Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Harrisons' Downfall SeXStoRY

His story: I first met her 5 or so years ago... Rebecca, the new woman in one of the companies' departments. I'd read her resumé, but hadn't hired her myself. It was my role here to keep abreast of all the employees. Finger on the pulse, as they say. She had just turned 40. Back in the workf***e after 18 years raising k**s. She was a shy one. Not a lot of confidence, but fuck she had great legs. Athletic, toned, the kind of legs I'd like wrapped around my waist. I'd only caught up with her a few times a year for the first few years. She was a hard one to get to know. It was like pulling teeth trying to get her to open up. Each time I saw her I'd imagine those legs. Wrapped tight around my waist as I fucked her brains out. She was a tiny little thing. So genteel and feminine. I knew I intimidated her and got a cheap thrill from making her flustered. Sexual innuendo was, after all, my forte. She had no idea how to respond to me. She'd giggle a little nervously as her cheeks flushed a delicious pink. Her vulnerability was an incredible turn on. She'd be so easy to fuck. She'd be scared shitless to say no. Then, a few years on, things changed. There was a huge upheaval in the companies' structure. Departments merged, staff levels cut back. I found myself managing a new department. My wife had gone off on another of her jaunts, alone. No wife to fuck and no Rebecca to distract me, so I immersed myself into organising my staff requirements, office layout, all the humdrum stuff. It took a few weeks but Monday was the start of the new system. I couldn't believe my luck when I met my new staff. A few were very forgettable. A few with potential. Then SHE walked into the room. Ah, those legs, tanned now, she was fucking hot. She'd been away on leave for the past few weeks. There was something very different about her as I welcomed her into the team. I couldn't put my finger on it, but as she sashayed into the room, she was smoking hot. As time passed, I discovered she had a wicked sense of humour. Something had changed her. She wasn't about to let on just what that something was though. Over the next few months I began to develop a healthy respect for Rebecca. I soon discovered she'd learned too well from the master of innuendo and sleaze. In the last couple years, she'd gone from a shy little violet, to a sensual, sexy, bl**d red rose. I lost count of the times I'd had to jerk off in my office. She'd bend over to pick up something at the precise moment I'd enter her area. Her skirt riding up to give me a better look at those great legs. Other times, she'd come upstairs to my office. She'd lean toward me, asking me to check some figures she'd been working on. The view I got of those amazing tits, my cock getting harder by the minute, and she fucking knew it. The day of do or die finally came. It was now or never. She'd gotten a better offer from a rival firm in Canada. I'd got back to the office late after a very long, rather liquid lunch. More than ever before, I wanted those legs wrapped around me. I had to fuck her. Fuck her hard and fuck her now. As she was collecting her last reports of the day, I thought it's definitely now or never. She turned to me and waited for me to take the paperwork. It was her last day on the job, so I asked her to join me in my office for a minute. The reports could wait. I made a gentlemans bow and said, "After you luscious legs," patting her ass as she passed in front of me. She'd climbed just one step and suddenly turned to face me, eye to eye. Her mouth opened slightly. She licked her lips. Oh fuck, yeah. She wants it. She wants me to give her a farewell fuck. My cock started to harden as she grabbed my belt. She turned and led me up the stairs... Her story: Oh boy! I was nervous. Could I really pull this off? It was my last day working here. I let my mind wander down memory lane... 40 years old and still wet behind the ears. It had been hard being a single mum. I'd devoted half a lifetime to my k**s. So now, here I am, back in the workf***e. I'd been a bit of a gym junkie for the last few years. I wasn't one for shopping and coffee with girlfriends. Mums from the k**s' school tried to introduce me into their social set, but I couldn't stand the bitchiness that came with it. The local gym was always the better option, and I was a bit of a loner. I loved being back at work. Most of my colleagues were great. Professionals who knew I had a transition to make and helped me to do so along the way. Then I met Harrison. 6'4", blonde, athletic, baby blue eyes. He also thought he was gods gift. He didn't visit our department all that often, but when he did, for some stupid reason, I became the little shrinking violet. He was big on all that man bullshit. He seemed to read me like a book. I'd catch him ogling my legs each time he popped in. I'd feel the bl**d rush to my cheeks. I'd stammer some dumb response to his sexist jibes. Why couldn't I just play along? After all he didn't drop by that often. Anyway, the years passed. I enjoyed my job, got damn good at it too. The company was about to be restructured over the next few weeks, so I decided to take a little time off. I hadn't had a proper holiday for years. The last long break was with the k**s. Now it was time for a little self indulgence. Shirley Valentine had been a favourite movie years ago. Middle aged woman holidays in the Greek Islands alone, gets seduced. I thought, why not? Could happen. The Travel Agent was great. She suggested a tour. A few singles, some couples, similar age group. So with caution to the wind, off I went. Our tour group met at a local hotel. We'd be staying there for the night before setting sail on a luxury yacht in the morning. I had