Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I have such a weakness for the throat, just the sight of someone, simply lifting their chin. Oh, I can feel myself melt inside. So soft and vulnerable, picturing my teeth held there. I like to lay my whole mouth over that little place where your pulse beats, give you a million kisses from the jaw line down to the base of your throat. Mmmmm, all warm and fuzzy just thinking 'bout it! So anyways, I'm sitting in my room which is still decorated from when I was in high school. PINK!! Excessively pink. Not something for one entering their Sophomore year in college. Definitely need to do something about that.....when, daddy comes into my room, sits at my feet. I got my books and papers, and charts laid out EVERYWHERE. He's all smiley, sweet, giving that look his little girl knows so well. Lets just say we have a *special* relationship. I look up, smile my dimples at him, "Heeeeyyyy," My long drawn out relaxed greeting. I set my book down, lean forward and he scootches near me. I feel flutters as he moves closer, glancing at the door. How to explain it? I'm his little rabbit, his quarry. I take my hand, curl my fingers across his cheek feeling the side of his face. It's just before dinner, he hasn't shaved since morning. I look at his blue eyes. His cheeks so all scratchy. He smells nice. So tasty! Still wearing his suit, tie pulled away from his neck top button unbuttoned. Of course its been a long day at the office, of course mom is in the other room. But still, so sweet to think of lil' ole me. He looks at the door again. Then me, says, "Kiss me." I hold onto his cheeks, like 'ok,' and aim for his smiley tired little mouth. He stops me, "Not there," lifts his chin, "Here." Oooooooo! His throat. Surrender. God does he know?? If he only knew what that does to me. He must, as I touch my lips to his neck, and open my mouth just on the one side of his adam's apple. Kiss him soft there, growl as I sink my teeth in, "Grrrrr." I can feel his hand pressing flat against my tummy, brushing lower, below my navel - so naughty - fingers insinuating into my pants.....lower.....I suck in my belly, lean back a little, smiling up at him. "Can I give you a hickey??" "No!!" Feeling the elastic of my panties stretch. His light tickle, feeling my hairs down there part. I let myself wet his fingers, open my legs, melting, pull my mouth back from his throat and turning my chin up to him hold my lips right at his. "Mmmmmm," I moan. "We don't have time." ********************** The Rules 1)No fucking 2)Either of us can stop anytime we want, no questions asked 3)We tell each other what we want, as much and as often as we want, as in 'If I could Fuck you I would......' Your fault, not mine. You made them. But! He's been cheating lately. Breaking those rules, the rules HE made. Just for these little moments, stolen minutes when we are really wrapped around each other, kissing, petting and forgetful *in the moment* And I can feel it. Everything. I lay there like I don't notice at all. He can slide his cock on my body anywhere he wants, just not IN me down there. The lazy evenings mom is out and we lay naked in my bed. But sometimes......I can feel him touching me THERE, right at my cunt's hungry little wet mouth, legs open and I am moving around, tipping my hips to him. Holding myself for him. If he did, if only, I would let him and he knows. His hips lay on mine, he is looking down at me and his cock right there. So cute!! I can see it in his eyes when he's move and...... And, I'm pretty mean about it. First, I act like I don't even notice, like I'm lost in it all. And second, I'd let him. Besides, its him pinning me today, and he's like twice as big as me. But other times, it's me sitting up on top like a little bird, he letting me grind and slide my pussy along his cock that lays straight up his belly. The head of his cock parting me like the wake of a wave, all shiny and pink. I get him sooooo lubricated, give him every bit of me, opening my lips up wide for him. I tip myself just right and can feel my clit slide along his whole length. Watching his eyes and smile, how they sort of glaze, sort of roll back in his head. How he wants it, and I love how I can control him better perched up on top, on my knees, legs on each side of him, leaning down so my breasts press into his chest. Sweet nibbly kisses. And then I Lift up, let him look at me, every naked inch of me - my dark hair all wild around my blushing face, breasts hanging down on my chest like tear drops. My pussy pressing down on his cock, perched on my knees as I sit down on him. Cockhead all shiny, just its tip peeking from between my legs. So mean, he can't cum, I don't let him. So mean.... But today, he's laying on me. And he's sliding around down there, his cock is bent back between my legs and pressing up hard, drawing himself up and down letting himself slip all over me. God I am so wet, creaming on him. A real mess! He's holding himself and I watch his hand flash down there, adjusting himself and I think, 'Hmmm.' Damn, this time.....go for it!! Cause I am so hungry. I just want to feel myself around him, feel him IN me. The head of his cock right there in my tummy. Filling me. I got my knees up and ...... the head of his cock is just, ohhhh, so close, so......just inside. I can feel it, feel myself opening. I stiffen in anticipation. My eyes are wide. I bet the whole tip of his cock is in me, his head even with my pussy lips, and he is pulling out now, pushing in, pulling out. Our sexes kissing together. He's this bee in my