Sunday, March 3, 2013

A gym workout SeXStoRY

A few weeks ago i started going to the gym. I liked it because it was normal size and there wasnt too much people so wouldnt have to wait. My trainer was the owner af the gym and his name is Nikola. When i first saw him i was amazed. He had big and nice muscles and was very handsome. He showed me how to work out and while he dide that i noticed that he had a big dick in his shorts. So after a couple times i decided to go for it and put on some stocking,a skirt, a black thong and a black bra,a shitr whic showed more than it hid, a pair of high heals and went to the gym. I got there at around 8 pm, when it was about to close and i knew that he will be alone at that time. I came in said hi and i saw that he liked what i was wearing because he smilled and said hi to. I came up to him and said that i want a good work out tonight because i feel bad. He told me ,,If you want a really good wokout there is only one mashine in this gym for you,, and i asked where it is. He just pointed to boulge in his pants. he put his big and muscular hand on my ass and started kissing me while i rubed his dick. Then he told me to get on my kness and he pulled his big and fat dick out in front my face. It was 23cm long and about 8cm thick. Istarted licking and kissing his balls. i did it for 10 minutes when he bent me over, raised my mini skirt and put his big cock on my little whole. I told him to be gentle but he only shuck his head and told me that if i wanted a good workout i would heart. Then he put his big all the way in to his balls. I screamed in pain but enjoyed him raming my thight ass. He fucked me hard and fast and i could feel his big dick inside me moving and i LIKED it. He then grabed me and turned me around, put my legs on his sholuders and continued fucking me like a slut while he sucked my nipples. I was in extasy. I screamed, moaned and beged him to fuck me which he liked because he fucked me even harder. Then he picked me up and held me in the air. It was the best felling ever. HIs big dick filling every single part of my thight and small ass while he held me in the air. I could fell his big balls smacking on my ass. He fucked me like that for around 10 minutes when he lided on the bench and i was on top. I started moving my ass round and jumping on it like a proper porn star. He liked it and told me to jump from top all the way to his balls. OH my god was it good. I could fell every cm of his big dick and i could fell his dick spreding my ass. I bounced on his cock for 15 minuset when he asked me would i like him to cum. I said in me and i felt hot sperm filling my ass and i screamed and started jumping on his cock as fast as i could. He put it out and i started sucking it. I sucked him dry and swalowed it all. Then i continued to suck him and after 20 minutes he cumed on my face and his sperm got into mu nose and eyes but i liked it.... after that he told that we should do this more offten. I am going to the gym tonight for another hot and long workout..........;*

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