Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dare To Be Daring SeXStoRY

Dare To Be Daring Inspired by my good xHamster friends, Cutecpl77 “Dare To Be Daring” My name is David and I had been in India for about 2 months, sent by my by employer to open a new office. On this particular night I was dropping my co-worker Raja, off at his apartment as I had done a few times in the past. We sat in the car smoking some killer Indian buds, drinking vodka, laughing, joking and discussing the day. He said he was going in to bed since we had an early morning the next day. It had started to rain but I decided to sit in the parking lot to finish my drink and the rest of the joint before heading back to my hotel when all of a sudden I saw a figure walking towards where I was parked. I realized it was a woman, and as she got closer I could see she wasn’t wearing as many clothes as most Indian woman usually wear in public. She goes to the car next to mine and starts looking for something inside. While shes looking and bent over I couldn’t help but notice her nice round ass showing through her thin short skirt and since it was raining I could tell she wasn’t wearing any panties. I asked her if she needed any help or if she wanted to get in my SUV to get warm since it was storming now. She said she need no help but agreed to get in to warm up. As she got in I saw her face for the first time. She was beautiful…smooth brown skin, shoulder length silky black hair, smoky dark eyes, a big beautiful smile and a huge pair of braless tits with dark areolas and big erect nipples that were straining through the sheer fabric of her wet top. She told me her name was Mira and her husband was out of town but needed her to get some important papers out of their car and apologized for being so scantily dressed. She said she thought no one would be out at this time of night but I didn’t really buy her story because as she sat there she kept opening her legs giving me views of her slightly hairy pussy and adjusting her top but making no effort to conceal her fantastic boobs. She caught me looking between her legs and asked if I liked what I saw as she spread them more and lifted one knee so she was completely exposed. I told her of course I did and she took my hand and placed it right on her pussy. I was dumbfounded but went right along with her. She spread her legs even wider and my fingers instinctively went inside her. Her pussy was hot and soaking wet and I put 2 then 3 fingers in as she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me close kissing me wildly. I thought I was dreaming since I had always fantasized about fucking an Indian girl and since I had been here in India I hadn’t had any sex. She had cum two times but was still bucking her hips as I rammed her wet cunt, squeezed her big soft titties and stuck my tongue down her throat. She told me to take my dick out so she could see how big and taste how tasty my big, black cock was. I told her to take it out herself and when she finally got it out she gasped and said it was just what she had always dreamed of. She started slowly licking around the head and up and down the shaft before she finally started sucking it good. Her mouth was so warm and wet, then she took my hand and put it on the back of her head so I would push it down deeper into her throat. She started to gag and drool all over my cock so I let go a bit but she pushed my hand on her head even harder so I just started fucking her face like she wanted. She was sucking my dick so good, after 10 minutes I couldn’t hold it any longer and shot a HUGE load of cum down her throat and she almost swallowed all of it. As we relaxed she told me her husband had told her it was a fantasy of his to see her suck and get fucked by a black American man and she had started to desire it too. Also they liked to play a game called “Dirty Dare” where he would dare her to do something naughty and she the same. After 5 minutes we climbed in the back seat, she mounted me and started riding me like I was a bucking bronco and she was determined to break this bronco. I grabbed her phat ass cheeks spread them and slammed my cock deep into her frothy pussy, her pretty brown tits were swaying in my face so I grabbed a nipple with my mouth and sucked and nibbled. I flipped her over and started fucking her tight, wet, hairy pussy doggy style. She was taking all my dick into her pussy, pushing back on every stroke, I grabbed her hair pulling her back even harder making her squeal and moan in ecstasy. All of a sudden I felt her cunt start to quiver and pulsate and I knew she was about to cum again, she screamed, “fuck me harder, harder, I wanna cum on your big thick black cock” so I started to fuck her even harder. Then it happened, she started screaming , convulsing and squirted cum all over me. At that point I couldn’t hold it anymore so I unloaded another load of hot creamy jizz deep inside her hot, slick pussy. As we laid in a heap on the back seat I looked up and saw my friend Raja approaching my truck. I told Mira to cover up so he wouldn’t see her naked but she just started to giggle. When Raja got to my vehicle my dick was still covered in our cum cocktail, and he said to me, “so David, how did you like fucking my wife Mira? I dared her to do this for me and as usual she was up to the challenge”. Now the three of us get together all the time for some good adult fun, sometimes both of us fucking her but usually just me and her sucking and fucking and Raja filming and watching us....I really need to call my boss back home and thank him for this assignment, LOL. The End

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