little flower. Mmmmmm, god - his sting. I can see it in his eyes, just how good it feels, licking his lower lip, holding his mouth open. I'm not stopping you buster. But ..... damn. God damn...... Fuck! Yes. Mmmmm, Fuck me...... Me.... No! Fuck. He Stops. Moves back away, I am watching him. Giving no hint of my thoughts, just letting my hair fall in front of my eyes. Silence. Of distant fires, of ice that won't melt. I got to think of a better torture. *********************** Baby Doll came over tonight. It's funny. My dad is not jealous of any boy I see, or bring home, or...... I say, "I'm going out tonight with Rob." Watch his eyes. Nothing. But Baby Doll. He hovers around, watches, he's totally jealous. Tonight we are in the kitchen, and she is standing real close to me. Her fair skin, delicate features. Eyes bluer than my dads, intense. I love the clothes she wears, fewer curves than me. I don't fit her outfits. We've tried. I am playing with the small of her back, in a space between her top and bottoms, scratching my nails lightly on her. We just painted our long nails red. They are dry now. I tip my fingers up under her top. She giggles and throws her hair back. "Tickles." We never done nothing but change clothes in front of each other. But she is giving me more and more lately. Then, dad comes right in the kitchen and I pull my hand away. He sees me, opens the fridge, looks around a little and takes some milk. She steps away from me. I look at him with eyes that say, 'what are you doing here,' but he's not noticing. They eye each other........ He pours a glass, slow. Takes a drink, leaving this white line on his upper lip. Silence. He circles and leaves the way he came. I watch him, slight smile on my face. Jealousy. I can smell it. *********** "Have you done this before?" "No." I lie. Told him this would be quite a nice early Christmas present. I can be pretty parsimonious with my blow jobs. Especially with HIM, sort of a punishment for these fucking rules. So......He was very surprised. Anyways, I'm down on my knees about to earn my knee pads. "Shhhh. We have to be quiet," his hand held lightly to my head. "Hmmm. Hmmmm." I'm nodding my head. Ok Ok. Pretty big here. Relax. Open my mouth, he's pushing, sort of guiding it in my mouth. The head of his cock, sliding in nice and slow like I told him. Hold it! I feel like gagging, and pull away. Not to bad, his hairs tickling my nose. "Try again." I relax and settle down in front of him, spread my knees, get comfortable. Press my puss into the cool wood floor as he sits on my bed. He's got his pants down around his thighs, no shirt. He's holding on to me by my hair now, tight grip. I think, would he let me go now without..... Relax. I take him in again and swirl my tongue around, look up into his eyes. God I love the way the tip of my tongue feels when it is sliding along a hard cock. I am looking at it, and following a vein with my tongue, glancing up once in awhile. He's so cute! Glazed. I giggle. What fun. Can't believe he's letting me. I should be writing a paper right now. The computer is on in the corner. He closed the windows and sat by me and began to nuzzle my neck, asking me, if....maybe. I'm thinking, 'What the hell?' I suck, nice suction. I'm actually pretty good. I am bobbing up and down his length, taking him in deeper now. He's holding onto my head and guiding me. I slow down and kiss the tip of his cock, feeling all sticky and wet. And then begin to slide on him nice long strokes, he's pulling at me, shoulders and all, pushing his cock into my mouth. I can feel it touch the back of my throat and it feels alright, he's pushing into me, moving faster. My hands hold lightly to his hip and I can feel him trembling. His body shaking, and I can feel him stiffen, knowing he's almost there....and then, he's cumming! I can feel him bucking into me. Holding tight. Oh god!! And I swallow. Never done THAT before. Drink everything. Salt. Missing a little and he sprays my chin and down my neck, some on my blouse. He loved that, loved the way I look, my pink cheeks. All slutty in front of him. He gropes me for awhile as his cock settles down in his lap, tugs his trousers up and cinches his belt. I watch the door close, hear it click. I gave a nice Christmas gift I think!! I Adjust myself and go sit by my computer again. Close my eyes. I'm trembling. I hold my hand over my crotch. Damp. I definitely need to cum..... I stretch out on my bed. Relax. Loosen the ties, pull my sweats down past my knees, press my fingers down between my legs. Mmmmmm, So wet. 'Leaving me like this.' Mmmmmm. Undulating my hips, turn to my side. 'The brute.' Long delicious strokes, no one looking. Spread my cum out nice. Find my clit, begin to draw my forefinger in small circles there, rubbing in a steady rhythm, faster. Shaking my hip over my hand. Then sliding my fingers back and plunging them into my hole, creamy with cum. Soaking my whole hand, then back to business. So deliciously decadent, this pleasure. I cum every day. I have to, I squeeze my legs, 'oh god' the warmth running up my legs, over my hips, covered with a tingling pleasure. My tummy tightening, my cunt pulsing as I cup my palm and press - oh, mmmmmm - so good - and curl myself in a little ball. I lay there, spent, weak. Cheeks on fire. Tired. I close my eyes again...... !! At dinner he's scooping carrots into his mouth, and I watch his lips and feel myself trickle. Sigh. I'm all warm and fuzzy by the time we finish. For some reason, that's what pops in my head, seeing him on his knees feeding me. I want to take the