Monday, March 25, 2013

How it all started.... SeXStoRY

For as long as I could remember I was infatuated with my b*****rs, we all slept in "The Man Cave", as they called it, a room above a 3 car garage that my father had added onto the house. I have 3 older b*****rs,Bill, Charlie and Doug, also two older s****rs, yes I am the baby. My b*****rs were not modest at all,being that it was just us guys they very rarely wore any clothes while in the "cave".My older b*****rs hairy bodies were always on display and I loved it! During the summer of 1990, I was almost 9, It was hot as hell and being we didn't have any A/C my b*****rs would always go to bed naked. I remember something waking me up in the middle of the night,opening my eyes and adjusting to the darkness,my eyes went to Charlie and Doug's side of the room, Charlie (16) and Doug (14),They both were laying on Charlie's bed and they both were playing with each other's cocks.I couldn't believe what I was seeing and I couldn't stop watching.I started playing with myself through my underwear, I pulled them down and tried to copy what they were doing. I could hardly keep my silence I had never experienced such a feeling like this before,my body was shaking and the sensation was so intense, not knowing I had just experienced my first dry cum as I watched them shoot their loads. I laid trying to be quite and gasping for air at the same time,Charlie and Doug got out of bed and headed for the bathroom and shut the door. Not knowing the whole time I was being watched,as I turned to my side I heard and saw the flame from Bill, (18), my Oldest b*****r's lighter as he lit his cigarette,the glow of the flame illuminated his hairy body and my eyes went straight to his large cock laying across his flat stomach.I froze as he laid there thinking to myself "Oh Man"did he see me? With every drag of his cigarette I was able to see him under a faint red glow,and again my cock was getting hard, I could feel it growing squished between my leg and the mattress. He sat up and put out his cigarette,I closed my eyes trying to pretend I was asl**p. Bill had bent over me putting his hand on my head and caressing my hair, whispering "Benny", I know your awake,I saw everything "Little Man" open your eyes, "busted" I thought to myself and opened my eyes.There it was, his hard cock just inches from my face,the skin just barely covering it's fat head and it was wet a clear juice coming from the hole,I was mesmerized and staring, He didn't move and he chuckled and said when Charlie and Doug get back in bed come to mine I need to talk to you.All I could say was OK and then he returned to his bed. It seemed like forever for Charlie and Doug to return to their beds, I heard them say good night and Charlie said "until next time" and they both laughed.There I lay wondering if I was in-trouble?,What was Bill going to say to me?, did I have enough courage to go to his bed?Then he lit his lighter a couple of times, like a signal for me to come. I pulled up my underwear and went to his bed.Here "Little Man" as he patted the bed, lay here, I crawled into his bed and laid motionless beside his warm hairy body. "Benny", did you like what Charlie and Doug were doing? I didn't answer right away, but said yes,I know you did I saw and I think you had your first"cum"well for you it was a "dry Cum", but as you seen with Charlie and Doug Older boys produce sperm which comes out of their cocks when they are excited, you don't make sperm yet so you had a dry run, so to say.I laid there thinking,and as if he were reading my mind,he said you will shoot a cum load soon I was around your age, close to 10, when I shot my first load, and so were you b*****rs.Now "Little Man" you know what Charlie and Doug were doing is something that is not to be told to anyone, not Mom or Dad, your s****rs and even your best of friends DO YOU UNDERSTAND ????Yes Bill I understand,"Good"now you have a secret and we keep our secrets...."Little Man".I smiled and was proud that I had such a secret to protect.. I snuggled close to his body and put my head on his hairy chest , my lips were right next to his left manly nipple, looking down I saw his cock, the head just barely peeking through the foreskin it was huge, I laid there staring at it and wondered why I had no skin,I asked Bill why, He stated that he remembered the day Mom and Dad brought me home, and they both were arguing he was mad at her for having you circumcised, and that she was being spiteful and had no business doing that to you to get back at him,see you had a procedure done by the doctor that removed your skin. "Gee Thanks Mom" was all I could say... Bill what does it feel like? Bill paused ," Little Man" It feels great, I love the way it feels when the skin glides across the head when I jerk off,I like to pull it and squeeze it, with that said he reached for my left hand and placed it on his cock, "Benny" only if you want to do this it is OK, never let anyone f***e you to do something that you don't want to do, understand??? Yes Bill I understand!Then if you would like to feel it for yourself go ahead!!!My hand was uncontrollably shaking at the same time I was smiling ear to ear, here I was touching and feeling my b*****rs cock that I have been drooling over forever and what a feeling!"Little Man, he said,before you make it to hard lift my foreskin from the head and put your finger in it,take your finger and circle it around the head, that's it put it in deeper, I did as I was told, I would jump off a bridge at this point if he asked,It's all gooey I whispered, he chuckled and said that was pre-cum, a natural lubricant, and a sure sign that your making me feel good and you know what "Little Man" it tastes good too, its real sweet...EWWW I said , Look take your finger out and put it in my mouth I'll show you!, again I did as I was told, I pulled out my finger and lifted it to his mouth along thin strand followed my finger to his open mouth I felt his tongue and he started sucking and licking my finger."Little Man" why don't you try it, don't be a chicken and trust me and with that he took his right hand and inserted his finger under the skin, pulled it out and feed it to me.. It was different,not only the taste but the excitement of me sucking my b*****r sticky finger was overwhelming "Good HUH" see I told you, I just smiled and I licked my lips... He took my hand and placed it back on his cock, it was rock hard, a large puddle of pre-cum had leaked and formed a puddle near his belly button I lifted his cook and strands of pre-cum followed. Hey "Benny" would you like to help your big b*****r shoot a load, I lifted my head and looked him in his eyes,he lifted his head and kissed me on my forehead then took his hand and placed it on top of mine,squeezing it around his cock and slowly showed me how to stroke and manipulate the foreskin over the head of his cock. I laid my head back into his hairy chest, enjoying the slow but firm movements of us jerking his cock.I was totally fascinated watching the foreskin completely enclosing over the head, I noticed Bill's breathing started to get heavy and our pace of stroking his cock had increased faster and faster...."Little Man " it won't be long don't move your head if you want to see me shoot my load and that he did, stream after stream of warm white thick creamy cum shot from his cock to his chest, and yes right smack in my face..It was warm and gooey,I lifted my head , Bill laughed and said "Sorry Sport" come here and guided my head to his,he kissed my lips and licked the cum from them a warm tongue cleaning my face where ever the cum had landed and when he finished he kissed the tip of my nose....saying mmm that was good, I just replied "NO WAY" he laughed and hugged me saying such a good b*****r I was and he loved me,Its Getting late "LIL MAN" lets go clean up and with that he took my hand and led me to the bathroom..... Now that was how it happened a memory embedded in my mind,a Start of a special b*****rly bond a Love that will never be extinguished Hope you enjoyed my first attempt of writing and hopefully more to cum xxxxx Ben

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