Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A nice routine SeXStoRY

The days settled into a routine. They got up around 8am without bothering to dress (the house and grounds were secluded) and after showering they had breakfast before starting a day’s work on the house. Mark had invited Tim to help him with the house for a week in early July. Both their wives were busy working back in blighty, not being able to get the time off. The house in France needed a lot of work and it was Mark and Ginny’s little ‘fixer up’. They both came to enjoy these little working holidays away. The previous night Mark and Tim had noticed a dripping sound somewhere in the ceiling space above after a quick downpour and as there wasn’t any evident leak they decided to leave it till morning. Morning was here and the first job of the day was to check that dripping. There was a loft hatch in the little extension, which afforded access to the grenier. As the space was limited and the ceiling fairly low they could not get the large steps into the room so Mark being the bigger and stronger of the two offered a leg up for Tim to take a peek into the loft. Linking his fingers together, Mark leaned forward allowing Tim to step onto Marks hands. Once on, Mark straightened and Tim’s head poked through the already opened hatch. Tim’s groin was parallel with Mark’s mouth but he could do nothing but stare at Tim’s cock trying not to think about it. Mark opened his mouth to speak, his lips fighting with Tim’s cock. “Well, what do you see?” “Not a lot actually. It’s very dark,” Tim replied. “Well use the bl**dy torch.” “Oh, yeah … that’s better.” Tim was a friendly, very likable sort but sometimes the lift didn’t quite reach the top floor. “Still can’t see much. Do you remember where the dripping was coming from?” Tim asked. “Should be somewhere in front of you.” Mark told him trying to keep Tim cock out of his mouth as he spoke. “There looks to be a big centre post …” Mark tried turning his head to one side, “It should be to the left of that post!” “What?” He turned his head the other way, brushing past his cock, “To the left of the post!” “The most? Most of what?” Mark was not having a lot of luck. H turned to face forward. Tim’s knob fell in to his mouth as he opened his mouth to speak. He tried to use his tongue to push it out. Tim seemed oblivious. “It’s … just … to the … left of th…at post … maybe … four … f…eet.” With all the attention Tim’s cock stiffened making it harder if not impossible for Mark to push it out of his mouth with his tongue. Fortunately it wasn’t too big and so he gave up trying, “Look at the roof above that for any thign of damp.” Mark found it difficult to swallow his saliva without sucking Tim’s penis and the saliva seemed to be forming all the time. The more he sucked and swallowed the more his mouth generated saliva. “Can you shee anything?” Mark asked. Tim stretched up and leaned forward trying to peer into the gloom. Mark tried to pull his head back but was limited for space and could only stand there waiting for Tim to find the leak. “Ah there’s a sheet of wood beside the post. If … I … could just … pull it … forward …” As Tim struggled reaching forward and pulling back, his hips moved back and forwards, his cock sliding in and out of Mark’s mouth. ‘Geez, it’s a good job the girls aren’t here to witness this,’ Mark thought to himself, ‘I’d never live it down!’ “Ah, there’s some water on the wood but not a lot and I can see a bit of daylight above where it was.” “Alright, come down now.” Mark replied with a muffled voice. Tim looked down at Mark. “Are you sucking my cock?” Tim asked, feigning shock in his voice. “I … don’t have … a lot … of op…thion! Now … get down.” As he lowered Tim to the ground, his cock slipped from Mark’s mouth. “Geez I thought you were going to fuck my mouth when you were pulling on that board!” “Looks like you enjoyed it,” Tim replied, indicating Mark’s stiffening cock. “No! Anyway, you definitely seem to be enjoying it. Are you dripping?” Mark asked looking at a drip hanging from the end of Tim’s knob. “Well it has been over a week since we last saw the girls,” Tim replied with a cheeky grin. “It was brief but nice, thank you!” “I didn’t know you were that way inclined,” Mark said with surprise. “I’m not really though I have sometimes wondered. I’m sure you’ve done the same.” “No, can’t say I have.” Mark replied defensively. “Me think you doth protest too much,” again the cheeky grin. Taking hold of Mark’s still erect penis, “and I think