spoon and feed him, scoop the juices from my cunt, push it all right into his mouth. Tickle his nose with MY fur. He sees me, smiles. I told him he gets a little something each day up till Christmas. ****************** My favorite thing. To wake up slowly with a hand rubbing me all over. Better!! Feeling a cock sneaking around between my legs. I never even have to wake up, I can be lazy. Just roll over. Fucked. I love lazy fucking. Maybe I didn't even notice, or know. He does more with me, with my body, to me than I think I realize. Maybe he IS fucking me? I swear he's been inside me and I've never even known. Those mornings when my thighs feel all sticky. There probably ARE times I never knew. That little fucker. It's 3:30 in the morning. I am biting my lips with desire, unrestrained. There are flames leaping from beneath the sheets. I swear it! Fuck I am so horny, but to feel him when I am asl**p. I couldn't stand it and press myself to him wherever he touches me, squeeze my thighs around his hand when he's touching between my legs. He knows I'm awake. I didn't feel like being lazy. He bites my shoulder and I yelp. "Shhhhhh! You'll wake mom." How many times have I heard that! I'm kissing him. I'll probably never open my eyes at all. I roll on top of him and settle myself down right over his cock. He's kissing my breasts and I let him take my nipples into his mouth. Mmmmmm, my second clit. Suck me till I'm sore. Never stop! I have hickeys that won't heal there. I so totally know his body in the dark. My monster under the bed. I want to live in my closet, live with my monster. Ha! I let him cover me with baby powder before I went to bed. I am all so powdery soft right now. I am sitting on him now, right on top of his cock. I am so hungry. I need to fuck him one of these days. Fuuuuuck........I am on fucking fire. It just fucking hurts. I hurt. I lift myself up, I'm asl**p after all and set my cunny right over the tip of his penis. Position him perfectly and begin to lower myself. This tantalizing pause, I can feel his cockhead touch me right where I can take him - all the way. Slide him right up inside. I press a little more. Been this far before, Right? A little more. Yes, let me, let me..... I moan a little bit, "Mmmmmm." He is gripping me lightly, I feel his hands tightening. Before he realizes what is happening his tip is already inside of me, half inside. Slippery, I am open, feel his cock touching up in me. The air going out, all I can hear is his breath, his hips tipping back away, and then back up. Holding to me. When.....yes! That was him. I feel him move in me, feel the head of his cock slide out, and then back in. Just this little inch. Can feel it tickle and fill, my body yielding, opening, my flesh stretch. Oh god!! His head up inside, oh god. I move to press down and let him plunge deep inside..... And then, he grasps me and pushes me.... Higher. No. No. No. I lean down touch my lips to his ear, "Daddy, Daddy, let me." He turns himself to the side, I can feel him slip out. I drop off of him, lay on the mattress and turn away from him. Fuck you. Fuck. My cunt is burning. Push the hair out of my eyes, look back at him. Ice. He's playing with my hair, spooning from behind. I lay there. I don't move. Wrapping his arms around me, as I think 'Fuck You. Fuck You.' But.....I turn myself.....kiss his eyes. "Why don't you just go to bed. I'm tired." Watch him leave. Fuck his rules. ************************* I wrote a letter, and sealed it tight with a lipstick stain kiss: I love to make you say please. I love to make you say it over and over and over, before I give in. I love to say "What?" When I know what it is exactly that you want. I love to make you say thank you. To be polite after. I love how you hold your mouth when I say yes, the anticipation. I love how you hold me in your arms and touch me with your cheek. I love the way you watch me when I take off my clothes. Something like worship, the way everyone looks when they are singing. I love how I can control you - sometimes. I love your hands pressing into my panties, pulling the elastic back, the way you just look at me. ME! Not another thought in the world. I love the lubrication, the way your fingers shine. I love how it hurts sometimes. I love how hard you get when I sit on top of you, when we both can be naked and feeling you as I slide up and down up and down, dripping my cum all over you, till we cum. love love love Me I seal the envelope and kiss it, leave a red lipstick stain. Sneak it in his briefcase. I pause a moment, take a few of his business cards and pull back my panties. Scoop a little wet cum from between my legs, giggling, smear them over the back of the cards. Sniff. Mmmmm. Press them back into the little pocket. Leave my scent, mark him. ---------- We talked about it. I asked him why? I asked him why a blow job was all right. He didn't know. It was something we shouldn't do. I said, we shouldn't do any of it. I take his cock in my hand and play with him, feel him stiffen. He lets me. "Should I be doing this?" He says, "No." But, he doesn't move away. Ugggh. I am frustrated. ***************** I plan on making dad jealous tonight. Baby Doll comes over and I walk right past him, as he sits reading his stuff he reads, and up to my room. Us in our sweats, high cut T shirts, bare mid riffs! Hair shining, strawberry lip gloss. His eyes on me, and on her. I can see the anger rising in his eyes. I catch his eye and go right into my room. I close the door so you can hear the latch. Baby Doll and I lay in my bed. We talk about boys, page through