Tuesday, March 26, 2013

messaging with an admirer SeXStoRY

I thought i would share this because this interaction really turned me on....i want more of you to share with me and message me for chats like this.... i finally let in one night when he came over begging to fuck me in the ass....i let him fuck my pussy first and finally got so excited when he started sliding the head of his cock on my asshole i was so turned on i let him pop the head in and out telling him he could only put the head in that was all....so he started by just sliding the head in and out but i know he just kept pushing it a little deeper each time...i noticed and made him promise to just put the head in a few times but by then i was so turned on and my pussy was absolutely dripping and i was playing with my clit while he was dong it that he just kept being sneaky and sliding a little bit more in each time.... 10:02 pm, May 15 Orgy410 Did he ever get to fuck that sweet looking ass? 5:24 am, May 14 muffiek9lvr he did come in my pussy a third time....he fucked me long and hard that night eric wouldn't let him have my pussy...but when he came back a few weeks later he was begging to let him fuck me in the ass....eric didn't know he was there... 4:05 am, May 12 Orgy410 With or without boyfriend? Did he cum in your Pussy a third time that night? 4:00 am, May 12 muffiek9lvr nope never did that night...but one night a few weeks later he came knocking one night.... 3:59 am, May 12 Orgy410 Yeah what happened? Did he let fletcher have your ass? 3:54 am, May 12 muffiek9lvr well, i guess because he had come twice already he just kept fucking me and fucking me...after a while he started asking eric if he could fuck me in the ass...it really turned me on because he just asked eric as if i wasn't even there....eric said that my ass was reserved for him and fletch would just have to keep fucking my pussy....after a while fletch was just begging eric saying he had com e in my mouth and in my pussy he really wanted to come once in my ass... 3:50 am, May 12 Orgy410 That's hot. any more happen that night? 3:47 am, May 12 muffiek9lvr non boyfriend's name was fletcher...boyfriend was eric.....and yes fletcher was still in my pussy...he was humping and trying to get as keep as he could in my while eric was sliding just the head of his cock in my ass...he let me get used to it a bit and then he could nt stand it either and had to start pounding my ass pretty hard...i was really getting reamed then....the thing was they were both so turned on they both ended up coming again pretty fast.....i kind feel like i got ripped off when they slid out of me and the come just poured out of my pussy.....the good news is that even though eric was pretty spent by then i dont even think fletcher even got soft...eric finally untied his hands and the blind fold had pretty well slipped of and eric was sort of half hard and having me go down on him to try and get him hard again.....fletcher slipped in behind me and started fucking my pussy again....he was still rock hard and grabbed me by my hips and was giving it to me hard doggy style...it was just what i needed 3:40 am, May 12 Orgy410 Can we call non boyfriend Roommate for clarification or some sort of name. lol 3:39 am, May 12 Orgy410 So the friend was still in your Pussy when your boyfriend slid into your ass? 3:36 am, May 12 Orgy410 Yes please 3:32 am, May 12 muffiek9lvr well...when we started my boyfriend was doing me vaginally while i was going down on his friend...i only agreed to it if his friend agreed to have his hands tied behind him and be blindfolded....he was so turned on he came almost immediately when i started just kissing and licking his cock...he stay hard as a rock though....my boyfriend didn't come so fast so i kept licking and sucking him and it was like his cock never even stopped it just stayed hard....my boyfriend was really fat and his friend was long and thin....finally my boyfriend sort of shoved me forward and it was obvious he wanted to watch him sliding his cock in me..by this time i was turned on so much i went ahead and did it even though i had told my self i wasn't going to let him in my pussy....i was just going to maybe jerk him off....but instead there i was taking all of his cock deep in my pussy while my boyfriend was watching...i was drenching his crotch i was so wet and turned on.....after doing the for a while then i felt my boyfriend rubbing his cock on my asshole and it turned them both on so much but it was stretching me really hard as he slid his head in.... want to hear more?? 3:20 am, May 12 Orgy410 I SO WANT A THREESUM 3:20 am, May 12 Orgy410 Was it anal and vaginal or vaginal and mouth? lol 3:17 am, May 12 muffiek9lvr i had a dp one time with my college boyfriend....his friend couldn't believe it and stayed hard all night he felt so lucky to be joining in... 3:14 am, May 12 Orgy410 Have you been a part of glory holes, BBC, OR a DP ?

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