Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Her round full breasts SeXStoRY

Meeting other women from on line can be fraught with all sorts of complications. They want to meet for coffee, size you up and decide if they want to offer their pussy to you. All of the same sorts of body image, sexual desirability issues that affect straight women also affect bi and les women. It's funny really, women who want sex with other women are affected by marketing aimed at men. Sometimes though, on line is the quickest way to find a woman who wants it as much as you and with someone like you. The anticipation, the exchange of dirtymessages is all pretty nice. A good woman can get my pussy aching and wet. I like to think about how she'll squirm and moan under my touch. And I would be lying if I didn't also hope she was eager to dive in herself. There's nothing like being out of your mind with lust as someone licks and sucks your clit and you look down and see her face in your pussy. No closed eyes for me. Just seeing her lovely face will send me over the edge. I guess I'm easy to please. I started communicating with someone that was younger than me, which sometimes makes me feel odd, but it was just for sex so I told myself it wasn't a big deal and at 25 she wasn't too awfully young. She dispensed with the niceties and invited me over to her apartment. I eagerly went. She was softer than an average size woman, but beautiful and oozing sexual hunger. Her hair was chin length and fashionably spiky. Her breasts were about my size, 38DD. I looked forward to suckling them. A woman can get pretty turned on from heavy nipple play--the kind just on this side of the wall between pleasure and pain. Turns out she already knew this. Once inside, young Nikki kissed me passionately and rubbed her hands on my own breasts. After a few hot minutes she stopped and said "Hi, I'm Nikki." Then she tore my buttoned shirt open and pulled my bra cup down and took in as much of my left tit that would fit in her mouth and virtually nursing it. I stroked her hair while she worked, enjoying the sensations and the visual. We moved over to the couch and I sat down and she laid down on my lap, and began suckling my puffy tit anew. I reached down to her pants and undid the button and zipper so I could plunge my fingers into her slit as she enjoyed my tit. She was sopping wet. I took three of my fingers and dipped them into her moisture and stroked up, enjoying the feeling of her swollen pussy lips and already hard clit. As I pressed my hand flat and pulled up, her hips raised and her legs quivered but she didn't let go of my tit. I stroked her around her clit hood, down to her pussy and pulled gently on her folds, and she moaned and ground into my hand. She was ready. Her pussy easily accepted one, then two and then three of my fingers. My palm was curled around her magnificent clit and my fingers found her puffy g-spot. As I stroked it I enjoyed the feeling of her pussy clenching around my experienced fingers and the loud juicy sounds as I jerked my hand up and down in a rhythm that matched her suckling tongue. She stopped suckling for a minute to emit a low, a****l growl. Her pussy grew warmer and tight and her legs started twitching and she gushed all over my hand. I watched her face as her eyes slightly rolled up in exquisite ecstasy as she continued to squirt and cum. I was grinding myself into the seam of my jeans watching the scene in front of me, my breast delightfully tingling because my nipples were so hard and big from her lovely lip action. I knew that after a climax like that my horny little minx would be as carefully attentive to my hungry pussy as she was to my tits.

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