catalogues. I tell her about French Fry, and how he kisses. He always tastes salty. She tells me about last weekend, with Nick - her fairly new boyfriend - how she decided that on that night he could do anything he wanted with her, above the waist. That was it! How no one realizes but that she's never done it before. A twenty year old Virgin. She's told me that before, but each time I think about it, look at her body. Part of me does not believe her. I've asked before. She just says, I'm too shy. -- But..... She didn't tell HIM what she was thinking, it was just what she decided. It felt right, she says. I can feel myself get wet, looking at the door. Was it her or dad making me wet? This trail running down my thigh. I'm looking at it thinking, 'Whose are you?' We are laying close together as she tells me all these things, and I take her hand. She tells me that they kissed, but because he didn't know the deal she had made with him that night, and I guess all the other times she stopped him whenever he tried - nothing happened. I felt relieved. But, so.......Baby Doll is mad... she says how she wanted to feel herself get felt up. I am playing with her fingers, and I say, "What do you think it would feel like?" She says I don't know, it's different when I do it to myself. I wish my dad was hearing this conversation. (Maybe he is! I look at the door again - I shouldn't have latched it). I will definitely tell him later. I say, "Close your eyes." She says, "Why?" "Just do it." And she closes her eyes laying toward me on the bed in her little yellow top that shows her waist, and her sweats. And I cup her perfect perfect breasts over her top. She jumps a little but doesn't move at all. I say, "Just this time, just pretend that I am him. Above your waist only. What you said, right?" She is sucking in her lower lip and just nods her head, her cheeks are blushing crimson almost immediately. Her ears are red. I say matter of fact, "This is what it would feel like." And I rub her shoulders and down her front all over, one breast then the other breast through her top, the nice swell of her flesh. The little puffy nipples. I feel her tummy, the bare skin. She's not wearing a bra and I wonder if I should go under her top. Her breathing is harder now, heavy, and she has rolled onto her back. Her one arm bent at the elbow. "Feel good," I say and she nods her head. "Here....." Its all I say and slip my hand under her top, trailing my fingers along her skin and press my hands into her bare flesh. She has such cute little nipples that stiffen to my touch. These little pencil erasers, and she is sucking in her breath as I squeeze and press my hand into her body, down her sides down her waist and back up again. Feeling the length of her, her bare skin. My other hand is curling around her waist as she turns herself close. Her eyes are closed the whole time. She is holding her mouth open, breathing through her mouth. I love looking at her white teeth. She is trembling now and I know she likes it. I don't want to freak her out and I stop. She opens her eyes, smiles all teeth. Her lips glowing red, simply radiant. Shining. "Thanks." She says. "Don't mention it." Definitely tell dad this. *********************** He just left. I think it's working. He lay in my bed, turned me to him, had me go down on him, and we take it slow until I can take him all the way in my mouth. I want to make him cum, but he stopped me. I lay on my back and stare at the ceiling. Oh my god!!! What he did. He turned me over like I was a rag doll. He was trembling, and I felt his wet cock touch me right on my ass. He touches me there and is rubbing me between my legs at the same time. Over and over pressing me there, harder. Ow. A little pain, but he stops, can feel me tensing. I am feeling so nasty, and I stay on my knees let him move me however he wants. But I'm so tight. It gets real hard to stay quiet. "Shuuush," he is saying. He's holding me tight and going really wild. I can feel him pushing. He begins to press his finger into me, sliding into me. I am moaning at his intrusion. Two fingers, stretching me out. Not giving up. "Ohhhh, ow." I can feel myself stretching, almost too far. He starts playing with my clit with his other hand, pulling me against him, and I'm trying to hold myself arching my back, holding my ass in the air. He's fingering my clit and pushing his fingers in my ass, I can feel his cock again. He's poking me, "Ow. Ow. Ow." He's holding to me, holding on hard, I feel his nails digging into my hips. I'm crazy!!! So intense. He's whispering, "We can do this." I let myself down off my knees until I lay flat on the bed, and he following me. "I got some lotion," I say and he lets me get it. So when I'm on the bed again, lube spread all over my ass and I feel him above me pushing, I am laying there with my ass in the air and my arms extending down the front of me. I have my hands on my cunt, rubbing myself furiously and biting my lips. I am pushing my fingers up into myself and can feel him, can feel his cock pop right inside. Fuuuuck. I can feel myself stretching, feel him inside me through the flesh that divides my cunt from my ass. The bulge of his cock as I push my fingers inside myself, feel him sliding all the way inside. Oh, he's in me! He's holding to me, and then sliding again, in and out. I moan and push my mouth into my pillow to muffle my cries. All he says is, "So tight." He cums immediately, all squishy and warm and hard. I feel him drop out of me. It was so quick. I am laying on my mattress soaking wet. It's been an hour. I was