Monday, March 25, 2013

Breaking Babysitter Rules: (8) End of my Weekend SeXStoRY

I woke up to the sound of my bedroom door opening. My vision blurry but I could make out the people who came in. They were Kianna and Tonet; Janice stood by the door. I sat up, Emily was still lying next to me. I pull up my blanket, trying to hide my tired cock. "We have to go, we still got finals tomorrow." Kianna said. She gave me a kiss on the cheek, then she looked into my eyes and smiled. She gave me a kiss on the lips. A little of our saliva stretched out as we parted lips. "It was fun. Let's do it again sometime." She said and kissed me goodbye. My hands suddenly missed Tonet's breast. They were definitely bigger than the others I've had this weekend. They left the room and a little later I heard them say goodbye to Janice at the door. She then came back and tried to wake Emily up. "Hey Em! Uncle's looking for you. You should go before he tries to look for you, come back later. Emily hurried to put her clothes back on. I just sat there, amazed how smooth her skin was. How her boobs bounced as she hopped to her underwear. "Em" I called out to her and raised my hand up. She placed her hand on mine and I pulled her close. She fell on my bed and on top of me. I embraced her closely, her breast squeezed on top of my chest. I kissed her. Her little sweet mouth let her tongue out and it ventured into mine. I pushed her away a bit, slowly though. "Now go. Let's go swimming later." I told her. Janice and I had real breakfast. I took another bath. We both went around the house in our underwear for the rest of the day. I kept pawing off my boner, I didn't want to masturbate or have sex yet but my cock keeps getting up. Sometimes Janice sat on top of me and bounced on top of my boner to surprise me. She even gave out matching moans that were very much arousing. After lunch, Janice was trying to do the dishes when I decided I couldn't help myself any longer. I went in the kitchen and slid my one hand to her side and up to her cleavage, the other above her hip bone and into her panties. I slowly started to rub my erection over her ass. Her soft firm ass. She stopped washing the dishes as soon as my finger started to slide into her pussy. Her knees went weak and I kissed on her neck. She came fast and screamed "No!". I was a little disappointed on how she climaxed so fast. "Let's go to the beach." She said and pulled my fingers out of her pussy. "What about me?" I thought to myself as I waved around a bulging cock. As some of you might know, I live near the beach. Quite peaceful and not much women in bikinis. I live somewhere far from the resort areas so I know places where people don't go to and hidden places where not a lot might know about. Janice, Emily, and I walked to my "secret beach" as I used to call it. Now, it's not so secret since I brought a lot of my ex girlfriends there. "No one's going to come here. Especially at this hour." I told them as I looked at the sun. It was a thumbs three horizontal fingers away from the horizon. (If you watch Bear Grills in means there's 3 hours til sundown. 1 hour per finger) The two started stripping into their underwear and jumped into the sea. I followed and we started swimming. Emily embraced me from behind and started kissing the back of my neck. I could feel her breast pressed up against me, and her nipples that stick out of her undershirt. She wore no bra under her undershirt. I turned to look and realized her nipples were visible through her shirt. "Ah!" She covered her breast and slapped me softly and playfully. "Am I just a sex toy to you?" She asked. "Yes." I told her but my face gave out an expression that meant I'm only k**ding. "Then I guess this relationship is just perfect since you're like my cellphone." She said. I gave her a confused look. "You make me happy, I can talk to you, and your really hard.(note back then she owned a Nokia) The only difference is my cellphone vibrates. But at least you can fit into my --" I interrupted her. She turned me on when she said her cellphone vibrates. Thoughts of her using her cellphone as a vibrator came into my mind like a slideshow. I reached down to push her panties aside but she had her hand around my cock already. She guided me into her panties and I pushed into her pussy. Janice swam towards us and tried to break us apart. "You might get leg cramps while fucking in the sea. Go have sex on dry land" She said. I lied down on the ground and Emily placed herself above me. She lowered herself and inserted my cock into her. "Janice, can you masturbate over my face?" I asked. I don't know why I asked her that, maybe I just didn't want her to feel left out. She didn't argue though. She knelt over me. My head between her knees and showed me the wide spread of her pussy using her fingers. She started rubbing against her pussy lips and focused more on the clitoris. She then started pushing her finger in. I watched every second of the show. Her fingers went into her pussy as she moaned. Emily fucked me faster and faster. I moved my hips slightly to assist her. Her moans were soft and long. She scratched on my stomach. Janice made me want to lick her pussy but she pushed my head down. "I'm going to cum!" She screamed and squirted all over my face. She dropped her crotch down and I started licking her bare pussy. My hands were occupied. Emily held on to them to support her weight as she fucked me like a cow girl riding a horse. Her moans became faster and shorter. She clenched on to my hand and I felt a warm fluid leaking out of her pussy. She came before I did. She got off me and knelt to suck me. She licked the tip and down she went licking my balls. She sucked on the tip for a good while, then took in the whole cock. She started stroking my cock and sucked on the tip. Her tongue kept rubbing on the tip of my cock's head. My hips jolted as I felt the sensation of her mouth. She stroked me fasted and faster, though her sucking was the same. I gave out a mumble and I came into her mouth. She kept my cock in her mouth until I finished coming. She drank my spunk and licked the tip clean. Janice got off of my face. The three of us washed up and went back to my house. When we got back my f****y was already home. I was hoping they'd arrive later so the three of us could have one more go before we go back to normal. That's how my babysitter experience ended. After that it took another few months until I was alone at home for days but my f****y had already trusted me to take care of myself by then. Well, Emily and I still had sex on weekdays and weekends. Sex with Janice and her friends were rare and fun. I had Emily as my girlfriend for only a few months but we had even more sex after we broke up. I guess I'm better than her vibrating mobile phone. I did have sex with Hannah. She even lesbian fucked Kianna. They were rubbing their pussies against each other. But that's not part of Breaking Babysitter Rules. - Tell me in the comments if you wanna hear about it though.

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