Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How I lost my virginity to my girlfriend SeXStoRY

Hello readers this is sidhorny with another story telling you about how I lost my virginity. I was 17 at that time and had a girlfriend named Priyanka. I was 6ft tall with a perfect body with well-toned muscles and 6 pack abs. Many girls had a crush on me but I had chosen Priyanka as my girlfriend. She was smart,sexy and had large and firm DD sized tits. All the other guys seemed envious of my luck as I had bagged the hottest girl in class. We had a very passionate relationship and had already gone to third base and were ready to take the next step. We met at her house on a Monday as her mother and father were out of town. I went to her place with a bouquet. She welcomed me into her house. We straightaway went into her room and sat on the bed. She was wearing a  pink tee-shirt and written on it across her chest was 'Hot Stuff'. I laughed a little and grabbed her T-shirt and took it off to reveal her black bra. We came near each other and started kissing. Then I grabbed her bra and took it off to reveal her big firm tits. I gave her nipple a huge kiss and started massaging her jugs. Due to this her nipples became as hard as eraser. She was starting to moan as I started licking her boobs to pleasure. In 10 minutes she was cumming making her panty wet. Then she grabbed my underwear and pulled it down revealing my 9 inch long and 3 inch thick cock. She was delighted to see my cock and started jerking it with both her hands while licking it. She was licking every part of my thick long cock while I was playing with her huge tits. She then put my penis in between her huge jugs and started jerking my cock using her breasts. I was thoroughly enjoying myself and was about to cum and in 10 minutes came spraying her face with my thick white cum. She collected all of it and swallowed it while I started licking on her nipples making her moan and then I lay her on the bed and took out her panties to reveal her virgin pussy. I took out my tongue and put it on her pussy. It was so sensitive her pussy swelled up just on contact sending a shiver down her spine. Then I inserted my tongue in her tight pussy as soon as my tongue passed the threshold of her pussy lips she came on my face squirting a lot of her pussy juice on my face. I was quite happy to see that my girlfriend was a squirter and started licking her pussy pleasuring her further. She was moaning loudly and in a few more licks later she again squirted her juice into my mouth. Then I placed my huge sex organ near her pussy lips and started inserting it slowly into her vagina. She was shouting due to the pain of the insertion of my cock in her tight pussy. After inside I was feeling a lot of pressure on my cock due to Priyanka's tight pussy which was grasping my cock. Then I started banging her pussy taking 8 inches of my penis out and plowing them back inside so hard making her head jerk forwards. She was screaming her lungs out as I mercilessly banged her pussy. In 5 minutes she was cumming but I did not stop and continued the banging process. And in 30 seconds she had another orgasm and was twitching uncontrollably as she neared her third orgasm. I too was nearing an orgasm and I took out my penis from her pussy and started jerking it hard. She too was fingering her pussy and in 5 minutes we both came covering each other with our hot love juices. I lay beside her and kissed her and she too returned the kiss and after 20 minutes I departed after another round of fucking. 

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