Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My friends wife SeXStoRY

After our first c***d was born things started to change. My wife no longer wanted me to have porn in the house. So not wanting to waste it I decided to see if my friend and his wife wanted to enjoy it. Dee was very petite, barely a B cup. Very different from the DD's waiting for me at home. After watching a little with them I had to get back home. Fast forward a few months. My buddy was out of town and I stopped by to see if his wife needed anything before I went home. She was watching one of the movies I had brought over. Her asked if I just watched them or if they led to more. I told her I oculd show her what I do to the videos. Her answer to the was yum. She loved watching a guy jack off. Good thing I like to show off. I sat down and she sat across from me to get a good view. After a few minutes I decided to get bold and tell her she was sexier than the woman in the video. A few comments later and she was topless waiting for me to cum on her. She was too shy to play with herself for me... but not to shy to suck me a little. She took me down her throat with ease. Oral was her thing, and damn was she good at it. I was quick to cum after that. All over her tits and face. She seemed to get off on the facial.

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