a ball. Everyone had just one thing in mind. FUN. I'd climbed out of my little shell and left it at the airport. The next few hours were fantastic. Each of us full of anticipation of a fun filled three weeks. I found my easygoing side and mingled with the crowd easily. Then I met Kay. She was married, but had left her husband at home. Something I discovered she did regularly. We hit it off immediately. Over the course of the evening, though, she seemed to be always by my side. I didn't mind this at all. She was so engaging. She laughed easily and was totally unpretentious. When we all said our goodnights, she seemed to look me directly in the eye as she said, "We're going to have a great time." Oh wow! Was she making a pass at me? As a lay awake that night, I couldn't help thinking about Kay. I'd never thought about a woman the way I was thinking about her. Her auburn hair, the way it fell across her shoulders. Her deep green eyes, almond shaped, so sensual. Her skin... The next few days were a blur. Things happened so fast. Kay and I were always together. I think the rest of the group thought we were a couple. Were we? I loved her company. We laughed a lot, were on the same page most of the time. After sailing on the fourth day, I was burnt. I'd been forgetful and hadn't applied my sunscreen. After dinner, sitting on the deck, Kay ran her fingers softly across my glowing back and told me she had just the thing to take the sting out of my burning skin. She led me to her cabin and told me to take off my top and get comfortable on the bed. She reached for a bottle of aloe vera lotion, sat alongside me and proceeded to gently massage my sore skin. Her hands felt wonderful as the pain slowly disappeared. I soon realised she was massaging areas that hadn't seen the sun, but it felt so good. When she asked me to turn over so she could apply some lotion to my neck and shoulders, I thought nothing of it. I'd had a couple of drinks with dinner. I was so relaxed, I just closed my eyes and let Kay sooth my skin. Once again, she massaged places that hadn't seen the sun. As she ran her palms over my breasts, my nipples hardened. A moan escaped my lips before I could stop it. Kay took this as her sign to continue. I'd never felt the soft caress of a womans' fingers on my breasts, my nipples. Slowly her kisses traced a line down my body. She gently removed my skirt. I willingly raised my hips for her. Kisses all over my soft belly, Kay was so gentle, my body had completely surrendered to her. I couldn't resist any longer. My hands reached out for her. Stroking her hair, her soft shoulders. I wanted her. She gently removed my lace panties, which by now had a slowly growing wet patch. More kisses, slow and sensual, teasing me. When I lifted my hips to her, she knew I was ready. Kay made love to me like no one ever had before. She knew my sighs and moans. She knew what each of them meant. She worked a spell on me with her tongue. Oh her tongue! She gave me the most explosive orgasms imaginable. Over the next two weeks, we were never apart. We shared the same cabin now. She was my lover, my teacher. I knew who and what I had always been, but would never dare acknowledge. A few days before the end of the cruise, I asked her why she never travelled with her husband. She had a wry smile on her lips, as she told me her husband, Harrison, was just another horny cock on legs, with no idea how to really please a woman. I laughed and told her that was the name of one of my lecherous bosses at the company I worked for. Well you know what happened next... So, once I'd brought Kay up to speed on the last six years of her husbands' torment, we decided to keep this our secret. Back at work all too soon. I'd arrived a little late and was told by reception that all the new staff and the manager were in the boardroom. Still on my holiday high, and dreaming of my new found love, I sauntered into the room. I nearly fell over when I saw who my new manager was. Still as smug as ever. Still making the same sexist jibes. All I could see was a horny cock on legs, as Kay had so eloquently put it. Oh you poor bastard, if only you knew. So work resumed. I had more confidence than I'd ever imagined. I was able to match every innuendo with one of my own. Time flew past. Kay and I became closer and closer. We'd exchange laughs, discussing her husbands attempts to seduce me, my flirtations back. All the while Kay and I had been planning a future together. We'd fallen so deeply in love. Our k**s were all grown and independent now. When I was made the offer I couldn't refuse - to work in a great team in Canada, I jumped at it. The Revenge Kay had arrived by cab. She didn't want her car parked outside the building when he got back. She hoped he'd be true to form and be a little d***k. She took her seat in his chair and waited. I had executed the first part of our plan expertly. Meeting him near the stairs as he arrived back from lunch. I waited for the usual innuendo, but the pat on my ass, I hadn't expected. Oh he was making this sooooo easy. I led him up the stairs at what was for him, an agonizingly slow pace. Two metres from the office I asked him just what he intended to do with me. What was my going away present going to be? Licking his lips, he stated in graphic detail how he'd bend me over his desk and pound my pussy with his big cock, make me remember him for a very long time. I smiled sweetly, eyes half closed, and whispered, "I have a surprise for you Harrison." As he entered his office with the biggest hard on ever, Kay stood up from his chair. "Hello darling, here's your present." As she handed him the divorce papers, she put an arm lovingly around my waist. "Rebecca and I are moving to Canada."

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