Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Buddy's Mom SeXStoRY

I went to my buddy Jack's house to spend the night. Joe was going to be spending the night also. We had got Jack's mom, Cindy, to set us up with snacks and all. Cindy was going to the neighbors for an hour to hang out as Jack's dad was out of town. Cindy came back after about three hours and she was completely d***k, so d***k she could hardly talk or walk. We could hear his mom stumble around the house. Then all was quiet. Jack and Joe were in the middle of a game so I went to check on Cindy to make sure she was okay. I walked out into the living room to find Cindy passed out cold on the floor and she was completely naked. Cindy was spread eagle naked. I could see her pussy all open and wet. She was snoring. I went back to the bedroom to let the guys know. We all came out to look at her. None of us had seen a real naked lady before. We were not sure what to do but I knew that my cock was rock hard. We knelt down and I touched her boob then rubbed it. Jack was rubbing her other boob. Joe was rubbing her pussy. He told us she was wet and tight as he pushed fingers inside her pussy. Then he let Jack and I smell them. Cindy's pussy smelled great. After that all three of us were putting our fingers inside Cindy. Then Jack said he needed to masterbate. We all looked at each other and then I said to do it here and cum on her. With that said Jack dropped his shorts and started to stroke his cock. Then Joe did the same thing, and then I joined in. Having the this naked woman laying here, the smell of pussy and two other guys jacking off had got me plenty horny and knew it would not be long before I blew. All of a sudden Jack put his cock head on the nipple of his moms boob and let loose a huge load of cum. As soon as Jack finished cumming Joe said he was almost there and that he was going to shoot it on her pussy. Then Joe leaned over putting his cock into Cindy's bush and shot several ropes of cum onto Cindy. As Joe did this I could not hold back and placed my cock onto Cindy's pussy also and started to cum. Cum cuvered Cindy's cunt, it was mixed into her cunt hair and it was running down her slit. Joe even smeared it around with his finger and stuck it inside her. This seemed to only make every one more horny. My cock was still hard. We were starting to stroke our peckers again when Joe dared me to stick it in her. I looked at Joe and then at Jack, Joe dared me again. Then Jack dared me to. I was not sure about this as I moved into position so that I could stick my cock into Cindy. It was completely silent when I pushed my cock forward into Cindy. My cock slipped easily inside her and felt great. Her pussy was not too tight and was warm and wet. I made about five strokes when I could hold out no longer and pushed deep and let loose another huge load deep inside Cindy. It was the most amazing feeling, my first time to fuck and cum inside a woman. Cindy was snoring away. I pulled out and both boys were looking at her pussy. Then they saw my cum. We all hi -fived. Then Jack said it was his turn and he got on her and started to fuck for a few strokes then drained his balls in his mom's cunt. As soon as he pulled out Joe got in there and he just came, he did not even get a stroke in. We were feeling pretty good and went back to our room smelling of jizz and pussy. During the night we each snuck out to the living room to dump more cum in Cindy's cunt. The next morning we all sat at breakfast Waiting for Cindy to say something about us fucking her. But she never said a word. We all figured she was too d***k to remember.

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