bursting in flames and melted out flat, I can't move. Something still burns, ashes. It hurts. Silence, he leaves. I lay there and think what my cunny would feel like with him in me. I lay my hand over my tummy, cup my little puss. ****************** I called Baby Doll and invited her to stay overnight this weekend. Christmas break started. "It'll be fun. When is the last time you had a real sl**p over." She arrives at the house late afternoon with her bag in tow, and dad answers the door. Lets her in, I running to greet her as she steps into the foyer. Out of the corner of my eye: dad with paper under his arm disappearing around the corner into his Den. I smile. She ate with us, and we giggled and talked. Talked about classes, the one we share. Talked about boys. All girl talk, silly silly fun. We watched TV for awhile, nothing I don't usually do on a Friday night. We retired to my room and I watched open eyed as Baby Doll took out her nightie. I usually wear a long old T shirt or flannel or nothing at all But she was upping the ante. This candy apple green silk little loose, well, baby doll . It looked like a vintage 1970's nightie, utterly see through. She went into the bathroom and I begin frantically rummaging through my drawers for - SOMETHING. No T shirts tonight. When she comes out of the bathroom - No bottoms! It is just down over her thighs just a little but I can see her light bush through the sheer fabric. When she moves, the fabric waves higher giving me delicious peeks at the line of her ass. I found a nice pair of pyjamas, bottoms and a half top that ties at the front. I look at her, she is blushing. This shy smile. She says "Like it?" Holding her arms out from herself. Turns her back to me, showing her little ass cheeks beneath the hem. "It's so cuuuute!" "I bought it the other day........but, no bottoms. I got discount." She looks back. She crossed her legs, then leaps onto the bed. "I love it." "S'alright." She's smiling at my compliments, drawing her hand along the fabric around her thighs. I began to pull my clothes off with her there. Comfortable. Natural, she'd seen me before, sliding my cotton panties down my legs. I was looking at her breasts, can see so perfectly the brown of her nipples, thinking of that other night. She was not really watching, sitting on the bed, paging through a magazine now, not naked naked me. My heart pounding, and I pull on my top, looking at the dresser decide to leave the bottoms off. The same as her, but different because my top ties at my breasts and opens at either side of my hips, leaving my dark bush completely exposed. And we go to bed, my big enormous queen bed. We sl**p together. Something I hadn't done in a long time. In fact, the only person who shared THIS bed with me was my.......wonder what he's doing? But its so nice, the warmth, her smell. Hair everywhere, the smell of fruit and shampoo, make up. We've been friends since Junior High. She finishes her magazine and pulls the sheet over herself, settles in. We are talking about nothing, giggling, turn out the lights. Black. Warmth and the scent of two girls. "Good night." "Night." Her voice was so soft, a trembling lilt. I turn over, it was so very late, and I was tired. I was just drifting off, close my eyes but my mind just would not stop. I turn one way then another, aware of her presence. The weight of the mattress, the way it bends, somehow different - with her. It's funny. Dad has shared this bed so many times. But......never to sl**p. Here SHE was, staying.....when your young no one sl**ping in your bed..... When. I am still awake, my mind now going a million miles a second, thinking 'She's fallen to sl**p.' Her breathing is steady, I can hear it. Listening with my eyes closed, and then...... I feel her hand. So soft. She was touching my belly, with her wrist curled around my waist. My eyes open, just the whites of my eyes, my head turned away, hair spread out on the mattress. I swear it is so silent now, she stopped breathing. Just the softness of her hand on me I wait, thinking she may have fallen asl**p again, when her hand slides down a little and lay on my hip. Her soft voice, "You've changed." "Hmmmm." I turn my head toward her, feel my hairs lay across my cheek. I smile, and in a low voice, "We've changed. Not skinny little sticks anymore." The light in the room is low, coming from the windows. But my eyes, completely adjusted to the dark, can make out her face. I turn further toward her, lay on my back and sort of tilt over, facing her. She pulls the sheet down a little, exposing my chest, whispers, "You have nice breasts. Bigger than mine." I can literally feel her breasts in my hand in that moment as she says this, remembering touching her that night. "Thanks." Her fingers are moving on me, stroking my belly in slow circles, my bare skin and I hear her voice again as she trails her fingers up tracing the line of my ribs. "Can I.....touch yours." ! "Sure." She trails her fingers up my tummy and across my rib cage, I let out a soft stretch. Anticipating her small fingers, drinking in the way they feel, tracing lines on my skin. The fabric of my pyjamas are touching her hand, I can feel the fabric moving back and then a tug at the tie holding my top closed. My pyjama top springs open and falls to my sides. Sigh, god her small fingers on me. I sigh again. I am something between a B cup and a C cup. Her hand covers my breast all at once, my right breast, as I turn further toward her. The soft touch of her fingers, her thin soft fingers. I can't describe this feeling that came over me. It