smiled looked at him and replied "yes Blake i know, just like you are my best friend" "Good" replied Blake as he stared at the wall. "why are you in here all alone?" he asked me. "I just don't feel like being downstairs with all the noise and all the drinking" i said to him smiling. Blake had never seen me drink, i worried if i ever got d***k with him i might do something I’d regret. Blake pulled out a liquor flask and said to me "come on buddy, it's the last time we'll party together. let's make it a memorable night." i looked at him as he said "do it for me, your best buddy in the whole world who is really going to miss you while he's at college." he then hovered his flask in front of me. i reached out and grabbed the flask and said to him "ok but just this once since it's a special occasion" i took a drink and asked "what is this?" "it is pure vodka" Blake said laughing. A few hours later Blake and i were both lying on the floor reminiscing on old times and talking about our futures. "oh and the look on Mr.Coldwell when he found the letter" said Blake as he started to laugh. "i will never forget that" i replied to him d***k myself. we both exhaled with a smile as we just lied there looking up. i looked over at the clock and realized it was 4 in the morning. "oh man it's late" i said to him as i got up. he rolled onto his stomach and said "yes we should go home already" i walked towards his direction as he got up. we both pumped into each other with an inch of distance between our lips. i pulled back and smiled trying to play it off but Blake just looked at me, then there was a moment of silence. i made a confused look as he just made a sad face. he leaned in and stopped, and for a moment it seemed he wanted to kiss me. finally he leaned in all the way and kissed me. hi's eyes were closed as he gently kissed me. my eyes were wide open as i was in shock. once i took a second to realize this was happening i closed my eyes and kissed him back. he pulled away for a second then leaned back in. he placed his hands on my waist as he and i slowly walked to the bed as we kissed. he pulled away one last time and slowly took off his jacket. i sat on the bed looking in his direction. i looked up at him giving him a dorkey smile, he looked and smiled back at me with his beautiful smile. i reached out and began to unbuckle his belt. Blake then grabbed his belt and pulled it out of his pants. i unbutton his pants and unzipped the zipper. then together Blake and i pulled his pants down just above his knees. i could see Blake's dick throu his underwear which i was very turned on by. with my left hand pulled his underwear down and with my right hand i grabbed his dick. Blake's dick was 8 inches long and very thick. i looked up at him one more time to confirm this is what he wanted. he looked at me and game me a sympathetic smile. i knew for sure he wanted this just as badly as i wanted it. i wrapped my lips around the head of his dick. i began to stroke his dick with my lips back and forth as he closed his eyes and faced up. i used my hand to push back his balls so i could get more of his dick in my mouth. the taste of his precum drove me wild as i savored every bit of it. Blake placed his hand on the back of my head and with his other hand he reached down for my hand. then he said "not so fast your going to make me cum". i looked up at him and said "wanna try me?". he nodded yes. he pushed me so i could lie on the bed and climbed on top of me. kissing me, tasting his own precum on my tongue. he then took off his pants and underwear completely and worked his way down to my dick. he unbuttoned my pants and unzipped my zipper slowly took off my pants and underwear. i looked up and closed my eyes as i began to exhale deeply. Blake was giving me my first blowjob. i looked down at him and saw him working his hand and stroking my dick while blowing me off. then he looked back at me pulled away from my dick and said "you like it?". i said to him "yes i'm loving it", i reached for the back of his head and said "keep going". Blake gave the biggest smile ever and went right back to sucking my dick. he stroked me back and forth and forth and back and forth. then he climbed on the bed and kissed me. Blake then whispered "i wanna fuck you" i could not believe what i was hearing Blake say but i had been dreaming about this for years i was not about to say no. Blake reached into his pants and pulled out a condom. he pulled my legs back to my head as he put on his condom. then he spit into his hand and stroke his dick with his hand. then he spit into his hand again and placed his spit into my ass hole. he then slid his Dick slowly into my tight ass. we both exhaled deeply as he tried to slide his 8 inch dick all the way into my ass. i cringed and pulled on the sheets of the bed as i felt his dick entering my ass hole. this was the first time i had ever been fucked and i loved it. especially because it was with Blake. "AHH!" i exhaled with pain in my voice. "be gentle with me" i said to Blake just as he started to fuck me. i felt his dick going in and out and in and out repeatedly. this feeling was like nothing I’d ever experience before. it was the first time i'd ever gotten fucked but i was taking it like a pro. he pulled my leg back and began to fuck me harder and deeper. i could feel my hole closing and opening with every stroke he did. it felt amazing!! finally i said to him "im going to cum". he looked at me and said "wait, just wait a little bit longer so we can cum together". i replied "I’ll try". he then placed his body over mine and put his arms over my legs and under my arms. with both hand's he held onto my head. both Blake and i exhaled deeply as he gave pleasure i had never felt before. "oh god!, there, don't stop Blake, don't stop" he looked at me and gave me 7 good hard strokes. 1, i cringed in pain while he groaned. 2, i felt the sweat on his body all over my chest. 3, 4, my toes curled as my hole had been getting fucked nonstop for a couple of minutes. 5, "oh god i can't wait any longer i have to cum" i said to him. 6, he looked at me. 7, i could now wait any longer and without touching my dick i came hands free. he then pulled out and took off his condom and tried to cum with me. "oh god!" he shouted as cum poured out of his dick and onto my stomach. then he leaned in and gave me a final kiss. a kiss that was so passionate i still remember it like it was yesterday. then he exhaled as his erection began to fade. he then laughed while looking at the mess we had made with all our cum. i laughed back with him but it was a different kind of laugh. he then rolled over and asked me "was that good?" i held onto his cheek and kissed him, i pulled back and said. "that was perfect". soon after that Blake and i feel asl**p and woke up. i woke up that morning at around 11:00 am and found myself alone. "did i sl**p with Blake?" i began to wonder to myself. realizing i had done so. i knew that things between me and Blake were about to change. I'D LIKE TO POST A PART 2 BUT I DON'T KNOW IF ANYONE LIKES THIS ONE. IF I GET ENOUGHT REQUESTS ILL POST A 2ND PART.

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