Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ms. Jenna SeXStoRY

My best friend, Eddie, has been my friend ever since I can remember. And his f****y has always lived across the street from me for that long also. Eddie's mom, Jenna, is one of those "kool-aid" moms, that is one of those moms that are really cool and all the k**s hang out at that house during the summer and she serves kool aid. Eddie and I hit puberty at the same time so we were always thinking, talking, and looking at girls. At the store, the pool, school, it did not matter where we were we were thinking girls. We even were checking out other k**s moms. This day I went over to Eddies house but he was not there. Jenna was there all alone. She invited me in the house and she said she was going for a swim and invited to join her. I had a suit there and got it on and headed out back to the pool. I dove in and swam around while Ms. Jenna laid out next to the pool. Jenna is not a bad looking woman, she has blonde hair, blue eyes. Jenna has nice legs and butt. She also has some really nice "D" cup tits. I know the size because I looked inside one of her bras a while back. Jenna is just like my second mom. At home in her own pool, Jenna wears a very small, older bikini. It is pale yellow and when it gets wet you can see the shadow of her bush and the dark area around her nipples. Jenna only wears this suit at her house when very few people are around. After some time Ms. Jenna got into the pool to cool off. After swimming around she got up on the side and sat there to dry. She had her legs open and her bikini bottom had sliped over and half of her pussy was showing. She did know this and was talking to me but I was having a hard time looking at her eyes and her pussy at the same time. She ended up busting me, then she realized her pussy was hanging out. She fixed her suit and told me that happens, then said that a good looking k** like me has seen a few of those. I told her that this was a first for me. Then I splashed her with water to get off the subject. We swam some more then Jenna wanted to break for lunch. She went to the kitchen and I went to change. I was in Eddies room buck naked getting ready to put my shorts on. I was pretty excited about seeing Jennas pussy, my cock was plenty hard, so I thought I would rub a quick one out when Jenna walked in, she caught me cock in hand. Jenna looked at me and smiled real big. She asked me if she had got me all excited and I told her yes. Jenna said she was happy to be able to turn a young man like myself on. She then asked if she could do something to help, with that said she struted around the room all sexy like in her little yellow bikini. I was not sure what to do. She struted back over to me and put her hand on my cock and stroked it a few times. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Jenna then said maybe this will help, and she removed her bikini top. Her large breast swayed as she danced. And I really liked her tan line around her tits. My cock was getting harder and harder. Jenna came over to me and shook her boobs in my face. Then she turned her back to me and pooched out her ass and started to tease me by pulling her bottoms done a little bit showing her crack. After several minutes she dropped her bottoms all the way down. Then she turned around giving me a full frontal shot of her body as she danced some more. She has great hips and a nice dark bush. Her stomach pooched out just a small amount. I stood there with my cock in my hand unable to fully understand what was happening. I had this amazing woman standing naked in front of me dancing around trying to turn me on, I mean turning me on. I was not sure what to do, then Jenna came over to me and had me lay on the floor. She said she was going to help me and with that she moved down and put her mouth on my hard cock. She sucked my cock gently, making me go even more crazy. Then she moved up and stradled me with her pussy right over my cock. She put my hand on her pussy and pushed several of my fingers inside her. She was very wet and smelled really good. After a few seconds she pulled my hand away and lowered herself down on my cock. I watched as my cock dissapeared into her. The warm wet feeling around my cock was amazing. I was so close to exploding. I looked up at this woman sitting on my cock. I told her she should get off as I was about to cum, she just smiled and told me it would be okay to cum inside her. I felt her pussy tighten around my cock and I exploded shooting cum deep inside her. I had never cum so much in all my life. Even Jenna said that was alot of cum. After Jenna was sure I was completely done cumming she lifted herself up. My still hard cock tried to stay inside her snatch but popped out. As she hovered above me some of my cum dripped out. I will never forget the sight of my cum leaking from this womans cunt. She then laid on her back and invited me to mount up again which I did. This time I lasted a little longer before busting my nut deep inside her again. This time I stayed inside her even after my cock was limp and laid my head on her wonderful tits. We then got up and went to the kitchen to finish making lunch. Jenna did not get dressed, as she was making our sandwiches, I came up behind her and grabbed her tits and she guided my cock into pussy. I fucked her standing at the counter. After that day Jenna and I fucked when ever we got the chance, that would be when noone was around at all to catch us. She taught me all about fucking a woman and how to please them.

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