the proof is plain for all to see.” “I always start the day with an erection!” “It’s been a while since the day started and it wasn’t there before,” Tim persisted. “Okay, I always get an erection when things get sexual.” “Oo, am I turning you on?” Tim asked in mock excited tones. “No, definitely not!” “Am I that bad looking?” Tim’s smile fades. “No, you’re okay …” Then you hate my cock!” “No, I don’t hate your cock. It’s a nice cock …” “Really? What do you like about it?” “It’s not too lo … wait a minute, I didn’t say I like it either …” “It’s okay, I’m just having a laugh,” Tim confessed, “and I suppose you want yours back.” Tim let go of Mark’s pulsing penis. Mark looked down at his cock, “Seems a shame to waste it,” he said idly, thinking of Ginny then looked up at Tim’s smiling face, “I’m not suggesting …” “Didn’t think you were, mate.” “Come on, let’s get some work done!” Mark turned Tim around and pushed him to the door. “You do have a nice arse though!” This time it was Mark’s turn to smile as Tim turned. The day turned out to be another hot one and they were glad they weren’t dressed. After sunning themselves in the garden while having some lunch they headed back inside. They had an Aga to level and it promised to be a heavy task. Again as Mark was the stronger he got to lift while Tim would adjust the feet. Opening the top doors of the cooker, Mark spread his legs and lifted the cooker with his hands inside the top oven but could not lift it high enough. Moving back a bit and doing the same on the lower oven he was able to lift the cooker high enough for a hand to turn the adjustable feet. “Are you ready?” Tim asked. “Yeah but don’t take too long. This bugger’s heavy” “Just while I’m here …” Tim held Mark’s hips and pressed his flaccid cock into Mark’s bum. “Never mind that, this is really heavy!” Getting down on all fours, Tim crawled between Mark’s legs, Mark’s cock resting on Tim’s neck as he adjusted the feet. As he moved about between Mark’s legs trying to turn the nut that made the feet, Marks cock started to stiffen. It took some five minutes maybe more to get the feet turned to the approximate length. “Are you there yet?” Mark called, the strain of holding the cooker in his voice. “That should be close. You can let it down.” Tim backed out from between Mark’s legs. As he stood and Mark straightened Tim felt the back of his neck and looked at Mark’s penis. “Geez, are you coming on my neck?” “What? No!” “Well my neck feels as wet as your knob looks. Are you sure you have never wondered what it’s like?” taking the conversation back to the morning’s discussion in the extension. “Well you were rubbing it with your head. What do you expect?” “Hmm. You wanna check for level?” Tim suggested, returning the conversation to the cooker. With slightly flushed cheeks Mark quietly picked up his level and check the cooker. “Needs about half an inch on the left.” Placing the spirit level back on the worktop Mark bent over and once more lifted the front of the Aga. As he stood there he became aware that Tim was not down adjusting the cooker height. “Are you going to do this?” Mark grunted. “Just admiring your arse,” “Well you can admire it all you like later but just get this bl**dy foot adjusted!” “Okay, okay.” Tim crawled once more between Mark’s legs and adjusted the foot. As it had already been turned, it seemed a bit easier to turn and Tim was quickly crawling back and standing. Mark lowered the cooker and straightened again. The spirit level showed that it was ‘proper’. With a small ring spanner, Mark leaned over to the back of the cooker to tighten the small nuts on the bottom of the splash back. It proved tricky to not only get the nuts on but also tighten them, as space was very restricted and he had to hold the splash back at the same time as putting on the screws. “Can you hold my nuts while I tighten this one?” Mark asked. “Sure,” and Tim took hold of Marks balls. “Very funny. I meant these,” his right hand came round with two small nuts. “Those as well. Okay!” Tim took the nuts while still holding onto Mark’s balls. Mark could feel his cock stiffen with the attention. As he finished tightening the first nut, he put his hand back and asked for another. Tim put his cock in Mark’s hand. “A metal one, please!” “Well, it’s quite hard,” Tim suggested with a chuckle. “Yeah but it’s too big,” Mark replied joining in on the banter. “Oh, I don’t know.” Mark felt Tim’s cock push against his arse. “Do you mind?” “No, as it happens” again Tim chuckled as he pushed