Monday, March 25, 2013

1. First time with Joey (Baby dad) SeXStoRY

*** DISCLAIMER, I AM NOT BY ANY STRETCH OF THE IMAGINATION, A WRITER!!! SO PLEASE DON’T BE OVERLY CRITICAL!!!*** It was summer time and john’s friend Joey and his friend were going to the beach, Holden beach in NC. Any ways, he invited john and I to go with him. John not being much of a beach person declined the offer and told me I could go. I invited my b*****r to go, we left the next morning. To this point I had never slept with Joey. But on the way to the beach we kind of started flirting a little… a smile here and there or sexual comments. As the trip progressed we were sneaking a touch here or there and that was about it. The fun started the night we arrived… we all spent the day in the water and having a blast. That night we were all sitting in the room playing cards and other games the adults were drinking beer and my b*****r was being a goober… lol about 45 min into the mini party Joey excused himself to go to the bathroom. A couple of minutes later I got a text, from Joey… it said “guess what” and before I could respond I got a picture message of his hard pecker with a message that said “I’m hard lol”. So I sent him one back that said “I see that ;)”. Now let me tell you, this boy had the biggest dick I had ever seen up till then… later when we measured it, it was 8.5 long and 7 at its thickest part… About 30 min after he came back, I made the decision to fuck him. I excused myself. Went to the bathroom took my pj bottoms off bent over and took a pic in the mirror and sent it to him. And then told him it was his tomorrow if he wanted it. He replied “when and how?” I told him that after every one was out swimming we would sneak back to the room for a quickie! Saturday morning we all got changed for the beach and headed out. We all swam for about a half hour when I gave Joey a wink and headed for the room. Once there I sat on one of the beds and waited for him. I was super nervous because john had already been texting me since we left asking if we had done anything and I kept telling him no. I told him that Joey sent a dick pic… a mistake, so he asked to see it and I sent him that and the one I took of me. but for some reason I decided to keep fucking Joey a secret. Any ways, Joey walked in and said we prob had about ten minutes before his friend and my b*****r came back too, so we had to be quick. He came over and took his shorts off, thankfully he was already hard for the most part. I grabbed his dick and managed to suck on the head to finish the job, he pulled a rubber out of his shorts and put it on. I bent over the bed and he got up behind me and slid my bikini bottoms to my knees and started to push himself inside me. It was pretty painful at first, but he went pretty slow till I was warmed up and wet. It only lasted about 7 minutes then he started going really hard, and it was hurting pretty bad, till he came. He stayed inside of me for a while till he started going soft, then let himself slide out of me. I pulled my bottoms up and turned around and seen his condom load, it was fucking HUGE! I had never seen a guy cum that much in my life, he literally filled the bottom quarter of that condom. After he was dressed we went to the lobby to wait for the others. When I went to bed that night my vagina was still hurting and sore and it was all red and icky looking, I hoped that would go away before I got home Sunday afternoon. And I never did tell john about the sex until after we were separated. ~DR

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