was different. She was stroking me, delicate, covering my breast with her hand and squeezing, but purposefully avoiding my nipple. It was driving me crazy, making me so wet. She is touching me, exploring, so slow, like forever. I let her rub me for at least twenty minutes, her hands wandering over my body, my arms, pressing my breasts over and over. I close my eyes again and let her, almost falling asl**p. My heart pounding in my chest, I know she can feel that. She begins to slide her hands over my thighs, across my abdomen, just barely brushing the hairs of my pussy. I begin to rock my hips, it was utterly involuntary. I was so suddenly wet it surprised me, could feel my pussy lips sliding together as I squeeze my thighs, and I was thinking about how we were naked in this bed from the waist down. How close she is to me. Her hand on me was so intoxicating. I could feel myself already, juices leaking on my thigh. I wanted to reach my hand down and just feel myself, touch the hairs, guide her hand between my legs. I roll a little onto my back again, and reaching with my hand begin to play with her long hair, caress her shoulders and down her arm as she is touching me. She got up on one elbow, her hand cupping my breast again, "Can I feel it with my mouth?" Oh god! I pause, taking in those words. There was lust in her voice now, lower. A growl. It was so late, I was so tired. "Yes," I said. I could feel her move upon me in the dark, her lips press directly around my nipple. I could not contain myself, and let out this soft breath mingling with a moan. I arched my back and press my breast to her, wrapping my hand around the back of her head hold her to me. Stretching my length and we are sliding closer together on the mattress, just laying along the length of each other. Feeling our warmth. God, I could feel her tongue on me, feel it exploring around, licking my aureoles, following the circle of my nipples. So good. She put her hand back on my belly and started making her way down, crossing my navel, stroking my bare hips, the tops of my thighs with her hand. But she stops around the lower part of my tummy, her thumb just touching my navel. Her fingers are grazing at the little tufts of hair that frame the top of my cunny, the hillocks of my mound. She's just pressing her hand down into my abdomen, repeatedly, feeling my flesh yield, lifting herself from me. We look at one another, nose to nose. I could see the whites of her eyes, her soft smile, full mouth. I lean in to her, my mouth held open - inviting - and press myself to her. Touch our lips together. We kiss, opening our mouths, I let her take my lower lip, her tongue swirling along my teeth, our tongues touching and sliding together. And something bursts open in me, I am so hungry just then, wanting to be close and open my mouth wide I take her in me, press myself to her, turn my head and feel her embrace. She wraps her arm around my waist, playing with my hair as we touch our tongues. My hands hold to her hip, the fabric of her top was so light and thin, I could feel my breasts press against her and reaching lower caress her bare skin, the soft skin of her hips. I lift my leg and let it press against her thigh, press my fingers into her abdomen, can feel her legs opening and I settle my leg between her knees. And we are still kissing, the whole time, so nice. I let go her mouth just long enough to ask, "Can I touch you?" I am laying up against her, but she knows what I mean. She whispers back, hungry little words, between kisses. My lips touching hers as she says, "Not yet..... I want to just feel you......dońt want to get distracted with myself." And she rolls me back into the mattress and follows, running her hands along my body, sitting up slightly reclining herself above me, and I relax just raise my arms above my head and curl my arms around my hair. Letting her. Yielding. She can do anything to me. We begin kissing again, these sweet little, millions of kisses type of kiss. Touching our lips and then pulling back, over and over. Pressing and letting go. She was holding my lower lip in her mouth, taking it and releasing, wet kisses, chewing and tugging at my lips, before she would press herself down on me. Open her mouth again, insatiable. I could feel her hand move down my body, my sides, over my breasts, reaching lower lower with no hint of stopping; and then cupping, curling her fingers between my legs. "Ahhhhh." I curl my hand around the back of her middle. I was so wet I could feel my cum running down my ass, I was staining the sheets already. Her hand on me brought out this involuntary moan and I push my mons up into her hand, opening my legs for her. Fuck, she could do anything to me. Fuck, I wanted this to last forever and ever. Her kisses had melted me completely, all resistance gone. She ran her fingers on my body perfectly, touching into me. My body undulating, pulsing beneath her. Our skin was shining beneath the sheets. Precious jewels. I could feel her fingernails, her red painted nails, pulling my pussy lips open, running her fingers up and down through me, and then pushing a finger into my hole. Not far, this little nail up in me, her hands on me. Everywhere on me, and I simply couldn't breath, could not catch my breath, as her finger pressed deep inside me. Feeling her nail scr**e feather light along my soft flesh. I moving my hips around now, and guiding her with my body, up and down with her touch. Higher. Mmmm, yes. Her middle finger trailing this line, splitting me open, and we kissing the whole time, kissing millions of kisses, our