Saturday, March 2, 2013

My shopping trip to San fransico with nucle jim pa SeXStoRY

That night at dinner uncle Jim told my mom that he had to go to the city to pick up some film and things for his dark room. He ask if I could go along with him. My mom said yes that I could go. We would be leaving around 8 and that was fine with her. She did not go to work till 12 because she worked late and would not get home till after 11 that night. So we were set to go and that night my uncle came into my room as I was getting into my bed. My mom was taking a bath so she would be in the bath room for some time. He closed my bed room door and he told me that he wanted to talk to me about the trip. But that was not what he wanted. I could see his cock in pants was hard and he had the jar of vasline in his hand. As he sat down on my bed next to me than pulled down the sheets. I was wearing my under and he told me to take them off. I did as I was told and than he told me to get on my hands a knees. I got on my hands and knees and than my uncle pushed my head down so that my face was in my pillow. He told me to keep it there and not to make a sound. He than told mexthat he was gong to fuck my sissy pussy ass. I felt him pull my ass apart and he put some vasline on my ass hole. Than he finger fucked my ass hole with one finger than two. After a short time of that I than heard him un zip his pants. He got on my bed behind me on his knees. I felt his cock head on my ass hole than he pushed him self into me. He did not stop pushing his cock into my ass till he had his all of his cock up me. It hurt like hell but I keep my face in my pillow so my crys of pain could not be heard. He stated fucking slow at first but that did not last long. Soon he was fucking my ass hard and fast. I started to get use to him fucking me than I heard him say that hexwas going to cum. He than pulled out of me and flipped back over on my back. He moved up to my face and than started jurking off onto my face. He shoot a big load on my face. He looked at me said was a great fucking his sissy slut and that I looked sexy with his cum all over my sissy whore face. He got up off the bed and put his cock away and zipped up his pants. He told me to go to sl**p with his cum all over my face. I pulled up my sheets and he said that we would have a great trip tommarrow. Than he left my room. My ass hole was hurting but it did not last that long. My face was sticky with his cum but I loved the feel of it. I was so tired that soon went to sl**p. I was woken up by my uncle in the morning at 7. He told me to go take a shower and get all cleaned up for our trip to the city. I did what I was told and we had something to eat before we left. My mom was just getting up when we were leaving. She kissed me good by and told us to have a good time. My uncle smiled and told her we sure will have a good time. We went outside and got in my uncles car and off we went. On the ride my uncle told in the city he knew this place were we would get my sexy sissy outfits for me to wear. He also was going to have me be one of the models for his photo club. He told me that others in the club would be taking pictures of me and also having sex with me. We talked about taking pictures and that he wanted me to learn all about it. We would tell my mom about me taking it up that way we would have no prroblems about me going with my uncle to the photo club. He asked me if mysissy pussy still hurt and I told him him "yes it did", he smiled at me and told me "you are my sissy now and I would get use to it because I'm not only going to fuck as I like. I am also going to have you suck and fuck any guys I tell you to do. Underarms me sissy slut and if you want me to tell my mom. I better do as I am told". I told him that I would do anything be wanted as long as he did not tell her about me. Than we talk about now to take picture and things like that for the rest of the ride to the city. We got into town and drove to the lingerie store he told me about. He told me were almost there. As I looked out the window I could see not adult book stories and strip clubs. We parked and got out of the car. We walked passed a couple of these places to the lingerie shop. We went in and there was all kinds of lingerie in there. As we walked in this woman called out to us. " Jim you nasty old man how are you come here and give me a hug and a kiss". We walked over to her and they did just that. The woman looked at me who are you you sexy little thing. My uncle told her that I was his sissy slut and that I need some sexy lingerie to wear. She walked over to me and gave me a kiss and a hug and said her name was "rose". Than I remembered see her in some of the nasty pictures my uncle had and she was one of the girls that had a cock. She asked my uncle what kinds of things he had in mind for me to wear. He told her that we wanted a sex girl outfit and a couple of mini dressed like the hookers wear also some 5 sexy baby dolls since that is what I liked to wear. Nylons, garters, Bobby socks, sexy panties, some crotchless panties as well, 3 pairs of hi heels and a brown wig shoulder length long. Well now you are she said that will take me some time to get together. Mu uncle said that was ok that he had some things to do and that I would stay there with her. He told her that was ok he had some things to do in town and would be back in a couple of hours. He told her that I needed my legs shaved and to trim the hair on my sissy pussy cock as well, he than left me there with rose. Rose looked at me and said "well you are my sexy little play doll now but frist let's get you hair taken care of first". She took me by my hand and we went into the back of the store. There was a place like my mom had in her room so she could do her make up. She gave me a bag to put my boy clothes in and told me to strip and put my boy clothes in the bag. She went out front so I took all my clothes off and put them in the back. Just as I was taking off my underwear she came back in. She looked me over and said I was a sexy little sissy and walked me over to the bath room and had me sit down in a chair. I did not have much hair on my legs so it took no time to shave them. She trimmed my hair real short around my cock and we were thru with that. She said it was time to try on some sexy lingerie. She took my hand and with me nude we walked thru the door to the front of the store. End part 6

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