his cock against Mark’s arse. Mark could feel Tim’s knob press hard into his anus. “Well, it’s too big for there as well!” Taking it as a challenge, Tim pushed harder but still it didn’t enter. “I told you,” Mark said with a smug tone, “Now can I have that nut?” Tim pushed again and again, trying to gain entry, now determined. “I’m telling you, it ain’t going in …” it seemed he spoke too soon as Tim’s knob pushed in. “Geez.” “There,” Tim spoke with a sense of triumph, his hips moving back and forwards trying to push further in, “I told you.” Although it was very tight, Mark was getting turned on. He tried to fight the feeling – he wasn’t gay! “Okay, you’ve proved your point.” But Tim kept going. Mark wanted to push Tim back, get him out of his arse but he stayed put. The more Tim fucked him the looser his arse got and Mark’s passions rose. Soon Mark could hear the wet squelch from his arse. Either Tim’s cock was lubricating or maybe it was his arse. “Is that better?” Tim asked. “Yeah, no, you shouldn’t be doing that.” But Mark stayed put. Tim’s hands were on Mark’s hips as he pulled himself into Mark. Tim’s breathing was quickening as his fucking became quicker. Then his breathing became ragged and Mark knew that Tim was about to come. “Don’t you dare come in me!” Mark told him but he could feel himself want Tim to come in him. And Tim did, his motion becoming jerky as his cock pumped Mark’s arse full. Mark could feel the warmth of Tim’s sperm spread through his arse. Tim’s penis started to deflate having shot its load and as it did Tim withdrew. Mark then turned and taking Tim by the shoulders, pushed him over the worktop. Tim didn’t struggle. Mark pulled Tim’s cheeks apart and pushed his throbbing cock against Tim’s arse. To Mark’s surprise his cock slipped in with only a few pushes. Mark suspected Tim had done this before but at that moment Mark needed to fuck someone. Tim gasped as Mark entered. His hands firmly held Tim’s hips as he roughly fucked Tim. Mark could feel his passions rising quickly. Gay, straight, it didn’t matter, he really needed to fuck someone. Although Tim’s arse was tight it was tight in a good way and within minutes Mark’s stomach contracted as he came. “Fuck!” Mark exclaimed as he came and kept coming. Slowly his demands lessened and he could feel his cock deflate. As he pulled it out, the smell of sweat and semen reached his nose but instead of being repulsed by it he just breathed in and stepped back. Tim was slumped over the worktop and Mark could see Tim’s hole was still open and he couldn’t help but wondered if his was the same. He stepped back once more and sat on a chair at the table. “Geez, what was that all about,” he asked no one in particular. Tim stood and turned, leaning again against the worktop. “I think we both needed that.” “Yeah but I’ve never done that with another guy. Geez. Don’t tell Lucy. She’ll be mortified” A worried look spread across Mark’s face. “Don’t worry, she won’t.” “What do you mean? She’ll be horrified.” “Well she normally asks Claire if we’ve got up to anything while we’ve been down here by ourselves.” “No. I don’t believe it.” Shock spread across Mark’s face. “Well she’s not going to be two faced about it, is she?” “What do you mean?” “You know. Lucy and Claire used to have a thing and every now and then they relive past times – if you know what I mean.” “No.” “Didn’t you know? Obviously not.” Tim now looked worry. “Are you okay with that?” “What. Yeah I guess. I thought she liked a bit of ac/dc. Just the way she looks at other women but I didn’t know her and Claire … and she thought you and me …” “Well she was right – this time,” Tim smiled. “You must admit it, you enjoyed it.” “Have you done this before?” “Many years ago, in my formative years but never really took to it.” “But your arse, I mean, my cock is bigger than yours and it seemed to go in a lot easier than yours.” Mark looked a little confused. “Oh that, no, Claire sometimes uses a strap on.” “Really, geez, I thought they were just for women.” “They’re for anyone who wants them.” “Fair point,” Mark sat thoughtful in his chair. “I can get one for you if you want but I think Lucy already has one – judging from what Claire says.” “Geez, you know more about my wife than I do.” “Only what Claire tells me and that’s not much. At least not the personal stuff.” “And a strap on is not personal?” As he sat there Mark could feel Tim’s semen coming out. He stood and looked at the chair. Yep, time for a shower. “Right I’m off for a shower.” “You want a