breasts pressed together. I was really going crazy with all of it. "This ok?" She says to me. "Hmmmm. Don't stop." She did something no one had ever done to me before. When I am very aroused my inner pussy lips swell up, sort of hang loose from me, stick out from my cunny. She grabbed my inner pussy lips between her two fingers and began to pull at them, tug the soft flesh. My mouth opening as she did that, "Ahhhh. Ahhhh" It felt incredible. No words. Each tug felt this incredible surge of pleasure. She would pull and relax, pull and relax at my pussy, then tug it to the side and the other side, causing the flesh to slide and pull against my clit. I was getting so sensitive that when she finally dug into me again, letting her finger slide directly over my clit, pushing back the fleshy hood I felt myself utterly melt. I jerked away a little. Her eyes wide, "You ok." "Oh, god.....slow. Careful. So sensitive." "Sorry," her hands retreating and I grasped her and pulled her back between my legs, "No. Don't....stop." She was enthralled. My fingers were clinging to her now, and without thinking I had reached my hands up under her top and was squeezing her little breasts, the little buds of flesh in my hands. Our mouths touching and our hands roaming. Our touch felt so intimate to me, the way she held her mouth. Our kisses. She held her mouth to my ear, I remember thinking of her smell the sound of her breath. I could smell her pussy now, and wondering what she tasted like. She put her mouth at my ear, and bringing her hand up, caressing my hair as she spoke. Our mingling scents, she whispering to me, "Yoúre so wet, even your ass is wet. Can I touch it?" I just agreed with my head and whispering back, "Can I. Can I touch you?" Despite the fact my hands were all over her now. She knew what I wanted. She kissed me, "Hmmmmm. K." And I began to reach down as she positioned herself for me, lifting her knee and opening herself up, laying on her side. The sheets pulled back, I touched her little bush and the whole surface of her was lubricated, slippery sopping wet, hot. I pressed my finger down into her and felt her jump as my fingers grazed her clit. Spreading her open, she lifted up on her knees and sort of crawling up higher, turning so her legs were wide open, and let me press my fingers deep into her, and slipping up her ass scrapping my nails between her pussy and over her ass hole. I simply moved myself toward the smell of her, and pressing her backward on the bed, lay her down so she was laying the opposite of how we had been sl**ping. She letting me, laying with her legs held wide open. And pulling her open with my fingers, touched my tongue to her. Her hands lay on her tummy and I lapped at her, at her juices, tasted her. The Sweet tangy spice of my Baby Doll. I pressed my tongue into her, fucked her with my tongue, tasting the sweet juices, and lapped to the top of her mound until my tongue traced the line of her clit, pressing into its tight little nob, this hard little finger. Her little pearl. I could hear her whimpering, as I lapped at her, she playing with my hair. How she felt, the soft wet skin of her cunt. Her juices all over my face as I buried myself into her, pressing my fingers in and sucking and licking at her body. Soaking sopping wet, like me. Our bodies, the same. Pussies. Breasts. Girl bodies, touching and sliding together. She sat back up, turning to me, facing me and kissed me again. She was tasting herself as we kissed, began touching me, I was following her touches with my own on her body, mirroring our fingers over our bodies. Clits and cunt, she pressed me back, we lay facing each other possessed by a rising hunger, bumping our sexes together. Pressing our fingers up inside ourselves, the way her hips moved as I fucked into her. Kissing. We held our fingers still and laying together, tipped our hips back and forth bumping and letting our fingers press in and slide out. Letting our fingers grind into our clits, keeping pace with the other. Both looking down between our legs, up the length of our bodies - between the kisses. She falls at my side, lay on her back again, and began pulling at me cooing out, "Yoúre making me so horny, I need to cum. Come here," and tugging at me, rolled me on top of her. We were sideways on the mattress now. "Lay on me. I want to feel Our skin." I was now moving myself above her, following her tugs and whimpers, she was guiding me, telling me what she wanted with her hands. And I will always remember what she had said. 'Our skin.' I was thinking that as I lifted myself up, how I would always remember, lifting my knee over the top of her. I straddled her on all fours, briefly, looking down at her spread out on the bed before I let my body lay down on her. Our skin. Exquisite. There are no words! We tangled our legs together, the feel of our breasts pressing into one another, our hips, our arms tangling together. Soft skin, our soft little cunnies bumping together. Hungry mounds of hair, matted wet from our touches. My long hair hanging in her eyes. The feel of her teeth on my tongue. I simply cańt describe how it felt, the way our bodies slid together, fit together. Our smells, this sheen of sweat on our skin. Nipples pressed together. If a light had entered the room, how we would have shined. And this moment of pause. Of stillness as I lay against her. How we looked in each others eyes, and slowly, so slowly, touched our lips together. Taking in with all our senses, our skin. "Hi," she said, kissing me. Smiling, I touched her mouth. "mmmmmmm," letting my voice