Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New buddy Becky SeXStoRY

So I was back for a week, trying to finish the Japan trip story when I met Rebecca aka Becky. She is about 160 cm tall with black hair, quite pretty. She was dressed quite openly. At first when I saw her shirt with the top two buttons opened, I thought she would be wearing another t shirt underneath. But when she moved to bend down to pick something up, I saw she was wearing a lingerie bra. It showed most of her b cup from the side. She caught me staring and smiled at me. Embarassed, I looked away. When I dared look again, she was talking with my friend but kept trying to catch my eye and smile. I smiled back and chatted with her. Considering she wasn't dropping much hints, I left the table to go back home to the apartments. Halfway back, I heard her calling me. Long story short, she was looking for action today. She had been abstaining sex and masturbation due to religion eventhough she had sex a few times witn her ex and after two years, her hormones wanted her to fuck. My cock went hard at the idea of this pretty and innocent 18 years old girl wanting to fuck me after such a long period of not fucking. We rushed to my apartment via lift. We met my korean twins who eyed her up and down. They gave me a thumb of approval. Becky moaned that they were so hot and exotic, they must get satisfied all the time. I told her they were my neighbours and I had satisfied their lust a couple of times. She then exclaimed and asked how was it and professed her envy of their c cup and wanted to eat them. She also said she was just bicurious. In my room, I stripped us down and put on a condom. She smiled approvingly and I put lots pf lube on it. I put a towel underneath her ass before penetrating her. I slid in easily thanks to the lube and her horniness. She moaned and squirmed happily as my cock went in and out. As usual after abstaining, my lust is high so after a few controlled thrusts, I started pounding the tight, unused pussy. Oddly enough, she took me in well enough though she couldn't match my rythm. I cummed hard as she started cumming. I was glad to empty my balls, she was glad for the orgasm. When we relaxed, we just chatted in bed as we regained our composure.

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