Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Soccer Mom made my day SeXStoRY

I got lucky last week on Saturday. I was in a store across from a Hilton Hotel. This high class looking white lady driving a new big benz came in behind me. At first she act like most rich white women around poor people. Trust me if u make less than 250.000 u are considered poor. Anyway she got a few items and fell in line behind me I look back at her and she act like I wasn't there. But when I started talking to the cashier she leaned around me and said excuse me can u wait until I come out before u leave I said sure. She came outside and ask do u have time to talk for a min I was like ok about what. She said reguardless to what u might think about me im no saint and im not a racist or rich but I do ok. Im standing there looking like what the hell is this bitch talking about and why the hell she telling me. Then she said would u like to come over to my room for a while and talk. She pointed at the Hilton I said ok sure,she gave me her room number and said wait until im in the room and come over. Im thinking this bitch ignored me until I said something. Ither she recognize my voice from my videos or she think im cute or she a cop could be a **** setup. But you guys no what happen when yo cock take over yo common sence. I waited about 15 min and ran my ass across the street to the Hilton. Knocked on her door she answered of course ask me in and told me to have a seat she will be right out the bathroom. Came out wearing this lil short short dress and black stockings no panties. Then she goes into detail about being a hooker and how she got there. Long story short she was a house wife with 2 lil ones. Her husband left her for another woman. She began stripping because she never worked anywhere before with no skills and a ass of bills she hooked with a old friend and started stripping. With men offering good money for sex it didn't take long for her to start selling pussy. That was a yr ago she went from being broke no car and covered in bills. Now she driving a 500sl benz all bills paid up. Im like okkkk what the hell do this hoe want from me. She says I mostly get between 250 to 500 dollars for a half hr. I almost ran out the door then she says hold on MAN im not going to charge u that much. Im thinking if this bitch only knew how less I pay. She says how much u pay hookers and smiled. I said street girls 20 backpage girls 50 to 60. She said fine give me 60. I told the hoe I don't date unless I can take pix and maybe video that's what turn me on the most she said ok that's my fetish to. She loved the camera taking pix posing sucking cock videoing the whole thing. She called from Columbia saying meet her in Greenville Saturday morning at the Hilton I did and we made another video. Same price. Now I cant get the bitch to answer the phone. So what the fuck just happen. Was I used because she knew my voice from my videos ? And she wanted me for some sick reason to put her online fucking a black man. Thats my theory. I think the woman wants her husband to see her online sucking and fucking a black man. Even tho I am a dashing guy lets face it that kind of shit don't happen for nothing. That hoe knew my voice and knew what I would do with the video. I hope she can read because all my videos clearly state that the long version will be on in august 2013. So lady if u can read read this yo ass will be on many whores dot com. Im John Barns until next time peace.

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