hand?” Tim asked innocently. “I think you’ve done enough,” Mark replied good-naturedly. Tim put his hand behind himself then looked at it. It was wet to. “I think I need one as well. You really needed that didn’t you? I can feel it down my leg.” Later that day when Mark phoned Lucy, he confessed to her of his impropriety but instead of being hurt or ashamed of him she seemed genuinely interested. “Did you like it?” she asked. “Well yes, I guess, not that I’ll be doing that again.” “Why not?” “It’s okay for you and Claire but I’m straight!” “So you know about me and Claire? I suppose Tim told you. Claire and Tim share everything. You’re not upset?” “No. I kind of half suspected you liked the home team as well but it’s different for guys.” “How?” amused disbelief came down the phone. “Well you know, it’s all very feminine and things but guys are meant to be hard and hot for pussy.” “What nonsense. You still want me don’t you?” “Of course!” “Well then just because you sucked Tim’s cock …” “I didn’t suck his cock. It just got in the way while I was lifting him.” “Yeah, anyway, I don’t see a problem if you want to suck his cock or fuck him, as long it’s just him. When you get back I think we should all get together and talk about this.” “Okay babe but that was just a one off. We’ll keep ourselves to ourselves,” Mark said trying to convince himself more than his wife. “Could be difficult as you only have the one bed there.” “Good point. No it’ll be okay. It just a one off.” That night Mark made a point of sl**ping on his side, consciously hugging the edge. The next morning when he awoke, he was on his other side with Tim spooned into his lap. Mark’s right hand was securely holding onto Tim’s erect cock. Slowly his mind came to as he lay there, his own cock was stiff and poking into Tim’s cheeks. He thought about what Lucy had said and he couldn’t deny he was still aroused holding onto Tim’s cock. He never saw himself as gay but for some strange reason being with Tim didn’t seem homosexual – but of course it was. He thought about Tim’s cock in his mouth the previous morning and it wasn’t so bad though he didn’t feel that he had sucked it. Then he thought of Tim fucking him and he remembered the feeling and the fact that he enjoyed it. The feeling of Tim’s cock sliding in and out of his arse and then the tight feeling of Tim’s arse around his own cock. Carefully he released Tim’s cock and gently pushing the sheets down he raised himself on to his knees. Again carefully he turned Tim onto his back. He looked down at Tim’s figure. He was slim and had very little body hair. His skin was pale and unblemished. His pubic hair had been shaved off and the skin around his ‘tackle’ smooth. Like Mark, Tim started the day with an erection. His penis, even erect, was not large. He leaned down and tentatively kissed his knob and then took it into his mouth. There was no real taste that Mark could detect. Slowly he raised his mouth and lowered as he had seen Lucy do on his. Tim stirred and he looked up. He still appeared asl**p. Mark straightened up. Mark now needed a fuck. His cock throbbed with anticipation. He lifted Tim legs up and bent them to his chest exposing Tim’s bum. Placing the flat of Tim’s feet on his own shoulders he parted Tim’s cheeks and moved forward trying to get his cock in. With a bit of perseverance he managed to get in – just. As he looked up he saw Tim smiling at him. “Just a one off, huh?” Mark smiled sheepishly back and carried on pushing into Tim’s hole. As soon as he was in far enough he leaned forward and his hips took over slowly pushing his cock further into Tim’s bum. It could have been Lucy’s pussy but for the sight of a cock and no breasts. He was in proper now with the lubrication easing his way. Tim’s penis bounced back and forwards as he banged him. He grabbed it trying to wank it as he danced but it interrupted his motion. Tim took over wanking himself. Within minutes lubricant was seeping out the end. The sight of it heightened Mark’s passion as once more he felt his orgasm come. He jerked and thrusted and jerked some more as he came again filling Tim’s hole. And as he did Tim’s cock burst, shedding semen up Mark’s chest and falling back to Tim’s stomach. Mark fell to the side, spent, his cock dragging out of Tim’s bum. As Tim rose and went to the bathroom to clean himself up Mark watched him go. He actually did have a nice arse and with that thought he could feel a little stirring below again ...

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