vibrate against her, as my hand slid down her side. The hairs of our pussies touching, I could feel her hairs tickle my abdomen. Never had I felt such a rush of pleasure, as she pushed her little mound against me, a gentle arching of her hips, tipping her cunt to me, lifting it like an open mouth to me. Like a hungry little bird as I let my weight down on her, feeling her pushing, pushing back into me. That delicious pressure, that feeling of pushing into wet flesh. I brought one leg up on the side of her thigh and settled my cunny lips directly over hers, touching our slits, arching myself until our pink centers merged. Began to slide together. She opening her legs wide, tipped her sex to me, and as soon as I felt her wetness I could not lay still. Oh my god, how I squirmed! There is no way to describe. How soft, how we slid together. I could feel my pussy lips, inner and outer, slide right into her. She pushing herself up harder, undulating our hips, how we fit together - touching our open mouths. I simply could not press against her hard enough. We were kissing again, tongueing. I hungrily pressing myself to her body, laying along her length, feeling her hips rise and fall and our sexes bumping together, faster now. The hair of her puss catching me between my legs as she squirmed around. Oh, and the sound of our bodies, wet slapping together. She was rotating her hips, slipping back and forth, drawing circles on me. I could feel my pussy slide across her, feel her bumping into me, and the touch of our clits. Fucking! The way my hips werefucking against her, and she meeting every thrust. Her clit was so hard, how I could feel it slide on me. We would touch our clits together, positioning ourselves for the other, moving in little circles around the other. Unfuckingbeleivable. So sensitive. I held my mouth open over her, could not think, just touching our lips together as our sexes touch together. Feeling our warm breaths panting, whimpering. Eyes wild. I was breathing so hard, could not catch my breath. She had her arms bent at the elbows and laying at her side. Our lips wet, our skin, tummies, breasts slippery with sweat. Such exertions! Sliding on each other. Hungry. She was whimpering, holding her body to me, moving so much faster. I found her clit with mine, and following her movements slid my clit into hers as hard as I could. I could feel our little fingers, electricity running up my spine each time we touched. MY little girl. I had a little girl, I was a little girl, fucking delicious what our bodies could do. Feeling the glass shatter, the hot glass - like a cut pressing into her, and I could feel her shaking beneath me..... "I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum......Oh God!" My hair was dr**ed across her mouth. I remember looking into her eyes, could see her mouth moving. She looked like she was in pain, her nails digging into me. I kissed her and held her tongue in my mouth and pinned her beneath me. She was arching her back and lifting me up, her grinding against me. "Oh fuck, yes." She could barely let out the words. I felt her tense and held myself to her, riding her, she began shaking her pussy hard against me, uncontrollably, and the movement made me weak. I fell upon her, and wave upon wave rising in me. Up my side, electric. The darkness went utterly black. Like veins of light running up my skin, she had grasped my breasts and was squeezing as I simply fell on her, reaching up and pressed my hands to hers, curling our fingers together. I could hear us slapping, the wetness, my thighs trembling uncontrollably until I felt myself relax, the excruciating pain pleasure drain into a sort of bubbling lethargy. Its heat spread across my skin. Utter, pure relaxation, so all wonderfully freshly fucked. We simply fell together, dr**ed across the mattress, melted ice, trembling and weak. My precious gem was melted. Our bodies, god I could not touch her enough. I was so hungry, still so hungry. Her nipple at the corner of my mouth. Her hair on my cheek. Sweat stinging my eyes. Where was I? We lay like that a long time, too weak to move. I felt her hand at the back of my head. She whispering, "I love you." I wanted to suck on her nipples so I turned my head and wrapped my mouth around her. My pussy wasn't touching her anymore but I could feel her wetness - our wetness - on my tummy. Her cunt laying against me, her pussy hairs wet and matted directly over my navel, leaving this swirl of cum on my body until I was sliding on her again. I lay my mouth on her and sucked on her nipples, suckled her, sliding my hands down her sides. I moved to her mouth again, and the moment our cunnies touched again, I felt a light orgasm wash over me. It stung. Piercing, soft, light. I kissed her again as I dropped off to her side. I simply have no words to describe. Seeing and feeling her cum was too much for me. We pulled off our clothes then fell asl**p in each others arms. And I'll admit, I didn't think of daddy at all as I lay there with Baby Doll. Mainly because, I had no words. ****************** I lay in the dark, could hear her breath feel her warmth. Reaching my hand, lay my palm over her bare ass, facing toward her as she slept on her stomach. I lay like that with my eyes open. Darkness. I could feel my heart pulsing. Silence. Thinking about what I had done. Sometimes you aim for something, never intending to hit the mark. When, sometimes you do and well beyond. -- And a thought appeared flitting across the darkness -- Should I go find daddy?

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