Sunday, March 3, 2013

Glory Hole SeXStoRY

My latest encounter at the glory hole. I went to the pron shop to jerk off and took one of the booths that was in the middle of two, that way I could see through the glory holes at someone one on each side. Both sides had some guy with cock in hand stroking away. I had my pants down, grabing my balls and stroking my cock. Seeing the other guys getting hard only made me harder then usual. Instead of just jerking off and leaving, I finally got up the courage to invite a cock thru so I could jerk it off or maybe suck it. So this guy sticks his really nice and hard dick through the hole and I put my hand around it and start jerking him off. It was so smooth and hard. I don't know what came over me, but I put my mouth over his head and starting sucking. It felt so good. In my mind I thought I'm pretty good at giving a blow job. I worked his cock up and down and within no time he blew his load down my throat. So it confirmed that I knew what to do to give a blow job. It was so fast I didn't even taste it. He immediatley left. I turned around and saw a smaller cock sticking out at me from the other booth. This time I wanted to taste his cum. Again, I sucked like a pro and stroked my cock at the same time. All of a sudden I thought I want to get fucked, so I stopped sucking and turned around and stuck my ass against the hole. Within seconds I could feel his cock against my asshole. I was nervous, but he took his time, slowing sticking it in me. After what seemed like 5 minutes I had his cock in my ass and he slowly started to fuck me. At least this guy wasn't a fucking a****l and rip my ass apart. It felt so good. I was jerking off while he fucked my ass. As I was about to cum, he pulled out and shot his load all over my ass. This was great because I blew my load in my hand and got to lick it up and then I had the cum on my ass that I wiped into my other hand and tasted it as well. I had one down my throat, one on my ass and one in my hand. Next time, I hope I get the pleasure of taking that cum in my ass, because that will be a new experience, a nice ass creampie. How knows what will happen next. I want to fuck some nice tight ass and do the same as what I recieve. Guy's are so easy. Good sucking and fucking to everyone.

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