Monday, March 25, 2013

Wife's Niece Continued SeXStoRY

Later that evening my Wife & I were sitting watching TV when Tina came over & sat down next to me. Nance looked at her, smiled and asked............ "So you like sucking Uncle Bob's Nipples?" "Yea." Tina replied shyly her head slightly lowered. "Go ahead and show me, Uncle Bob won't mind." Tina smiled, jumped on my lap and started sucking on my right nipple, then switched to the left. Then she started gently biting my nipples, alternating with flicking them with her tongue. I don't know if her Mother had been teaching her or what, but she had a very talented tongue. Again as she continued I could feel my cock growing, Nance after about 5 minutes of watching this then asked Tina what else she had seen her Mother do. Tina pointed to my crotch and said...... "Sucking cock, Mommy told me when you suck it long enough tasty white cream comes out and she swallows it. She said it's good for you." "Have you ever done that? Nance asked "No, but I watched Mommy, she swallowed most of it, but then he pulled his cock out of her mouth and it squirted all over her face. Then she wiped it off and licked it off her fingers." "What else happened?" Nance asked "Then Mommy laid on her back and he got between her legs, with his face in Mommy's cunt. After awhile Mommy pulled his head tight against her cunt and started yelling EAT THAT CUNT, MAKE ME CUM!." Tina said that after that he and her Mom just lay there breating really hard. By now my cock was rock hard and I think the only reason Tina did realize my cock was poking her ass was because she was so focused on telling what she had seen, at least I thought she didn't notice. After telling us what she had seen I felt her squirm her tiny little ass, pushing down on my cock. She reached down and touched the crotch of her panties and said.......... "Look my panties are all wet." Nance & I both looked and sure enough there was a wet patch growing across the front of her panties. Nance said.... "Go ahead & take offf your panties, so they don't get any wetter, it's okay I'll take off mine, too." They both stood up and took off their panties, giving me a little relief from the pressure on my cock. Once nance had stripped off hers, Tina looked at her and said...... "Look your cunt does't have any hair , just like mine. Aunt Nance....can I touch yours?" Shit, I couldn't believe what was about to happen. Nance sat down, spread her legs and told Tina to go ahead. Tina rubbed her little finger up & down Nance's slit..... "WOW...your really wet there." Tina exclaimed "I know, would you like to taste me, go ahead put your fingers in and then lick them." Tina stuck two fingers in Nance's cunt, pulled them out and placed them to her lips. First she touched one to her tongue then she put both fingers in her mouth and sucked them clean. "Mmmmmm you taste good Auntie, can I have more?" Nance told her sure, she told her to get on her knees & put her face close to her cunt. Then she spread her lips and pulled on her clit with her index finger & thumb. Let me inject here, Nance has an unusally large clit 2" in length when erect. As Nance stroked her clit she told Tina to suck on it and then lick up & down her slit. As Tina started sucking on Nance's clit, Nance closed her eyes and moaned softly. I couldn't take it any more, I stripped off my thong sat back watching the girls and slowly started stroking my throbbing 9 inches. I was in a chair behind Tina and as she was pleasuring her Aunt I was enjoying looking at Tina's puffy little cunt lips, glistening with wetness, as I stroked myself. It wasn't long I could tell Nance was close to orgasm, Her moaning was getting louder and she was struggling to keep from f***efully pulling Tina's mouth hard to her cunt. Nance told Tina to stop sucking & licking, just rub her big clit. I knew why, suddenly she yelled out..... "FFFUUUCCCKKK III'MMM CCCUUUMMMIIINNNGGG." She squirted all over Tina. "Aunt Nance you peed on me." After finishing her orgasm Nance told Tina she hadn't peed, but that some women when they orgasm they squirt like she had done. Nance then noticed what I was doing and said to Tina, pointing at me............ "Look at Uncle Bob." "WOW, is that his cock, it's as big as my arm, Aunt Nance!!" "Yes that's his cock, do you want to taste it, would you like to play with it and have his tasty white cream, which is called cum?" "It's so big, I don't think I can suck it like I saw Mommy do." Nance told her that was okay she could try and suck it, but she could always lick up and down it and pump it until it squirted. "Okay." Tina said eagerly. First Tina wrapped her tiny little hands around my shaft as best she could, then she opened her mouth as wide as she could. All she could do was to get part of the head into her mouth. She bob up and down for a few seconds, but it was too much for her little mouth. nance showed her how to pump it with two hands, but first Nance sucked up and down my cock getting it nice and wet. Tina was pumping my cock slowly & every once in awhile she would lick the tip, Nance told her to stick her tongue the hole at the tip as she pumped my cock. I could feel the tip of her tongue each time it entered my piss hole. It didn't take long & I could feel my hot cum welling up for it's escape. At this point I wanted so badly to grab her by the back of head & shove my cock deep into her mouth, but I new I couldn't. "FUCK I'M GONNA CUM!" I stopped Tina, laid her on the floor, told her to open her mouth and with a few more strokes blew my first load on Tina's face. The first stream covered face, the second (less foreful) I squirted into her mouth, then I placed cock to open mouth pushing it tight against her lips until the last squirt. Tina then sucked til she couldn't get any more. Nance came over and licked Tina's face clean and we all just lay on the floor to recover. More to cum.

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